Watercolor: 5 Petal Flowers for Beginners | Farah Bidin | Skillshare

Watercolor: 5 Petal Flowers for Beginners

Farah Bidin, Artist, Founder of paintstobrushes

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1 Lessons (12m)
    • 1. 5 Petal Flowers for Beginners

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About This Class

Love painting loose florals but struggle to get your petals looking like one? Well, this class is all about painting petals with simple step by step technique to help you paint one. 

This simple 5 petal flower is one of the first flowers that helped Farah kick start her loose floral painting and the technique she uses has helped many of her students paint flowers. In this class, Farah will be showing you how to turn a 5 petal flower into anemones and poppies! 

This class will only take 12 mins of your time, so if you're constantly on-the-go, this quick class is just perfect for you! So grab your painting tools and let's paint some flowers today!





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Farah Bidin

Artist, Founder of paintstobrushes

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