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Walt Disney World Crowd Busting Plan. How to Avoid Crowds

teacher avatar Aerie North, Designer + Maker ♦ Art Gallery Education

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Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

Lessons in This Class

9 Lessons (26m)
    • 1. Intro

    • 2. Overview + Class Project

    • 3. Lesson 1: 4 Disney World Parks

    • 4. Lesson 2: What is a Disney package?

    • 5. Lesson 3: Abbreviations + Explanations

    • 6. Lesson 4: The Plan

    • 7. Lesson 5: Class Project

    • 8. Lesson 6: BONUS Material

    • 9. Lesson 7: Final Thoughts

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About This Class


When I announced to my husband that I wanted to give our special needs children an enchanted life he knew that meant we’d be going to Walt Disney World a lot.

We had no extra income for vacations and he dreaded crowds so I had to get very creative convincing him that I would somehow pay for our Disney vacations and would research the best times to visit Walt Disney World to avoid crowds.

The plan included educating myself on crowd trends and best ways to save money for Disney and while in Disney.    Of course I had a blast researching.  Saving money was a chore but I did it and we were off to Disney World 18-months later.

Several crowd-free Disney vacations later I was approached by a travel agency to become one of their Disney experts.  I got my travel agent’s license and work from home making people’s Disney dream vacations come true.  


Using information easily available online this class teaches you the best days to visit all 4 Disney World parks during your vacation to avoid crowds.

A downloadable printable PDF outlining “The Plan” can be found in the Class Project section after you enroll in this class.

“The Plan” will be used to demonstrate a typical one week Disney World vacation with the specific goal of  avoiding crowds.

See you in class ºoº

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Aerie North

Designer + Maker ♦ Art Gallery Education


Award winning artist, maker + teacher.
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1. Intro: Disney World crowd buster plan Never stand in line again. Disney World look like this when you visit. When I visit Disney World, it looks like this. Having navigated all four Walt Disney World parts dozens of times over 20 years, I learned how to zig when everyone else's zagging, Benjamin Franklin said. If you fail the plan, plan to fail. Using information easily available online, this class teaches you the best days to visit all four Walt Disney World parks during your vacation to avoid crowds. The downloadable printable PdF outlining the plan can be found in the class Project section . After you enroll in this class, the plan will be used to demonstrate a typical one week Disney World vacation with the specific goal of avoiding crowds. The Class project using the downloadable PdF of the plan. Create your low crowd Dream Week at Walt Disney World and Poster plan in the Project Gallery post Disneyworld photos and questions to I've been planning Disney vacations for 20 years. I would love to help you get the most of your Disney vacation meet you in class 2. Overview + Class Project: overview and class project. When I announced to my husband that I wanted to give our special needs Children and enchanted life, he knew that meant we'd be going to Walt Disney World a lot. We had no extra income for vacation, and he dreaded crowds. So I had to get really creative, convincing him that I would somehow pay for Disney vacations and would research the best time to visit well, Disney World to avoid crowds. The plan included educating myself on crowd trends and the best way to save money for Disney. And while in Disney, of course, had a blast. Researching saving money was a chore. But I did it and we were off to Disney World. 18 months later, several crowd free, dizzy vacations. Later, I was approached by a travel agency to become one of their Disney experts. I got my travel agents license and work from home making People's Disney dream vacations come true. This class is for people who are new to Disney vacation planning and people who truly want to avoid crowds and then, while getting the most out of their Disney vacations in less than one, will briefly go over the four Disney World theme parks and lesson to all. Describe what a Disney packages and what it includes in less than three. And talk about the abbreviations and explanations in the planning chart. Unless and four. We're going to get right into planning an example of a week at Disney unless and five. We're gonna talk a little bit more about the class Project Lesson six ism, bonus material and a Lesson seven. Some final thoughts as Mickey most always says cereal, soon in the next lesson. 3. Lesson 1: 4 Disney World Parks: Lesson 14 Disney World Parks In this lesson, we're just going to go over very briefly. The features of the four parks being parks at Disney World Magic Kingdom was built in 1971 . Epcot was built in 82 Hollywood studios in 89 Animal Kingdom on Earth Day in 1998. There's a lot more to these parks than what I'm gonna tell you now, so you got to go to Disney dot com. But here's just some brief features at each of these parks. Cinderella's Castle at Magic Kingdom, Splash Mountain and Space Mountain and the Haunted Mansion. You've got Winnie the Poohs and character meetings and fireworks at Epcot. They have future World, which features soaring, a test track and a lot of science activities. Future world, uh, or world showcase. That's where they have 11 featured countries, and the people that work at those countries at Epcot are from those countries. So it's extremely interesting to dive into the culture in the countries with the people that work there. Illuminations is the night time show. It's way more than fireworks. You have to go see it. It's fireworks and music and water and lasers and fires. It's awesome. Hollywood Studios has gone through a few different name changes and was MGM Disney Studios , and this is where Disney meets Hollywood. This is going through a big transformation right now, and it's really exciting to see what they're gonna be doing here. A couple of the feature rights here are Tower terror, Rock n roller Coaster, Toy Story mania and fantasmic is their evening show again. Lots of lights, music, water, lasers. An animal kingdom has a lot of animals, but Disney insist it's not a zoo. There's a great safari ride. Dinosaur ride an expedition Everest is their spectacular roller coaster. Avoiding crowds at these poor park theme parks will be the focus of this class, their historic records, in which days air the busiest at each park. I've taken this data and examine the events taking place at the parks to determine which parks have the lowest crowds on any specific date during your Disney vacation. This is just a brief introduction of the four Disney World theme parks. Ah, how you recommend that you visit Disney dot com and order a free Disney vacation planning DVD for in depth park information. See real soon 4. Lesson 2: What is a Disney package?: lesson to what is a Disney package? A Disney package is a combination of your Disney Resort hotel, and there's over for 25 different styles of accommodations right on dizzy property. It also includes your dizzy tickets, which are called magic or wait tickets. Or sometimes they're called Magical Week passes. And you can also add an option of Disney Dining plan, which can save you about 20% with you. Purchase a Wolf Disneyworld package or stay offsite at a neighbouring hotel. Your Disney World took a choice will affect your budget and your crowd plant. Let me explain Disney tickets Magic your way Based tickets are as follows. I've taken this list of tickets from day from one day. Visit a 10 day visit from dizzy dot com on March 2060. So if you plan to visit one Walt Disney World Theme Park, your ticket will be about $100 for the day. So that's you just you're in Florida. You decide to go to Disney and you purchase your one day ticket and you go to Magic Kingdom . You could still apply the crowd busting plan to your visit that you'll learn and Lesson four. If you plan to stay several days at Walt Disney World, you can purchases many ticket days as your visit. The more days you purchase, the lower the cost. For example, if you want to see all four parks and by a four day matched away based ticket now base means you're visiting one park per day, then your costs for the four day magic your way based ticket will be $325 because the per day cost on the on a four day magic, your way ticket is 81 25. Multiply that by your four days. You get your 3 25 If you're staying a week at Disney and you want a seven day match the way based ticket. So you get to visit one of the four parks for seven days, then the price per day is $52.86. Time. Seven days. That's $370. The crowd bussing plan will work no matter how many days you visit. However, the Mawr days that you have, the more options that you're gonna have at at Walt Disney World, there are other options that you can add to a multi day base ticket. So to make it not a base ticket, you can add the water parks and more option, and that gives you the same amount of days as your magic. Your way ticket to visit Disney's two water parks, ESPN Sports Complex. Nine holes of golf. And there's too many golf options, and the cost for this is $26 per ticket. That's a really great deal. The Park Hopper option, which I love, allows you entrance to more than one park in a day so you could go toe all four parks in a single day. You can come and go as you please, and that option is $69 particular. The crowd busting plan here. We're gonna focus on the base ticket only. But there is bonus material and Lesson six, which addresses the Park Hopper option serial Soon. In the next lesson, 5. Lesson 3: Abbreviations + Explanations: Lesson three Abbreviations and explanations Here are the abbreviations that I'll be using when we create our crowd busting chart. M K is Magic Kingdom E P is Epcot. H s is Disney Hollywood Studios A K's Animal Kingdom fof is the Festival of Fantasy Parade that's at Magic. Kingdom Main is Main Street Electrical Parade at Magic Kingdom. Wishes Wishes Fireworks at Magic Kingdom over it up caught. We have F W, which is future Rolled it up. Kat Ws is world showcase at Epcot and I L L is illumination fireworks at Epcot. Fant is fantasmic Fireworks Water Laser show at Disney's Hollywood studios. And then we're gonna get into what an extra magic hour is. So the abbreviation E M H a M is the extra magic hours in the morning and e. M H P M r. The extra hours at extra magic hours in the evening, Disney offers a resort guests only. So if you're staying off property, you can't use the extra magic hours. But if you're staying on a Disney resort, there's certain days of the week they have. They have scheduled on extra magic hours, say, in the morning where you can enter the park an hour before the regular park hours open so you can go an hour early before everybody else. And then the extra magic hours in the evening means that when the park closes at a specific time, you can actually stay extra. Blake, maybe a couple hours a night and be is the historic busy days at the Park Serial soon in the next lesson? 6. Lesson 4: The Plan: lesson for the plan here again are the abbreviations that I will be using in our chart to create our crowd busting plan historical patterns during regular attendance periods. Parks tend to be the busiest on the following dates. Animal Kingdoms busiest on Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Magic Kingdom on Monday, Thursday and Saturday, caught on Tuesday and Friday in Disney Studios on Sunday and Wednesday. Regular tendons periods are non holiday times of the year. At Walt Disney World, the crowd busting plan was still work. During peak seasons, however, it's all relative. Peak seasons will be busier than off seasons, but the plan will teach you where to go for the lightest crowds of the crowd at season. So here's our chart that we're gonna use. I've just picked a week in July, July 10th to 16th. This is a real week. I went to Disney dot com, and I got the hours of operation for all four parks, and the busy applied the busiest time of week from the historical data and also looked at when the extra magic hours are and plucked those into our our church here, and that's going to help us decide where we're going to go. So the first part, we're gonna look at his magic kingdom all week. Magic Kingdom is open from 9 a.m. to 10 p.m. There's the three o'clock parade, and the Main Street Electrical Parade is at nine, and Wishes is at 10 o'clock entirely now. Taking the information that we know of the busiest days at Magic Kingdom are Mondays, Thursdays and Saturday. So I indicated that in red and on Wednesday, there's an extra magic hour in the evening and extra magic hour on Friday in the morning. So let's apply this toe all the parks at Epcot, it's open from 9 a.m. to 9 p.m. Future worlds open a little earlier. 9 a.m. to 9 p.m. And then world showcases open from 11 a.m. Tonight. That's all week. Eliminations is at nine o'clock. I applied our busiest time of week on Tuesday and Friday indicated in the red B, and then I took extra magic hours. There's an extra magic hours at night on Tuesday, and then Thursday is an extra magic hours in the morning. You can already tell Tuesday might be a day to avoid at on at Epcot because we've got to read indicators there At Hollywood studios Thean Tire Week It's open from 9 a.m. To 8:30 p.m. Fantasticks at nine. And then our busiest days indicated in the red B is Sunday and Wednesday. And then there's extra magic hours on the Sunday and Eckstrom our magic hours in the evening. On Friday, animal kingdoms open from 9 a.m. to 5 p.m. The entire week. Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday we have our red be indicating our busy, busier days historically, and there's extra magic hours in the morning on Saturday. So now I'm gonna take all this data on decide looking at it per day on which park that day is going to be busy or not busy. And also look at the day before in the day after, because that's gonna tell me where crowds are gonna go. So let's take a look. Okay, so what I've done here is on the Sunday I've decided I'm not going anywhere near Hollywood studios. It's historically a very busy day, plus extra magic hours are really going to draw the crowds that day, so I'm just gonna avoid Hollywood studios where I am thinking about going is Magic Kingdom or Animal Kingdom. Now they have both. They have busy days tomorrow because it's a busy day. Naturally, um, at Magic Kingdom on the Monday and also it's an extra magic hours, so people are going to be there tomorrow. So Magic Kingdom and Animal Kingdom are going to be, Ah, good time for us to go on that Sunday. Now let's look at Monday. So Monday, I thought, Okay, Animal Kingdom is going to be busy because it's got, uh, not only does it have extra magic hours, but it's also a busy day, so there's gonna be a lot of crowds at Animal Kingdom that date. Historically, Monday's could be pretty busy at Magic Kingdom. So I am gonna decide I'm going to stay away from Magic Kingdom that day because lots of folks took advantage of the extra magic hours at Hollywood studios yesterday. Then that's a great data visit today, and also because Epcot has extra magic hours tomorrow. Epcot won't be busy today, so the two parks that I really think I'm going to try and schedule in. I'm gonna go either to Epcot on Monday or Hollywood studio, so I have two good choices there. They won't be so busy on Monday on Tuesday. I don't want to go anywhere near Epcot. And that's good because I probably went on Monday because Epcot on Tuesday has not only extra magic hours at night, that will draw the crowds, but it also is our historic busy day of the week. Animal Kingdom. Same type of thing. However, even though Animal Kingdom might be pretty busy on the Tuesday cut because of history, it's also people were there yesterday for the extra magic hours. And then tomorrow could be a busy day to so animal kingdoms. Kind of. I really shouldn't give it a read or or agree, and that's more like a yellow yellow. So what I wrote here in the notes is, Don't go near Epcot. It's historically busy and draw crowds and again, Animal Kingdom will of moderate crowds. An excellent data visit this day would be Magic Kingdom's because the crowds were there yesterday and they'll probably there be there tomorrow, so there probably won't be there today, and also Hollywood Studios is a good park to visit today as well. On Wednesday, extra magic hours in the evening at Magic Kingdom will really draw the crowds. And historically, Hollywood studios and animal kingdom are pretty busy today. Now the crowds will probably be divided evenly over those three parks. So Epcot is an excellent day to visit today, cause the crowds were there yesterday because of the extra magic hours, and they're probably gonna be there tomorrow for the extra magic hours. And nothing is really going on today to draw the crowds. So F cuts a really excellent date for Wednesday. On Thursday, extra magic hours at up got so that part's gonna be busy. And while today is a historically busy day at Magic Kingdom, extra magic hours yesterday and tomorrow will draw the crowds on those two days. So even though historically, because that's why it's a good thing to look at the whole week instead of saying, Oh, I'm not going through today because it's it's busy. But look at what's going on at the other parks as well. So the crowds might be pretty light to moderate at Magic Kingdom because people are going to be using the extra magic hours at the other park. Um, I'd also visit either Animal Kingdom or Hollywood studios. Today, people will plan to go visit Hollywood studios tomorrow for the extra magic hours, especially because let me take a look. I think it was the only one for that week. Yes, see extra magic Hours is the only time scheduled that week at Hollywood Studios, so people are really going to be visiting there on Friday, so it could be a really find time to visit on Thursday. Okay, we're approaching the end of the week, so let's see from now. What I would do is on Friday is to avoid the Magic Kingdom and definitely avoid Hollywood studios. Because of the extra magic hours, Epcot will have moderate crowds, even though it's a historical busy day and locals tended, You go there for dinner on Friday night if they have like that, the Florida annual past. But because of the extra magic hours that happened yesterday in my not be too busy might be like moderate crowds. Animal Kingdom is an excellent, excellent day to go today because of the crowds will be divided over those three other parks. Now, the last day of our vacation here is July 16th. It's the Saturday and a lot of the locals Slota going visit Magic Kingdom on that day so that that tends to be busy. Anyway, we can stand to be busy anything. And Animal Kingdom has an extra magic hours that day, so I would avoid avoid going to Animal Kingdom. Today would be an excellent day for Hollywood studios because the only time they had magic extra magic hours was last night on the Friday So nobody's gonna go again on Saturday, and Epcot will have modern crafts on Saturday. So take a look. So here we go on, This is the information you can print out and take a look at it as an example. Um, so not only are you looking at the you know what hours you're looking at the entire week. So here on our next slide, what I wanted to show you is, if I didn't have hoppers and I knew that, say, Animal Kingdom was my least favorite park, I'd only want to go one day. So I put it on the on July 15 because I know that that's the best day to go. So I'm gonna go to Animal Kingdom which leaves me the rest of the week that I can go visit , although my three favorite parks twice during during that week and at the optimum days for not having as many crowds so on on Sunday. Medical visit. Magic Kingdom, which you know it's first day of my holiday. That's where I want to go and then caught my second favorite park that be perfect for the Monday I'm gonna go back on toe to Magic Kingdom on Tuesday and on Wednesday I'm gonna go to Thursday and Saturday. A medical visit. Hollywood studios on Friday, I'm going toe Animal Kingdom. It was a lot serial soon in the next lesson. 7. Lesson 5: Class Project: less than five class project. Here's your class project number one. Pick your Disney Vacation Week or a practice week. Try and pick a week where you think you would likely be going to Disney World. Number to go to Disney dot com for park hours and extra magic hours. Information. Number three. Apply the historical busiest days of the week data that you learned in this class and number four. Decide which days of your week will have the fewest crowds. Bonus pixie dust for posting your Disney vacation photos and or your Disney vacation questions. See you real soon in the next lesson. 8. Lesson 6: BONUS Material: Lesson six Bonus material If you purchase the park hopper option with your magic your way tickets You can enter more than one Disneyworld park per day. You are able to come and go as you please toe any of the four Disney World parks for the duration of your tickets. 2016 Park hoppers costs $69 per ticket. If you have seven days of magic your way tickets, that's less than $10 per person per day. Park Hopper Options gives You're planning a new twist because you can leave the park when it gets busy. You are able to enjoy the extra magic hours if you'd like. So here is the plan if you have park hoppers. So I've taken everything into consideration the busiest days of the week per park and also where they have magic extra magic hours. So on the Sunday in the morning, why not go and enjoy those extra magic hours at Hollywood studios? And then when it starts to get busy about 11 or 12 o'clock, you can either head over to another park, go back to your resort for a little rest, go for a swim or have a nice meal. And then in the evening, you can go to either Magic Kingdom, Animal Kingdom or Epcot, or even all of them on Monday. Enjoy the extra magic hours in the morning at Animal Kingdom, then in the evening or afternoon, and go over to Epcot and Hollywood studios on Tuesday. In the morning, he could go to Magic Kingdom and or Hollywood studios and then in the evening, enjoy the extra magic hours at Epcot on Wednesday morning and go to Epcot and then enjoy the extra magic hours at Magic Kingdom. There's Day have those extra magic hours if you want at up, caught and then enjoy the other three parks in the afternoon on Friday, you have extra magic hours in the morning or maybe go over to Animal Kingdom. And then in the evening you can enjoy Animal, Kingdom or extra magic hours at Hollywood Studios. On Saturday, you goto Animal Kingdom in the morning for the extra magic hours and then, in the afternoon or evening, go to Epcot or Hollywood Studios serial Soon. In the next lesson, 9. Lesson 7: Final Thoughts: Lesson seven Final thoughts Walt Disney World is a magical journey I hope everyone can experience at least once in their lifetime. The reality is that it's expensive and overwhelming when you don't want to miss anything. I hope this class provided you with some new and practical information to help make your Disney vacation your dream vacation. Stay in touch, Post your crowd buster plan your Disney pictures and questions, and I hope Mickey Mouse will see you real soon.