Water Mixable Oil Technique-Paint a Rose | Filip Gherghisan & Ramona Toader | Skillshare

Water Mixable Oil Technique-Paint a Rose

Filip Gherghisan & Ramona Toader, Painter

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7 Lessons (49m)
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About This Class

Learn the easiest way to oil paint! Non-toxic method of using oil paints with water. Best easy way to oil painting with water for beginners!

In this class you will be guided to paint a rose with oil paints and water. You will have step-by-step visual lessons on how to paint a beautiful flower. 

This class uses the wet on wet technique oil painting (with water), this means that we recommend finishing the tasks in 2-3 days, so that the paint does not get dry. 

Enjoy and good luck! 





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Hello, we are Filip and Ramona!

We are professional painters. We took art classes in Romania, Italy and byzantine icon painting classes in Romania and Greece. We have experience in icon painting, figurative art, portrait painting and abstract art.

Art is our life.

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