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Wake Up Earlier, Without Feeling Tired

teacher avatar Zachary Phillips, Meditation, Writing, Self-Improvement

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Watch this class and thousands more

Get unlimited access to every class
Taught by industry leaders & working professionals
Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

Lessons in This Class

10 Lessons (22m)
    • 1. Introduction To Waking Up Earlier

    • 2. Know Your Why

    • 3. When Do You Wake Up Now?

    • 4. One Minute A Day

    • 5. Sleep Cycles & You

    • 6. Actually Getting Out Of Bed

    • 7. Goal Setting

    • 8. Actually Get Tired During The Day

    • 9. Class Project

    • 10. Quick Recap

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About This Class

Reclaim Those Wasted Hours!

You are going to spend a third of your life asleep. Wouldn’t it be great if you could get some of that time back and not be tired?

It is important to remember that there is a healthy balance to be found here. Not enough sleep will leave you tired and irritable. Too much sleep will leave you feeling lethargic and full of guilt for wasting valuable time.

This time could be used for self-improvement, to exercise, to meditate, to read, to grow. You could have more time to spend with your family or to be put towards your business.

In this course you will learn how to get some of that time back – and not suffer in the process!

Contact Me:
Website: zachary-phillips.com | Social @zacpphillips

Further Resources:
How To Get Your Sh!t Together (multiple chapters w/free access) 
Changing Habits:101 (Skillshare course)
Establishing A Killer Morning Routine (Skillshare course)

Jocko Willink, Psychological Warfare

Meet Your Teacher

Teacher Profile Image

Zachary Phillips

Meditation, Writing, Self-Improvement


Zachary Phillips is a mental health advocate, author and mindset coach. In these roles he has helped thousands of people move from a place of barely surviving to passionately thriving.

He is the author of seven books including: How To Get Your Sh!t Together and Mindfulness: A Guidebook To The Present Moment, and the creator of the Depresso Espresso web comic.

He is also an instructor on Skillshare and Insight Timer, teaching mindfulness meditation, personal development, and creative writing.

He is a qualified school teacher, personal trainer, martial arts coach, and disability support worker. Working in these industries has given him a depth of experience teaching across multiple topics, to learners of all ages and ability levels. It has also enabled him to condense... See full profile

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1. Introduction To Waking Up Earlier: you're going to spend 1/3 of your lifetime asleep. Wouldn't be great if you could get some of that time back and not be tired this time. Could be used for self improvement, to exercise, to meditate, to read, to grow. It could be used to spend time with your family to build businesses, to do stuff in this course. I'm gonna teach you how to get some of that time back. How? Wake up earlier without feeling tired. My name. Zachary Phillips. I'm an online mental health advocate, author and coach. In this role, I've helped thousands of people move from a place of barely surviving to passionately thriving. And I hope that in this course I can help give you the time to implement more of the stuff to help you do the same. Let's get into it. 2. Know Your Why: The first step to changing any habit is to know why. I know you're why So in the changing habits course I went deep on this one. You need to know why you want to do something If you want to be successful. So ask yourself this. Why do you want to wake up earlier? Be specific. What exactly do you want to do with that time? Because if you know exactly what you want to do If you know why you want to get up earlier , it's gonna be easier. This is with any habit change. But this particularly what you gonna do with that extra hour that after to Alice there's extra minutes. So for me personally, the more the earlier I wake up, the more exercise I get to do, The more meditation I get to do, the more reading I get to do. The more off the worker that fills me with joy and passion. I get to do the more time I get to spend with my wife and my child. Then my reasons why. So I want you to do right now this is gonna form. The first part of the project is state your reasons why I want to wake up earlier so that I can do this. I want to have more hours in my day so I can do this right. State your reason why. If you know why you want to do something, you're far more likely to succeed other than all. I just want to get up earlier and do stuff that's not specific. Be specific. What are you gonna do with that time? Write it down and we're gonna come back to that as a part of the project later on. 3. When Do You Wake Up Now?: So the first step is you're going to need to stop working out a consistent white time and a consistent bedtime. You need to roughly get an idea for when you're waking up and when you go into bed. Because if you don't have those two categories in place, it's gonna be hard to start waking up earlier. Okay, So work out roughly what time you're going to bed now. Work at roughly what time you're waking up. If you've already got those sorted, door is moved to the next video. But for those that haven't got that sorted, you're gonna need to start working at those times. Do a rough bet. Now, you bet time might be a bit more lenient, but your wake up time what if you're waking up on average, start sitting in the lounge clock at that time. So if you're breaking up roughly at 7 30 for example, right through the night, it doesn't matter. Set the alarm clock then. And when that alarm clock goes off, get out of bed. Okay, I'm gonna talk to you about how to, you know, have the motivation to get up and actually just get out of bed. But for the first part, you're going to need to actually set a bedtime and setting a wait time so you can start expanding the time that you're awake and reducing the time that you're asleep to get the most out of good day. Now, just to clarify in this course I'm not going to be giving you this crazy device will enable you to sleep four hours a day. That's ridiculous. People sleep on average 6 to 9 hours, and you'll be able to find what your most effective limit is. You'll be able to get some more time. You gotta wake up earlier up to a certain limit. There will be a hard limit where you just can't push it any further without suffering from sleep deprivation and just making yourself less efficient and less effective were not. After that, we're after getting you the most time in a life appropriate way. What can you What is the amount of time that you can get to? So let's get to that. The first step is work. At what time you going to bed and make sure you get to bed by that time and work out what time you're waking up and set the alarm clock. At that time, 4. One Minute A Day: Okay, so now that you have a set, wake up time in a set bedtime. You know how many hours and minutes you're getting in the bed? So, what can we do with this? In the short course, I encourage you to watch this course. Change happens slowly. I go into this in the changing habits. Course, I talk about changing habits slowly. Now, one way to change habits is the slow, methodical overtime approach. And we're gonna attack bed like this, waking up earlier from the two ends Slowly end quickly. But the first approach is slow to get you into the groove. Waking up earlier. What you going to do is sit your loan clock for one minute earlier every day over time. So let's say your wake up time currently is 8 35 Tomorrow you're gonna set it at 8 34 then the day after at 8 33 And so once every day you're going to change that habit slowly. You're going to move the wake up time one minute earlier. Okay, one minute. The reason this is gonna work for you is that you won't notice it. One minute is doesn't feel like anything that over time that slow change that slow wake up over your months in one month, you've now got a our off time back. But it won't feel like that because it's happening slowly. Now, if you're going to this approach and you're finding your getting stuck in a number, that's okay, Stay there for a week, stay there for two weeks, but then stop one at one minute, only one minute early, one minute earlier and you're slowly gonna change it. And you won't feel tied because it's happening over a long time. Remember, old change needs to be life appropriate. E. And I'm gonna talk about how to do a quick approach. But at least initially, when you starting any sort of change slow life appropriate. So you're gonna get too shocked. Often works. Let's talk about the quick approach and some of the stuff you need to put in place. But stop this one minute earlier. Give it a try. One minute earlier every day 5. Sleep Cycles & You: Okay, So once you've been doing the one minute per day waking up earlier every time and you see that it's starting to have an effect, you gonna wanna you might want to straightaway just jump. Now that's understandable. The problem is, is that it can come in a bit of a shock, particularly if you jump to be Now, in order to know how far the jump you need to know a little bit of dream most not dream sleep cycles. So do it. Sometimes when you wake up and you just are awake and it just sort of you just get out of bed and you feel well rested and other times you wake up and it feels like you're just like you just you go. You know you got your right now asleep. But you, for whatever reason, just wake up and you just messed up. It takes a wild for to get back into the game to get out of bed. It's because you're working up in different sleep cycles, so we go through the sleep cycles. We go stayed 1234 321 Dream or R E M. Rapid eye movement now stages one and two. If you wake someone up in stages one too often they report that they weren't asleep. Now you do. Their brains scanned, you try and talk to them. They are asleep. But final report that they didn't get anything. If you wake them up in stages three and four, the deeper levels asleep. This is when they really knocked out. They report that you woke them up during these deep sleep, and it's hard for them to wake up. So what happens is if you wake up in the stages three and four, it could be very hard to get out of bed and very hard to motivate yourself. If you wake up in stages one and two, it's quite easy. So what does this mean? Well, this this secret 1234321 r E m. That all takes place over a 90 minute cycle. So what I suggest to you is, is if you're going to wake up earlier, wake up an hour and 1/2 earlier 19 minutes. If you find that your waking up at 8 30 and it's fine, you're waking up like Oh, I'm fresh if you want to do a big jump, you try the slow one. I can't that will work for some people. But other people, this jump will work. If you find you're waking up at 8 30 you're going, I can't waking up and I'm fine just waking up when I get out of bed like it's nothing. Wake up 1.5 hours earlier. That's at seven o'clock. You'll find that you'll feel basically the same as in getting out of bed will be and will be just as easy as getting up at 8 30 Now that's obviously doing a big jump, and that's fine. But it's doable. So, for example, I've been getting up at 6 30 every morning. That's sort of where I've gotten to know. I kept trying this one minute back, So I got I did my one minute back to get to 6 30 but I just couldn't quite push it past there. And then I've decided, OK, I'm going to jump back asleep cycle, and I'm gonna try waking up at 5 a.m. Why? Because I could get out of bed of that 5 a.m. time. I'm still waking up in that same portion of the sleep cycle, that same level, one of the sleep cycle. But I can get up and get out of bed like it's nothing. I'm not feeling much different throughout the day or in the morning, so cut it back slowly, like we did in the previous video. But if you want to do a big jump, if you want to try it, go on our and 1/2. If you go back half an hour of 45 minutes, gonna land smack bang in the house part and be like Oh my God, this is impossible and the interstate yourself up to fail. So try cut back slowly and then do a 90 minute jump if you want to jump. 6. Actually Getting Out Of Bed: Okay, so now the question is, is how do you just trying yourself to get up when the alarm goes off? How do you pull yourself out of that sleep cycle? And just like, because you're gonna try and wake up earlier? And no matter how you do it, you're going to feel this tiredness. Now, one of the things that helped me wasn't gonna link you to this. In the Resource Is Section was a resource by Jocko willing. This guy is a Navy SEAL commander. And in his training he learned to get to sleep very quickly and wake up very quickly. And he gave a couple of bits of advice. There's there's one album, one sort of spoken word thing that I'll link you to call psychological warfare. And in it he talks about getting up, and I'm gonna leave to that. But I'm sort of elaborate on it here. What he suggests is that there's one moment off weakness one moment. And if you push through that, if you deal with feeling like crap for 30 seconds and you just get up splashing water on your face and do a little bit of physical exercise like just a couple of push ups that will just train your brain to be able to get out. Now, I was a skeptical as you are right now. I'm like, there was no way that's gonna work. But then I tried it. I tried it from month and at the end of that month, I found that as soon as the alarm went off, I was just bank come up, the alarm goes off, and I just like, and I'm ready to guard. This was a polar opposite from where I used to be. I used to just not have a bedtime, not have awake time. And I just sort of wake up being a day that would take me ages to get my day off. Now, when the alarm goes off, I could just do it on his multiple things occurring here. The main one, though, is intention. I said to myself when this alarm clock goes off, I'm gonna force myself in bed for one month. I'm gonna just gonna try this and I encourage you to try this. You can hear all of these words. You can hear all the courses I do. But unless you do the work. It's not gonna happen. So I strongly encourage you to try this. She had the resource is and do them. And the thing you're gonna do is sit your alarm and fourth it force yourself to get up out of bed and go, and in one month you will find that you can just do it. You will find that your brain will wake you up. And you would just be like, OK, this is ready to go. It's like yourself getting primed for exercise. Your brain gets you ready and primed. You people that don't exercise If you throw them on the physical stress, they struggle. People that do exercise all the time can just go. Why? Because their brain in their body primed So you can learn to prime yourself in this area. And the second thing this goes back to that first video off. Why? If you go bang, you get up and you've got something to do that you're passionate about men. It just makes the most details because you realize makes much difference. You realize that Oh my God. I'm gonna get up and I get to do that thing. You'll realize that your goals are waking. You okay? You realize that you wake up and it's like my dreams. My goals are waking me, the beds Nice. But it's not doing this thing. So the next video, we're gonna talk back a little bit about gold sitting. 7. Goal Setting: so I feel a little bit funny. Me talking about goal setting in a had a wake up video. But the reason is is that it always back to that reason why why you're getting up, what's what's the whole point of this, right? So if you have a goal, if you have something they're aiming towards, now this could be like an external thing, like winning a prize, getting a promotion and you said, amount of money buying a car, whatever it could be intern, like achieving some sort of personal gain, establishing a morning routine. It could be familial based. It doesn't matter what the goal is. But if you know your why, if you're going, my goal to achieve what I want to achieve is this in a life, it gives you this purpose. Now, having an overall purpose in life is intrinsically motivating. Now people often set goals that that sort of like getting stuff, goals, this sort of money about this sort of thing, and that's fine. At least of the starting point. Start setting some goals. I'm gonna put out a whole course on gold sitting at some stage, but in the interim work out what you want and start aiming towards that in your life. And if you have that goal, this is the reason why you're watching this video so it shouldn't be too hard. Toe workout. What? You know what what goals to write down Austin suggest because you have them. Otherwise, why would you want to get up earlier? Right? You want to get up earlier to do something? What is your goal? Why do you want to achieve? Get that down pat now your why? To wake up early. It could be the same as your life goal or could be different. That's why I put them into different videos. But this goal is more like a like a like I want to wake up earlier so I can spend more time with my family or to meditate or to exercise a life goal. What I'm aiming towards used to write a best selling fiction novel, it's to win a martial arts championship, right? It's to get a certain body fat percentage, right? These are you know, these are my sort of goal that I'm aiming towards. Now they're related to my wife while wanna wake up because everything's related. But I've got these big life goals and the earlier I get up the earlier I start my day, the sooner I can start attacking those goals. So have a why of why you wanna wake up earlier and a life goal stopped going down that process. Like I said, follow me and I will make videos on how to do gold sitting. They will come in the interim, just set a goal, write it down and stop aiming toward that. And that will help you to motivate you to get up and get out of bed and get more time in your day to shoot those goals and everything else that you have to do. 8. Actually Get Tired During The Day: Another thing that will help you to wake up earlier is to get sleepy up throughout the day . We have this fear that we're going to be tied, and then we're not gonna be able to do anything right. But there's something really rewarding end pleasant about going through a whole day of work during your exercise during your work, during all of that sort of stuff, spending time and then hitting the bed and just falling asleep, right. There's something pleasant about that, and it's not something to be afraid of. It's actually something to be embraced and push towards. My ideal day involved me waiting, apparently doing a lot of stuff physical, mental, spiritual, family or whatever and then hearing the bed with nothing left to give for that day, right? Because what happens is if that happens when I laid down. I go to sleep straight away. If I'm not tired, if I'm not sleepy, if I've had too much caffeine or being watching, you know, looking at a screen too late at night night, I don't fall asleep. My sleep gets disrupted. It it's a bit less disjointed, and I'm tired of the next day, right So what I found is is actually a good thing. To embrace the sleeping is to push for it, to to work harder during the day, to be able to get a better night's sleep, to be ableto wake up refreshed the next morning and do it again. So I want to sort of suggesting this to you to do a couple things. One. Push yourself a bit more throughout the day. Make us up. Would be tired of do a bit more exercise. So people are all of this sort of stuff to get self tighter and be okay with that. It's okay to end the night tide. You actually should be hitting the big man. I got nothing more to give because that will allow you to To do get a full deep and rested sleep, you'll wake up feeling more refreshed. The Thai do you go to sleep? It's paradoxical. I none, but it does work. And on this topic and related to this topic is exercise daily. The more you exercise now, I exercise first in the morning. Actually, I I wake up, I meditate. Then I exercise. Now I'm playing with the order of these two. I'm thinking about trying the exercise first, then the meditation. That's me playing around with my own personal brain and my own morning ritual looking at yourself. But I strongly strongly advised that you exercise at least once per day and preferably in the morning. One of the first things you do. Why? Because it primes you for the day you get your body moving in. It gets the adrenaline and the hormones and all of that out of the good stuff going. It tells your brain and your body were up ready to go. So when I wake up, I like I said, I pride myself into this. I did a little bit of exercise, and you can do it to spend just one minute one singular minute. Now, as you're coming back the first minute, you should spend as you cut back one minute each day. Spend that first minute doing push ups. Honest to God, you've heard that one minute by moving your your wait time back. One minute. Spend it doing push ups. First thing you do wake up God told, drink whatever you needed her on the floor. One minute. Push up. You might be able to do three. You might be able to you 10. You might be able to go until that one minute goes Doesn't matter. Do as many as you can. And if you If you have to stop and rest, that's one thing. You can do some more. Do some more. Just one minute and you will wake up and you'll be your field. Your body will be like Ha, ha, This is what this is what life feels like. This is what? Oh, I just do this. And if you do those things, if you exercise and obviously increase that exercise of the time you're feeling all tied are not unlike that of the side of this little section that will help you fall asleep, you'll get it's compounding. So try and embrace that tightness wake and the first thing you should do is a little bit of exercise. Let's just one minute. Give it a try 9. Class Project: the class project is a simple one. You've already started gonna write down your why I am getting up earlier because and just write down why you want to get out earlier. Okay, that's the first part. The second part you're going to write is current Wake time, as in the time you currently wake up Ideal waking time. The idea. The goal that you want to achieve in terms of waking up time. That's it. Why you wanna wake up earlier where you currently are, Where you're gonna be, where you're gonna aim to get to So why should you do this project? If you put things at their publicly I eat May or to society. You're more likely to achieve them. We are creatures of social proof. If you say hey un committing to this, you are more likely to do it. So if you are serious about this, do the project. Write down your why write down where you are, where you want to get to and then update me Now. Obviously you don't have to do any of this. But the more you do this and what you hold yourself accountable. An old respond back. I'll be like, Hey, good luck. Good doing this. And if you've got any questions Yeah, that's the place to ask me. And I'll respond back to you. We're gonna help you get more time in your day, right? Hold yourself accountable. To me. To the world. To yourself. What's your Why? Why do you wanna wake up earlier? Where you where you want to get to And over time, we'll see where you're actually getting to. So after a month, you could be like, Hey, Zack, I got to this area. I'm now at a 60. Wake up. I mean, out of five AM Wake up. I'm now. Wherever. Okay. So wherever you're at where you want to get to annual, why get that down in the class projects now? 10. Quick Recap: waking up earlier is a way to get more into your day to do more for yourself, for your family, for your job, for your career, feel life. So if you can start working on these strategies the one minute earlier strategy every day you're gonna do a big jump that 90 minute to do the sleep cycle jump at the start. You may feel tired or stressed or not be able to really manage it. The way to get through that is to stop prime in yourself. When the alarm goes off, make it a clear conviction. Bang. I'm gonna get up and go, and for one month now go through it and you'll prime yourself. And then you'll become like me who can wake up five am in the morning and go, I'm going. But what you can do that is wake up. And the first thing that first minute you get you get you spent doing push ups as some sort of exercise. Okay, give it a try, remember, Hold yourself accountable. Do your class project work at your why work out where you are. Work out where you're gonna get to write them down, and we can communicate in trouble, shoot anything. They're now up there. You'll probably see something that says, Leave a reliever of you. Your reviews help keep this channel going. It helps. Tell me where I'm going. Right where I'm going wrong. Well, I can improve upon what I'm doing. Well and importantly, what other sort of courses you want so quick? That review. Tell me how I'm going. And then in the review section say, Hey, I would love to see a video on this topic and own make it. It's a great way to let me do it just It just makes me feel could right now if you like what I'm doing here and you want to check out what else I'm doing, I've got a block of a podcast. I got a bunch of books. I've got a whole lot of stuff happening. You can check that out of my website at Zachary hyphen Phillips dot com, And you want to connect with me on social media, see my little video, see all of the stuff I'm doing. You can find me everywhere all across social at Zach P. Phillips. So yes, thanks for listening, guys. And let's start waking up earlier and getting more out of that day. Catch up