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Watercolor: 5 Petal Flowers for Beginners

teacher avatar Farah Bidin, Artist, Founder of paintstobrushes

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Watch this class and thousands more

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Taught by industry leaders & working professionals
Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

Lessons in This Class

1 Lessons (12m)
    • 1. 5 Petal Flowers for Beginners

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About This Class

Love painting loose florals but struggle to get your petals looking like one? Well, this class is all about painting petals with simple step by step technique to help you paint one. 

This simple 5 petal flower is one of the first flowers that helped Farah kick start her loose floral painting and the technique she uses has helped many of her students paint flowers. In this class, Farah will be showing you how to turn a 5 petal flower into anemones and poppies! 

This class will only take 12 mins of your time, so if you're constantly on-the-go, this quick class is just perfect for you! So grab your painting tools and let's paint some flowers today!

Meet Your Teacher

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Farah Bidin

Artist, Founder of paintstobrushes


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1. 5 Petal Flowers for Beginners: Hi, guys. I'm so glad you made it into this class. So if it's struggling painting flowers, I'm gonna show you one of the most easiest flower I tell myself in the first start of painting flowers. So to begin this usual, you will need to prepare your basic materials. You need watercolor papers using cold, pressing traded brands. I have tree sizes of your on brush aside. Six assess for in a size two watercolor palette, amusing watercolors from being here on a water jar. So to start off painting the five battle flowers, you want to start by making marks for the pedal placement. So if you under pain of five pedals flower, then you want to create five dots for the markings and four for four petals and so on. 40 puddles. You want a loaded brush reporter or using a lot of tone off color? Wanna pull the markings inside out to create the only shaped pebbles? And you want to repeat this for all of the pedals? Try to make sure that you leave white spaces in between fuel, but also the markings will help you do this so you don't end up having all your pedals stuck together and before the pedal tries can bombs and darker colors into the center of the flowers or the pedals itself. You can also use a different color for your pedals. So I started off the markings with some orange and loaded my brush with some yellows, and while creating the pedals, the Ori sort off London together into the yellows, and this will give you like a two tone color pedals. And this is very nice. Now you know the steps in creating the far better flowers, starting with markings and then pulling the marks out to create the over shape pedals. Now you can create more by federal flowers, um, around you paper, and you can experiment with different colors. Maybe paint the polls bigger, or try tipping a different color in the center of the flowers. So I want you to experiment and explore. Use your creativity and painting the five petaled flowers as you like. So let's try to pain smaller five federal flowers, so same sap stuff with the markings and then pull the marks out to create the over shape pedals. And because I'm using a smaller brush amusing a size four here and able to pain on smaller versions off this over shape for my pedals. - One of the things I do when creating the petals of the flower. Typical Russian water. I won't rinse it completely, but I remove some of the excess water at the tip of my jar. - Another thing I like to do in painted flowers is I like to dip it sucker, color it into the center off my flowers. While there are still sometimes I'll wait for you to try completely before beans in the doctor bids. So you want experiment painting? Um, Dr Pickman, while it's still wet, Or maybe wait for it to dry first before paint into occupants so you can leave your 50 flowers. Asked it iss are you even turn it into different flower? So I decided I wanted Teoh some of this flowers into poppies. I'm just gonna be painting some of the details in the center with greens, and for this one, I've decided to turn it into an anomaly. Also, for this one's I'm just gonna be painting one of the Dakhil Center details of this flower and switching to my smaller brush gonna be painting. Um, the stamens of this a nominee. So using a smaller brush will keep me dinner on. I'll be able to to create final details with it. - So I'm just finishing off the details of my puppies here. And yeah, so that issa technique off five federal flowers you can use to pain the flower asset is or you concern it into poppies or a nominee's or any flowers that you like. I hope this class will help you paint the five pedal flowers and so excited to see your works in the class four check. And yeah, Thank you for watching.