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Watch Over My Shoulder As I Create A Complete Sales Funnel

teacher avatar James Canzanella, Affiliate Marketing

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Watch this class and thousands more

Get unlimited access to every class
Taught by industry leaders & working professionals
Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

Lessons in This Class

2 Lessons (30m)
    • 1. Introduction

    • 2. Watch Over My Shoulder As I Create A Complete Sales Funnel

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About This Class

Have you ever wanted to launch a sales funnel, but for some reason you couldn't get yourself to follow through? Or have you ever thought about creating a sales funnel, but you thought that the process was going to take too long or be too challenging? If you answered yes to any of the statements above, then this course is going to be perfect for you. In the first half of this over the shoulder video, I'm going to walk you through creating a squeeze page, a video sales letter, and actually putting it together right before your own eyes. You'll be shocked just how quickly it can be done! So if you want to see the process in action, go ahead and enroll now, and I'll see you on the other side.

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James Canzanella

Affiliate Marketing


Affiliate marketer, course creator, and fan of everything 90s.

Join my new affiliate marketing Facebook group here.

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1. Introduction: hates James Kenseth. Hello and welcome to my class, where you're going to be able to be a fly on the wall and watch over my shoulder. As I create complete sales funnel from scratch, you're going to see everything from the squeeze page to the sales page to the V S. L to the V sl outlined to the document. To the templates, to the pasting, To the completion, to the add to cart, to the to the pages, to the download pages to the thank you pages to the cheat sheet to the email. Follow up. You're literally getting it all. And you can watch over my shoulders. I do it pretty quickly. All right? So if you've never created a sales funnel before, if you've been struggling to do that, if you've been having trouble getting your first sales funnel out there, whatever problems you might be have this is going to be a complete refresher for you as you're gonna watch me do it from scratch very quickly. Okay? Very simple process. I want to walk you through it, give you the confidence handed off to you so you can get it done quickly as well so a lot of great benefits to this. Go ahead and and roll right now, and I look forward to seeing you on the other side. 2. Watch Over My Shoulder As I Create A Complete Sales Funnel: Hey, what's happening? It is James Kansan. Ella, Welcome to my classroom. You're going to be ableto watch over my shoulder as I create a complete sales funnel. Pretty cool, right? What I'm actually going to be doing is using click funnels and a little disclaimer before I begin. Because I get this a lot whenever I teach something, whether it's a class, of course, of system, a blueprint, whatever, you don't have to have quick funnels to be able to do this right. I use this. I obviously use it cause it's very sufficient easier to do the idea I want you to get from This is the fact that it shouldn't be difficult. It should not take a long time. And what you can do is actually just use wordpress. You can use lead pages. You can use whatever you want. As long as you have the pages that I'm going to show you. You're gonna be good. Okay? You might need a couple more just to maybe, you know, send someone from a no page two yes, page, whatever it's going to be, but it's not going to be much different, right? This is just a tool that I happen to use. It's not required 100% for you. Okay, I see that a lot. Like James use click funnels. It's $100 a month at $300 a month. I don't want to pay for that. Cool. You don't have to. OK, do we get that disclaimer out of the way? We good to go when we put more time into actually building the funnel? Awesome. Okay, so the funnel that this is going to be, as you can see, by the final steps, someone's going to opt in for some type of freebie, which I'm gonna create. Okay. They're gonna get directed to a sales page, which I'm gonna create. It's gonna be a via sole trip wire. Okay, so they're going to see a via cell play where says like, Hey, thanks for opting in. I'm gonna give him some benefits, offered them something relative to what they got on the squeeze page. Okay. If they're going to purchase, we have an order form. Okay? Where they can enter in their credit card information purchase. We have the order confirmation page, which is once they buy says like, Hey, thank you. for your purchase. You know, your credit card statement is going to say from James Ken's that way they know where it came from. If you've ever bought something on your credit card and you said, What the hell is? You know the name on it, especially if it's cold traffic and they don't really know who you are. That's why you gotta put it there multiple times. So if they see, like, you know, you purchase from Click Bank and what's Click Bank? You got to remind them. So when they see that in their credit cards or the bank statement, they don't just go in charge, it backs. They forgot what it waas next, we're gonna have a thank you page. This is with actually access their purchase if they purchase it. And there's going to be one more page, which is going to be the freebie download page, I'm gonna add that in at the end. I'll probably do two parts to this class because it's not going. It's not gonna be the longest roll. It's also not going to be the shortest like I've done many times before. But we'll cross that bridge when we get there. Either way, let's start off with squeeze Page. Okay, Right here. So let's go ahead and create a template. I'm gonna already used one that I used because it's really good. It's like Template. And this is gonna load in a few seconds. Okay, there it is. Creating page and let me give you another little detail. I'm going to be kind of avoiding a lot of the very small things in this. The idea isn't to get it perfect. I'm not saying I'm going to go out there and launch this, but you're going to see a lot of things we're all like. I'm gonna mess upwards. That's fine. It's for the sake of your time. I'm not gonna make everything perfect. Just, you know, make everything perfect. Okay, So free cheat sheet download reveals I'm going to use that at the top. Okay, so now the very big decision. What am I gonna make this about? Okay, let's say it's targeting people who want to make money through affiliate marketing with Facebook. OK, let's see. So I could say the four steps I used to generate. See, uh, sure, from one small from one to step affiliate campaign. Let's changes surrounds how I a simple Here you go. Howie generated $7810 from a simple two step affiliate, a campaign to step affiliate campaign, And this could be a little bit extra. This could say, um, you only need to simple pages, something along the lines of that. OK, let's do the show. Pop up Looks pretty good. What do you know? I'm literally, almost all done. And this is going to be the social proof. Okay, so this is something I'd obviously test. I could throw this out there. The cool thing about Facebook Neat little trick is if you want to get around using monetary values, you talk about how I did something all right. If I went out there and said how you can generate this amount of money that's not gonna fly from what I've noticed from others have noticed from a lot of ads. I see the ones that will actually be allowed is when you say something like how I did this that way, you're not making any claims for people specifically, if you like, how you can generate $7000 in two weeks, that's a pretty crazy claim. But if you say like how I did it, it's not as big of a deal, especially a proof. So that's what I have noticed. Doesn't mean like some Facebook jerk can't like. You know, just deny it or whatever. You never know. Facebook's crazy. They banned people all the time who were doing stuff. That's correct. So it's not, like 100% bulletproof. But that's what I have noticed. So keep it in mind. Let's it save Paige. We'll give you a little preview. Okay, down there now. Awesome. Simple stuff as a squeeze page. Let's exit. Okay, so after they opt in, there would be going here. Sales pitch. Okay, so let's look at one that's clean. That one's good. What else you got? We'll be doing a V S. L We don't need Long Farm. This one looks great. Super clean. BSL perfect. Let it load a little. Okay, so this is actually gonna be a video. I am actually going to record it because I'm recording my screen right now, but I'm not actually going to save it and chop it up. So let's just pretend as I speak the video sales letter. It's going to be pasted there. You'll see what I mean. Like I said, I'm not gonna be, like, super perfect with this. Okay, So what does that have killed? Still eat this stuff on the bottom? I don't need this. Okay? I can't delete it, cause the one sec you might not be able to see the entire page. I just have to delete this, cause when it's minimized, you can't. Okay, cool. So, how I got? Let's see. So, congratulations for updating in. Please take a couple minutes to watch this quick video. Okay, so now what we need to do opting in capital end anyway. Now, what we need to do is actually write the script very easy to do. What I'm gonna do is actually write it here for you. One column block. I'm just gonna type it down, and then we'll go from there headlined text. That's ad once. Like, I just need to make this bigger. So and was left Cool. Okay, So I'm actually gonna literally do a via cell for you right here in front of you, just to show you how simple this is. So first you want to introduce yourself. Hey, it's JC. And congratulations for opting it that OK, next. Just so you know, you're freebie has been sent to your inbox and will arrive there in about 10 minutes. So be sure to watch this quick video. Um, you know, while it's being sent to your inbox, the wording on this is, like, horrible. But like I said, I'm not focusing on the minor details. I'd obviously not, like, say the same thing, but I just want to get the idea. So you're introducing yourself. You're letting them know about the freebie in the delivery time. And so with that being said, you know, kind of moving on, Let me ask you a question. You transition into because there's gonna be a trip wire. It's like a thanks for opting in. Aside from that, I have something that's going to help you. So let me ask you a question. How would you like to have done for you copy paste affiliate campaigns so that you can remove 90% of the hard work when it comes to affiliate marketing on FB? Okay, so that's where you transition to what you have, right? You just asked a very powerful question where the idea is for them to sail. Yes, I definitely want that right. So the reason I ask is because I recently created a swipe file of four done for you affiliate campaigns, all of which have been profitable that I thought the reason I'm doing dot, dot dot is because thes they're going to be on slides, each one of them separately. Normally, I don't like doing long drawn out. What's it called lines? Because when you do it on a slide show, it really runs on. You kind of wanted to be almost hypnotizing where you're doing short, punchy sentences where they're always looking, you know, to read the next one. Either way, I'll show you that when I kind of go to the slide presentation. So all of which have been profitable, and all of which have generated what say at least five figures. Pretty cool, right? I want to get them to see Yes. Okay. This is going to go hand in hand with what you just received, as it will allow you to. Let's just say, you know, uh, slash the amount of work you put into your ads. Well, being able to be a fly on the wall when it comes to my profitable campaigns. Dot, dot dot OK, Just imagine, how cool would it be to start seeing, uh, cash start rolling in from Facebook ads? How cruel would it be to finally have set it and forget it profitable campaigns on Facebook Right now, I'm just kind of getting them in a imagine state. The biggest benefits of something like this is when you finally get one of those campaigns rolling in. It is truly an amazing feeling. It's just you're using money to create even more and more money, and it's like you can't help refresh the stats on your C p. A page or your affiliate page, where it's just conversions after conversions after conversions is is literally money is pouring into your accounts. I can't explain any better. It's It's an amazing feeling, so you kind of want to get them in that dream state. The admit The Imagine State and those two questions could have been set a little better. But like I said, I'm running through this and then so you get them to imagine so all you I need to do is simply click the add to car, but and below to get let's see instant access to these done free. You campaigns even better. You're getting my 100% actually to say 200%. No questions asked money back guarantee. Okay, What I'm going to do here is actually to speak this guarantee instead of saying it. Okay, that's gonna save some time here, like I said. So the guarantee would be like if after 30 days, you are unhappy for whatever reason, you don't like the way they're explained. You don't like the way they're shown on video. You don't like the demonstration? Whatever reason, if you're unhappy for any reason whatsoever, just simply send an email to our support and they'll refund every single penny, No questions asked. On top of that, if after 60 days you've gone through new heaven generated a dollar and you can show that you've actually proven used these not only will I refund 100% of your money, I'll give you double your money back. Okay, That's my 200%. No questions asked Money back guarantee. And it doesn't get any better than that. You just literally no risk on your shoulders. OK, so that's what I would have typed in taking a little longer. But can you see how amazing of the guarantee that is? First of all, they get 30 days, you know, 100%. No questions, no questions asked money, back guarantee. On top of that, they get 30 more days. Words double your money back where? If you actually use this and you can show that you, you know, tested it out, you can generate any profits or any revenue or even a dollar. You can have double your money back. Okay? The risk is all on my shoulders, completely off of there. So okay. And just to make this a no brainer offer, you're also going to get two extra done for you campaigns. Where? I don't see where I can't see that show Pop ups in the way. There we go. Where these two generated almost 100. Okay, together in two weird niches that have a very low amount of competition. Now I'm just making this up off the top of my head. But if you were in new affiliate marketing in Facebook marketing, you'd probably hop on this like there was no tomorrow. That's insane. Okay, you don't even know what the prices. But hey, how much would you be willing to pay for something like this if someone had the proof and actually could give that to you? That's very high values. Anyway, that's the bonuses with value. Um, just keep in mind that you will never see this offer again. You can't come back to this page later and purchase because it will be completely gone. You can actually is a timer to do this as well. Okay, so, um, this is a true one time offer, So if you really want this, you need to hop on now. Okay, Simply click on the add to cart button below, and I will see you on the other side. Okay, Cool. So now let's actually get this rolling in. D slideshow presentations. So what I did is I went to Google drive Google docks. Okay? Now all I need to do is just paste this in here one at a time. Like I said, I'm not gonna worry about like the format here. It's kind of crappy, like it's really small either way. Duplicate slide. This is how you would actually do this. Okay, That's that's why I said short, choppy so they can usually fit on the screen. Duplicate next. That's why I always used like a lip sees after them. For the most part. As I hover over a sentence that it's actually not using ellipses duplicate, let me ask you a question. And of course, if I was actually running this, I would go through when I would, you know, cross the tees dot the I's spiffy it up a little. Used better words. Manship. You know, I believe, when I asked the question here said Like the same thing twice. Like I said, that's not important. Heck, if you've never done this before, go ahead and screwed up a lot just to get it done. Okay, I recommend getting it done is so much better than trying to get it perfect, because you're probably never going to do it. Uh, perfection is like the devil of getting anything done. I know I used to be that way until I said, Screw it. If there's something wrong with it, someone will let me know, and then I'll go from there. It's kind of like when people launch a product. Or like what? If no one buys or what if people buy and they want to refund? Or what if they bind, they start complaining than you do with it. All right? You don't have to make a big deal out of something that hasn't even happened yet. A lot of times as entrepreneurs as digital marketers is online business men and women. We create these problems that becomes so big in our head most of the times they never even happened. Keep that in mind. Next time. Your fears kind of stopping you in your tracks, sir. You're not doing what you know you need to use. It. Doesn't happen that way. From what I've noticed, we just build up our problems in our head to be oh so big and oh, so important. Usually doesn't happen. Okay. Pretty cool. Right to place Allied Copy Paste. I thought I'd put ham there. This is gonna go ham and ham, you know. Whoa. Really need to check that one out. That would be pretty funny, but yeah, in terms of being perfect and whatnot, I see that a lot Where someone will start a product e sales letter a cells funnel. It's like they'll just keep starting new projects. They'll get 90% done, but they'll never get that last 10% because they realize once they get that 10% done, that's where, like the fear comes in, like they'll get cold feet or the one of back down because they know once they finish it completely, it actually needs to get done and needs to go alive. And, you know, that's where a lot of those nightmare situations those problems kind of dance in your head where things can go wrong. But you know what if what if someone wants to refund like that? Could be a possible, you know, nightmare scenario for a lot of people. Then guess what happens. You refund them, or if, like you actually made a mistake, you fix it. You know, it's not like your you made a few grammar mistakes. The grammar police, they're going to get you. They probably will, because there are a lot of them from, but that's not really a big deal. OK, getting it done imperfectly is better than taking forever to get it done perfectly because usually never gets done. Okay, I think that's enough about getting things done perfectly. I think you get the idea. I think this entire class is going to be a good indicator of not needing to get things done perfectly. This is kind of on the messy side, but like I said, it's not usually going to be this messy. And remember that guarantee I kind of spoke. That's what's going to be in those brackets there. Like the Crazy Guarantee where you talk about the idea, there is just you literally wanted to make such a no brainer. Pick up what I was describing. Their probably wouldn't sell for pretty cheap. But either way, I mean, that's the idea of a trip wire that could be around like 47 bucks. Maybe depends on ah, what, you want to sell it? I see a lot of $97.1. Sometimes I see to 97. I think Frank Kern does a few of those I remember. I opted into a webinar to see what the presentation was like and opting in. They had a trip wire. I think that was like 97 times, too, so I mean, it's really up to the price compared to the conversions you could have. I would say 97 you converted 2% which would be around $200. Or he could have a to 97 converted 1% which is gonna be to 97. So it just depends on you know, the cash flow, how much you're making towards how much you're spending. That's that magic metric forya. Okay, that you will never see this offer again. And if you're actually saying that, make sure they don't see it again. Yeah, they might be a little like come back and change their I p address or, you know, like, hop on their friends phone. And that's different. But there's actually there's some countdown timers that can manage that where if you go to a page after specific amount of time, you will never see it again. Now, like making that a point, cause when someone sees that you're serious about scarcity, think Hey, I told you I was going to double the price. Um, like I said, if you want it now, you have to pay double. So keep in mind next time you actually want a product, you better hop on it fast because You know, I don't mess her home with scarcity. That's kind of the idea you want to get by So many people nowadays just use false scarcity . It's become, like, second nature where I feel like a lot of people don't even realize it or care. But for the ones that do, they're gonna be like, Holy crap. This person is serious. I wanted this for 500. Now with 1000. I'm definitely hopping on an early next time because that will save me $500 or whatever. The price is okay in this. We didn't discuss the price, although you could always put a price in the ad, the carbon or just let them hit. Add the car and, um, go from there. So what I'm actually gonna do, seeing the screen is being recorded. Okay, I'm just going to fly through this and speaking as if I was recording I'm not going to make this specific recording into a Ah, what's the word? I can't think of the word into a video by itself, just the post on the actual page to keep that in mind. It's just going through a race. So let's begin. Hey, James. cans and only congratulations for opting in. Just so you know, your freebie has been sent to your inbox and will arrive in about 10 minutes. So be sure to watch this quick video while it's being sent to your inbox. Like I said before, the wording, there is horrible, but we're just going with it. So let me ask you a question. How would you like to have done for you copy Paste affiliate campaigns so that you can remove 90% of the hard work when it comes to affiliate marketing on Facebook? The reason, I ask, is because I recently created a swipe file afford done for you affiliate campaigns. All of which is all of which have been profitable, all of which have generated at least five figures. Pretty cool, right? Like right there probably could added a few more sentences. Either way, we're moving on. This is going to go hand in hand with what you just received, as it will allow you to slash the amount of work you put into your ads while being able to be a fly on the wall. When it comes to my profitable campaigns. Just imagine, for a sec. How cool would it be to start seeing the cash start ruling? And from Facebook gets? How cool would it be to finally have set it and forget it Profitable campaigns on Facebook ? So all you need to do it's simply click the add to cart button below to get instant access to these done for you campaigns. Even better, you're getting my 200% no questions asked. Money back guarantee. I talked about that before, all to say I pasted it in their best guarantee they've ever seen. And just to make this a no brainer offer, you're also going to get two extra don't for you campaigns were these two generated almost $100,000 together in two weird niches that have a very low amount of competition. Just keep in mind, though, that you will never see this offer again. You can't come back to this page later and purchase because it will be completely gone when that timer runs out down below. This is a true one time offer, so if you really want this, you need to hop on. Now. Simply click on the add to cart button below, and I will see you on the other side. Boom. And just like that. Completely done. Okay, So what I would do is actually save that and let me delete this. Now that we have that script out of the way. Make this bigger, Seiken. Delete it. Okay, let's say I had saved that. This would just be uploaded right here, and it would be on auto play. Okay, I guess. Already. Have something there. Ah, let's see. Do we have auto play here? Time delay or let's say YouTube. Okay, auto. Play on. Let me go find a video on YouTube and just, you know, I'll be right back. Okay? I got awesome video. It's the doll of bad ass video sales letter anyway, controls off auto play on. So this would be at the car. And once again, like I said, I'm not working on the minor details. I probably wouldn't use this bun. It's ugly as hell by the ugliest thing I've ever seen. Like, who wants to click that? Okay. Either way, let's save this up and let's preview it. Sometimes it might take a couple minutes for it to. So auto play. Yes. This is so awesome. That We're watching a movie. I'm Josh. Okay, so anyway, it's the dollar bad s view. So I just put that there is something that would be playing what I did right there. Okay. Like a James Genz and Olive Olive la. And this, I would have dropped down after a few months time. So it's C. What we want to do is fade in after. Let's just say normally I'd say it probably took about 50 seconds to get to the call to action. But let me just do 10 seconds to show you how this works to preview. She noticed how it's not there. I'm gonna pause this. So in under 10 seconds, that add to cart button is gonna drop down. Perfect. Okay, What you want to do is actually time that with the V sl so that it drops down. When you say quickly, add to cart button below. The idea here is this allows them to actually go through your V s. L watch it and not get distracted. Okay? There's been so much testing when it comes to via cells and you'll notice a lot of them with cold traffic. It will just be a video presentation. It forces them to watch all the way through. There's no like, you know, dragger here so they can fast forward that allows them to get the most out of this story out of pain. Points of the value. This is only like a two minute via cell. It's still not a big deal, but that's what you would do there at the car would be dropped down, and that's about it. Okay, the format looks horrible, but I guess that I'm not focusing on the minor details like there's so much space there and move that up. Either way, that's going to be the first part of the course. Alright, already got the first half done. So in this you washed over my shoulder. As I create a squeeze page, I created a sales funnel. I created a excuse me on my cell phone in the first half of the sales final, which is going to be the V sl here, and I did the script and recorded it. I quote unquote added it in and created the page. Okay, so that's the first half of it in the next half. What? I'm going to go over is the order form the order confirmation, the download page, the actual cheat sheet itself, the thank you page and the actual email, the 1st 1 they're going to get when they opt instead, that can actually get their freebie pretty cool, right? So that concludes the class. If you learned anything new from this, have you got at least one golden nugget out of it? It was entertaining. It was helpful if it was cool. If you hated it, give it a thumb's up. Anyway. I'd love to hear your thoughts love to your comments, as always, and with all that being said, MGM Skins, another thing for watching is always and I will talk to you soon.