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Watercolor Birds and Florals

Ashwini, Artist, master procrastinator

Watercolor Birds and Florals

Ashwini, Artist, master procrastinator

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15 Lessons (1h 3m)
    • 1. Intro

    • 2. Supplies

    • 3. Sketching Birds - Basics

    • 4. Bird 1 Sketching

    • 5. Bird 1 Part 1

    • 6. Bird 1 Part 2

    • 7. Bird 2 Sketching

    • 8. Bird 2 Part 1

    • 9. Bird 2 Part 2

    • 10. Bird 3 Sketching

    • 11. Bird 3 Part 1

    • 12. Bird 3 Part 2

    • 13. Bird 3 Part 3

    • 14. Bird 3 Part 4

    • 15. Final thoughts and class project

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About This Class


Hi, and welcome to my 2nd Skillshare class. 

My name is Ashwini and I'm an artist living in Austria. I work mostly with watercolor and gouache. You can find more about me in my profile page and on my Instagram page as well. 

In this class, we will learn to paint beautiful birds with florals! We will use reference images to paint our birds and draw flowers in our own style. 

First we will talk about sketching and then slowly move on to sketching and painting 3 different birds! 

This class is both for beginners and experts, as there is a lot of room to experiment with shapes and colors.

I will share my pinterest board full of birds, which I usually use for reference. I will also share sketches of the birds that we will paint in this class. Please check the Resources section to grab a copy of sketches and all the colors used in this class.

Pinterest board: (All the birds used in this class can be found here)



  • Watercolor paper 190gsm or higher
  • Round brushes No. 6 and one in smaller size - either 0 or 1
  • A pencil and an eraser for sketching
  • Watercolor paints (either liquid, tubes or pans)

In the end, just pick up whatever you have. It's not about spending hundreds of dollars for the project, but just starting with whatever you have access to.

Let's paint some birds!

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Meet Your Teacher

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Artist, master procrastinator


Hello, I'm Ashwini, also known as Print me some color on the internet. I live in the beautiful city of Graz in Austria. I love to work with both traditional (watercolor & gouache) and digital mediums. My most favorite things to draw are cute characters! 

A while ago, I stumbled upon youtube tutorials, and ever since then I have been posting tutorials on my Youtube channel. I also have a blog where I post both illustrator and painting tutorials. Go check it out and sign up for my newsletter if you want to receive freebies every month!

Come join me, let's create something together!

If you create something by watching my class, post it on instagram and tag me @printmesomecolor.

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1. Intro: hi and welcome to my second skin share class. In this class, we will want to paint beautiful birds with florals. We even use reference images to paint upwards and draw flowers in our own Stein. First, we'll talk about sketching and then slowly moving to sketching and painting three different boots. This class is both for beginners and experts, as there's a lot of room to experiment with shapes and colors. Hi, my name is Ashwini, and I'm an artist living in Austria. I work mostly with watercolor and squash. You can find more about me in my perform page on on my instagram page as well. I want to give you complete support during this class, so I'll be sharing my Pinterest board full of birds, which I usually use for my reference along to be sharing all the sketches that I do on all the colors that I use for all the birds in this class. After, I'd not the speed of the class as much because I want you guys to paint along with me. I hope you have fun and I can't wait to see what you create from this glass. See in the next lesson 2. Supplies: That's no talk, not supplies. First off is the watercolor paper. I'm sure you can paint with something, Michael. Very thin printer paper as well. But you won't get the same effect if you use those. So I would highly recommend using watercolor paper. I'm using something which is 1 90 d s. N. You can find these numbers on a to the front or the back off the watercolor sketchpad off sketchbooks. Next up is brushes. I'll be using two different kinds of brushes. That is one which is number six and another, which is number one or zero. I'm not specifying any brands here because it's not really that important, but a brush in a medium price range would be a better option. Next, we need a pencil on any Raisa to sketch all our butts. A pilot to mix the colors. If you don't have one, just use a ceramic plate from your kitchen cabinet, a glass of water and some kitchen towels or tissue paper to dab your brushes after you wash them. And last but not least, let's kowtow paints. I'll be using watercolors in all my lessons, but I am very flexible when it comes to its prom, I'll be using alkaline water colors for parts of it, and then I'll switch to Daniel Smith's for the rest off it you can use at the tubes, pants or declining liquid watercolor. It's totally up to you, depending on your comfort level with these watercolor. So don't worry about having a really expensive brand. It's not about buying expensive art materials, but it's just about digging into whatever you have and starting some things. I'll mention all the colors that have used in the projects and resource sections that don't forget to go and check it out. You don't have to use the exact same color because I'm not using the exact same color support Sofyan free and experiment with it. Now that we have a supply started out, let's go ahead to the next lesson. We learn a bit about sketching 3. Sketching Birds - Basics: Okay, so let's start by learning how to sketch these Berries. These bodies looked really complicated, but they're not necessarily complicated. So I have few bodies which have selected here the birds that have selected here and we're gonna try and take a look at how they are farm. So let's start off with the 1st 1 and I'm just going to uncheck this and check this and that's really used the capacity, Okay, And then let's go to this layer. And now let's get something. If you look at this bird, that's it. Looks pretty complicated in the first glance, but it's actually nothing. Bird one blob, which is the head and another old shaped blob, which is the body. And then they have a tail, which is something I missed. And of course, they have a beak, and then they have a legs would conform anyway. So if you look at this, it looks pretty simple to begin with, and it works the same for each bird that we have unchecked this on. Let's just check this and okay, if you look at this book here, it again has one blob and a little around the block for his body because it's smaller and cuter and then obviously a tear. And then you can just join these two like this ticket, Raisa, and I'm going to erase this part here and then going back to brush this. They're too cute feet and a body is ready so you can just make it like this. Now, if I take this off, you have a basic bird structure, and that's how every bird ease. So again, if you look at this is as a small blob forehead and again Oh, well for its body and tear, you just joined this. Then you make it a little longer like this, and your body is ready. Is this off? So basically a bird is pretty easy to draw, where you don't have to look at complicated things where you have to just put in the oak lines and we're gonna do the rest where we'll color block things, for example, in this limit, just increase the brightness a little bit. All the opacity, okay. And now, if you look at this, you're going to exactly color block these things like we're gonna pick I and then color block things like this and then we're gonna color. It's so it's going to be pretty simple. So if you don't know how to draw birds, don't worry. You're not aiming for realism here. You're gonna try the main look cute and use around techniques to draw them on. It's okay if you mess them up a little bit. There are so many different kinds of birds out there, so it's perfectly okay if you have you're owns variety off. Good. This is like this so I'll provide. This catches off all the birds that I paint in this class. We could have pain three boats and starting from the least complicated to the most complicated where this will be the most complicated, but that in paint you can use those catchers on. Transfer them toe onto your drawing board all your paper watercolor paper. Well, you can try to sketch them exactly because I know if you look at a photograph, it's looks I mean, it looks very intimidating, and you might feel it's hard to pain them Andrada. But if you look at the sketches that I give you, which are very simple lines catches, you can understand how easy it is to draw these boots. So okay, let's go ahead and get some off these buds and have some fun 4. Bird 1 Sketching: Okay, so first body is gonna be a very simple but on we're going to paint this Baltimore Oriole or Northern or Eola. But because I think it's very simple. And I've used up interest on a Google search image as a reference, but we will be doing much more than that. Let's go ahead and sketch our boat first. Okay, So have a watercolor pencil here, which I'm going to use to sketch my blood on. As you can see on the figure here, which is going to go ahead. Onda trained a tiny bird here. We don't want a lot off just going on. So first of all, we have a head, and then we have a body which you you can see that it has a really big Tommy. So I'm just going to exaggerated a bit, maybe so that it looks really nice. And then, uh, Rome head again. You can exaggerate it because you wanted to look and there's a little dent here, and then it goes with this. So here you have a tear, which is basically like this and then Yep, that's our basic ship. And for the feather, we have a black really, And it just goes like this, as it can see, and then on it should be okay for the week. So, as I mentioned already, we're not aiming for realism. So I'm not going to go ahead and make re Alexe. I'm just gonna make it like this. So that looks like it's really But, you know, you could actually make it like this as well. We quickly realize this. You can also use some water to raise it off. And I'm just going to go ahead and make it like this. Just like that. Okay, That looks fine. Now it's time to pay this. 5. Bird 1 Part 1: So we need to call us for the book That's black. And then we need some bright orange. So I'm just gonna pick up my declined liquid watercolor. This is 2 36 Which kind off matches the cover that I want and then obviously black going to go ahead and take a bit off it and drop it in here. That's a lot. But it's okay. I went for the brushes. I'm going to take my round brush. Any wrong rush is OK. This is size sex, which I showed earlier. So let's go ahead and take some water and then color this part over here. Gonna start off with a bit of a light color word. Gradually increase it. So this part is much darker than the rest off the body. So we're going to do that on water. And so now just water no beat so that this is very, very light. Once this drives, you can see ingredient here. So if you want, you can go ahead and get some red and put some here so that they signed becomes a little more DACA a little bit under the feather. It should be ok. And I'm not stare, um, at a bit of water. And then so they don't like this. You have to wait for this to completely dry before you can go ahead and bring out your duck . So next, let's put the black I'm gonna do with data clip of the border tip unless just put it here like this. Wow. That's so very nice. Which black? So I'm gonna put some here because I want to add water to it later on. Kind of tone it down. Leave all the eyes and the beak area. Let's go ahead and take a bit of black and consume here just to show that it's, uh, back off the wing, some just going to go ahead on a bit off one. Let's add some, do you? All right, so this is enough. And now let's add a beak. I'm gonna switch to a smaller brush right now because this is too thick for me. I have the one in 10 and let's just add a little bit of water to the black so that it's been great up. I'm gonna just outline the beak. Okay? 6. Bird 1 Part 2: so bird is ready. And now it's time to make some clouds. So let's just do that. So, for flats, I'm taking one off the really nice things that is equal on 3 61 Any pink color would do as well. So I'm just going to go ahead and pull some onto my palate. So we're gonna use our tiny brush with them nicely, and we're gonna do some flowers. So let's start off with something over here. So you just make thes flower, so make sure you dip your brush in concentrated watercolor once in a while and then you put them on tentatively. So you gonna fill out all the crevices in there. This need not be perfect. So it's okay. Have some fun on, and you see how nicely the color moves. That's exactly what you're looking for. You want lighter and darker shades off the petal, Then the final one could make as many as you want. The layers. I mean, okay, so that's one flat on. Let's make some more here. But this time we're gonna make sure that it's hidden behind the but body stop you so that Okay, go ahead and make some more. All right, so let's make a couple of these things more on just tiny one so that All right, so your first close, it is really no on. There's only one thing left and that's making the I I'm just gonna go back to my black and then make the eye. If you're not confident off me using the brush here, you can always go back and sell it. Your black judge. I know something like this and use this to make the I. And you can also go back and edit things that you feel like needs a little bit off highlight so you can go ahead and do that as well. So but just know, don't overdo it. This looks fine as it is because we're making a very simple body with some class, and this is how you do it. So that's our first body ready. And now it's more into the 2nd 1 which is still there. 7. Bird 2 Sketching: so it makes more than away here is going to be this little body. Also, I switch to my palette, so it's easy to check out which colors are using When I'm working with the liquid one, the whole idea is to draw something cute. So let's make it tiny. So goes you have a tiny smooth okay, gets my legs are mountain bred. But hey, it's fine. Okay, So once we have the body, it's done to block in the colors. So as you can see here, the eye has a patch. Here, do that. And now that is alone off white blob. This is black again. And here it's black like this. This is kind of blue and this is very light blue. So that's fine. Everything, It seems all right. 8. Bird 2 Part 1: So let's go ahead and think this boy. I'm just going to look quickly looking my colors, and for this I'm going to be picking up. Black is not listed here, so don't worry about that. I'll be using that. And I'll be using a really light blue that it's 578 So if you don't have declined liquid colors and you're using any sort off watercolor, just make sure you add a lot more water to the blue that says Kind know that you're using and you get that color. And then I'm going to be using really dark blue that its Final Six, if you want you can totally go ahead and make this a red bird on that will look completely okay as well. So. But let's stick to the blue in this one. So far, stuff. I'm gonna go ahead and put up the really line blue over here. Now I'll go ahead and take the didn't the little darker and give to my head on the blood, he said. And now let's go ahead and pick up the doctors blue. You can add a little bit of Pope into this if you want. That's my blue on. I could take a bit of papa and make this very problem. So and we just work on the part which is supposed to be that color more and this bod key, and I'll go ahead and take a bit more off purple can quickly going here the same year and come out the money. Um, put some water, lighten it up. Take some blue. Big sitting here like this, you can see it's not mixed. Probably wash your brush, let there be some water, and then drop it in here they get blended together a bit of a bubble. He who on a tiny drop so that it feels like it's a blended color. They're not coming back to this one. We need this to be a little more blue, so and a bit off blue to the proper. Let's just draw that. You can leave some white, takes a couple documents, Sadiyah. All right. Wish you brush. Take a bit off line blue are and a lot off water to you, Blue. Let's mark this region. Okay, so we need to wait till we can fill in black. Meanwhile, we can go ahead and design are flowers or once you're drawing the foliage for this piece, I'm just taking my green watercolor pencil. You can use your normal pencil. I'll just go ahead and draw a sort off tree trunk and some leaves coming on. - Okay , I guess these needs are enough, but we can always modify it later if you want. Oh, for this one I'm going to use you be using to greens that is the dark green on green light green. You can find them in any watercolor said on. You can use them if you don't have a light green, big some lemon alot to your dark green, and you should be even to get your green. So let's pain the leaves until our bodies completely dry to put some yellow on them. Let's start off with the light one is going to draw from leave, go to my darkest green and then fill it from here so that they get a little mixed 9. Bird 2 Part 2: - before I go ahead and paint these leaves, Mitchell were lapping the branch here. I would like to actually being them brown. So let's just do that. And instead of Brown, I'm going to choose a really dark red because I want to keep it different. So let's just do that. Too much water. All right, let's continue with the Greek. - Okay , so the rest of the needs be needed. Claimed that because we goto color it in a different week. Ah, but seems to be all set. Now it's time to add some black, so I'm going to switch to a smaller brush. - Okay on, let's make IDs Q T legs. You could always use a sketch bend or something for this, like a markup. If you don't know how to use the thin brush, let's make the eyes well, obviously, the big go ahead and drop it off shadow. Okay, and there's a bit off one of the being says, Well, normally, if it doesn't look exactly like the bird in the picture because you know anything for that , a boat is ready up to a certain extent, but we need to add some more elements to it. So we're gonna do that. I'm just going to take some off the blue in my mixing pilot, take some black and mix this up. So this is back, but not exactly black. So you gonna put some elements on this? So here, we're gonna draw some lines like this. You can go ahead and do some here as well. If you want off. Waske, let's do this. Make sure this extents the line a limp in so that you know, it's more evident. And then you can actually do so. Go ahead and do this. Good, Good. And one more. Now it's time to concentrate on the green. So what I'm gonna do is since I have a black and blue here, orderly, I'm not going to raise this pain. So I'm just going to take some off the greens that I have north it because it shouldn't look greed and non black on. Mix it up so that it forms the darkest green ever. And I'm gonna paint these things, do that, and then some lights not gonna leave these as well. So we're just gonna go ahead and showing this. Let's do the same. You should make sure your green is completely dry before you dumb this. - Okay , you can see I did a mistake. You what? I'm going to continue because it's OK. Unless you're doing some client like you shouldn't really worry so much about your colors or if you mess up things like this. Okay, so we have finished with the body number two. How did you like it? So let's end the video here on Boylston. Accession on the body number three. 10. Bird 3 Sketching: In my previous videos, I thought, I'll switch to one little but more off pan on as far as to watercolors so that nobody feels left out. So we'll be using this. Colors most of these colors Ardian Smith's on There Are some Winsor and Newton in here as well, but that's what matter. Just pick up any color on when this get cracking. So for this one actuals in this particular bird, which looks a little complicated, so we're gonna try and draw this thing and see how it's going to look. I just grabbed a pencil and I'm going to try and draw this thing. So the body comes off like this and do you want We can make it chubby. And we have car which comes like this. That's the team, probably. Okay, it's just refined this nice Que Betty, And this goes like this a little ticker. This is the fellows I and Okay, let's delete off the excess things. You just to make sure it looks fine. And for this, we have that. And like this. Okay, minutes going here isjust closely this next. This in this. Okay, so there seems to be a line here, which caused a little, you know, and then just I hate this. Okay. And in here we have make that. And there seems to be a mixture here, so we're gonna leave it at that. And this one. Let's make it a little like this, Okay? And here we have this green peas. It's a bit off yellow here. All right, so I guess our board is ready, but I'm going to erase this a little bit, so that because I don't want really dark bird when I'm working with watercolor because pencil lines can be seen. And sometimes I like to avoid it. There's nothing wrong with pencil lines being seen from your artwork. So I'm just going to quickly hung this so that it does not be needed off completely. But there's a friend free mind. Okay, so let's get started. So the first let's talk with the head, and it seems to be talk Weiss blue. So I have Ah, 11. Bird 3 Part 1: Let's do that. So if you don't have to a course blue go island putting any color that you want, you can even put in blue if you want. Don't try to match exact same color off the boat. Ports are very pretty and they come in so many different colors. You can create your own as well, and it shouldn't matter. So I'm just going to go ahead and become righty alone. So I'm not picking up. That is a nominal. Oh, but more like in union seen on I'm just going to mix it here a little bit so that these two kind of mix in this I'm gonna pick up some more yellow, and I see that there's a bit off yellow patch here. Next up is on this part here. So we have blue and then we have green. There's a little bit of line green under the feather here, So let's do that. I do have ah, blue hell. But I'm not really sure if it matches. I'm just going to swatch it on the side. When you're confused, just make sure you're watching. I think it's gonna be ready light, So I'm just going to quickly grab mine liquid watercolor because I've got a terrific doing that. So I'm just gonna pick that blew up and go ahead and painted here. See, this blue is really, really nice. If you have a lot off water on your brush, just touch the paper that you have, and it's going to soak it up real nice because we don't want a lot off what, On a brush. Sometimes it's OK, so I shouldn't have done that. But I did, but its okay and let's just go ahead and call at this point. This goes up on the meeting here, as it can see, and then it comes back here. Okay? It's gonna be some blue here as well. I guess that's leave it there for now. Let's go back and quickly take a green. I have some really bright green from demons, but but you can choose our color when it's really not that specific. So I'm just going to go ahead and dragon in like this so that it goes and makes us with the blue here. You want a nice, greedy int. So we're gonna do that. Let me go ahead and pick up some fat and make it. But here in this world, just the green make sure you wash it, brush properly for this. And now you can see here We had blocked some areas. I'm going to go ahead and often losing basically in one. These colors too. Be a big, dry and not completely dry so that it can pick this up. When you do this, I'm going to go ahead. And that is in like this. So we need the dog blue again for this part of the trade. So I'm just going to go ahead and put some doctor says he can see up with very little water here because I wanted it to be really, really dark so that yeah can block the colors here. Just going to go here on day stints. No, go back to my year, law, because I see that some yellowish stuff here, it's gonna block that as well. And make sure you don't just the green. We don't want green on. Oops. I smashed the blue. It's OK. All right, so let's go out and check on the blue again. It's kind granulated, so I'm gonna go ahead and put some more. Not exactly helping, but it's joy. Look, let's go back to my yellow because I see that it's not that bright anymore here. Just going to go ahead and something. This just 12. Bird 3 Part 2: right, So a body is dry, and now I'm going to go ahead and put in some black. So I do have lamp black from my Winsor and Newton said So I'm just gonna take that Onda try and fill in in these crevices. This is when you can try and hide those pencil lines if you have any. Because black is like a perfect thing to hide that we should probably switch to our smaller gosh here, it's something like this. I didn't know. Let's go ahead and from this piece up. So again, if you're not confident of doing this with a brush, go ahead and pick up a marker or something or a gel pin, which is ready. I'm in black and color and you should be good. So I'm using black here. But in the picture there, the blood has a blue ish stench. So if you want, you can do that so I can take some black and some blue speak some lights here, Okay, but this is not done yet. Let's go put some eyes on. Let's make it like this Also tonight. Here, let's see if it looks good every dozen we can always change it. So let's go ahead and make a beak. I think I messed up the beak, but it's OK. So let's some feathers here because I can see them there, right around the eyes. There's usually a lot of others, and even here, this seems to be a lot of feathers. Even here, it's a little black edge. Who let's do something. Yeah, go on, make that. So let's take some more off the blues on. Let's do I have black mixed with blue. Okay, so we'll continue in the next video. 13. Bird 3 Part 3: Okay, so let's finish up this body and then go ahead and finish it with our illustrations. But before that, best female things that the body needs more off the black. As you can see this some things here. You can stop here if you want. You don't want a few new order artwork that you won't be creative, but yeah, it's up to. You can go ahead and add some things as well, if you don't want to make it look very clean. So just going to go ahead and add some lines here, Okay. All right. I think that should be fine. Let's make it cute feet. The body is ready. Now it's time to make some Florence. So I'll just quickly show here how I'm going to make this Florence and then copy and make some over here as well. The two types of forms that you can do. The one would be a simple floral that ISS, which has something like this, that the simple form and the one which looks something like this one to three. Food and fight. So they fired him and they come and gonna watch here. So you need five patents it's easy to make so you can just take a point. 12345 And then instead of making it straight lines, you can do like this. So this is basically, have you draw this flower So we're gonna do a mixture of these two. So let me go ahead and take mine Bigger brush with number six and I'm going to go ahead and take some off, I guess. A little red, I guess. But before that, let me just quickly sketch it out so that I know where I want on my flash to be. So this one Make sure it is very light. Let's just do one flawed and everything else we gonna make any tiny ones on this pickup pinkish red and I'm going toe avoid the border and then just color in here like this, something like this, and I'm not going to fill in the entire part of it. So I just do something like that, Yeah, So I'm gonna take very little work and now and then trying to covered the rest of the flower so that it's very light. So wash off most of the colors and I try to use the color from the part which is already here on trying to make the rest of the battle like this. Be very careful here, because when you're using watercolors, it lives the colors if it gets in contact with the water. So I would be extremely careful. Just make a bit of water here. We're going to let this try when it's drying. I'm going to go and pick up some orange or woman in, which is something like this. So now I'm going to draw a lot off tiny, tiny flowers everywhere around the But so just go ahead and picked it up on. Let's just do this for this. I'm not using a pencil sketch, but you go ahead and use it if you're not confident of doing this on it on your own, because I draw these flowers so much, I'm kind of used to it now. So and let's try to draw one pretty close to the But that looks OK now. Even go back to our pink color or bright red color pinkish. Not gonna go ahead and do a border or this is just use it some kind of, uh, definition, but I think I will wait for this to dry 11 more because it's too wet and it's kind off blending and which I don't want to do so is gonna wait for that on. Meanwhile, when I'm waiting, I'm gonna draw on the tiny elements that I need for this flowers. So I'm going to go ahead and pick up a really dark green and then draw Tiny it just like this, so to draw other. It's pretty simple. It's all about brushstrokes. It's just do a quick thing here with the stretched out field. So I mean in a magnified field. So I'm just going to draw a line like this and press your brush and then lifted up. So you might need to practice this up it because obviously, when I didn't know how to do this initially, So you hold the 10 press and then leave on the tip for us and then left. So that's basically how do you do this left? You need to practice this a bit, so obviously it's not gonna come up right with the first trial for most of the people, at least, so I'm just going to go ahead and do some off them so you can choose to do. Bigger leaves are like really tiny ones as well 14. Bird 3 Part 4: Okay, I guess I'm done with the amount of use, and I'm going to go and pick up my yellow and I'll draw some Betty sort of things like this . So we're gonna do that here, right? But before we add anything to read, we need to make sure that it's dry. So I'm just going to leave it like that and next would go ahead and finish off this flower here. So go back to your pink or red or whatever that color was. And let's draw some outlines again. If you're not comfortable using the brush, go ahead and feel free to use any sort off a sketch. Been no Marco, anything like that. Now let's draw some okay, and then let's mix a little bit off right to this so that it's pretty dog. I'm going to draw some slowly. Take some water on, then. No, this So you need to take just water. If it's too much leaving aside and then okay, and not to finish up the yellow bits, go ahead and take the darkest brown that you've got. And now let's look for the dry wants and you just draw online here and then trying to join the bits. If you want to know the color, I'm actually using one Dik Browne to this on trying to joining. So basically, this works like you have blobs like this on you. Take Yuki on drawn line on, then just connect these blobs right here again. Use a sketch manana markka to make your lines much more crisp. And to give it a final touch, we can go ahead and take in some really nice think the one that we used for the flower here and draw some. That's okay. So we have done with a final body for this class, so let's run to the class project. 15. Final thoughts and class project: Now, let's talk about class Project. Your class project is going to be very simple. You just have to paint a bird and some flowers. You can pick a bird from this class are you can pick any bird from Google up interest and paying them. Make sure to post your painting in the projects page so that I can take a look and be proud of what you have done. I can't wait to see what you create from this class. If you're going to post it on instagram, make sure to tag me. That is print me some color so that I can take a look and shared it on my stories. I hope you had fun in this class and learn something. This I guess I'll see you in the next field check loss.