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teacher avatar Michelle Kral, ARTIST :)

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Watch this class and thousands more

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Taught by industry leaders & working professionals
Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

Lessons in This Class

9 Lessons (55m)
    • 1. Snowdrops intro

    • 2. Snowdrops looking at

    • 3. Snowdrop supplies

    • 4. Snowdrops warm up






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About This Class


First in a series of watercolour spring floral classes....come and paint beautiful snow drops with me...




Meet Your Teacher

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Michelle Kral



I am a freelance  Artist and Textile designer based from my 18th century former pub in West Auckland Durham UK, where i live with my very tall son and crazy dog Cyril.

My passion is painting flowers in watercolour. I am inspired by the beautiful countryside around me and my very large garden where I have some of the most beautiful flowers to paint.  I also love to share my knowledge and  teach watercolour classes privately and online.

I have a very varied style and prolific way of working, I use a mixed range of media, I just love to paint... digital, vector, photoshop, illustrator, gouache, acrylic, pen and ink...anything that makes a mark!  if i am not creating i am not me.

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1. Snowdrops intro: Hi, I'm Isha Qala. Nomine artist Administrator. We're going to paint lovely spring florals. Come enjoy painting with me. You don't Trains will go Show goes on. Teoh just wants. You know I never have to, even for I just want, you know. 2. Snowdrops looking at: just have a quick click. Snowdrops fit in real life thes air from my garden. They have been passed it at the moment. They're just coming to the end, but they're still really pretty and delicate. There's such a delicate flower. You can see the petals they have three. Sorry. Three outside petals. Excuse my horrible nails on Thean inside off them, um, they have green like stripes on the inside of pedals getting back with affords muddled up if you can see in their on their really pretty and their little yellow statement in the middle And then they have really thin neck and a leaf that comes from from here Way they hang Take a good look How way Oh, and you'll be able to paint them better. This'd is That leaves if you like How flowers quiet in general on like the number of petals they have, the way they hang what they grow with. Even though I don't paint like botanically, I like to make sure I've got, like, the essence of the flower so people could looked and say, Oh, yes, that is a It's no drop because I could paint like make up my mind, not drops, but that would look quite right. See if you did like 20 white petals that wouldn't like snowdrop, Really? So you have to sort of have a bit of knowledge of the flower, your painting before you can do it, as it was a good idea to have a good look around. I know it's difficult to find the real flowers sometimes, but with the Internet you could find lots of fate A's off them and just have a really good look. I get the feeling that way. 3. Snowdrop supplies: food supplies. For this class, you will need paper. Make sure you buy water color paper on. It's good quality. I like this one. By daily Bernie, it's make sure you get £140 or above. Otherwise you'll have problems with paper crinkling when it gets wet on. This is a really good quality paper thick, and it has a nice sort grain on it because it's cold pressed. If you have hot pressed paper, it's completely sneeze. But I always like a bit of grain on my paper. I also have this paper, but she's 100 £40.300 pounds, 300 grand. Sorry, 300 grand cold press on. This is a government blocks. It's glued on all sides on. Then you have a little gap where it's not glued. We can pull the pages. Miss keeps it really flat. Nice is, quite, uh, by these most places, so just have a look around. They're called double two blocks brushes I'm going to be using for this is a number eight. No, not number three and number 12 sable Brush on. And when it's wet, it has a really nice points at any round brush with a nice point and also going to be using another six well, and that's a round brush with a nice point. Walter Colors. I like these, Cheap said by Mission. Make sure you get good quality water colors you condone. Use the pans as well. Winter Newton pans get I have parrot. This is the palate concepts, admission, paying, unionized and um, excuse filthy. That's how I paint. It's scary, but you could have a clean pellet. You need some water left. Nice picture of water. Make sure keeps nice and clean on some paper towel for blotting. Let blocked a lot because I paint wet on wet and I like to mop up lots of cuddles. That's what supplies you will need. 4. Snowdrops warm up: way going to warm up a bit and get used to the colors used is quite difficult painting white flowers, so I like to mix up. It's a little bit muddy looking, trying not to get money. I like to mix up like it purposely very slightly. I use like a move and mix it with a big green, but make it quite watery. So you've got like it. Shady movie green color. And that's what I used to make the flowers. Little boy can sound a bit strange. You could make it a bit blue here if you want blue here. Bluey Grey, which would look quite pretty as well that it's quite difficult to paint white flowers. But they have fun. It's just a warm up. Just cracked. Try mixing up some off shade colors on. You can stop painting some petal shapes. Yes, and I like to drop in other colors into my painting as I work, just practice and brush straits and dropping in water and just seeing what colors you like to use. It's a bit dark, murky for flower meaning, but it might be nice. Try like to believes. Just try some brush strikes try and use like simple brush strikes, have a good practice. Seem what colors you like together. Get a few paint in the brush. Try painting shape of the flower practice and try using your paper towel. Blot out some air is so the best way to paint what flowers to paint the shades, Really, with shadows in the dark hair is so just have a practice and playing splashing about playing with your brush strikes. Do you quite delicate flower, So I'm gonna look quite delicate when it's finished. Hopefully has a play around until you're happy. You feel quite confident that you've got the colors you want to use in the brush strikes on its looking okay, and then we're ready to paint. 5. PAINTING ONE: wait. Don't paint. Quite simple one to begin with. I'm just going to do a couple of flowers on a simple white background. Make sure you have for your inspiration in front of you. I have the actual flowers. You need to think about the composition of the painting. I don't paint draw. I mean at the flower. To begin with, I go straightening with my watercolor. If you're a bit nervous, you can draw out what you want to do first. The best way to do this is to use a water soluble pencil. Now I'm ready to begin painting. I'm starting to really pale movie Bluey Grey color. I'm mixed up. It's quite watery paint, and I'm just mapping out the first few petals of the main flower that painting E stop dropping in other colors as I go and then work my way up. I like to keep everything quite wet. Loose E. Keep dropping in lots of water. No way. I'm using the tip of the brush to draw stem. Try and keep your brush. Strokes were simple and not fiddle about too much. Just let the paint do what it wants to do. Remember you can always blot out the paint if it's bit too much to keep the highlights. Remember to keep painting shadows of the petals rather than the actual petal itself. Try and keep it a simple as you can remember when you paint color, you paint from light to dark so you start off really lightly and then you start adding in the shadows on the dark color, says Ugo. No way. That's the first flower basically done, and I'm going to add in the 2nd 1 this one, I'm gonna paint a little bit darker because it's in background or something like not show up as much as the 1st 1 That makes sense. I'm using the same principle and keeping my brush strikes really simple. - Remember to keep in dropping lots of water. I'm betting out to keep the highlights. Now I'm coming in and getting a bit more shade in detail. - Adult leaves to the plant, certain it's like expanding the way to the bottom and blended it all in setting like it had a grand stander and then keep adding some shadows as you go just to start making it pop that way. Detail of little Dream big that's in the center leaves petals with the centre petals of the flower. It's a delicate flower, and there's a lot of like little fiddling around just to get it to look quite right. Remember to keep looking at your inspiration. Try not to fiddle around it too much. But at the final details, I'm just adding the final details to the petals. You can see the little veins that run through it, and it's what makes the petal but the flower stand out, and I think I'm done. 6. EXTRA SUPPLIES FOR PAINTING TWO: theme. Next painting. I'm going t o look up more supplies, which is masking fluid insult. First off, masking cleared. You get lots of different kinds of masking fluid. You can get ones that coming like pump marker and liquid ones. Here. I'm showing you what the pump market does. It's quite simple to use. I find a bit tricky. They don't always work that well, but I would show you. And this is the colorless masking fluid is actually whites the winds and new one. When using the liquid masking fluid, you need to make sure you use a really old brush because it will mess up your brush completely. Or you can use one of these plastic nip brushes. You can also have a massive lead that comes with a fine point on the end, responds big bund ups. While I can't use it in the moment, lead to one block it. This is my favorite masking fluid. It works really well. You really do need to test it on the paper you're working on because some papers react differently to different mask includes, and you end up pulling up the paper and it won't come off and you have a bit of a nightmare . You have to make sure you leave the masking for it to dry completely. Don't use any heat, otherwise you won't get it off And don't leave. It is far too long, like a couple of days and you won't get it off either. Whilst I'm waiting, must complete two giant shake use assault for its ordinary table salt. I'm just gonna lay down a dark wash. I think I'm just going t smooth on. Leave it completely dry. I'm not gonna use a hair dryer or anything on next time. It's magic. I've done the masking played here. I'm going. Teoh, make sure it's completely dry. First, before you go and paint every off wise would pick up bits are very in your nice brush. Don't ever use a good brushed. And also don't use a heat on it. That is a hair dryer and it because it would make it stick to the paper too much and you won't be getting off. All say it's get to try out your masking fluid on the paper you're going to use because different paper and absorbs the masking fluid more than others. Dune some pumped, it won't come off. So that's just a warning. Thing is dry, and I'm just gonna paint a top. Let's try to show you defects when it's completely dry. Kates Um, it's really dry on top of the masking fluid to remove it. I usually just use my finger on just rub lightly over the top, but it should come off. But simply like that. I think this was a pen he penned. I found that it doesn't work as well as the paint form masking fluid, and you have Teoh use a rubber that is a party member to remove it and then it doesn't always still doesn't always work. You can see that the trans seeming a bit more. You can see that the paint you can still see the paint has gone through it, so I don't think that much off these. They do works Sometimes. If you got a little details to Dio, I think that would be fine and they do work better on paper. That smooth thing is the other paint on one the colorless one and see where that's Connell smudgy. That's where I painted over the masking fluid and it wasn't. It wasn't quite dry. So you get that herbal, look to it, saying, As you could see, it comes off quick. Easy For this one. This is my favorite won t use, Which is the Blue Mosque in fluid. Okay, this is the experiment we did with the soap. As you can see, hips is given a lovely frosting texture dropping off axis. So it does this because the salt absorbs the moisture quicker than the paint dries. And then you end up with Chris and it just worked really lovely on you. Get different effects moved. The different paints you use is, well, different papers on before. Don't use a hairdryer on it. Just let it dry. Naturally, you get the effects happening. 7. PAINTING TWO BACKGROUND: I can't stop this painting. I'm going to start off by masking out the areas that I want to keep white to begin with. And then we're going to do a really nice loose background. Remember when you're using masking flew to use a media old brush before you begin. Because, um, you don't want to mess up your brush and what I do, I just dipped the brush into the masking fluid and paint what I want to be kept white. You can draw very lightly with a water soluble pencil First, if you have a bit worried about going straight in way way, you can always draw out your composition first on the separate piece of paper, and then just copy that if you like and way stems and leaves in way. E do you use this mosque? Include quite sickly, as I find it works a bit better like that, and you can also use light rush strikes as well that just like just who leaves a bit of paper showing through when you're finished, make sure you just leave it to dry completely. Don't use a hair dryer or any weight on it. E this masking fluid dry completely. No need to make sure it's completely dry. Otherwise it's not been a work properly. And also you miss a brush The aim of this I'm gonna create a lovely dark background. So the white flowers show through on. I'm going to be using the tapes or a swell toe. Ads like texture. Settlers like that So snowed a little bit on. We're gonna paint like it dark a dark blue, then going into green create like this like it's sitting in the field of the thing. But I'm gonna paint the background quite dark, free and loose, wet and just have fun with their dropping lots of color Way amusing wins a blue, quite vibrant. Contrast with white families. Don't be too precious about this. Just slap it on. Drop in lots of water. I'm using my bigger brush. This is why I'm using my number 16. Get lots of water green. Don't tell you. Drop in water flow is not to drive too quickly. Going dropping more colors with that a ready brown in this Well, something bit sneaky Think even brought out some area and say they've got a few light. There is where then I'm gonna spend Clinton, so don't do too much. Or was it can be a bit overpowering. I just saw sprinkled it at the bottom and a little bit up scythe. I'm gonna let that dry completely. No heat, remember? Don't put any weight on it. 8. PAINTING TWO FINISHING: wait Can strike theme extra. Start removing the mosque e to it. It makes a mess. You can use your finger usually. Sometimes it's really nicely off big carefully paper up from Make sure you go. I usually feel if you run your hand painting feel. Mr. Now we're ready to paint the flowers. Start off by mixing a yellowy green just to do the tops of the actual flowers are found that this was got my inspiration here, and I can see it's quite a nice yellow green and even that was quite detailed. I'm still dropping in water and adding of darker color, but I want the shade to be dropping in thistles . Picked up some VM background. Cut ahead. I don't mind. It looks quite nice. Spottings areas always will still painting. Think which direction the lights coming from and try and keep the highlights coming from the same direction. Here, you can see the lights off coming from this way, so I'm going to try and put the shadows on the other side. Okay, - even if the mosque include hasn't blocked out everywhere you want to paint, still paint over the background, blotting out for some highlights, - so I'm very you'll shapes green. - Once I've painted on stems, I'm going to start by am things and shadows to the that your flowers. Then this way you can keep the whiteness I'm gonna mix up like really pale purposely gray color blue And it's a really light washed lots of water pale just pink in just paint in the shed days Teoh under benefits to lunch, - Still trying to keep this quietly so trying toe weight shedding. - And then finally, I'm just gonna at the most right. Greeny details TV just mixing up and I stopped Blue green just absent definition in between these leaves here on a few extra darker areas, I think I'm finished. 9. YOUR PROJECT AND GOODBYE :): I thank you for taking the class. I hope you enjoyed it. Your project for this is to paint these paintings. I painted the simple one to begin with with the plane background and then to go a bit mad and have a go at painting the background on using masking fluid. And don't get to post your projects in the project gallery so I can have a look what you've done. Conductor get if you Any questions? You asked me. Just ask away. I'm here to help you. Okay. Have fun trains, trains will show with Can I just want you know, I never loved Teoh, even for I just want, you know. No, that's I enjoyed this class. Please look out for my future classes. Painting spring floors about it. I just want no way that way. No, no, I just want you. That's the way