Watercolor Basics 5: How to Wet Your Brush, Move Your Paint, and Clean Your Brush

Jessica Sanders, Artist, Instructor, Designer

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8 Videos (19m)
    • Welcome!

    • Supplies

    • Wetting your Brush

    • Pre-wet your Paint

    • From Pan to Palette

    • Thinning the Paint

    • Cleaning your Brush

    • Project & Thank you :)


About This Class


Hi, I’m Jessica Sanders, a self-taught mixed media artist who loves exploring art and sharing it with you!

I am creating a series of ultra beginner mini classes to help you learn to paint with watercolor.  The skills I teach in these classes helped to put me on the fast-track to creating vibrant, loose, beautiful watercolor paintings like a pro!  And I believe they can do the same for you!

Each class is designed to teach 1 or 2 beginner skills of watercolor painting. I want to Keep It Super Simple - KISS, baby! - short, and easy to learn!

Watercolor Basics 5: Water, Brush, and Paints - Oh my!

In class 5, we will dive deep into some watercolor basics..

We will cover loading your brush with water, moving your paint from the pan, to the palette, to the paper, thinning your paint with water, and cleaning your brush using the 2 jar method.  We’re covering lots of skills, all in less than 20 minutes :)

Then it’s project time!  

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Fantastic set of classes, Jessica. I have learned so much. I looked over the projects I did for the 5 classes and I see a big difference from class 1 to this one! You are a really good teacher and I'm really looking forward to attempting the other classes. I'm trying to decide between the Flamingo and the Bubbles to attempt 1st! I'm having a really good time learning and seeing my progress. So a big thank you and looking forward to my 1st watercolour painting!!
Cali West

Body, Art and Soul

Great class! Have been working with watercolors for awhile now but didn’t know how to properly load my brush with water. Now I know how! Will be watching Jessica’s other mini classes for other useful tips I’ve missed along the way.
Jessica is a passionate watercolor artist and instructor. It comes through in each lesson. I enjoy her thorough steps. This class is perfect for the beginner because it will eliminate any bad habits right off.
Kimberly Purcell

Just Want To Learn Stuff





Jessica Sanders

Artist, Instructor, Designer

Jessica Sanders

Artist, Instructor, Designer

Eva Garmendia!!!!

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