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Watch Over My Shoulder As I Create A Complete Sales Funnel (2nd Half)

teacher avatar James Canzanella, Affiliate Marketing

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Watch this class and thousands more

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Taught by industry leaders & working professionals
Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

Lessons in This Class

2 Lessons (33m)
    • 1. Introduction

    • 2. Watch Over My Shoulder As I Create A Complete Sales Funnel (2nd Half)

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About This Class

Have you ever wanted to launch a sales funnel, but for some reason you couldn't get yourself to follow through? Or have you ever thought about creating a sales funnel, but you thought that the process was going to take too long or be too challenging? If you answered yes to any of the statements above, then this course is going to be perfect for you. In the secondĀ half of this over the shoulder video, I'm going to walk you through creating an order form, order confirmation, 2 thank you pages, a freebie, and the first followup email. You'll be shocked just how quickly it can be done! So if you want to see the process in action, go ahead and enroll now, and I'll see you on the other side.

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James Canzanella

Affiliate Marketing


Affiliate marketer, course creator, and fan of everything 90s.

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1. Introduction: Hey, what's happening? It is James cans in l. A. And welcome to my class Recon Watch over my shoulder as they create complete sales final part two. So in this segment of this class, what I'm going to be doing is showing you had to create the actual purchase and order page that I'm gonna show you the order confirmation page. From there, I'm gonna show you the thank you download page where someone downloads the product. What to put on that page? And I'm still not being done him as I'm gonna walk over creating a freebie, creating a thank you page for that freebie and less, but not least the email that's going to direct them to where they can download their free be a lot of stuff I'm going to squeeze into a short amount of time. Just assure you that it doesn't take long to create a complete funnel. So if you want to see it in action, if you want to see it live over my shoulder, go ahead and then roll right now and look forward to seeing you on the other side. 2. Watch Over My Shoulder As I Create A Complete Sales Funnel (2nd Half): Hey, what's happening? It is James cans in l. A. And welcome to the second half of my class, where you can watch over my shoulder as they create complete sales funnel. Now, in the first half of the Siri's, what we went over is the squeeze page, as you can see right here from there. Once they opt in, they would go to the trip wire sales page, which has a V SL where, after a specific amount of time, the add to cart button drops down where they can actually go to purchase. So we're gonna actually finish this up and go to the order form, which is going to be next. The great thing about click funnels. Like I said previously, you don't need to use it, but it is going to make your life obviously a little easier. You can always use these as templates towards whatever you want to cells. Keep that in mind doesn't have to be identical to this, and I'm going to kind of skip over a lot of the minor details. The main important aspect of this class is getting the idea wrapped around your head that you can do this pretty quickly. OK? Not just with click funnels. All right? You can do it with just about anything. Can use any thrive pages. WordPress. Anyway, so logos, Okay, get instant access to whatever the product name it is. Okay. Simply enter your information below. The funny thing about this is it's already template it for me, so I don't really have to do much, Okay? This when you add in a product, it's gonna automatically update. That's why it says dynamically updated. I would just put the title there and put the price, and then they put their email. Okay, That's usually where you capture. So you won't always need a buyer. Opt in. That's how you can integrate with your auto responder car number. CBC, complete order. Okay. Got a 30 day things like 60 day money back guarantee. We talked about secure payment on the bottom here. I would put terms. I would put like a disclaimer and support any necessary pages. Like I said, I'm not gonna go crazy with those details. Let's just save this quickly and preview, okay? Pretty nifty. Hung. Like I said, this will be updated. I can actually show you how I do that because, uh, oops you move this over, we moved back. So we saved that exit. Let's go to products at a product name, Let's say like, F B. Done for you campaigns. Straight stripes. Awesome. So far, so good. 47 us. Ah, one time, create cool. So now when we go back to this actual page, it's going to say f be done for your campaigns and it's going to have $47. So let's open this up. Perfect. As you can see, FB done few campaigns. $47. You would enter your email in credit card number. I can actually do a test run through later, but one thing at a time. We got that page done. Let's move on. Okay. Order confirmation. This is great for obviously confirming that they ah, they went through and they purchased it. Okay, let's use this here. You can do quite a few things you can pre sell. You can added, you know, an affiliate link. You can give mawr order details. You can reestablished the no questions asked. Guarantee order complete. Um, please notice your credit card or big statement will show a purchase From what to say was like CLC son like that. Okay, click bank is something like that. They literally make you put this on every page. They do this because it's going to reduce the refunds. And, most importantly, the charge backs. Because, let's say someone bought a product for the first time ever on Click Bank and they go to their bank bank account statement to go. What the hell is this? Okay, if they don't see this multiple times, they might forget. And that's why people go up in charge back, Okay, Like I didn't order this right? They just simply forgot. That's called, um, what's the word? Friendly, friendly fraud. Okay, it's actually not good, but people do it all the time. Like I don't remember buying this. And the fact of the matter that they don't remember. It's still their fault because they bought it and they did quote unquote, no, they're buying from, But either way, this will help, Really? Reduce charge, backs refunds, so on and so forth. So I like putting this statement on a lot of the order completions. Sometimes in the thank you page in the download page. Is you the way when they purchase, they would just click on there. That's what allows them to get to the actual page. Okay, additional links and resource is this could be an affiliate link. This could be an extra bonus. Either way, it's gonna delete this. For now, I like reiterating the no questions asked guarantee. And once again, on the bottom disclaimer. Privacy, policy terms and condition and, of course, support. Make sure you have support on just about every page where there's going to be a purchase or a purchase was made that way. If they have any problems when it comes to, you know, getting their product or getting what they need, it'll be much easier for them and top 20 save preview. Okay, once again, this is dynamically updated. So whenever they purchase, it's going to say the name there, and it's gonna have the price. Okay. And very simple. Okay, this would you would obviously change. You can word this however you want, but don't put this unless they bought from Click Bank. Okay, for me to be like James cans or something, Okay? Save accident. We're really steamrolling through this, and like I said, even if you don't have these templates in click funnels. You could just model them. Okay, Just make a plane page and add a lot of these things in here. Okay? Thank you, Page. Okay, let's create a template. Let's make it very easy. I love using this one because it has steps. Okay. And it okay, I don't need a logo there. Overrated. Crap. I there's no undo, but I gotta exit and come back, OK? One sec. I believe the entire top part. Okay, we're back, so I just want to delete this, Okay? So we don't have to keep this. Your purchase is not complete. This is ah, completely separate page. But it doesn't matter. Whatever do years just do, as always. Congratulations. Okay? Sure. Please follow the steps below to access. Oops. Still in capsule IQ. Access your purchase. So the 1st 1 would be like, you know, you could do download. You're done for you campaigns. Let me just get let's see. Image. See, this will do. Sure. Then I would give them instructions. You know, click here to download your campaigns, then what I like doing like putting a little description under with a value just to let them know that there's a big value. So, like, valued at? I don't know. Sure. I imagine that be a very low value if the campaigns were actually Ah, you know, they generated, like, six figures. Either way, okay. Or what you can do? Obviously they click on the box or they click on the you know, the spoke campaigns running. There's a matter, uh, or they click here and it downloads. Okay, Another thing you can do is, you know, sign up for the free webinar. Okay, This would be a big benefit here, so if Okay, come on. There you go. - Sure . Something like that. I just made that up. Okay, This could actually be talk about this a lot. Okay? Like I said, normally there's a gap there just cause I move that up, like I'm not worried about the small details here. Okay, Step one. Step two. I like putting a webinar registration at the top. As as the first thing, because it's just, you know, it's much easier to them for them to access. Okay, This would be much higher up. They were definitely be a gap in between. Let's see if I can at least put that there. No. Either way, do this. Okay, so this would be at who will do like this. This is Step one, which would be a top that step to get in. Step three, download your unannounced bonuses. Sure. Okay. Like $1000. OK, so these are unannounced bonuses. I was, like, delivering a little bit more, so I'd put a picture there as well. It's good image at the page. Once again. Just duplicate this and drag it down. There you go. Delete this up. Okay. And last but not least, could be whatever you want. It could be instructions. This already has some stuff, which is good. I don't know why they're living a few years back with you. The way terms and conditions. Privacy, Polly and support. I always have some support there. So what's move this? How it normally would be. See if I can just move this down, Okay? Either way, there's no space in between. Don't worry about it. So the first step would be like a Santa for the webinar. I'd also pulling a picture myself if I wasn't gonna be doing a video. Find a picture myself somewhere. Sure, Well, they're too big. Awesome. Okay, Like I said, I'm not worried about all this. Like spacing. It's really not worried about the minor details here. I'm just showing you how it's done. Signed up for the free webinar. Download your done for your campaigns down on your unannounced bonuses. This could be anything extra. Okay? Whatever you want it to be, maybe have more unannounced bonuses. Maybe you want a reminder. Maybe it's a special video. Maybe it's instructions for now. I'm just going to delete it. Okay, So that's what we have for our thank you page. Step one to injury. And let's save, Okay, aside from the formatting and the lack of great copy on here, Okay, that would go to a webinar. This would be going to their download. And this would be going to a Donald as well. Very simple. Download page. Okay. Got that down. Saved again. And let's exit were flying through this. Okay, aside from the spacing and then a lot of the, uh, the formatting and whatnot. We're doing pretty well. So next we're actually going to need one more page, okay? And this page is going to be needed for people who opt in but don't, actually, by and for people who opted in Dubai because they're still probably gonna want the free cheat sheet regardless. So let's do an you step. This is going to be the thank you freebie. Uh, yes. So we could call it T Y f R E. Sure. Whatever. Okay. And let's do sales order for we want not that often. Think of age we go. This could be very simple. This will do. Okay. I'd also probably make a lot of these pages very similar in background. Okay. Kind of have a nice synergy to a mall, but no need to be perfect here. Thanks. Here is your free. She she has promised before you can download your free. She she I remember what I called it, so I would just put the title here. Okay, X y z, They want to share it with their friends. That's cool. I'd probably remove the Google one who uses Google Plus nowadays. Okay, so download the It's not a report. Whatever you want to call it could be a template. We could just say click here to download. All right, So you can actually tell them what to do. Okay, so very simple. Thank you, Page. But of course, we need to actually create the Tichy, right? It wouldn't be a full funnel creation if we didn't do that. So I have a word document here, and I'm gonna fly through this. The great thing about cheat sheets is that they're going to be one of the fastest ways to create any type of lead magnet. That's very important. You want to be a little leverage speed, because if you go out there and you're lead magnet bombs, which is possible, it's very possible especially you don't know your niche. You don't know what they're into. The example I always give when it comes to like boring activities and Internet marketing is going out there and saying like, Hey, you want to make money? Here's how I make money, Writing 10 articles every single day for three months straight. No one's gonna want to do that. Okay? So if you don't have any knowledge of what your audience likes, you could go out there and it could bomb. It happens, or you could create one. It's going to do kind of well, but you can always do better, so you might be looking for a better angle when it comes to creating the cheat sheet. That's why it's so important, because you don't have to go out there, create like this full video course. Cross your fingers. People are gonna like it and then waste all that time just for getting leads at, like, five bucks a pop when that super expensive should be anywhere from like 2 to 3. You can definitely get it under that. But anything more than that year, you're not doing so hot. So So here's how it would go. My two step affiliate cheat sheet. Hey, James cans and all. Here, let's get right into it. Okay, Notice how I usually use pretty short, choppy sentences, double spaced and ah, it's just easier to digest for me and for the reader. Either way, what allowed me to make X y Z with affiliate with All right, If I suppose something wrong, I'm just gonna keep moving because I don't want toe, you know, waste time on small things with affiliate marketing came down to two things and Onley. Two things. Let's talk about the first thing I remember. There's gonna be a cheat sheet so someone can go over it quickly, recap it and be able to roll with that in terms of information, what I like doing is making a point and then writing a little bit more about it, but making it informative so that the person actually got value from it. The idea here is that when you create a cheat sheet, you want to be ableto have this as if the person could have it written out to the right of them. So when they go to implement this, they just run through a boom, boom, boom boom. While this is only two steps, normally there's a little more. But keep that in mind. It's just like a checklist. Okay? First thing, like so number one, the freecell page. Stop doing that. Here we go. No, we're having fun. Inherit their way out for yourself. Page. So allows you to really make a lot of commissions, comes down to that type of pre sell page that you use. In this instance, it wasn't an opt in page. It wasn't a X. Why or Z like right there I would say something that it wasn't what people normally do. It wasn't people. What? You know what they normally do also. And it probably wasn't this all the three things they're like. Oh, I wonder how he did this. Okay, to make this campaign work, I used a so Yes, yes, yes. Lander. Okay, the idea behind that. Okay, what I'm gonna do is actually talk instead of type to save some time. So the idea behind that is when someone gets to your pre sell page, it allows them to hit yes, multiple times before clicking on the button that goes directly to their offer. The idea behind that once again is that it's micro commitment. Any time you get someone to say yes, there's more chance of them making a conversion when they get to the actual page. And because this offer was a lead generation offer which paid out $4.50 per Upton, it's gonna be a little bit more than them entering their email in their name. They had to enter their name. The last name, full name, obviously the phone number, their address where they live in a couple questions. Okay, That's why it pays out so much. Just for a lead, but it's a full lead generation. So if you just sent them straight there from cold traffic, it's not going to convert that well. So what you need to do is get them to say yes. Yes, yes. Multiple times. If you're having trouble with that, I actually gave you a bonus download. That's a free template of this. Yes, yes, yes, Lander. So all you got to do is use it and plug in, you know, whatever nature. And Okay, so that's something I would rate. That would be a great unannounced bonus That could be agreed. Product I sell. That could be something. Either way, the fact of the matter is that they're getting out of this. How I was successful with this campaign was completely counterintuitive to what everyone else did. This is actually true story. This was a campaign. I did. I did very well with it. And it was using one of those. Yes, DSS Landers. Okay, so that would be Step two our step one, then Step two is, uh, simplistic targeting. Whatever. Okay, so I would explain the biggest aspects they want to get out of this. So targeting Onley one main, you know, interest at a time with at least 100 k audience. Okay, so what I would do is break down the importance of doing this. All right, so this would be a big golden nugget, and what I just talked about would be the two big golden nuggets that made this possible. Because all I have was one landing page that directed to the offer, and that's only, like, really one step. So I want to talk about one other step which was going to be targeting, because targeting could be very difficult if you don't know what you're doing. So I'll talk a little bit more about targeting so interest. The fact of the matter is that if you're using multiple interest and you're doing well, you're not going to know which ones are kind of bringing in the conversions unless you have some advanced tracking, or you can kind of go down that road or if you're a Facebook ninja and you know how to do all that back and tracking, which could be difficult for a newbie. So to make your life easier to save you a ton of time, effort and money go after one interest at a time. This is what I did specifically was one specific, very similar interest. I use just one of them. They had much more than 100 K audience. And the thing about that is great. Because when you find a winner, it makes scaling so much easier. If you find an audience and there's only 5000 people, scaling is going to be very difficult, as you're gonna run out of an audience very, very quickly. Okay, so those would kind of be the two golden Nuggets. All the stuff I just talked is basically what I would type. Okay. And then, you know, like sign off. Okay, that's my sign off. I would save that, and then I would save it as a pdf. Okay. And what I would do is I would upload it. I could upload it to my WORDPRESS website. I can upload it to Amazon s three. I think that's what it's called. I can upload it to Google drive. I can upload it to Dropbox. And what I would do is right here. Www dot and while dot com disclaimers always don't send any traffic tail while there Do you have enough? Okay, this would be your pdf. Okay, so they were download that there would also make it open in a new window, just for just for fun. So it's preview this plan in, Let's download or a Well, it's gonna be something broken because it has, like, a ton of crazy letters in there. Either way, hurries. That would be the pdf. This is where people go when they want to. Ah, what's the word when they get your first email? This is what's going to ride there. So let's move to the final step of actually creating all this. Okay, exit. What I'm going to do is hop on over to my auto responder market hero. Give me a sec. I'm gonna set it up and I will see what I'm already. They're already Superior Yard Marquis hero. Someone opted in. Okay, This is just how you set it up. I'm not gonna go through the crazy metrics and explain why, but either way, they opt in. And once they opt in the immediately getting email, so from them, JC, let's put the full name. Okay? Subject As you can tell, I like you. That's not the subject line. I like using this one right here. Click here to download your Cici. Okay, smoothest left Because I have O C D. Okay, Please move to the left. I asked nicely. Well, I think it's because the screen is all Oh, that's why I was doing the wrong one. It already is to the left. Good one, James. And let's to all normal. Okay, so it's JC, and congratulations. Spell it Wrong for opting in before we get down to the good stuff. I want to address a few important messages First, something along the lines of that. First, you will be receiving emails from me every X to why days? Okay. For me, it's every like 123 days. You might not be as email. Happy is me. Maybe want to send one every 45 days completely up to you, but said the expectations when they know how often you're going to be sending an email to them, they can't be like while you're going movie day like, dude, I just told you I was gonna be sending you an email. Every day we get next. Be sure to keep a look out for all of my emails as all be going over things like X Y and Z . Okay, those are gonna be big benefits. What you want to do there is put something you're going to be talking about in the future that's going to allow them be like, Oh, man, I really got open this or you can talk about Hey, if you stick around, I'm actually gonna be having a lot off More great bonuses for you to check out. Just as my way of saying thanks for being an awesome subscriber. Okay, I'll be go over things like you know how to make money from instagram. How to run Facebook ads with INSTAGRAM ads so you can actually leverage them to get leads for much cheaper than everyone else or how to set up more fully campaigns or over my shoulder video affiliate campaigns, whatever it's going to be. OK, so without any further ado, click here to download your cheat sheet. Okay, so this would be that Click funnels Page Ray here. Okay. Nope. Wrong button. There we go. Okay. Be sure to download it now it is. I know yeol I love it. Talk soon cans PS, I would put a cliffhanger here. Cliffhanger is a way to get them to look for your next email. So PS be sure you open up my next email as I'm gonna be allowing you to get 100% free, A video tutorial. Walk through of me explaining a full profitable affiliate campaign. A dizzy I'm going to show you the prophet gonna show you the revenue. I'm going to show you the ad spend. I'm gonna show you the targeting. I'm going to show you the offer, and I'm going to show you the landing page. If someone's really interested in affiliate marketing, there is a much higher chance they're gonna open that next email. So that's why I put that they're okay. So, Cliffhanger, everything I just talked about right there. Okay, Save I would publish this. And basically, once they opt in there getting that first email, and from there, I can do just like, 500 million emails. And market here was pretty awesome. Not gonna go over that, but that's pretty much everything. Let's kind of run over how it would go. Okay, so first they have the squeeze page. I'm not gonna actually integrate it with market hero or whatever. You know, auto responder you might be using if it loads anytime soon. Internet. Come on. I know you're faster than that. All right, That's cool. It's just not low. There we go. So anyway, they would go here, they would opt into their okay, And that would redirect them to hear okay with Dow. That us. Okay, they watch this, do you do to give it a few more seconds? And there it is. They click the add to cart button. It actually go to the order form. It does cool. Okay. I didn't set that up. That did automatically. They would have this in here. All they need to do is enter their email. Their car number, the CVC expiry month. Complete order. Okay, once that's done. No. Darla Order form. Hey, they get sent to your order form. Excuse me. Wrong button in order. Confirmation. Okay. Where? It's going to say, like, hey, please notice that your credit card or bank statement will show a purchase from whoever which is you. Okay? It's gonna have the name of the product they purchased. It's going to show the price and this is going toe automatically link them to the purchase . If you weren't using click funnels, you would just put the link here to the download page. Very simple to do just ah, you know, another statement of the no questions asked guarantee at the bottom on all pages that would have support turns in condition. You know, all that fun stuff, all that mumbo jumbo so they would get directed to this thank you page, which is very nicely formatted. Jokes aside, if there was a webinar, you could put one. There could be a fern affiliate. Webinar could be for years. Could be for an automatic webinar. Whatever it's going to be, make sure they can download their done for your campaigns. I'd use a little bit more spiffy her pictures, you know, make it look a little more sex year. Change the format up, and once again, all the important stuff on the bottom. You would add in there, plus unannounced bonuses. You can't go wrong with those, Okay? And of course, regardless of whether they bought or didn't by in the email, Okay, so I don't know why create so many of these on they would be getting this email in the background. So what happened here is they'd go through this and they would click on click here to download your cheat sheet, and they would be getting sent here. Okay, this opens up, they download their cheat sheet, they're happy. And something else I didn't talk about in the Cici at the bottom, you could say, like, hey, just in case you missed the campaigns on Lee, if it wasn't a, um, what's the word? If you were doing in o t o in your your sales letter, your video cells light and you say, like, Hey, you will never get to see this again. Don't put a link back to it in your cheat sheet. All right, But if you didn't say that in this cheat sheet at the bottom, you could say, like, you know, just in case, just in case you missed the offer, you know, click here to see it again. All right? That's in case it wasn't a one time offer that now would actually be cool to do. All right, that's just another opportunity for them. The purchase. You could also put a link here if you like. There's a lot of real estate here. You can go crazy if you want, but I'm just giving you a kind of the basics of doing that. With all that being said, that is the entire course. I went through everything as you just saw the squeeze page. The sales page with the V SL in the script order form the order Confirmation the thank you page. The thank you freebie even created the free before you. I did all that about under an hour. Granted, I did rush through it. I know there's a lot of mistakes. The formatting is kind of yucky. Uh, it's not exactly sexy looking. It could be a little bit better, but I'd say that probably take what, an hour. Max, you're looking at two hours for a full funnel. And don't give me crap about not having what's called quick funnels. You could make all these pages in WordPress and all those other great landing page builders they have out there. But I hope you got some inspiration. Some knowledge, some gold nuggets. When it comes to creating a cells, funnel doesn't have to be long. Doesn't have to be difficult. Just get something, run with it and start sending traffic to it. I'm telling you right now you'll be way ahead of a lot of people out there who are still kind of twiddling their thumbs, waiting for some perfect opportunity, which is never going to happen because they're not taking action in the first place. I think enough has said it with that. We enjoyed this. Given the thumbs up. Given a light, give it a comet. As always, I'd love to hear thoughts with all that being said named James Kansan. Allah, thank you for watching and I'll talk to you soon.