Watercolor Beginner Polaroid Series | How to Compose Paintings with Background n Foreground Elements | Sanika - Arty Vibes | Skillshare

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Watercolor Beginner Polaroid Series | How to Compose Paintings with Background n Foreground Elements

teacher avatar Sanika - Arty Vibes, Artist & Art Teacher

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Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

Watch this class and thousands more

Get unlimited access to every class
Taught by industry leaders & working professionals
Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

Lessons in This Class

11 Lessons (1h 25m)
    • 1. Introduction

    • 2. Materials Required

    • 3. Background Painting - Part 01

    • 4. Background Painting - Part 02

    • 5. Background Painting - Part 03

    • 6. Different foreground elements

    • 7. Detailing the Painting - Part 01

    • 8. Detailing the Paintings - Part 02

    • 9. Detailing the Paintings - Part 03

    • 10. Final Project 01 - Morning Dawn Painting

    • 11. Final Project 02 - Evening Dusk Painting

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About This Class

Hello, I am Sanika and I will be guiding you from the beginning to paint some amazing watercolor polaroid scenes. Go through all the lessons and don't forget to post a feedback. I strongly recommend you to see and hear all the instructions in all of the lessons and post your completed artworks in the projects section, so that i can have a look at them ! There are 8 different paintings you can learn in this class. Also if you have any doubts, you can ask them in the discussions section, I will be happy to help you :)

In this class you will learn

  • Basics about watercolor material
  • 6 Various Background Painting Techniques
  • Painting Various detailing Elements
  • Using some elements to create paintings
  • Final 2 projects of Dawn n Dusk Paintings

Some tips before we start

  • Watch this class on a bigger screen to get the best out of the class
  • Use any kind of watercolor material available with you except the paper which should be acid free, 100% cotton, and of 300gsm and Any Artist Grade Watercolors (tubes or cakes)
  • You do not need to attempt the complete class together, you can break it into smaller parts and attempt as and when you have time. Most of the lessons are having a run time of 10 – 15 minutes and can be taken anytime during the day and you can watch it for any number of times.

So, let's start painting together and don't forget to have fun !

Meet Your Teacher

Teacher Profile Image

Sanika - Arty Vibes

Artist & Art Teacher


Hello everyone ! I am Sanika Bhutkar, an Architect by profession. I am an artist and art instructor based in India. I practice various mediums like watercolor, oil pastels, soft pastels, mandalas, acrylics, canvas, etc. I have been teaching art through various platforms since a long time.


You can scroll down to check out my Watercolor & Acrylic  classes here on Skill Share and learn with me. Make sure to FOLLOW ME on Skill Share for regular updates about my new classes. I would recommend you all to start with the 'Everything About Watercolors' class first if you want to learn all the techniques and tips. Then take the 'Watercolor Beginner Polaroid' class and then you can take the rest :)


You can find me on Instagram and Pinterest by th... See full profile

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1. Introduction: You are just starting your watercolors journey or as if you are already good enough with vertical loads. But don't know how to make your own being things and get on with getting different ideas, then you can definitely benefit from this class which I have written for you guys. So in this glass, I'll be teaching yourself how to do various backgrounds and how do create your own theme things, my mixing various elements, I need to link along with the foreground and background elements by which you will be able to create your own beautiful polarized beam bends or watercolor landscapes. Hello everyone. Since many of you requested with this class, I am, you are with an isoelectric, an nth mass specific you would do for you guys. So in this class, I have garnered many of them simpler backgrounds that you can do with watercolors. And I've also gotten many of the foreground Eddie rings and leaders that you get. I don't do it. And how you can combine both of these to meet some new things. So if larger, JD following me on my Instagram, use advanced route. By the hands are the wave space I think gum. I also have a few due time and by the same name. So even subscribing to that in this class mean foresee how Tiberius kind of backgrounds with watercolors. So i'll be teaching all of these six type of background being things. After that will see some buidling elements which are foreground elements that you can use in your pin things to announce your bean thing more. And in this way we'll create six different simple being things by using these two techniques. And after that, we'll move on and create a nice dawn on a nice dusk seem excited. 2. Materials Required: Now let's see the different types of materials we require. So these are, I guess drain worker colors. So you can either use bands or gates like this or you can go for a deal, Fellows, but make sure that our history and then we'll require watercolor sheets. So the main thing you need to see in a, what velocity does that give us a 100% cotton? I mastered free. These are all types of sheets. One is the hard-pressed one and the other one is the corporate one. And the hard-pressed has a smooth texture, whereas the cold pressed has this kind of extra. So this is the inner Judaism seed. You can see it doesn't ice antic, whereas this is our door, 100 DSM sheet. So here's my Caribbean was at 300 GSM cold pressed watercolor paper for such kindof for developing things to guide their nice finished drawing. Then you will require rushes, forgiving washes. So this one is a 24 number. Mach brush. Westerns make a round brush, whereas the other one as though flag brush, which is off to a number. So you can use a nice big sized brushes, E that are like one automobile brush to give you what the washes, then you will require some medium-sized drone crashes for being being your background's color. So this is our n number and an eight number around brash. Then you would acquire other small drone brushes for the building elements. So you can use any guide ground brushes which was baristas are in good condition. So avoid using brushes was baristas are coming out like this, which as you can see in this brash orders, they are or Dine ruined Ortega like this. So don't deal with such kind of pressures. He was crashes which has nice boosters, any brand grosses we walk, then you will require masking tape. So this is, I'm asking beverages quite thick inward. Then this is another one which doesn't seem but just the width is smaller than the first one. So you can use any bike off such masking tape or you can use a squat shapes. So even this doesn't join my people whenever you remove it. So I use all of these three for various states of things, you can use anyone. So now let's move on to our painting lessons. 3. Background Painting - Part 01: So now I will be showing your differing types of backgrounds that you can be with your watercolors. So I'll be showing you on six backgrounds endorphin, which you can use with any kalos. I'm being differing watercolor backgrounds for different types of being thinks. So this is a 300 GSM for breast watercolor people, which I'm fixing on oil the sides with the masking tape. Again, when people make sure that all the verbs, like you would add the edges out of kind of similar and where I'm showing you are being thought by soft backgrounds on this single paper. So that's why I am putting one tape in the same doors so that we can divide this into two parts. So now we'll start giving a nice wash with this brush. So as you can see, this is a nice big brush with which I am giving my enforced water wash. So going with a watercolor wash, forced under what is until washed next. Don't use dormitory Bordeaux. Otherwise, dope below will not be mine. Sleep put upon the people. So just spread the water nicely and evenly throughout your people. I'm don't keep overdoing it. So now I'm just taking some border. So this is just for showing you the technique. So you can use any type of color that you like. Or you can take a Bhopal caloric self. If you're going to have a purple color, you can meet your Dubai mixing crumbs and GRID_WIDTH, somebody in blue. So as you can see, I am putting some color at the top portion and I am just going with the same brush and train those spreader down just on the water. So that's neither bulk portion. I am trying to put on more color and just spreading it with simple word as we go down. So this is one technique with which you can achieve a nice gradient wash. And you can use it for any day off backgrounds. Now let's see another one. So again, I am just apply tin lead off Bordeaux or what might be, but with vertical and horizontal strokes to cover my entire paper nicely with water. Don't put too much of work by rows. We don't want them cleaning the brush, keeping a decide and taking a smaller brush to start my beam thing. Now I am using microbiome to blue. And with local bite you, I'm just dropping it in very different directions on my be booed and verifying them strokes to make some clouds. So this I am doing when my b but a still awake as you know. Cinahl again cleaning the brush, that finger dof might they show this grading slightly because I don't want this prominent edges to be formed. So I'm just lay it leaves mood meaning that edges with work though. So as you can see, you can see some clouds and the sky. So you can use this background as it is as well. Audience. You can make a dumb Britomart either load. So for that, I am using or negotiate of blue now, I have mixed my blue with a little amount of black. This dropping some watercolor. So this slightly dropping in the same trademarks off my muse. And again does spreading and smoothening the edges. So don't spread it go much. Just strike us mood then them with your bras. So if you feel that your alertness, getting the lunch event, the extraocular lake, this my a clean brush and just fabric alpha. So in this way, you can also make your painting like DOTA for debts gone. So now we will give a second layer. Voter file paintings have Mace lead grade. Now you can use our director, Dr. Few warned. So now will again give a red boundary to wash do are forced pin things to see. I am very slowly just applying a thin layer of water on my existing Ballard layer. So this time don't go over it so many times, just go ones. Otherwise you will get ruined. So just go over the ones. I'm starting with your nice stop by loping min, underscore spreading or down. Norm spread, much color down, keep them mean galloping went up. And as you go down this graded with a very little amount of water. And this second wash is completely done. Now, we are done with one of our background wash. Now let's move on to our second painting. I am again taking my large plush. I'm just mopping some Bordeaux on my layer. Again, don't oh, where do the wash. Just do it once. Ready late tanks. And again, I'm dropping some glue on to the same place which I had earlier. So this is just my call-by-value, which I am dropping again. So again, depending upon the brand of the calories that you are using, this might vary. So maybe you might be able to achieve a nice vibrant Palo in your forest layer itself. Or sometimes it can also happen that you don't have to, you get a win in your second layer. So depending upon that, you can decide whether you want to give one lead or dollars or three layers. Now I'm just taking some black color. I'm slightly put angered. And in some parts of my abuse, nor knew this too much. Just a very little amount of black with water I am adding. So that rented spurts with the blue, it will automatically gateway light and radiation shield. So now we are done with mode, though backgrounds have let them dry up completely after drying the look like this. And now let's remove their deep so far beepA. Later on you can also got this in the same door to use it as two different paintings. So we'll see how to retell them out later on. For now, we are just learning different backgrounds that we can use. So these are two nice tape of mega rounds you can use. You can use them with various or WSIS. Well, let's see. I've next door backgrounds now. 4. Background Painting - Part 02: So let's see one more type of background that we can do. So I am using Nice clean water with my bigger sized mom brush and just giving up Lean wash to one part of my being dead. I have again, the third, in a similar way, which we'd 30-foot armed force do background. Just giving a thin layer of water that said, don't all do work. Other ways by dels will be formed and we don't, we're not. Now let's take our small brush. This is R n number around graphs that I am using. You can even use up more smaller branch of your warned. Now amu and then he'd outbound galoshes. This Galleria achieved by mixing some black with my bone Cenacolo. As you can see, I am painting on the edges and slightly boiling lake alcove shape with my dog ground. Then I am using my wand, say no brown color. And again, going with a nice curve shifts. So this is a reverse Hugh Kudrin bullshit. And I am putting my strobes also in that same sheep and just blending my born say now with my dog Brown. After that, I am using my other Shield, which is audience Plus born Sienna. So this is a sheared which are achieved by mixing some orange with my borne Cenacolo. And then again going with those redone warships or reverse your ship and blending in both my borne Santa with this color. And lastly, I'll be taking my yellow ochre color. I'm painting the remaining area with that. So again, the interior then the remaining portion and then blending nicely with my burnt sienna. And that's it. So in this way you can achieve this nice background which is slowly radiating from dark to light. And you can use this for various types of landscape paintings. Now let's still then go ahead and do our second beam thing background. So for this I'm mixing my dark green Gallo or viridian green color with my drama in blue colour, you can use any kind of dark green. I'm that view that you have, then I am taking some emerald green. I'm just adding a very little amount of dark green and blue to green to make it slightly offered alco sheared. And the torque is shared, which we'll require is going to be only RPN and very green. So these are the three shares which really require for making a nice gradient background for this part. So now again, I'm taking my 24 number mob brush and using clean water and giving a clean Wash onto the rate part of my people disagree about ten wash ones. And then we'll start with our darkest. See blue color. I'm now, as you can see, I am going with diagonal strokes. So with MCA lowest starting from the top left corner, going with diagonals strokes, but my darkest color. Now we'll just clean up. I'm either shade which be mirrored, Which is a light dose year of persimilis below. I'm legs blender than nicely. So again, you can see the always the stroke that I am using is remaining the same, this going diagonally. So I'm constantly using this large strokes. Now I am directly using my emerald green color to paint in the remaining part are neither blended in nicely with my audio collage here. So you can see how beautiful background we have achieved by this technique. So if you wish, you can even go with the second letter, Fe3O4 sled is not satisfactory or else you can keep protect the force let itself. So in this, we went with this reverse use drugs. Whereas in the right one we went with Slam diagonally strokes. Again going with the darkest colored the dopant, the latest antemortem. So I am just removing my deep now. You can just cut the best dendritic part and user that stool differently audience, you can even try giving one background on one paper differently rather than giving due backgrounds on one single people. So slowly, remove your deed after York alert has completely trade-off. And you can use this beautiful bag ground spent hiding more the data steward, which will definitely see in upcoming lessons. So keep watching the complete class to get to know more about these. So let's move on and see our last two different backgrounds that we can do with this type of techniques. 5. Background Painting - Part 03: So now we have again the Flappy Bird on all the four sides and divided it into two parts. So we did see last stool techniques which you can use for your backgrounds. So far, this technique now I even use some different shades of blue. So I really forced me, my dog, real Carlo, remixing black. Oh sorry, Lillian blue. After that, we'll require for symptoms. Insert alien blue as well, which is going to be odd medium view shared. And then will require some goodbyes. Your color, which is going to be unlike this to blue when this beam. So we have come close enough valued R. Now, let's start giving a nice clean washed away before. So I am using my nod brush. This is a 24 number brush that I am using forgiving my what DO wash. So make sure your doors is nice and thin and is applied on all the parts of the people for that do across wash by giving it your degree once in the waters aren't doing ones. But don't use too much of work. Do I doing this? Now? I am taking my dog, Blue Palo. I'm going with horizontal lines, folks, at the top. They're thoughtful. 1 third portion of this beam thing. I have used my god blue shear, which is a black philos alien blue. Now I am doing the middle portion with a Boolean set alien view. Hello, I'm blending your den with my book or low shear. And often that I will use my call-by-value Colorado, that remaining portion of the people with orders aren't good stroll and hybrid or blended in with my city. Liam Duke, Allah. So now I am again dropping some off their.gov, which is a black plus blue color shear at the dog with the same what is on those strokes to slightly more. After that. Again, I am a fitting the same steps, so I am again going with myself, alien gill color, the same. Good. I'm going to blame written with my the Lakish blue shared. And then I'll be using Michael bike view. I'm mixing it nicely with most alien view to get a nice smooth blamed throughout the painting. So in this way, we have achieved this nice gradients from dark blue like this. And fifth, the background wash tag we have learned. So let's move on to the next more. So for that, I'll be using for lemon yellow color. I need my Medium yellow shear. So you can use any VPN law or cadmium yellow, chrome yellow, any kind of dark yellow Jack you have. And why are orange color? So is start being the gardeners off this part with orange. So as you can see, we have got a circular shape in the same field as we have been heard the corners with orange. After that, we'll go with RDP or local law. I'm going in a circular manner again and drain Bluemix, the orange while we blended nicely with our bead below. And after that we the car lemon yellow, I'm banded in the center with circular motions blended in with your DPMO. So if you nor boast for this technique, I have not used a wet Don wave technique, but I have directly gone for awaken DR1. C. You can also include this ordered. So you can go for all water wash forced, and then go in with your wet colors. So you need to find out which one you walk on fable painting with and do that and use that. So I'm deciding some orange colored in my corners again and blending or ten nicely with my yellow. So once you feel that the blending that you have achieved is nice and smooth, you can stop with this beam thing. So we are done with this. So in the left blue painting we have gone with horizontal strokes. That as in the yellow and the orange one, we have gone with so-called ads. So we have done with both of the beanbag rounds and now we're shy, takeoff 13 nicely and slowly. And radio with six types of different colored and differing technique background that we learned. Now. So after this, let's start how the dead out these backgrounds with various different elements. And then you can use these types of elements on all of your different theme things in various combinations to make nice paintings. So let's go ahead and see what direct Iperf telling elements we can meet and how to meet them to enhance our pain thing more. 6. Different foreground elements: So now let's start loaning some details how to meet them and use them in our being. And I am using a number around grass for this. Don't worry about the size of brush. Use whichever size brush you walk on for table width. Also for this, I'm just an eager load that is already there. So this is just the basic shapes that I am showing you, 40 dealing. So you can do this with any color on an enough people that you have for practice. So I have taken some gala in my brush and in the bottom part, I have gone with ethical stroke. And as I'm going up towards, I'm going with smaller strokes. So I am showing you how to be a nice pretty, so this tree is going to be Without leaves. Size. You can see I have a to go stroke at the boredom. And as I'm going up, I am just making more branches like that. Very thin. So always way making branches, remember that they start with a thicker line but anger with Tino strokes. So if you are not comfortable using a big sized brush for this, you can even go for a very small brush, Lego for number two, number brush, I'm using the same band number garage for all of my lines since I am very used to do all kinds of line thicknesses with the same brush. But you can definitely use a nano-sized brush to make the lines. Now, some bushes. So far, drawing nice bush, you need to just brush on the people and the way I am doing. So as you can see, I am just stopping it in flank them strokes and just take some colour in between and then keep on the winger. So in that way you will be able to achieve their dark and the light shapes in between also. Some not doing any specific design. And the bushes done, I have just tapped my brush to get deterred. Now we will see another type of Greece, Soviet, three-year differing types, buying beliefs and how to draw them. So one is we start with a straight line and just go tapping on the people without being as we did for the bush. But this time entered a friendship because Laker triangular shape. So let us see another one. Now again, I'm drawing a straight line for the drowned. And this time I am doing small gov ships from there thought as again C. So again, I'd be going in a triangular shape, but this time the strokes that I'm using are small goals. And the earlier one had just small dark lake strokes, which was just a brush. Now let's see another one. So these are the two that we have done. Let's make a toward one with differing style. So again, a straight line. And now I am going with vertical strokes. So as you can see, these are nice straight lines. In this way. You can do these three types of differing by increase. Now let's do another. They both grass. So you can either use a bush or design for some of your orders. You can also build a grass at the boardroom in some of your being beings. So even bending or grasses, very easy. And just draw a ground line for reference. And let's start making our grass. Now I'm using a smaller brush, since I wonder at Eaton strokes and just loading my brush with some Scala. And why you're doing this. You press your brush, I pick it up, and you'll do this in various angles. So you would just give straight lines which are going in radius. And this man just pressing your brash, angular fingered up. In this way, you press and lift. I'm just doing your class demo and I'm going to get nice clean no strokes. Okay, so right now I'm not much cotton Santa Barbara Apollo is that I'm using microphone me was that I didn't actually look more prominent than nice nanofibers right now. So these are the types of grass elements that are done. Let's see one more grok. We'll do some greed crops. So Fido wheat crop, you drop a straight line, slightly curved. I'm just meet this model lanes at a no sparkline. And I'm just starting some grass strokes at the bottom part of it to just computer. And yeah, so we have seen these three diet soft ground races, one branch tree and 3pi increase. So let's see coconut tree now. So for that, you need to go with the curved stroke, which is thicker at the base. And getting thinner as you go about. Just drawing two coconuts onto the tree and started meeting the centrist. The leaves. Again, you can use a small size brush for this. I am using a for number round brush. And now just making strokes from the central lines that we mere. So again, these strokes as again see slightly pointing downwards. So in this way you can also change the direction where the three legged Gambia straight tree, it can V0 divided depending upon which kind of painting you are doing and how you are using that. So these kind of coconut trees look very niacin beat scape. So you're getting definitely use them there. Also you can use, instead of just one single color, you can go for adding different dark and light greens to make it more realistic and more than Stewart suggests guiding a ground line, and we are done with the coconut tree. Now I will show you how to be del one leaf of the coconut tree. Because sometimes you can even use that leaf of the coconut tree which is coming inside your picture frame, but not the entire three. So you can also draw just one nor do leaves which are coming inside in your picture frame after your background. So for that I have just drawn the central line. And via drawing these leaves, I'm just pressing my brash and lifting it up. Again. You can see the sheep return a TV. So those are not straight lines. Those are my score of the line. And I am just pressing my brushing, lifting it up to create this take good ng and the edge is tunnel. So again, when I'm doing these lands on the back side of the leaf, they will not be for leasing. So they are slightly shorter than the ones which are there in the front. Okay. So we have seen are the day leave, we have seen a coconut tree. And now let's see another small blind daga daga weekend draw. So just like me or just the camera. Yeah. So in this I have drawn a straight line and just drawn some leaves which are there branching out from this streak line. So even this is a very simple lambda which you can draw for this, you can see I'm destroying a straight line and pressing my brush to Geico or relish and mic's belief. Say in this one again, you can go on adding radius mentors and radius directions to get the desired shape, you warned. Okay, so now I'll show you one more D with design leave while artery. So it will be a nice formula. Evergreen tree. Again, I am using the same technique which we used for the bushes. So just baking galore on my brush and tapping it on the b vector. By doing this, I am making sure that I get the desired shape that I want. So I am just keeping one thing in mind that I want the same ship, which I am thinking about. And now let's draw a drought. So we are done with the trees, foliage or bow, and I am just drawing her drunk. And some branches. Don't make a nice looking three now. And you can see it was so easy to meet this tree. And even I've some MOOC alert the bottom part which is dark guard to give it a slave depth. Yeah. I'm just making a ground line and we are done with the tree as well. So we learned various elements like drawing these nice threes, ambushes and grasses. And told me again, and God put this nicely in your backgrounds to make beautiful bean things. Now I show you another elements which are not landscape religion. We will just see few boards. So does show a board flying in the sky. You need to make a wing ahead or the body of the board. And another way. So this is a very simple board which you can meet another shape, but you can always meet the body of the board and the wings this time. Now, I'm not spread it up. So why it flying as you know, the wings go down and up so that the board can fly. So these other two types which you can do a few, feel that the board you are drawing should be fought over a, you can draw the same shapes but smaller. Now let's make us anything board. So again, just ahead, beak, body. And it's very simple to me. So you can use these for mania of European banks. Now let's see a nice electrical. So for that, I am drawing on what thick stroke force to mean the foil just making around Lion for their friends. The horizontal line about the straight line and just tweaking somebody does, joining the needed ends diagonally with my straight line. And this electric pole is done weekend, just draw a few wires passing through word. So depending upon the drawing, I'm wetter displaced. You can use one single boil leg this IN continue the lines from the edge to the edge. What is it gonna draw? Multiple poles which are there. Now let us see another board which is sitting on a wooden log. So something a stock with serving on the log. So just ahead, the stock has a very large long beak. So I have made the beak very long. Again, the neck of the stock is very long, and the body and then the legs. So you can use this anytime when you're painting or see auto ocean behind. Now let us see one simple fence which you can either at the bottom of your being then to just on one more element toward. So whenever you are adding this elements in your clean things, make sure you don't overdo them. You can limit your elements to maximum two or three elements or drawing. So in this way you will be able to create nice being things so you can select the background and depending upon the background, you can choose which elements with absorb those colors or those scene or mode. And then you can add on two or three such elements to read aloud and beautify your drawing a bit more. So these elements can really enhance your drawing, but you need to know where do user then how many do use. So for that, let's move on to our next lesson. Now I'm see how we can add this elements in our being things. 7. Detailing the Painting - Part 01: So we are done with this six beautifully background gallows with various techniques. And I hope you enjoyed doing all of them. So now let us see how to detail each one of them with different elements to make it beautiful being done. So now I have just taken some black and mix some of my born, say now brown with it. And I'll start the Indian my yellow, pink. And at the bottom of this painting, I have just put on our deep again so that the color doesn't go off the background. You can also keep all the four sides if you wish. Orders, while being careful that you don't ocular go out off the colored bar. So now I am just using a very small for number brush. This is a round brush and I am just been, been different branches to make a three. So I have already shown you in the previous class how to draw that tree. So I'm just using the same technique and just making sure that the branches are thicker, actor drunk part. And as they go on and they get smaller and smaller and thickness. So this is the main part that I'm keeping in mind and just going on adding more branches onto my tree. And this also makes sure that you're painting looks completed. So now, as you can see, my tree is nicely completer, but the bottom part looks a bit MD. Sir, to fill that up, I am just drawing a simple graphs with the same color. So sins are steep. The bottom bark, it does better for me to pay him there directly because my color won't go off my border. So I'm just going with street strokes and I have taught you how to do the grass in the previous lesson. So just using the same technique and then with the kras and I'm just adding a few more branches here and they're very, very thin ones to just complete my tree. Now you can see the foreground elements and nicely competed. So the bottom part was MD. That's why I've either the grass there and my amine element, which is the tree, is almost covered. A nice area of my being done. And this is how you can add one of the elements to complete your drawing and make it look beautiful. So this is a very simple exercise which we are doing and which will help you learn how to start the day nine, how to crew start creating your own being. So now let's do the LU, bending. So for this one, I have chosen to draw a pine tree. So again, the bottom portion is aimed at night, so I don't need to worry about my band going off in the bottom portion, but on the sides I have not deep did so I'm just being a bit careful about not going with my being outside the villa Bordeaux. So just simply drawing a basic pine tree. So this pine tree I am drawing with very small random strokes. So we have learned three different types of binary in the previous lesson. So you can use one of them to draw these dreams, but make sure you draw all their dream is using the same technique. So now I'll also draw one more tree besides this. Again, while drawing the second tree, I am making sure that I am not keeping the sizes of both the trees seem. So I chose to make the ordinary library of big more dollar than the tree that I am making now. So in this way it will look more organized and more nice than if you draw a same tree. Now I am drawing one more act, the right coordinate. So again, I don't want to crowd it too much. That's why I am not drawing it again besides the second one. Now, I am just drawing this on the rightmost coordinate and the centroid Margo Soviet, we'll be filling up with something, but not the exact thick. So in the middle part, I will fill it up with trees which are very thin and does not have a lot of foliage Stewart. So in that the Veda in dire picture will look nice. It won't look overcrowded. So again, you'll need to choose the elements or do I add on public carefully? Because the elite domains might directly enhance your painting. Amazingly, orders they might also ruin or the few overdo them. So as you can see, I have just added very thin three threes in between, which are now announcing the binding and when more. Now I am just removing their Dave. And the main things are done. I'm not adding any more elements to the second mean data because there is already nicely very lucky. Now let's go ahead and see another paintings. 8. Detailing the Paintings - Part 02: So again, I have saved my people at the boredom Bard and we'll start with one thing. Then. I am using a black plus points and Alcala for this. And I'm making mountains in the bottom most part of the bean bag to read aloud the border media while meeting the mountains. I am keeping the lines go busily. I don't want do metered strict. Otherwise it won't look that natural. And for the upper part, Now, I'll be drawing some boards to retell that out. I will be considering off light off boards coming from far away. I'm going together enough law. So while drawing boards, I am making sure that all the shapes of the boards are different. Since all my boards will be doing different actions or different movements while offline, it won't look like natural if you draw all the boards of the CMB shape exactly so dry and made them the friend while doing different actions. So then they will look more natural. So I have already told you a few boards shifts in the last lessons. So you can refer to those again and check out those. And after that you can come here and start drawing with me. So as you can see, I am going in a nice goals and the words that are dead in the rightmost part, I already filed away while the birds on the left side are considered to be slightly closer. So I am drawing this in a nine score sheet. And the left part board is bigger compared to the right one which are going and getting smaller loop. So this is him diabetes languages done. I am not adding any more elements because we have to give it limited. So while doing this, you need to make sure that you at least draw like two to three maximum elements in one singer drawing Dong worldwide. So now for the right one, again, I am just using my black color and drawing a nice coconut tree or a palm tree. So I'm considering to be coming out from the left-hand side and is considered to be continuing after our border. So the only part which is there in the frame rate now is what I am being done. So we already know how to be in the open and tree as we have learned in the earlier lesson. So as you can see now, the coconut tree is a very big element rate, so we won't add any more different elements to this being done. All we can do is add one more coconut tree besides cert, and I guess that will be fine with it. So always remember when you are growing these kind of polarized beam Denning's or watercolor scenes. Once you are done with the background, then don't add too many elements to European banks. Keep the elements limited. It was embedded rule when you start with it, you can just add two or three elements in your drawing, Dorothy Billy, and also try to place them evenly Lake. If your ground portion is already filled up, then you go and add elements at the top portion. So the dot portion can have some basic elements, lake boards or fertile ground portions. You can use graphs for the bushes or mountains or something like that, or maybe offense. And if you are considering drawing 3s, then it will be if you draw only trees and don't either many elements to it because trees are a huge element and data including most of the species on your. So depending upon what elements you are choosing, you can decide how many to add. And depending upon the size also, it filled a full focus. I'm just drawing this moral coconut tree again besides this one. And this will be my last element in this. And I hope you are slightly understanding how to start building your own being thing's been dismissive and hoping that do lake this lessons that I have designed for you because I thought of making you understand how to go ahead with being Deng on how to create your own being things instead of just searching salmonellosis and trained to do that. Obviously even that does a very good thing to learn. But this will help you more is what I feel. And it's not looking back complete. That's fine. I'm just adding a gardener element of aligned piece. So I think now it's looking more vital. So you don't know what this with more and more practice that how many elements will beautify your drawings all ruin your drawings. But don't worry for now you can learn with me. And in our next lesson we'll see two more of these which we had already done the background. So I am just removing my theme. And these two wide reading. 9. Detailing the Paintings - Part 03: Now again, let us see one more VT_2. So in this one, I will be starting from the top considering coming some insider frame. So for this, if you remember, the line between learned and not all your lessons. So I am going to draw a similar thing, but just considering it to be a branch of a tree now. And just drawing in a similar way as we did for our blind with my black galore and using around the brush of size fold for this. If you wish, you can even use a smaller sized round brush for this. Also, if you are not comfortable drawing strokes which are not incise, the top being the brush. And then you can also use a sketch bin or the, any line of black pen instead of using watercolors and brush. But I always preferred to lowered with watercolors itself. So I am doing it with a brush. If you want, you can practice drawing, philosophy strokes on a different drafts people regularly so that you get your store drawing Nice strokes with a brush. I have just one. Had the bark and I didn't one which is at the right side. Yeah. So it does a burden lumpy Excellence or nice board, somewhat like a hummingbird with displaying around this tree. Domain could look more computer than names. So I am just drawing the head and the body and their deal of the board. And then let's add a beak and some wings. Those are the elements that are going to be in this building and this painting is done. Now let's move on to our last Polaroid background which we meet. And let's start detailing adult now. So I am again taking my black color. And this time I'll be drawing three with this will be our different one. So I am considering. There'll be a zoomed in version of the earlier tree. So this is going to be our ground, which is starting from the bottom, Bart, and going about. For that, I am making a ticker drunk. Now. After that, I will be continuing with my branches on this tree. So in that earlier one, it was Laika three, which is starting from the bottom. I'm VR able to see almost the entire tree. But in this one, it is just a zoomed part of the central portion of the tree. So a is there below also under discontinuing about this being Ding frame also. So that's why the trunk of this tree is quite thick glass compared to the earlier one. And now I'm just adding some branches. So again, we're making the branches. Remember that they are going to be thicker when they start ongoing on getting cannot aims and making sure that the brand is ongoing. Data the dark bar dot this being done so that they look as if they're continuing as well. And you can see as we go on adding new branch. So it does starting looking more beautiful. But again, remember don't or where do the branches? So the ones that are shorter in length, I am drained, gamete them more tonight. And let's draw one more besides this. So R one which is besides this is going to be a very tenuous because V I've already added on a huge element by drawing this or Lear dri. So the besides one is going to be very, very thin compared to dark or does, is going to be just adopt portion of the other three ridges there besides this. So just adding a few thinner lines. And it does done. So v have learned how to draw those six different kinds of backgrounds first, and how do the Dilemma Clay drawn? Now let us see two more value the database things using similar techniques in the next lesson. So let's go on to our next lesson, numb. 10. Final Project 01 - Morning Dawn Painting: So let's start making fine beam thing by using all of the techniques that we have learned so far. So this is going to be a nice and warm beam thing of all early morning seen select start taking some colors for night. I'm baking or chrome yellow color in my palate. So you can take any similar sheet two this can be or DPI local law order chrome yellow or a mango color. Any color which is closer to this yellow will do. Then you will have to make some orange color. Then you will need some crimson red color. Always remember when you are taking this gallows menu, are cleaning your brush, use Ballard war dot, then clean equity or clean water, and then go and take another colour. So now I'm going to meet a nice board shared. And this I am going to do by mixing my crimson red with myself alien blue. So if you learn them, these two shares, you can use similar shapes to this lake of pink and any kind of dog Blue to makeup open shade orders if you directly, you can totally use that too. Now I'm making a deep blue color shared by mixing Maya city alien blue and black color and a very little amount of Crimson to it. So it will be more towards third Deep Blue order, deep foil. It shared by their Does not clear or black colour. We have mixed crimson. Answer alien blue to black to give a nice dark color. Now I am taking my flight brush and taking some clean water into it. I have already they might be, but on all the four sides, i now I am giving them nice and then that off more doors or what am I people? This paper isn't 300 years. I'm Vertica, local breast people and I am giving up gross swash with this brush like this, giving one wash word ugly. I'm one wash horizontally so that every coordinate off might be, but again, it's a nice thin laid-off worker toward. Now let's start with our darkest Gallo at the dog. And I am being things some dark portion with my darkest boilers color shared. Now I'm taking my board. And fourthly, I'm painting with it slightly below the black portion and then just blending it in width, all your dark color. So this, you need to do quite fast studio. What do background is still rare because we need to achieve or smoothie blend with this. So I'm not waiting for any of my colleagues to dry off. I'm just going in as quickly as possible with my other colors, shapes, and blending the color nicely as you can see with one another. So this Crimson lead is done. Now let's go with orange. I'm being some of the mark with my orange color and then I'll blend it in with diagrams. And so in that end, let's go with the yellow color sheet and being the bottom most Bardo fuel being, being forced because this is going to be the last sheet that we are going to use. And then you can blender than with your orange color. So all of these you need to look quickly when you're older fellows are still red because if the bellows dry, then there are chances of getting random strokes onto your design, then you need to wait for your entire layer to dry completely. You can also write with the help buffer dryer. And now I am using this seam balance sheets again, you'll get a second nice way brink layered we're painting. So I am going with random strokes with the my darkest toilet Gallo, which I made using the same gallows Again, that does mixing legal amount of surrealism view. I'm friends Andrade with my black coulomb. I've been there some border for top portion with this fellow. You can see I have not given a clear edge horizontal line in the end because I want it to be natural and I want the MOSFET with my next Kahlo. So I've kept them on even in the edges. I now am mixing my shared with the edge line on going some voids downwards with some of the books. So again, I have not given the line very street. I now am going in with my crimson red column, going in the boredom barred, forced, and then I will start moving migrants and read with my book with. So as you can see, the colors are already read the dikes lakes easier to merge them. And this time we have not we are not doing this on a white background. This is a wet, darn dry right now. So we are giving nice way brings here. Now let's clean up brush and take some audience. So always remember to clean your brush force before you will do the other shared. Otherwise, the neocolonial great gate, spread it on to your next color. Though, in the Board will look seem we don't want that. We want the shoes to be distinctly was the real one. Repeat like swipe only at the blending part, we are going to nicely blame them into each other so that we can see a nice gradual change in the galoshes. If in this, if you feel like your second layer also is not looking like by brink, then you can also go ahead and give what toward layer onto this, but make sure you don't all where do your brush strokes onto each other either ways. But might get ruined your folder. So avoid going with too many layers. Instead tried to get a nice blend and the nice color consistency in the second letter itself. But you can definitely goal with the third layer is well, if you are not happy with the second one. So I am computing the ankle shin with my same yellow chrome again. So now this entire background is done. And now we'll just have to wait for this entire layer to dry. So you can use a dryer degrade quickly or as wait for it to dry. So they can my watercolor white color and I'm just drawing on nice round the sun in the same door. So this is a nice morning Dawn sun, which I've been given the same door. Again while painting this, remember that to get the so-called rate, you don't keep on increasing the size of red though hazard relook ready bad. So it's okay if it does not bag around by the 0.01. increasing the sales gear prickly metered. And now I have taken my black Gallo and I am using small sized brush. So this is a phone number brush. If you are not comfortable using afford number brash and doing this, you can even go photo more smaller-sized brush Lego toward a 0 number. I am now and just making some boards in the sky. So the board starting from the left hand side and they will be going on in a nice line, then out of rightmost part. So the left side boards are going to be Fido v and the right side ones are going to be opposite closer. So that's why by bending them, remember that the left side boards will be smaller in size and not much be allowed, whereas the right side boards will be slightly bigger and science and will lead lately more leader load. Also by making the boards one more thing that Batman posters that people try and meet, all the boards seem so, look like matching. So we'll try to make all the boards off different sheep. So some gourds that having that brings open some of the words and having that brings down. So in that case, that will look more natural than just copy-pasting. It is same as they are on all the boards. Okay, so we are done with the boards and let's just died a few elements in the bottom now. So I am adding those weed crops which I showed you and the forced lessons. So just going with the goal of line for the means demo of the crop and then. Drawing the edges. So whenever you are doing this watercolor drawing, make sure you learn at many of the lead l elements. Otherwise, the background Banga, little elements will not complement each other very nicely. Anger drawing will look like or well-done. So make sure you limit the already delay elements as well as your background elements. So in this, as you can see, that just a nice Gallo wash starting from the top to the bottom with a nice gradient for the background. Returns for a morning, dawn sky, just Laker sun rays sky. And only the del, elements are at the bottom most part that I'm now adding the grass and I have either, and some of the wheat crops and the flock of birds which is flying in the sky, which is a very common scene you see early morning. So again, make sure wheat, which kind of elements you are trying to mix in with the rich kind of background. So since this is a morning scene, I am adding these grass and crop civic Title VII wing with the wind and boards that are flying when the sun rises. So you need to choose the right kind of the Dellinger elements also, when you do the background, depending upon their background, U2's that eliminates which you need to either ion. And then that will help you beautify your painting more. So I'm just making some dark brown Gallo by mixing a little amount of black with my buoyancy, say now. And I will add a few more crops here and there. So here I have limited my use of black because if I add all the crops, my black, maybe it won't look nice. So I am just using some ground gala so that it won't look overcrowded. Also by Dennett. Richard looked like a complete drawing. So now I have either the same type of groves suggest with my mourn Center Brown and mixed a little amount of black woman born center polluters, deciding a few strokes of crops in the background, something smaller leaves. And we are done with this painting Now, we shall remove that VIP. So again, when you remove their deep wait for you and dire drawing to dry up and then on later move it so that there will be no chance of you're ruining the painting. It's done. Let's move on to see one more such bean thing now. 11. Final Project 02 - Evening Dusk Painting: Now we learned doping. One more such being done by using different types of elements that we used or knew it and learn polio. And let's see how we can create a view for you. Does scene, which is going to be a nice evening scene after the sunset the now. So for that, I've started thinking my basic philosophy, cobalt blue color. Now I'm taken some surrealism, Chicago, you can also use, I'll draw it in blue or abortion blue. If you don't have a civilian view with you, then you will need some bogus here so that I am making by mixing my surrealism view with my Crimson. But if you have a direct popular, well-lit chair, you can use that though. And there need a ready docs shade again so that I am taking black color and I didn't some by the trauma in view toward you can add any dark blue that you have with DOB, the shared. So now I have saved my a b, but on all the four sides with a masking, think I write the fingered, remember to keep all the same. Now, I am just taking my flat brush and painting a thin layer of water on my end diode. People going with vertical strokes, ones. I'm then horizontal strokes with the same Bordeaux, just to make sure that my entire b, but as nicely coated with 1and letter for dogs, don't keep on brushing too many times. Or insert or put a lot of water on do your B, but otherwise the colors will not spread nicely. So keep the water limited. Now I'm starting with my darkish shear. So it is very close to a black vertex has some amount of blue word. Then I am going in with my book. So in the earlier drawing, when they're all straight the wash, but for this one, it is going to be a random wash. As you can see, I'm not very much concerned about loci and Sam create Dan, I'm just trying to do it very randomly to get a nice effect of mixed cheated sky. So now with the dog buccal load, this is a set alien knew, but you can use any deeper value you want. And then with the carbides bucolic going in the central part. Sinologist mixing microbiome by lawsuit and the remaining medias. So this is just going to be out of forced layer. So don't worry if you don't get it right than this LED might remember to reward quickly when the background war don't wash is rigged so that the Apollo's blended nicely. So now this forced lead has an dry it up. And we'll again require the same Gallo shifts to continue with our second layer. So now I am using my darkest blue plus black sheered. They'll again be mindful is clear with the nice way bring dark color. Again, you can see that I am going with random strokes going in with my Bhopal. And why you're doing this, I'm lows and making sure that the second gelato is blending nicely with the forced Gallo. So again, while doing this, the upper portion and the coordinate portions, I am trying to keep them slightly darker than the center portion. So now mixing my blue color door. Oh, hello. Ok. Right? Okay. Ok. Okay. Okay. Oh, okay.