Watercolor Atmosphere: Something Cute 4 U | Olga Peregood | Skillshare

Watercolor Atmosphere: Something Cute 4 U

Olga Peregood, Speaks: ENGLISH | РУCCКИЙ

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8 Videos (26m)
    • Teacher's Welcome

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    • Warm Up

    • Cutest Kitten Ever!

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About This Class


This course is about atmosphere in which successful paintings are come to life. Artist and illustrator, Olga Peregood, invites you to her quiet peaceful home studio where she was painting and learning trough the years.


"More me as an artist and my artist reactions on what's happening on the paper. I want to show you my mood and inspiration while in process. Because this is so important, no one teacher can tell you about!"

There are many courses, DVDs and masters. There is a lot of information about techniques, materials and there is no information about creating process. This is why Olga made this course and shared this information with you.


Eyes - windows of a soul. Real impression of eyes. State of mind when we'll just let colors flow freely and mix together.

Fur - not just fluffy fur. We want the viewer to want to touch it!

Details, final touches - how to work on second layer. How with less details catch the form and subject! Where to add little touches for finished result, moving gradually and how to use your photograph.

Open potential and possibilities of those techniques for other paintings, for other subjects and Olga's artist tips how to work with this lesson for more effective grow of your art.

Enjoy watching cutest kittens ever & always remember with this knowledge you can paint absolutely what ever comes to your mind!





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Olga Peregood


Olga Peregood, professional artists and watercolor adventurer, shares her enthusiasm for her favorite medium - watercolor. Her style is very playful. No drawing, no sketching - and beautiful flowers, animals, landscapes are beautifully appearing! Follow this very talented artist how she does magic on a paper in the most beautiful of mediums - watercolor.

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