WATERCOLORS: Learn How to Paint Lavender - 3 Projects in a Single Class. | Aga K | Skillshare

WATERCOLORS: Learn How to Paint Lavender - 3 Projects in a Single Class.

Aga K, I create and teach @amazingjourneyart

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9 Videos (34m)
    • Introduction

    • Materials

    • Meet the Lavender

    • Color Mixing

    • Warm Up

    • Lavender Painting - Project 1

    • Lavender Painting - Project 2

    • Lavender Painting - Project 3

    • Final Notes

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About This Class

Welcome to my mini-course in lavender painting, which consists of two classes.

In the Class 1 – in which you are now - you will learn how to paint lavender with watercolors. I will show you a few tricks that make the work really simple.

This is a basic course, and you don´t need any special skills to complete it. I´ll lead step by step through the whole process to make your work fun and easy. On the other hand, if you are already advanced in art techniques, you may these lectures a little bit too simple for you.

Once you complete the watercolor projects, you can end up on it, or treat this class as the introduction to the part 2, in which I teach how to paint lavender on ceramics.

Here is the link to the Class 2:

Painting Lavender on Ceramics





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Aga K

I create and teach @amazingjourneyart

Hi! I'm Aga. A free spirit, a self-taught artist, a painter of imagined worlds (my favorite media are acrylics and watercolors). But before I started this imaginative adventure I was a scientist for many years - working at a university; researching new medicines to help people improve their lives and helping teach students.

I've always loved to share my skills and knowledge with others... and, having been once a university tutor, I was trained how to make complicated things easy to und...

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