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WIX Website SEO Basics For Beginners

teacher avatar Greg Gottfried

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Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

Watch this class and thousands more

Get unlimited access to every class
Taught by industry leaders & working professionals
Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

Lessons in This Class

8 Lessons (15m)
    • 1. Introduction

    • 2. Using The "Wix SEO Wiz"

    • 3. How To Connect Your Website To Google

    • 4. Managing Your "On-Page SEO"

    • 5. How To Use "Alt Text"

    • 6. What Are "Heading Tags"

    • 7. Utilizing Your Website "Footer"

    • 8. A Few Extra Helpful Tips

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About This Class

If you have a Wix Website, you'll love this fast and straightforward class that teaches you all about SEO (Search Engine Optimization).

Follow along in this class to learn how SEO works on Wix website builder and what you can do to help your website get found on the internet. From the very first steps, to the more advanced SEO skills, Greg walks through how to get your Wix website found online. Learn how to:

  • Master the basic SEO skills
  • Learn about the more advanced SEO skills
  • Discover common SEO mistakes to avoid

After taking this class, you'll have the skills to customize your Wix website's SEO to help your site show up on the internet.

Meet Your Teacher

Greg is an internationally recognized digital marketer. His business experience comes from a combination of being venture funded in a startup incubator and the real-world business experience that followed.

He places a high priority on reading and education. His favorite book: The Go-Giver - Bob Burg & John Mann.

He goes above and beyond answering questions and replies promptly to messages and discussion boards.

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1. Introduction: Hi, everyone. And welcome to this skill share. Of course, my name is Greg and today I have a very important course for you. If you have a Wicks website, I do a lot with Wix websites and time and time again, I see people making a great wicks website but forgetting to do the search engine optimization. This is what helps you show up in Google. So in this quick course, I'm gonna go over every step you need to do. You can follow along on your own site so you can optimize the S E o on your Wicks website and show up in Google. So without further ado, let's get started. 2. Using The "Wix SEO Wiz": Alright, guys. So the first thing we need to do here is probably the most important. And this is to cover the basics of our search engine optimization and what we want to show up for in Google. So wakes actually makes it extremely easy for us. And they created this thing called a Wicks S e O Wiz. So the first thing we have to do here is, as you can see, I just have to tabs. I just have our website here on the dashboard and then I have actually in the editor. And again, if you're new here, all you have to do is hit site actions and then edit site. It will bring you into the editor here. So from the editor, the very first thing we're gonna do is go up to settings, which is just up here, and we're gonna come down to get found on Google. What this is going to do is load, and it's actually gonna bring us into the wicks S e o wits, which is this right here. And this is the biggest move that Wickes has made for search engine optimization. They got a lot of flak in the past because there s CEO was not that great, and WordPress was better. But over the past few years, Wickes has really taken this to a next level. So all we have to do here is hit start now and actually brings you through, like a 15 question survey, if you will. Here and all you have to do is answer the questions. So it's going to ask for the information that they need for SC. Oh, so you don't have to do any guessing. So all you have to do here has come through and put in your company name here. I'm just gonna use free website for this example. And then do you have a physical locations? Where you are service businesses is something that's local. Where do you sell products online that you can sell anywhere in the country or in the world ? It's either yes or no. So if you're a service, you'll do yes, a specific area. And then we'll have you put in what that location is. If it just online, then you have no location here. So this is actually my favorite part right here. This is the key words for your website. These will be extremely important because they determine what we show up for when people search things on Google. So take your time here and go through and right in what? You think people would be searching on Google to find you and just the keywords of it. So if you're a photographer, you could do photographer. If you're freelance photographer, you could do that. If you're a wedding photographer, we could just do something like wedding photographer and we'll press comma and then we can get a little bit more specific with it. Wedding photographer in Florida And then we could go even further and do wedding photographer North Florida. So just to get more specific on here and then press comma to separate those. And now we have our three of three set here. And remember, you can change us at any point, but all we're going to do now is just hit create s CEO plan. Okay, Now, weeks has taken our keywords on what we want to show up for our location aware businesses and what the name of our business is, and it creates a plan. So now we just go to our plan and now we have everything right here. If it has a check mark, that means that is all set. If it has a little exclamation point, that means we have to fix that. This is one of the biggest things that Wickes has done to make their s e o really good. And it's literally step by step. So there's no guesswork here. You just go through each 11 by one. And then if you need any help, you could just come over here and watch the video and get additional help. If you have any questions along the way So that's the first thing we need to do here. I don't want to spend time going through every single one of these. They should be pretty self explanatory. They basically give you exactly what you need. And all you have to do is basically copy this Goto editor and paste it things like that. So go through all of this and make sure all of these have check marks And remember your keywords here. You can come back and see these any time, but these will be useful. I'm gonna talk about that later in this course and again if you need help through this, just hit the watch. A video here 3. How To Connect Your Website To Google: all right, so moving right along. Once we've gone through and made all of these check marks, there's one thing that we need to do right here, and it's conveniently on the same page, and this is actually connecting it to Google. So right here it says, connect agu will get your site listed on Google. But what that really means behind the scenes is your submitting your site map to Google. And what a site map is is basically the layout of your website so that Google can start indexing you. So absolutely make sure that you connect your site to Google. And with that being done, it should take only a couple days for your site to start showing up in Google. What's also good about this is for your company. They'll take a couple of days for it to start showing up in Google, but also, if you're doing a website for a client and they want to show up in Google, you can connect it to Google here and they will be satisfied. Within a couple days they will start to see their website on Google, and you don't have to deal with any of the technical back end things on Google, which is the search console. So if you were to do this manually, you would have to do that and verify it and everything. But with Wicks, all you have to do is use this button and it connects it right to Google. So that's step number two is to make sure you connect your site to Google. 4. Managing Your "On-Page SEO": All right, So now that we've gone through the Wicks CEO is and we have all these should be check marks and we have our site connected to Google here, so it's actually indexed. Now we can move on to step number three. Now what this is is I'm actually gonna go to the other tab, go back to our wicks editor, and this is managing our pages here. So come right up to the home button and hit the down arrow, and then we're gonna hit manage pages and then on each of these pages, we can actually have these three dots here, and it brings up more settings for each of these. Now we're gonna hit that, and then we're gonna go toe CEO. And this is where a lot more of the S e. O comes in for our website. So we have to make sure we do this properly. So the very first thing we need to do is scroll all the way to the bottom and make sure that show this page and search results is actually turned on. A lot of times, people will have this turned off for some reason or another, and they're trying to figure out why they're site is not showing up in Google. And that is why something as small as this conduce the trick. So make sure that this has turned on not only for the home page, but for every other page as well. And then we have a couple other things that weaken doing here. So this is actually what's going to show up in Google. So right now, this is the preview of what would show up in Google for our home page. So what we need to do is customize this box here and this box here. So the first thing is just the title. Now, this should be set. If you've gone through the whole Wicks CEO whiz, it should have your page, name, location and site name all set here. And then a description of the page also should be done in your wicks. S CEO is this is a big thing that I just want to make a second point that we're paying attention to for all these because it's going to show up in the Google search results looking exactly like that. So if it doesn't look right, people aren't going to click on it and you're missing out on potential traffic just because of something small like this. So go through all of your pages and make sure that you have this filled out and this box filled out and it looks good in the Google preview. 5. How To Use "Alt Text": all right. So now that we've gone through all of these and made sure that our previous look good for Google now we need to move on to images. So let's click off of this. You just click on the background over here so Google can actually see the images, how we see the images. They see the information behind them. So what we need to do is actually put in what's called the All tags on these images. So on background, you can't actually do it. So that's a full background. You don't have any images here, no images here in just a map. So let's go in and find a page that has images on it. So if you come over here, let's go to our about page. Now we have some images we can deal with here. So, as you see, each of these are images so we can click on this and we can hit settings. So now if we scroll down, we can enter the all tags or the all text and tell Google what the image actually is. So in this example, it could be this person's first and last name, and then maybe their position and the company name this way. When someone types in the first and last name, or if they type in the company name or the position of the company, it's going to say who it is. And it will actually show in Google images that this person is the founder at this company , and this is what their name is. So you have to fill out all of these for all the images, so that Google knows what that image actually is. And when someone searches that on Google, it can show those in Google images. So go through every page of your website and go to every image and make sure you at all text all tags toe all of those images. 6. What Are "Heading Tags": Okay, so I hope you guys air following along. Well, we only have a couple more things we need to do here. Once we've added in the all text for these images, we're gonna click off of this. And now it comes down to actually formatting the text that's on the pages. So, as you know, when you read something like a newspaper, your eyes glance at what the headline is. And then you have all the paragraphs so you can kind of jump and see all the headlines. Well, we need to do the same for Google so they know what our pages are about. So something starting with our about page here we have the title of the page. So what we need to do is highlight this title and we can either change it right here to heading one. I don't like to do that because it changes the style you can actually scroll down. It can change the heading tag right here, just h one. And this is heading one. So this is the most powerful heading that you can use on your website for Google to pick up as what? The headline of this page is. So as you can see, this is now a church one. You're going to want this one to be paragraph. So you want this to be Pete, So make sure that you have a heading to tell what the pages about, and then you have your paragraph below. Now, if you have separate headings on your page, if they break down into different sections, you can have the main one as h one and you could have a separate heading that breaks into more paragraphs as h two. Just make it easy for Google to see, and they want to see that it's consistent. So as we go to the other pages services here, we can just double click this one, and we can switch it to H one and make sure that this text is set on peak, which that's perfect. And we'll go through all of our pages and we'll just do the same thing here Now on your home page. The layout, maybe slightly different. So your company name or whatever you want really to stand out. I would likely change this to the company name or something. We can change that just to R. H. one tag. So it's the main thing on our site. Google knows what the headline of our home pages and I know I said that very briefly, but I would likely change this to the company name. I like to put the company name or what the company does. Achieving growth is very general. Now that looks good for a template. But if you're trying to rank for something I would put wedding photography were wedding photography north Florida and then the company name above it. And make those both H one and h one that way instantly. When someone lands on your website, they know who you are, what you do. And at the same time, you're making those both heading one. So Google knows exactly what you do and what the website is. Four. Now, if you scroll down and you have different subsections, you can switch these two h twos and this again could be an H two right here, h two, because they're all just smaller headings underneath your main heading here. So go through your whole site and make sure that your site is formatted with H ones and then below it and more non relevant things. You can have your P four paragraphs 7. Utilizing Your Website "Footer": All right, guys, now that we put in, all of our headings were basically onto the last step here and then after this, I have a couple of tips for you. So this is the last real thing we need to do to our site. And that is the scroll all the way to the bottom. And we need to put in the business information about our site. So as you can see in this template, it's basically already done for us. So we have our company address. Now, if you are an online business, you don't have to do this. And this comes with a map. It just works on this template. You don't have to have a map either, but the core thing that I want to get out here is you wanna have your company's contact information on your site? Not only is this gonna help Google, it's gonna tell them what your contact information is. When people are actually interacting with your site. They need no your phone number, your email address or even your location. If you are a local business, so make sure that you have that at the bottom of your site and It's something that I also really suggest you do is to add in your social media. So as you can see in this template, there's only a couple little things of social media on Lee Facebook and Twitter. You may have more than this, but what this is actually going to do is tell Google that this is the real website for the company and the reason that it's the rial website for the company is because it's linked to the rial social media pages for that company. There could be a lot, especially in the celebrity world. There could be a lot of fake websites or a lot of websites that have the company name on it that Google might think are the real website. But by doing this you're telling Google that this is the main website and the rial website for this company and the way that you add this is just to come over here and then scroll down to social and now you can drag any of these in there, so if you want to customize it, you want it to look different. You can use any of these over here and you just hit set social links and you can connect them right to your social media pages. Now, if you have more than Facebook and Twitter, you can add icons here and you can add all the different platforms that you do offer, and then you can link them all up. So those are the last two things that I want to talk about for adding to your site for S E O. And then the next lecture, I'm gonna talk about some tips and something that I do recommend as an extra step if you want to take your go to the next level. 8. A Few Extra Helpful Tips: Okay, So to finish this off, I have a couple of general tips. And then one thing that I do suggest you do if you want to take this to the next level. So the first general tip is to keep it simple and keep it authentic, so you don't have to go over the top. You just have to set this all up properly and make sure you do it the first time, right? So if you've gone through all those steps and you've got all your check marks in the S, E O is and you've done everything from this course, you should be in good standing. If you ever feel like you're doing something that's not authentic or its artificial, just know that Google is extremely smart. And every day they're getting smarter and smarter, figuring out people trying to trick the system. So just be human about it. Put in what you want to show up for, and Google will do the rest. Now, the second thing is to make sure that you put on your website what you want to show up for . I know that sounds kind of redundant, but remember, here I said this really isn't a good thing. If you put a Chuan tag on this, achieving growth isn't really going to help. You don't want to show up for that. So putting in your company name and then putting in wedding photography in North Florida those are the things you want to show up for. And then by putting the H one tags on them, it's going to help Google. So just keep it simple, be authentic and actually put in what you want to show up for those in my overall tips for this And then the one thing that I did want to add to this. If you want to take this to the next level and you're willing to spend some time on this or paying intern or pay someone to do this for you, you can actually add a blawg to your website. So all you have to do for this is actually scroll right over here and you commit start blogging. Then you can add a block to your website. It creates a new page just up here, and then you have a blogger. It's something where you can either use it just from your phone and you can type out blawg posts. Or you can come into the back end here and you can create posts and you can manage posts. But the reason that this helps so much and again this is a long term play because it does take time to create these posts and for them to start ranking and Google. But you can put in your keywords of what you want to show up for. Wedding photography, wedding photography, Florida and you can work them into posts. And the reason that you want to make these posters because it's valuable content. You want to write about things that people are searching on Google, and the hope behind this is that Google sees that you have valuable content on your website . You're updating it regularly, so it's fresh content, as opposed to someone who made a wedding photography website two years ago and hasn't touched it. Google is actually going to prefer yours because you're updating it regularly, and you're putting in those keywords of what you want to show up for. So Google sees who there's new information about wedding photography in Florida on this website, and they keep adding more things. We'll show them higher and Google because it's going to give a better experience compared to that site that was made two years ago and never touched. So that's the one thing that I didn't throw in here at the end again. It does take more work to do this, and it is a long term play. But just know that you can add in a block here completely for free, and it just adds another tab and then you can update this. You could even do it from the smartphone app, so there is no big hurdles here. It's very simple to do. It just takes extra time. And remember, after you've done everything to your site, make sure you save it. Make sure you preview and it all looks good. Make sure it looks good on mobile as well, and then you can publish it. Make sure you publish it so you have all the new things on your active site. So with that being said, I hope that really helped you guys, and I hope you went through this step by step. If you need to go back and review any lectures, feel free to do that because I went quickly through this. And the reason I divided these up into separate lectures that you could do it one by one. So if you have any questions, feel free to let me know. I hope you enjoy this. And it saved you some time and brought you some value. And I will see while in the next course.