WATERCOLORS: Negative Painting Technique - Learn How to Paint a Secret Forest | Aga K | Skillshare

WATERCOLORS: Negative Painting Technique - Learn How to Paint a Secret Forest

Aga K, I create and teach @amazingjourneyart

WATERCOLORS: Negative Painting Technique - Learn How to Paint a Secret Forest

Aga K, I create and teach @amazingjourneyart

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6 Lessons (23m)
    • 1. Introduction

    • 2. All You Need To Start

    • 3. Negative Painting Exercise | 1st Assignment

    • 4. Sketch Your Secret Forest

    • 5. Paint Your Secret Forest

    • 6. Put The Finishing Touch | Final Assignment

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About This Class

In this video lesson I will show you how to paint a forest, applying a negative painting technique. It´s fun and easy! Don´t hesitate, just join the class! :)

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Aga K

I create and teach @amazingjourneyart


Hi! I'm Aga. A free spirit, a self-taught artist, a painter of imagined worlds (my favorite media are acrylics and watercolors). But before I started this imaginative adventure I was a scientist for many years - working at a university; researching new medicines to help people improve their lives and helping teach students.

I've always loved to share my skills and knowledge with others... and, having been once a university tutor, I was trained how to make complicated things easy to understand. Seeing others make progress is fun for me! It's rewarding to inspire, to motivate... and people tell me my passion's contagious.

If you?d like to learn more about me, please, visit my website:


Thank you for checking my class!

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1. Introduction: Hi, I'm Aga. In this video lesson, I will show you how to pay the forest. Using a very co negative painting technique, I lead you step by step through the whole creating process. We'll start with a simple exercise to help you understand what negative finding is that then was scheduled a forest. I also showed a very easy way off how to transfer drawing toward a car paper. Next, we'll paint the forest. Applying the negative painting technique. You'll be amazed how a simple drawing gradually changes in gain step by adding new layers of color. I also show you a nice way to add some texture to a painted tree, so don't hesitate. Just join the class. 2. All You Need To Start: while come back. Here is a few things you need to get to start the project and what the color paper what the colors, some soft paintbrushes, a container for water, a cardboard in the masking tape, a pencil and a robber for scotching. Some tissue paper and very handy will be also heard dryer. The first thing you have to do is to fix your watercolor paper to a card apart using a masking tape. This is because we'll be wetting the paper a lot, so to prevent its folding, it's good to immobilize it. Somehow. - The next step is preparing. Your paint for this project will actually be using one color. It's up to you Which one you choose. Pour some water into a little container. I'm using plastic shot glasses. They are very convenient then at some water color and check on a piece of paper. If the color separation is fine, you want the color to be distinct from the background but not too dark to evaluate it white until the paint is dry, because what the colors get lighter after trying. Now we can pursue to the first lesson on to first assignment. See you in the next video 3. Negative Painting Exercise | 1st Assignment: Before we start painting a forest first, I'd like toe explain you. What is the negative painting? Basically, it's a technique in which, instead of painting objects, we always find the background around them. Let's make a simple exercise on a piece of paper. Draw some geometric bigger. That's your object. Now paint the background around it. When the paper is dry, draw a second finger and again find everything but the object. However, first, add a little bit off a fresh color to a solution. This will make the painted layer small, distant. Repeat this action a few more times. Remember to add some more color to the solution. Every time you paint a layer, - that's it. I hope it was fun when you finish, please share a design in the project gallery that your first assignment, see you in the next lesson. 4. Sketch Your Secret Forest: Let's sketch our secret forest. First, draw a fuel. Irregular horizontal lines across the page, more or less to the mirror off the hide. Next on each off the lines, plant one or more trees. The truth closer to you should be thicker on those more business when you finish drawing Kalinda tress with a robber. Yeah, if you don't feel confident withdrawing directly on a watercolor paper, you can draw first on a common copy paper or use the ready sketch. I prepared for you into PdF and then transfer it to the watercolor paper. I will show you how to do it. To transfer drawing from one piece of paper toe watercolor paper, flip your Scotch page over and shave the other side with a soft graphic pencil. When you finish, flip the paper back and light on the top off the watercolor paper. Now, using the heart sharp pencil drove over the old lines. This way, your scotch should appear on the water car paper. If it looks to paint, simply enhance it. See you in the next video 5. Paint Your Secret Forest: that's buying the forest. Start with the first layer simply covered the entire branch with a color. I'm using a soft flat brush for it when you finish what until the paint dries completely. Or use a heart dresser to speed it up. Now you can paint the second layer. Remember to it some fresh paint to the color solution. This time, we paint everything but the thickest re on the first horizontal line. Finish dried again. That's some more color to the pen solution and start the layer number three. This time you leave doctrine uncovered, however, don't buy the whole background just toe the horizontal line. Once that bolos the second tree, - proceed with the reminding players in the similar way. When you get to the last trough trees don't leave all off them unpainted once just a few of them then paint the same layer one more time. This time, leave all the trees uncovered. - Yes , when you're ready, you can finish the picture with some details. Make it more interesting. In the next video, I will show you how to it some texture to a painting 6. Put The Finishing Touch | Final Assignment: let's add some texture to the truth on the first ground. To do so, cover them with water. Try to be accurate. Then, at some spots off Andy Rooted paint. - Sprinkle a table sold over such a wet paint. After drying, you're going an interesting texture resembling a bark off a tree. You can also add some bushes. - Now when you know how to apply the negative painting technique in monochrome, try to experiment with colors. You don't have to stick to only one. You can mix colors, differentiate them between layers. So when you already with your painting, please share your picture in the project. Calorie, that's your second assignment. Thank you for joining the class. I hope you've learned something useful. Cheers.