WATERCOLORS PAINTING: outdoors creativity | Milan Glozić | Skillshare

WATERCOLORS PAINTING: outdoors creativity

Milan Glozić, Painter, illustrator, Designer

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5 Lessons (16m)
    • 1. Introduction to fine art of watercolors

    • 2. Preparations and materials for creativity and the making of fine art

    • 3. Watercolors painting - illustration of the city

    • 4. Watercolors painting - bay illustration

    • 5. Final words on watercolor fine art


About This Class


In this class students will see how to work with watercolors when they are outdoors, in the scenery, painting or doing illustration on paper. I'll show them what to prepare and how to plan their trip. Also, they will learn a step by step process of creating watercolor painting on the spot, just looking at what is in front of them. Hopefully that will boost their creativity and make them appreciate working outdoors more than using a photo for a creation of fine art - visual arts.

This class is perfect for all who like to work with watercolors. No prior knowledge or experience required, just the love to create art. By the end, students will have everything they need for their visual communication.