Watercolor Basics: Handlettering using Wet on Wet Blending Technique 

Artjourneywithme Heidi Seidl, Hand Lettering and Watercolor Artist

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9 Lessons (40m)
    • 1. The Introduction

    • 2. The Supplies

    • 3. How to Blend your Watercolors: Wet on Wet Technique

    • 4. What You can Do with Wet on Wet Technique?

    • 5. Let's Sketch the Word Love

    • 6. Blending Love: Wet on Wet Technique

    • 7. Adding the Finals Details To the LOVE

    • 8. Your Class Project

    • 9. A Word for You


About This Class

Welcome to Watercolor Basics: Handlettering using Wet on Wet Blending Technique with Heidi Seidl, in this fun and easy Skillshare class we are going to learn the first technique to blend with watercolor Wet on wet technique and you will be able to create beautiful pieces of art that expresses itself better than words, at the end of this class you will understand much better your fabulous chosen medium,  Watercolor.

Watercolor can seem intimidating and for that reason I created this very easy to follow class to take it step by step and be willing to dive in and to know this amazing medium better.

This class is designed for beginners level although it doesn't matter if you are a complete beginner or a seasoned artist this class have interesting facts that may be interesting to you and you are welcome to join.

Please take my first class because it will be really helpful for the future classes I will be teaching: CREATE YOUR OWN WATERCOLOR CHART 


 The supplies you will need:

For This class we are going to need this supplies, and please don’t worry use what you have that is similar to what I have:

  • Marker Paper and Watercolor paper, best if you have a 140 - 300 grs cold press 
  • A glass with clean water.
  • Paper or a clean towel.
  • A Brush
  • Color mixing pan or a ceramic plate.
  • A pen, fineliner
  • Washitape or maskingtape
  • A ruler
  • Watercolors: Grab the watercolour you have in your studio/desk/house because we are going to have fun without fear of messing up. 



It is best if you Take pictures of your process to share in your project. Walking through your process and reflecting on it is good for you as an artist, and great for the community to be inspired by. 

First action to take: Gather all the material, take a picture of them and Please Create a Project to share them with me. I will check all the projects and leaves comments.

In this class you’ll learn:

  • Wet on wet technique
  • What you can do with this technique?
  • How I use this technique for handlettering
  • How you can use this technique.

I will share many examples so you can get a better idea of how to create your own pieces. 

You’ll be creating:

  • Your Own Watercolor Blending piece using the Wet on Wet technique. 

Follow along with me and let’s make art!

Get in touch with me on my Instagram: Artjourneywithme