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Watercolor Beach Postcards : Step by Step

teacher avatar Vinita, That Crazy Doodler

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Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

Watch this class and thousands more

Get unlimited access to every class
Taught by industry leaders & working professionals
Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

Lessons in This Class

8 Lessons (52m)
    • 1. Hello There!

    • 2. All about Materials

    • 3. Watercolor Basics and Techniques

    • 4. Project 1 : Simple Seascape

    • 5. Project 2 : Secret Cave

    • 6. Project 3 : Shadows and Waves

    • 7. Project 4 : Beach House

    • 8. Thank You ! and beyond..

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About This Class

Bringing you a beginner friendly fun class where we explore basics of watercolors and create four beach themed postcards. Watercolours is such a beautiful medium and most of the times beginners find it difficult simply because it has a life of its own! For me, that's exactly what makes this medium so amazing to work with!

I have tried to simplify the basic concepts and share some fun tips and tricks in all the lessons to help you get started if you are a beginner. And if you have some experience with watercolours, this will be a fun warmup exercise!

We cover the WOW/WOD methods and gradient and variegated washes before moving on to creating four interesting postcards. Each of the postcards can be done under 10 minutes and all the lessons are shot in real time - no timelapse videos!

All you need apart from 45 mins of your time :)  :

* Any artist grade watercolours ( I have shared the exact shades I am using at the beginning of each lesson)

*100 pc cotton watercolor paper 300 gsm atleast

* One flat brush for washes and couple of small round brushes for detailing

* Masking Tape to fix the paper

So dive in to the beach mode! 

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That Crazy Doodler


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1. Hello There!: No everyone. I'm Monita. I'm an artist from idea on. Thank you. Joining me my first. How watercolors Country class are two other classes, which are more of my daughter hasn't. So in case you're interested in that, check them out. Now, this being all about what colors? What a beginning. So even if you have no prior expedience and watercolors begin simply diving makes a killer postcards. Yeah, that's it's Let's get started. 2. All about Materials: So let's start with the material said, using for this class. Now for watercolors. I'm going with Dennis. McMartin colors their hands down my favorite plan. They coming around to 60 sheets, andare extremely pigmented. So I'll be sharing the exact colors that I'm gonna use for each of the projects so that you can match it up with any ops Brandt that you're using right now. Or maybe just right. Mixed colors up is that you have or precious you need a couple of small precious. So here I have the artificial size two and easy on the eyes. Eating travels the brush on a flat brush for the washes. So since we're doing small postcard size are we really don't need a lot of big Precious a couple of small brushes for the D dealing and a plaid threshold washes. That's all we need. Well, for the Reeves will be trying out different techniques so you can use a white ben or gosh or maybe crayon or an oil based. So this recently available in the market. Or maybe you could steal it from your neighborhood. Kid, don't do that. I'm just kidding. So just that these are the three things that I'm gonna be using Create leaves so we'll just be exploring different techniques. The classes for people I'm using. Breast row 100% card. 300 decent people. It's cold pressed on the, uh, there's no size restriction on a certain brand that he should be using. But I really believe that people is the most important factor when it comes to watercolor. So just make sure that it's 100 wasn't so that it helps you with techniques that we're going to cry out our classes. Ondo. I've just cut them into these east exposed card size for our projects. Onda relieve masking tape are taken to you. Want to fix my artwork entre board on? Want to keep it slightly inclined for the washes on you need through Charles water. Want to Jupiter depression? Want to live clean water? Make sure you have to just not just one jar of this. You don't want your colors to get all. You could have just one big chart and keep changing water. But I'm lazy, so I go with just so that's it. These are the materials that you need, so let's get started 3. Watercolor Basics and Techniques: so I'll share some basic techniques and watercolor are starting with it on with which is most used technique when it comes to our class projects. So in Britain, right, your people is fed on. Do you be using your watercolors directly onto the people? Now, this could be a clean water or maybe another Lear off a different color. So here you control this kind of limited can still guide the color to go and sort of be. But it's mostly watercolor doing its own thing on. That's the beauty or particles to be really honest, which I personally like and then this. But don't cry, which means that he prescribed on you. Just be using your wet color directly on the people. Now, here you have a lot more control. So again we'll be doing 100 mainly for the planting, because plan colors in order. Callus, you need your players. Now let's talk a bit about the washes. So starting the greedy int wash wherein you start with one color and then you progressive progressively light in it as you go now. I didn't eat for washes. You should keep your people at a certain angle so that you color Gradually flues on this will not be needed when you're walking on very small pieces, but it really helps to have the people at an angle now investigated wash. You start with one color, and then while it's still bad, you mix it mixed the other condo. So here you're getting a mix off two colors. Again. Keeping your paper tilted helps with the flu off color. Now the basic idea is to create a good plan, a good floor, because that's what you'll see in nature. Nature. He wants any hard edges sharp edge when it comes to clouds the skies. So here the idea is to create the same kind off a natural plant. Now, when you're treating or wash, you need to have the small vets office at the end, because only then you can mix the other color. If you if you wash, is already try like the first wash. If it is already trying and if you go on and mix the next color, it will create a very hard edge. So for your plan to be a hearing gradual, you need to have this sort of a vet's office where beat at the end. So that's about washes. Now let's get started 4. Project 1 : Simple Seascape: So these are the sheets that I'm gonna be using for our first project, which is a very simple Seascape. So I have a yellow oracle, sap green, cobalt E Della, blue, turquoise. And now these are from Daniel Smith watercolors. But can match these up with any product particle you have, or any other sheet of proof for that matter. For example, you can replace the deal a blue turquoise with the mobile or an ultra Marine. It's totally up to you. These justifications so good. Whatever you have just something similar to these. So first, I'm gonna be, uh, trying some basic margins, like where the sand begins on where the waves begin. So these are just for reference, and I really don't want these to show up. Leaders amused, very light. Now you'll be reading the people now, so your people needs to be just the right amount of red. So you really don't want a lot of water in there because it's water will cause models on that result in blooms later on, which you really don't want. So if you think that your people is a lot better than it, it's needed, then just lift it up with a clean brush. Now I'm starting with my first wash. Um, it's the Ovaltine that I'm using a ratio on. I'm leaving a lot of white space here. And there s so this will help us in greeting beeves leave home. And we Philip thesis and parties work. But for now, I'm just, uh, using a very light him and slowly diving the Khobar, I will be creating a gradual through from quality, so I'll just be using a slightly darker shade of Kabbalah. Deal over here. Make sure you're just, uh, tabbing are very lightly on the When you changed the color. Make sure that habit words Sure as well, so that it creates a bit of extra on the shore side. Now I'm going the brutal choice. Once again, I'm using a very light hat. May people has started crying towards the lower part, so I'm just gonna drag the yellow blue turquoise right to the end so that I don't have to actually let the people for Indigo once again, I'm topping bit of color towards the shore just to give some depth. And now that I'm done with this part, I'll just add Indio directly. Just keep having the paint lightly on. Don't cry to scrap the people hard because that in Redish Isley. So just make sure that is very like maybe towards the end, I could add a bit more pigment, so I'll just be adding a little Andy Woodward sand. - Now , at any point, if you feel that the blending is not happening on its own, because the people have started crying, just dig a clean brush and try to blend it on your own. Like I said, even in red on where you can definitely give a bit of direction to the water colors. So just try blending into yourself. If it is not happening now, this part is already tried, so I'm just gotta work on the sand partly directly. I'm not gonna re vet this newspaper because it's still a little bit, but not really suitable for it. So I'm just gonna add that the san are directly again. I'm trying to leave a bit of white piece as this will help in creating to leave sleep trump . We will be adding a little more detail to the beef, partly trump, but now we just want to give a hint that reads that there no need to make it so symmetrical . Just go over the floor and make sure you add a bit of dark shed here and there to give him extra and well, that this is still trying. I'll start with the green part. Now I'm adding the staff pre now, even if it starts lending, decide, It's OK now. I started with a very light wash, so I'm gonna darken it a bit with indigo, so that gives a nice dog cream. So now I'm gonna let this cry before I start an expert for the leaves I'm gonna be using Discourse will just be adding a touch of leaves here and there. Once again I'm using Just might dabs on, uh, nothing very deal because this is more of a fun postcard. So the idea is just to give a hint off the waves. Simple brush strokes. He can also use white water color without a lot off water. Make sure that it's been quite a peak, just a bit more of a sheer on hiding Stop. Now I'll just use a very dry brush on bond. Move it over the san part just to give a bit of picture here and there. I'm just gonna add a bit moody deeds, like just makes up green and nickels so that I get a darker shade of green and I'll just add a few woody deals with you, just trying to give a hint off vegetation that starts here. It's just trying to create a bit more depth of this year, but that degree on, I think I should stop over here. So, yeah, that's about it. And that's a first for Scott. That's it. So I'll just wait for this to dry before I peel off the masking tape. 5. Project 2 : Secret Cave: So next postcard is this fun give you so this will be very interesting one. So in addition to these colors, I'll be using to Brown's abounds una and burn number basically any browns that you have. So I've just created an outline off the give somewhere here, we'll have our leaves, and maybe here we can add a bit off a small mountain. Now, here we have our leaves. So I'm gonna use the oil piece too. And Mark thieves maybe read a small outlining the waves first. And I just used this. I'll be still toe mark the outline Also, I just marked the inside part of the cable here. The leaves are gonna crash to love issues. I'll just knock that on and used the our feast to create. But who leaves inside the cave now, once you're done with this, uh, the oil piece apart, just clean off the rescue and now we'll start with Kiev. Now I'm directly starting. They don't cry because I need a shop as you were here. I'm going to be hearing a lot off lease on this one, so I just the don't try technique for the addiction now , while your people is still red. We'll need toe Add the shadowy part. So remember, when this light is coming, this potion is gonna be lighter while the inside part of the cave is gonna be darker. So I'll just be filling the inside part with phone number, which is a darker brown. It's my paper is still with the reason I insist on using 100% quarter people because it helps with the technique, but in case of people, is completely trying. Just reverted a bit before going on to the next layer. Just shopping the Edge bowl this year. Um, for the inside part, I'll be adding a little bit off Interco mixed with phone number. Once again, I'm walking wet on wet that shows that there ist area where the light is coming in are the inside part is extremely dark, adding a little bit more indigo at the very end. - Now we'll wait for this to dry before moving on to our next layer. Now that my people is pride, I'll start working on this guy sometimes reading this guy pushing with clean water. In keys, you drop in excess of water on the people. Just use a clean brush to lift it up. Now I'm gonna be dropping a very light rally off a low voice toe, give a hint of the sky and the clouds. And once this is done, I'm gonna be using a clean, fresh toe. Lift some of the Colorado to create the white clouds. So we're just giving a hand of the sky over here. Now let's start with the lower portions. Is this guy still? I cannot be mountains, so I'll start with the easy. So I'm starting with Michael Body. Now Make sure that you leave a bit of white, even though you have marked thieves with your oil based but still leaving a bit off white piece. There's in creating the Vesely trump. Now I'll be adding detail a blue turquoise at the end because, unlike our previous beating this time, you are facing the leaves so believes that the lighter part will be closer to you on nibble . Just add a hint off in Deco towards the end. Now insight again. We have some speaks where and the water will be there, and then that will be those splashing leaves. So suppose an artist mark your ratio for the water on. I'm using a light Really? Off the loop. Blue turquoise for the inside part because it be talker than the outside leaves. No, I'm continuing to leave. Some white space is over here, so I just start with San here inside again, Leaving lot of whites piece. Imagine this the we've coming from this side and the water splashing the side is so just take a little bit of dark and walk up towards the end. And now this spot, uh, here we can add some depth to the weaves using a very light Mandy of Interco to stab it on on the inside to beef's just creating a bit of depth in the weaves on Now for this part, I'll just add a bit off indeed, because it is looking to clean now. So I'll just related with the low blue turquoise once again. And now I'll use a slightly taco alley of indigo on a splendid in just using clean brush to blend. Now we'll start with the mountain now for the mountain. I'm using a very light when you are finished wash and then we greet slightly darker shade of green using the indigo and sacrum. And that's it. Your second postcard is ready 6. Project 3 : Shadows and Waves: so for our next project will be using all she's that we used for the 1st 1 on a red any bright red that you have. So I am using the viral Scarlett. But he didn't basically use any bright red. So what? My idea for this one here is to have something like Beach Union umbrella over here, Um, a palm tree, something like this. So what I'm gonna do is I'll just sketch it now, following the rule of thirds, I'm gonna keep my horizon somewhere here, my leaves will be somewhere till here. Now, I'm gonna have the umbrella worship. Maybe just to add some more fun, really have these flaps at some shadow with this part, it will be bending it separately. Handle broke the place for the palm leaves and we'll start now. So I'm gonna read the sky part if you feel that there's a lot of water Just Abbott with a clean fresh. Now we have the base for the skies will be using the same technique that we did earlier. I'm using very light value off a little boys. Andi just dropping it grandly, leaving a lot off white space in between and we have the palm leaves over here. So don't put a lot of blue this part. - And once my papers try, I'll start with my C so weak for your people to dry first. No, I'm here. I'm adding the flow through the course of very dark value. If it avoiding the umbrella now . After this, I'll be adding a bit off indigo. Don't worry for the stew. Dark will just blend it all. I'm using a clean brush now just splendid colors, and once again we wait for this to dry before we move to the next step. Now I'll be using the yellow or cough or the sand I'm directly doing, aware on dry. Leave a very heady light agile there. Now, towards the end, it will be a little darker, so we'll just add woke alert towards peace. While this potion is still crying, we can start with the palm leaves. I'll be using very light, simple feathering strokes. I'm using a small brush over here. - Oh , that the spot is try. We'll start with the umbrella so we'll just create some funds stripes with the bright red that you have start with the lower bush this one's gonna be vertical stripes. - Now , really add better threat to the bees is where So we'll work on the shadow. Next felt IQ any brown that you have on Add the shadows over here. Now we leave us to try and then add some highlights with white print. No, no, that my people is pry. I'll just use my right not to and at the highlight, - it just fix this part because it got a bit a word in the group in that we did. What is he? So I'll just fix this with a bit of white and add a bit of shine on the waters and that's it. Bagel. Another postcard is ready. 7. Project 4 : Beach House : So on your next project on again, I'll be using the same color scheme over here. Maybe not the submarine, because we'll be just using the blues on the red for the beach house on again. The idea is to have something like this. I really like these thumbnails because they give me an idea of how the overall sketch is gonna look like. So this is something I'd with the all my works where and I'm still trying to identify what decomposition is gonna look like. So this is what I have in mind for this particular postcard. So I just fixed my seat, barred Alicia, And I'm just, uh, sketching the beach house. - I won't had a lot of details over here. Um, I'll just, uh, start with the wash now. I used the light, Sheetal. They look floater buoys, using the same techniques on leaving a lot of whites peace between. And just guess you feel that I haven't left enough whites peace and still go back and use it clean. Fresh lift, some color out. Now I have toe wheat some time before I cool and start to see because the sky is still bread. But I can definitely start with sand the Syria. So let's start with this. So I'm using the L A local issue on leaving Lord Off Whites piece and I would see lower park. I'll be adding a darker value off your local. Try not to touch the house. And in case you are, add some color onto the beach house. Just clean, fresh lifted off. Andi, we'll just let this dry before we move on to the house. Now, I've just raised ninth that we agreed to during the sketching part, so I'll start with just simple horizontal stripes using the finals. Alan, don't be toe bothered about whether this is actually coming out of the street line or not, since this is just a fun post part. So make sure you just enjoying the process and not reading too much about the details. Now I will just take slightly darker shade for the outlining. We will repeat same thing for the lower part of the beach houses will and at some little bit more deals on stripes, just trying to plead some sexually. Now, since this part is all deep, try. I'm just going to start with this so I'll start with my light. Well, your Taleb looter course. Can we leave some white space for the elite beeps? And now I'm at the Sindical at the very end. Now we'll wait for this to cry this leader to try before we move on to the next part, which is leaves. Now, Since this is Fry, I'll just start with these on using the right wash, I will use white signature pen to just create some highlights onto the beach house. - Now , I feel we could do with a bit of shadow of this part, so I'll just, uh, very light value off indigo. And we let us try before we had the highlights again to the spot. Just light in this a little bit. Now that it's try, I'll just add the highlights once again. Um, that's it. We have a final postcard 8. Thank You ! and beyond..: I really hope you enjoyed this car's I have unread beautiful postcard it, beginner. I hope the starts our journey towards pouring water on. If you like this class that you have your projects protect section on. If you're on social media, your book there kindly as that crazy on Facebook. So let's make that