Want to sell your Fashion Designs or Jewlery? Build a Profitable Fashion Business | Alicia Sanchez | Skillshare

Want to sell your Fashion Designs or Jewlery? Build a Profitable Fashion Business

Alicia Sanchez, Fashion is a Business, Not A Runway

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About This Class

Beauty and the Brains is a one year master mind intensive that gives you access to a deeper core of how business not only works but what to take advantage.  This mastermind can fast-track your growth and save you years of expensive trial and error. Every month you will indulge in access to a 2 hour view, subject matter expert mentor and resources that will challenge you to take your business further.

This isn't surface business tips that only focus on social media and website design. This is about engaging in the brains of growing business profits, adding residual income, having access to investors and making you question is this a business or a dead end. No fluff in this intensive master giving you access to a member chat room for member support. 





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Alicia Sanchez

Fashion is a Business, Not A Runway

Alicia Sanchez hits the fashion scene with her line Favala Designs. Her line is fresh and hip with many inspirations taken from all spectrums of fashion- from funk to street to Caribbean flavors. Favala Designs allows you to bring out your own personal style without breaking the bank. Favala Designs has been featured in various international fashion weeks including but not Limited to Dominican Republic Fashion Week , NYC Fashion Week , DC Fashion Week , Trinidad & Tobago Fashion Week and sold...

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