Wall Flowers: Giant Gerbera Daisies (Includes Templates) | Heather Grimstead | Skillshare

Wall Flowers: Giant Gerbera Daisies (Includes Templates)

Heather Grimstead, Designer & Paper Artist

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7 Videos (16m)
    • Gerbera Daisy Introduction

    • Opening the DXF Files in Silhouette Studio

    • Importing SVG Files in Cricut Design Space

    • Rolling the Fringe Center

    • Adding the Outer Petals

    • Crafting the Inner Petals

    • Finishing the Flower


About This Class


Learn how to craft a large gerbera daisy from card stock — perfect for displaying on its own, in a group or as part of a wall of flowers for a wedding or other event. This is a beginner class that includes multiple downloadable templates. Choose from three options: a PDF for hand cutting the pieces, SVG files for use with Cricut Explore, and a DXF file that can be cut with a Silhouette craft cutter.

As you work on your daisy, take photos and share with others in the class project!

Tools and supplies:

  • Scissors
  • Craft glue
  • 20 sheets of card stock in the petal color (#65 works well)
  • 4 sheets of card stock in the center color
  • Templates (download for free from the class project)

Optional tools and supplies:

  • Chalk pastels
  • Cotton pad or cotton ball
  • Silhouette or Cricut Explore craft cutter
  • Wire for hanging

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Heather Grimstead

Designer & Paper Artist

I'm the owner and designer behind the online shop Especially Paper. I love all things paper -- from stationery and printed goods to three dimensional paper objects. I use a variety of tools to craft unique paper goods. Many items start as a design in Adobe Illustrator. I then cut shapes using a Silhouette digital cutter, laser cutter, or by hand.

I look forward to sharing some of what I've learned with you!

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