WATERCOLOUR Fox Painting #1

Beatrice Ajayi, Founder of HyssopArts

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8 Videos (41m)
    • Whimsical Fox #1 introduction

    • Examples & Sketching

    • Watercolour Begins

    • Repeat Painting of Fox Head

    • Finishing First Fox

    • Sketch Of Sitting Fox

    • Watercolour Of Sitting Fox #1

    • Watercolour Of Sitting Fox #2


About This Class

This class focuses on creating watercolour painting a fox in a whimsical way. You will see my example worked through from beginning to end. We are using Thick card for the paintings, or if you prefer watercolour paper that is optional. Just follow and repeat what is done in the class. Colour palette will be limited listed below. Paintings will be created in any brand of watercolour. If it’s your first time trying Watercolour you don’t need to buy the really expensive ones straight away as you are still in practice mode  

Tools & Process

1. Thick card like Cartridge paper or Bristol board for affordablility. Sizes of paper can be anything from A5 to an A4.

2. For the practice sessions that you do with composition of fox sketch, create them with a pencil before painting with watercolour. Doing a light sketch will stop the graphite from bleeding into the painting. You will get image references for more practice variations provided in the class to redraw and paint. You can practice compositions with a variety of perspectives on thicker cards, like Cartridge or Bristol paper. 

3 We will use approx mainly a range of oranges, yellows and blues for the fox, for dark areas like the eyes and tails you can use black. The basic watercolour palette should be fine. 

4. For extra experimental sessions you could use different colours, picking out pinks and deep reds. Even just in black and white gray scale for a tonal quality. 

5. The brushes used or to hand for this class are: small sizes for detail, small round tipped brushes, I buy most of my tools online from amazon because of my locality, but if you have a local art store pop in and see what supplies they have in store. 

6. EXPERIMENTATION:- After the class you can use other singular colours to repeat the whole class. You could stick to black and white only and work on getting the value right  between dark and light  

P.S - You can can have a spritzer to keep painting and paints moist. But be careful it doesn’t cause unwanted bleeding on the art piece. The spritzer is mainly for the paints. 






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Beatrice Ajayi

Founder of HyssopArts