Watercolor Basics: Handlettering using Wet on Wet Blending Technique  | Artjourneywithme Heidi Seidl | Skillshare

Watercolor Basics: Handlettering using Wet on Wet Blending Technique 

Artjourneywithme Heidi Seidl, ARTIST AND FACILITATOR

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9 Lessons (40m)
    • 1. The Introduction

    • 2. The Supplies

    • 3. How to Blend your Watercolors: Wet on Wet Technique

    • 4. What You can Do with Wet on Wet Technique?

    • 5. Let's Sketch the Word Love

    • 6. Blending Love: Wet on Wet Technique

    • 7. Adding the Finals Details To the LOVE

    • 8. Your Class Project

    • 9. A Word for You


About This Class

Welcome to Watercolor Basics: Handlettering using Wet on Wet Blending Technique with Heidi Seidl, in this fun and easy Skillshare class we are going to learn the first technique to blend with watercolor Wet on wet technique and you will be able to create beautiful pieces of art that expresses itself better than words, at the end of this class you will understand much better your fabulous chosen medium,  Watercolor.

Watercolor can seem intimidating and for that reason, I created this very easy to follow class to take it to step by step and be willing to dive in and to know this amazing medium better.

This class is designed for beginners level although it doesn't matter if you are a complete beginner or a seasoned artist this class has interesting facts that may be interesting to you and you are welcome to join.

Please take my first class because it will be really helpful for the future classes I will be teaching: CREATE YOUR OWN WATERCOLOR CHART 


 The supplies you will need:

This class we are going to need these supplies, and please don’t worry use what you have that is similar to what I have:

  • Marker Paper and Watercolor paper, best if you have a 140 - 300 grs cold press 
  • A glass with clean water.
  • Paper or a clean towel.
  • A Brush
  • Color mixing pan or a ceramic plate.
  • A pen, fine liner
  • Washi tape or masking tape
  • A ruler
  • Watercolors: Grab the watercolor you have in your studio/desk/house because we are going to have fun without fear of messing up. 



It is best if you take pictures of your process to share in your project. Walking through your process and reflecting on it is good for you as an artist, and great for the community to be inspired by. 

The first action to take: Gather all the material, take a picture of them and Please Create a Project to share them with me. I will check all the projects and leaves comments.

In this class you’ll learn:

  • Wet on wet technique
  • What you can do with this technique?
  • How I use this technique for hand-lettering
  • How you can use this technique.

I will share many examples so you can get a better idea of how to create your own pieces. 

You’ll be creating:

  • Your Own Watercolor Blending piece using the Wet on Wet technique. 

Follow along with me and let’s make art!

Get in touch with me on my Instagram: Artjourneywithme 


1. The Introduction: I did it. Welcome to this. Gas masks a gun here on this gift. And I am so excited to check this one. In this class we live our the technique to blend with the colors called west on wet technique. This is very useful and wait allowed you to be a few people. Pieces like Galaxies or little rings. Bland's and many, many others. I don't this'll technique out at the end of this class will be aiming to be a piece off your choice using this beautiful Let these one we have now. So I do excited. I am very excited. He's so please, God after coffee, tea, water or whatever you like, because we are going to have so much tell that to do so. Please just wonderful. This glass, endless mining doing that next to you. 2. The Supplies: Hi and welcome to this class. I am so super happy you're here, my lovely. For this class, we're going to need these materials. And please don't worry. Use whatever you have that is similar to what I have here. We will need watercolor paper. It is Miss, if you have 100 42 300 grams called press one with a color paper that are a variety off good quarter color paper brands in the market. In this class, all would be using corporate counsel paper and royal talent mixes media both in 300 grams. You can use water Randhawa a glass with clean water. This is to clean the brush and toe. Help to dilute the watercolors paper or eight ling tower to change the color on the brunch and to remove excess off water if needed. I do prefer to use the clean predicting tower, a barrage which, ever to have at hand, will do color mixing fans or a ceramic plates so you can go to your kitchen and take one plate and use it for mixing the colors. A been masking tape or washi tape to fix it. The paper toe a soup surface. And finally, watercolors graph all kind of what recorders to have injuries to their desk or house because we're going to have fun without fear off messing up to create a final predict, we're going to need some extra supplies, like fine lions in different sizes, white paint like markers or gel pens or wash or a water cooler in white. We're going to need a bamboo stick and I all flat brush and also to create the the pieces we will need took over a surface. I normally use their back off my empty weather color and blacks or not books, and I used these us my surface to keep my desk clean. Your first action to take is gathered all the materials, take a picture of them and please create a project to chair them with me. I will check all the products and lift Nice common studio. See you in the next review 3. How to Blend your Watercolors: Wet on Wet Technique: welcome to this class. There are various techniques on how to use watercolors. Then, for the purpose off this class, I will chair the fierce. Most common to start with forfeit technique is wet on wet. This technique is one of the most magical technique. While using weather calls, it consists on using a wet brush on water in watercolor on a wet was a colored paper. Here's how we do it. I have already prepared the materials. Paper brushes. What? They're two cans with water. What state? And the colors for this ice shoes A the cobalt blue and the permanent jello to do the exercises and the top off course. No fixed the paper with the words tapes. This is to prevent the paper from buckling when we will be using the water. I didn't fixing it on the piece off cardboard, you can use a cutting mat, your desk, a wood table. Use whatever you have to fix the paper Now I don't a waiting the brush in clean water. My brush is Burger King and now I will generally add water to my spay Per I don't doing like a circular motion. Yeah. This is how we do it, we will wet R M brush in clean water and add this to the mixing pan. Now I change it the brushes because I want this to be I m more precise and you will see what now I picked the quarter blue and add to the water stood eluded a little bit because this is called wet on wet or whether color need to be wet and or paper. Need to be what? And now we will am gentle makes on torches with or with colored it brush on the now and on the Web paper and this is what will happen. The watercolor will just gang life. Hey will do whatever he wants and the effect is really pretty. As you can see, this is the magic off water cause they just dance with the water on the paper. Now let's do another one. Let's do the same. We will add water to the faith gently with the brush with the clean water, and then I will use this time a more bright colors, lightest, bright jello, penguin and jell O They I choose to use and you will see how paid three acts We do the same . We had Wharton and then we had the watercolor and or paper is wet and then gentle torches to the wet paper. See how these magic happen. The money The ah fourth according to is when there was a color to see. This is a little bit try on the paper. You gonna more clean water, especially if you're using a bright color like this like this yellow clean water and the water color will believe Yes, I will be will be area reactivate and need will flow and go where it needs to go Now let's do a fun mix off these watercourse I will add three water between the two exercises with it already and I will add a little bit off the coolers and then see what happens. I would be at the blue on the blue side and and it of beads off water we would to reactivate the cooler and then I will tell in my brush very, very clean because the now I will be using the bright colored jello and the brush needs to be Brickley and my paper is a wet and I will ask the Dello near to the group and see what happens. The color mix together, and they are forming a new cooler, the color green as Dugan's. We will let this dry completely, and while it is the drying completed, we will do the gap off this class to use the weapon with technique, we need to follow these four steps. Fist fixed your paper. You see what she tapes or masking tape on a flat surface to wet the brush. Slightly wet the brush with clean water and then step three with the paper. Slyly Web. The paper with clean water using your brush gently and finally step for Pick up the cooler up a little bit off water to the mix pan and then with the rush, speak up their color to apply on the wet paper. Easy to write. This is how or exercise looked like what dry? So beautiful. Now I will see you in the next video, where I will explain to you what what you can do with the technique to just land So you do . In the next review 4. What You can Do with Wet on Wet Technique?: welcome to this class in this class where we'll see what we can do with this technique Wet on wet. And I love this segment so much I use it for my many paintings and I do already off them. One of thes is in a sunset these feathers and I just love to use this technique to make back around like this one and make the beautiful sky that this the dramatic skies off for my mind times. And I also used this to do more loose a creations like this month and for background for my holiday earnings. It is Betty, useful and beautiful How the color can blends together toe give more m vibrancy to the peace and I love and I just love to do it and we can Galaxies we can do nebulous we can do a hand lettered in pieces splashes many things and we can also do a And the blend is are so powerful And I just this for thes galactic drinks I paint for a class and they really fronted. This is a bubble tea galactic drink and for this class I shoes toe make with you a hand leading using the weapon with technique and we are going to be handed in the world love. So I see do in the next class to start with its kitsch. 5. Let's Sketch the Word Love: welcome to this class assignment. I'll do in the last TVO. We're going to be lettering. The world love using the technique weapon wit, but fears We need to sketch those letter. This is how we do it to the my sketch. I will be using a in a civil pin. This is in a very light color and a and an a razor and this clip to fix in my pages. I will be doing my hand lettering in my sketchbook and I need a ruler to make two lines. So I had a guy to write my my laters. Now I will start sketching the letters. You can follow me as I do it. This is these are just a block letters in a week and and and maybe change. So I gun. I used the technique marsh easy. But you can do whatever a style you like for the Lakers. And this is just an example on D. C. Example. So you can follow me alone or be inspired by it. I have two types off razor. This is a razor pen. Do you raise all the lines between the letters? So when I apply the callers it does an and see through the corners by normally this this type of pen that I used to do or to bride the letters, and they are soluble in the water colors. But I'd like toe take them away anyway, so you can do it as I am doing it. Or you can try it with your, um, with your own with the color or the water. Tow it days or dilute this Penn martyrs. I have my sketch done. Now let's get to the from part, and it is to apply the corners, said you in the next video. 6. Blending Love: Wet on Wet Technique: welcome to this class. Finally, we are going to blend. They were love using the wet on wet technique, but figures we need to choose or color palette. Why? Because this is a crucial step. Do you need to take before you create something with the weather corners? I'll interesting for this piece. Pink Jell O orange and turquoise. Let's see how or water color chart for this blending and with these colors look like. And by the way, if you haven't taken my class, create your own weather color chart. That is my first class here on a Scripture. I encourage you to take it because you were learned so much and this step will make your life more more fun in super easy, I will tell the link with you in the discretion off this class are No. I stopped a sub stepped up Look how movie and that this to color blends. This is why it's so important to make the water color chart or every piece do you create. Now I would die these other combination. I am having a game's Grimsson Lake Caller to complete my watercolor chart. For this piece, you will see the difference. - See how harmonious and pretty environment these four colors blend together? I am keeping it. I hope you like it. And this. Please don't do this. Now let's estar blend. I will be using this Barash number five to make the lendings. As you learn in the previous video. How to justice Technique Fred's. We wet the paper very gently with the brush. I am starting with the upper part off. All my letters are in the clean water. Women with my brush. Be patient and don't rush during this process, Watercolor painting is like a type of meditation. Do you need to take it with so much care and love him and going slowly is the key and if you need, If you see that the paper axe absorbed the water, you just add a little more. But don't overdo it with the water because the paper can get bottling or damage. Just go step by step. Now I will start adding the color pink in all the upper parts off my letters, because again I am a blending the colors, starting from being then going to Jell O, then going to orange and last. I will use the Crimson Lake quarter that I change it that that I use it for their colored shot. It's a lonely gang started. Start to see how the color mix with the water and go Stenson and flowing freely and with rustic and make. Then move wherever you want them. The color to go. You can add a little bit more of water if you need. You can at more cooler like I am doing here right now on the lines, for example, to go to to give to the peace a little bit more structure. It's very fun. Do you just need to enjoy thes process? Because if you're Raj, you will not them. Allow the watercolor to do its magic before adding the second color. I will at first water and then pick up ticker. Here I am isn't the Jell 01 and as you can see, if I am at more clean water, the two colors will just melt together, mix together and regain the ability off the good color to flow That being goes to the general and then they for a new shade off color. Not this that I am doing this all this process in real time. I am not a speeding up like normally we do in inside, around, more intuitive. I am doing this in real time because I want you to see how the process goes, how my creative process goes. And you can see how I come with ideas on the run to fix some problems that appears like my watercolor drives here. And then I add more, a little bit more off water or I pick up more caller to get more structure so you can learn whether color or painting or art is dosed about experimenting. Do you need toe? Do lots and lots and lot off experimenting? Then you will get the hen off it. It's not difficult. It just need toe for you to practice toe, get dft hands on it. So you discovered your own abilities to resolve problems on the way. It is very important that you killing the brush before picking up another quarter. Before do you pick up another color? Please clean your brush. So do you have the right a colder injured brush when they mix the there is no problem, but you needed to have a clean a brush so you get the right shade off the court and you want toe makes to blend with another here and using the orange one. And I mean water on my brush them pick up the colder and so on. As you can see, I am doing the bland ping in all the latest a similar Dinos Lee or at the same time when I am using the same chain off color. But you can do one by one, starting with the L and then do all the blend is on the L In that way the water will Assad . The paper will be always wet. You don't need maybe to add more water like like I am doing now. But if you prefer to do it like me, you will be do need to be conscious and aware that do need more water Every time you change the caller, it would allow you to have more easy and small blends. Now we are adding the last last color off color chart. It is I an Adam water and this colors a little bit more dark. It and the other ones and these give me more structure off the form off the letter and I find it so. I am beautiful that the letters are really popping up with this color. And that is so nice. I love how these four color looks together. - Okay , we have finished blending all the four colors and now, while it is drying, we're going to at some little hurts with the same chase. And I will add a another shade. This is turquoise. The 1st 1 I wanted to use. If you remember after the beginning, off the off this video, I will do the same. Just at the water to the paper in help shape. And then at the cooler I want to blend. This is this is really fun. And you can do as many as you want or another tape that you like. I am doing hurts because I love her shaped and but you can do stars or something else that is appealing to you. I will just add water and and then different colors. So they blend together. Okay, I'm done with all the hairs, and I will let this is completely, completely the right before we are the details and that this is the next be view. I say to that 7. Adding the Finals Details To the LOVE: welcome to this class here. We're going to add the details to the world. We just blend. They were love for that. We're going to need do fine liners into different sizes. I will just use my bigger a fine learner toe outline the all the letters from the outside and to give them more structure. And with the fine liner the small size, I will do some or the details that you will see how I do it in the beef. You so enjoy the paralysis. And I would reducing also a white gel pin for the final touches at the end off the outlining. And you will see how it goes with this smallness. A fine line or in color black. I am just doing some small little lines. Ah, on the edges off each letter to give them some playfulness. Yeah, it risks Good. I think you can do whatever do like let your creativity flows. And with the white angel pin, I will do the highlights in the tape. Off heads. It looked cool. I think so. This is how the final piece looks like. This is the blending letters on wet on wet technique and I hope you like it. And I can't wait to see what do create. And in the next video, I will explain. To do what? This. Your last. Right. See you in the next video. 8. Your Class Project: come get relations. Did it way came to the most some part off recently Lens. And that is to match. Do you credit for this class? He's toe create you your own piece. You think that picnic you just let you gonna do the same? I think you're on vacation. I can't wait to see what you be. Eight. And I will take a look by myself and left you a nice, beautiful car you the next year. 9. A Word for You: Okay, So much for thinking my glass. I hope to endure as much as I leave teaching in telling it with you. And if you feel like you like this class, please leave a woman because these allows other people to see my glasses to take it to and live with me. I hope you have a match. Or if you have established your knowledge, please tell with me the common section off this glass. I will be sold as to read them and to get in contact with you. And thank you for a time with me. And I hope to see doing my next class in my next class. I will be teaching that technique wet on dry. I hope to see you. I wish you a nice day and keep. Please let me in creating by.