Watercolor Beach Stories | Lalitha Ragavan | Skillshare
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10 Lessons (34m)
    • 1. 1. Introduction

    • 2. 2. Supplies

    • 3. 3. How To Approach A Landscape Painting

    • 4. 4. Making Simple Sketch

    • 5. 5. How To Preserve Required Areas

    • 6. 6. Painting Sea & Sand

    • 7. 7. Painting Rocks

    • 8. 8. Painting Human, Umbrellas & Beach Towels

    • 9. 9. Final Details

    • 10. 10. Your Project

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About This Class

Welcome to the class! In this class we are going to paint a beautiful and vibrant seascape in bird's eye view perspective. I am also going to explain you how to approach a landscape painting, perspectives and tonal values. By following simple steps, you could create a lovely seascape with all tiny details. Let's start!

Meet Your Teacher

Teacher Profile Image

Lalitha Ragavan

Watercolor Artist & Plant Biologist


Hi! I'm Lalitha Ragavan, a full-time watercolor artist and a Plant Biologist based in Chennai, India. I reside with my husband and two sons in a lively and an energetic city which has a delightful beach called 'Marina', connected with Bay of Bengal. 

I am a self taught artist and magical watercolor is my favorite medium due to it's flexibility, beautiful essence and accidental effects.I conduct workshops on watercolor painting both online and in person.

Basically I am a Plant biologist (Doctorate in Plant Biology) and I love to paint Landscapes mostly. During the start of my art journey I have had initial struggles, like every beginner, to paint even a single perfect picture of small size. But constant efforts and practices helped me to a... See full profile

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1. 1. Introduction: I'm really development. What a cloud artist on an illustrator In this class, we are going to paint a beautiful on vibrancy in boats. I'm also going to explain how to approach the landscape painting perspectives. I'm toning brothers by following simple instants you create along this escape with all minute details. Let's start. 2. 2. Supplies: you need 300 deism. Corpus Particle people's. Here goes the list of pickles I used in the past. You can know the fun from your project section Uni you medium sized move Bush small and medium sized, alone precious and their small size blood fresh. I know with the supplies you need your masking for you If you paper doubles on the masking tape, pencil any Reza Georgia, Florida. 3. 3. How To Approach A Landscape Painting: I use point. Find HB pencil cross stitching whenever you're painting and landscape following of goods and this difference in meat One out of this piece is operated by the sun. I'm doctor off the space or occupied by the scene. Make love calculations before you start to paint. The shoreline is just a below the hole. Lisa, I have done this painting in boats. I've you I hope Angel, the humble us under logs, human and everything. Even my new details are goingto that prospect. I shall something interesting under to my painting. I have showed some people are swimming in the sea On one person he's standing It is so book in the middle How long of us think things to playing unamusing painting? 4. 4. Making Simple Sketch: I'm going to make this cage according to the enough puts, I drove that offshore drilling. Just, you know, the whole reason I make it likes cage even toe on in 80 days. No, I had funerals on. Then I'm going toe on, um brings human on fuel, reach doubles according to the perspective, I'm going toe on often he takes in tiny slices. No, I explain you how I'm going to sketch them. I'm going toe show feel People are sitting on the beach sand on. A few people are streaming in this scene. I'm not going to show They intend varnishing off the people those who are swimming in the sea. I'm going to add all these details in a miniature size. And is it offensive meat? You can see how I parted all these deep ends in miniature size. No, I'm going to make a rough sketch off all the details provided he made a friend's image 5. 5. How To Preserve Required Areas: I'm going Goats masking from you. The result. The timing didn't sort the painting I'm using its more insights. It'll accomplish Torreblanca masking free You can use on awarded Bresch aspirin. Hi, Mr President. Some areas in the shoreline. I don't want to show some weight homes off the sea. Views to preserve those areas I'm going to use with packs cream. You have use any brand off like that's clear. 6. 6. Painting Sea & Sand: I'm using the hype French to be this or this. I'm eating the intense off this big plain water except the portion of the wrong. Using your medium sized Muybridge toe, a plane, the colors for this lee on the sun I started to a plane. Darker colors in the compulsion. You could see the list off. Lose on greed. Whenever I'm going toe, apply to the sea potion. I stopped you a plane doctor, fellas in the top portion of the painting. When it come towards the hurry zone, I start to play night or values. I'm not playing the blues and dreams according to the reference image by people, adding the colors I'm going, I achieved in this year effect. I'm gently blending the colors. Now I'm giving much kinship to the Kristin's. No, I stopped toe. Had a sit off Carlos to the sand portion. I'm not playing Burgundy local on the initial stage, I'm going toe are wants, you know, birth number Vanik problem and staple your colors. Toe the sand portion. How long I would like to maintain some way space in between the colors because I would like to making some highlands in the sun portion. You need not worry about the human in the short region. They protected them by a plane masking free. I'm groping some tiny water droplets to gain some interesting effects on the side by using a small trees big fresh on, creating some very patterns on the sun. The potion is still bed, so I keep a landing. The colors they improve Little Nobel. I'm too short, Severe patents. - By using your big publish, I'm going to lift off some colors toe green, some highlights in the show region. I saw this in the Syrian issue. Don't Who will do this? - Well , I'm taking my morning cuddles during problem that Donovan on to create some with batons. The bigger still wait. So I keep on adding the colors achieved that decided that you should be very careful when you people are playing the palace on blending them 7. 7. Painting Rocks: a sense. It's a large of sex, Mark. I think the suitcase before landing the colors don't get some beautiful blending. I'm having a tiny amount of buff Thai Danu to create some highlight. No, I'm adding one Sana to them. I created a beautiful, muted tone by mixing, eliciting, cleanse. Um, I'm born tumble. I am playing this minutes. I can't make Tom. I'm then savior are indigo ascend a total at the bottom of the I'm gently blending the colors by using you the bush. - I'm using the same, Ali said in Clinton, on bond of the legs to paint a few of perils on learning indigo at the bottom to create some black atonal bonding by using it depression. I lived off some colors from the don't surface off the rock green highlights. How about this drunk? I'm adding bones, you know on. Then I'm going toe are indigo. - No , I'm playing a deserving Johnson on bomb. Timberlake's Tow This truck. How playing in giggle us your doctor over. I'm mumbling few more jobs in the short region. I'm using the same set of palace to paint the house. - No , I'm dropping some weight wash under compulsion off, okay. And some highlight. - I'm doing this procedure when Lee, for a few rounds under I'm going toe, are the sucking on whitewash Knicks over that to show some other growth on the book. 8. 8. Painting Human, Umbrellas & Beach Towels: but gently sloping. I'm removing the masking food by using its monthly some brush. I'm random people playing the colors to the tiny day days like umbrella beached of us on human. You can play the colors, Aspell, your wish. 9. 9. Final Details: I'm hoping Water lemonade weapon this After in that ever be completely value inter create some highlights on will give some later tonal Then I think, stood total cost The thing they do you could give you different. Agree that I'm going to use for painting the Sharon's. I'm going to use this country tonight. Toe scotch some areas creating beautiful highlights. I'm going to do this process only had a few please is not a big, you know. 10. 10. Your Project: thank you. Help joining. I hope you have enjoyed the class kindly drove here. Reviews of the class after watching this in beaches nearby T residents and capture few interesting reference images, created a beautiful painting from that on Shabbat Me very much either to do them happy painting New.