WP Beginner - How to create a Viral Website with Zero Coding Skills | Shahe Imran Imon | Skillshare

WP Beginner - How to create a Viral Website with Zero Coding Skills

Shahe Imran Imon

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About This Class

If You are a complete Beginner, If you have zero programming Skills, If you don't know a single thing about coding. No worries. Even as a complete beginner you will be able to create a viral look alike website in less than an hour. I am not a programming guy as well but still I have found a way to create dynamic and attractive website using this simple method. And Good News is I am going to share the tactics with you today. It's newbie friendly so you will understand every single step I have made. You have visited website like buzzfeed or viralnova at least once in your life. Well, with this method you will be able to build website like this even with zero coding skills. Let me show you step by step.

1. You will be able to create website in less than 1 hour.

2. Your website will look dynamic and very professional without even editing a single line of coding.

3. You can even build website for your clients or sell gigs on Fiverr

Bonus: If you want to create a authority blog for your Facebook Fan Page or Youtube Subscribers, You don't have to hire a professional anymore. It's now in your hand.

Journey in the New World by Twin Musicom is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution license (https://creativecommons.org/licenses/by/4.0/)
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Internet Marketing is my passion. No matter what comes through I will never ever gonna leave this Industry. It has given me many things and I am expecting more. Since the way of earning in this industry is substantial, I am here for a very long time that I can tell You.

This is Shahe Imran Imon and I am an Internet Marketer.

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