Watch Me Work: Real Client Design Projects | Dylan Mierzwinski | Skillshare

Watch Me Work: Real Client Design Projects

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Dylan Mierzwinski, Illustrator & Lover of Flowers

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16 Lessons (3h 12m)
    • 1. Class Introduction

    • 2. Class Project

    • 3. Book Cover: Onboarding Pt. 1

    • 4. Book Cover: Onboarding Pt. 2

    • 5. Book Cover: Skeleton

    • 6. Book Cover: Refining Pt. 1

    • 7. Book Cover: Refining Pt. 2

    • 8. Book Cover: Final Edits & Delivery

    • 9. Postcard: Onboarding

    • 10. Postcard: Rough Draft

    • 11. Postcard: Refining

    • 12. Postcard: Final Edits & Delivery

    • 13. Web App: Onboarding

    • 14. Web App: Refining

    • 15. Web App: Delivery

    • 16. Thank You!

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About This Class


In this Skillshare class I take you behind the scenes of three real client projects from initial email to final delivery! Unlike my past classes where I focus in on a specific tool or skill set, this class is focused on the process of working with a client to complete a project, though fear not, I do talk about the tools I’m using along the way. I’ll go through both a range of projects: 

  • Redesigning a book cover
  • Illustrating and designing a postcard
  • and Re-skinning a web app 

and tools 

  • Illustrator
  • Photoshop
  • iPad + Procreate  

It’s one thing to learn the technical skills to complete the work for a project, but it’s quite another to learn how to manage the whole project. Take this as your chance to intern or shadow a designer (me!), right from your computer. Some of the things we’ll touch on are:

  • Negotiating quotes 
  • Providing contracts
  • Apologizing to clients
  • Skeletons/rough designs
  • Handling revisions and presenting iterations
  • Making decisions about fonts, color, and layout based on function instead of aesthetic
  • Balancing decision making with letting your client lead the way
  • Being flexible for different types of clients
  • File management
  • Asset Delivery
  • Time tracking
  • and more!

See you in class! Oh, and feel free to stop by my locker (... er Instagram) to chat afterwards if you have time :)






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Dylan Mierzwinski

Illustrator & Lover of Flowers

My name's Dylan and I'm a strange combination of creative endeavors. From mixing cereals and making sand art as a kid, to graphic design, illustration, sewing, and general craft enthusiasm as an adult, creating and making beautiful things has not only been my constant, but an obsession. With an everlasting love of learning and trying things with my own hands, I've found joy in sharing what I've learned along the way in my six years as a professional graphic designer turned ill...

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