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WATERCOLOR LANDSCAPE : Paint glowing night skies

teacher avatar Nivetha Subramanian, ARTIST - INSTRUCTOR

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Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

Lessons in This Class

7 Lessons (37m)
    • 1. Welcome to my class !!

    • 2. Supplies

    • 3. Colours

    • 4. Techniques

    • 5. Glowing moon

    • 6. Pink and purple bliss

    • 7. Thank you for joining !

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About This Class

Hello everyone! This class is all about painting glowing night skies! I am sharing all the knowledge that I have gained in the past months and made it easier for everyone to follow along !

This is a beginner friendly class so don’t worry if you do not have any previous experience with watercolors. I have broken down the class and simplified it to the maximum extent.

We are painting two projects with a limited palette and at the end of the class you’ll be able to paint your own night skies, sounds interesting right?!  Grab your supplies and let’s get into the magical world of watercolors!

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Nivetha Subramanian



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1. Welcome to my class !! : Hey, guys, welcome to my skin shock loss If you're new here, Welcome. I'm Navy, an artist based in India, and I have already published two classes on this platform on today I'm sharing all the tips and tricks on painting beautiful night skies. I have bean painting night skies for the past three months and I thought it would be a good time to share all the knowledge that have gained in the past three months. I highly believe in my taste glasses so that it is easier for everybody to follow on. You can focus on a particular topic at a single time. We're recording this class in the class got much bigger than expected. So I thought I'll spread the glass Interpol sections. So this would be the part one. I also published the part off this class on. It will be a contribution. Discuss, Deter some of me works that they had practised in the past. One on get ready video supplies. I'll meet you in the next session of the house 2. Supplies: in this video, I'll walk you through all the supplies that are necessary for this class. First we need watercolor paper. I'm using arch, coal pressed watercolor paper, which is a 300 GSM and 100% gotten. Don't worry if you don't have the same exactly, but feel free to use any kind of paper. But make sure your papers of 300 GS in The main reason that I used 100% quarter on paper is that it helps and seamless. Blending off the colors on the paper does half the job. Make sure you use cold pressed paper because the texture of the paper helps in controlling the water. Since we're going toe work in multiple layers, I highly recommend to use a 300 GSM watercolour paper. And for brushes I have used for brushes for two projects, the first being a big brush. This is a wash brush. If you don't have this fresh, it is totally OK. You can use any other kind off flat brush that you have. Next is a flat brush by Princeton. This is a tree by four inch brush, and you need a bigger own brush. This is a size 10 by silver Black velvet. Any kind of big around brush will do on. You. Also need a smaller brush for details. A flat brush around brush on daddy telling brush. These are the three brushes that a wide for this project and an old put brush for splattering the stars. You can also use your paintbrush to splatter, but this makes the job much easier. So I prefer using your toothbrush on a regular mechanical pencil. Andan a razor for sketching out the outlines. No, and you need any kind of surface just Dave Dona watercolor paper to keep it secured. Sure, I'm just using an old piece of players and to just off water. The 1st 1 just told insulted pigments, and the 2nd 1 is to just clean the brush. Having told just off water will prevent the formation off marty colors on the paper, so I highly recommend you having to adjust off clean water, masking tape or painter Step to secure the watercolor paper to the surface. This helps in giving clean edges to your paintings tissue paper to adapt excess paint on the water, or you can also use a micro fiber cloth this will help in preventing the damage to the brushes. And you also need I'm asking fluid. The main purpose off masking fluid is to preserve the white space. You have your using masking fluid to preserve the moon just to make it look brighter. Andi, finally, you need a watercolor palette. Sure, I'm using a ceramic palate. You can use anything off plastic, pallet or ceramic pellet. 3. Colours: in this video, we'll discuss all the colors that are required for this painting. I have tried my best to keep a were limited palette so that it is easier for everybody to follow now. Time to choose all the cholesterol required. The first is a whitewash. This is by Winsor and Newton. You can also use any kind off white water color paint. Also, I have used a gold paint by fine Dick, just a splatter the stars and then a bright operating by Mitchell. A mission gold and send a clear blue. You can also use oppression blue. And then I have also used a black watercolor paint. These are the only folk alert you need for this project on yours. Any kind off paint and blew on. It should be fine. Don't worry. If you don't have the exact same colors that I have, I'll scratch out all the colors for you so that it is easier for you to follow. I'm using my sketchbook just to show the colors and the mixing. The first color is the bright, operable Majella mission. This color is so vibrant and beautiful, but if you don't have a prepping makes anything off red and white to get a beautiful pinkish color. And now the next color is Centralia Blue. The alternate Facinelli, a blue s Prussian blue. It is a beautiful bright blue color when the blue is mixed with being beautiful. Hughes off purple created. I'll show you the mixes off Buddha color because we'll be needing Wind it for the painting . If you have wind it color separately. Any kind off violet or purple dildo for this painting. I'm just mixing the pink and blue to get a beautiful purple color by changing the proportions. After being on the blue, you get different purples and violet. The more amount off blew, the darker the wine. It will be on the more amount off pink. You'll get a light purple color. So that's it for the colors. And I'm just naming all these colors just for future reference. Try various color combinations on stick to a particular color that you like. The color need not be exactly the same as I have shown. No, it all depends upon your preference, so I'll see in the next session of the glass, which will be the techniques position 4. Techniques: welcome to the techniques session off the class. I have simplified decision to the maximum level possible, and I hope it is easier for you to follow. I'm using for Briana Artistic. A paper for practice on. I'm going to show you how I paint the trees for both of my projects. For the first project, we're painting pine trees that a further away from us. So there are no details required as it is far away from us. Lorded detailing. Brush with a black color on the one Lee trick your is just to make. Then straight nights just for no long and make lines. Make sure the lines are of different sizes so that it appears natural. Make sure you use our detailing brush. Otherwise you won't get thin and perfect lines. You re not make any details on the trees while you practice. This may not look great, but trust me once you places in your final painting you look so beautiful and natural. So don't worry. Even in practice I could show you another one with a close up so that it is easier for you to follow. I'm following the same exact steps as they followed for the first piece. Look at my brush moments. I just moved them swiftly. I don't give any pressure on my brush. Just hold a brush away from the head so that you get better control off it. And I hope you got the technique on how to paint pine trees that are far away from us. In my future classes, I'll show you how to paint detailed pine trees. You know how easy obey for the second project, you just painting bad trees with branches. These trees are so much fun to paint. You just need a bit of patients on. You can achieve such beautiful and realistic trees for the trunk off the tree. Make sure the boredom part off the tree is ticker. On the top part of the tree is tuna. The same technique applies to the branches. Take her out of boredom and dinner at the top, more your brush without any pressure so that the branches look natural. Place the branches here on the randomly and there are no rules for it, So just follow along and have fun. Practice a few trees, tell you happy, and then start with a final project the way you're holding a brush also plays a very important role in painting these trees. Hold your fresh far away from the head so that it is easier for you to paint natural looking branches. Find water is to rotate the paper. I'm beamed. This gives you a better control off the brush on. It helps in making the branches so easily, and that's it for the techniques as soon the first project of the class. 5. Glowing moon: So let's start painting the first project of the class for this. I have tape down the watercolor paper to the surface using a masking tape. Fix the masking tape family so that the pain doesn't bleed through them. Asking people take anything which is circular in shape. Andi, sketch out the moon. Make sure you make the moon on a little bit bigger. Once you sketch out a ball, take the masking fluid on. Start applying. The main goal short is to preserve the white space off the moon. Only then the Mona look brighter. Make sure you use old brush for this as my skin forward, Andrew, In the brush, you can cover up the entire moon or just covered up the ages off the moon so that you don't waste a masking fluid. No. Using a hate brush, I'm reading the surface off the paper living off the moon. Make sure you call the paper, even leave it border on. No portals are formed on now. Take a bigger onrush and loaded with black alone on just cover up the entire space using the black alone work only when the papers read on. If your paper starts to break, Wait for it to completely try before proceeding with the other steps. Now I'm taking a tissue paper and cleaning up the edges after two layers. My background looks like this on. I'm not still satisfied because I didn't get the stock background for the third layer. As you noticed. I haven't applied any water to the bathroom. I'm straight away going with a black alone. If they're not using any water, make sure the work fast. Otherwise, you'll get rough patches here and there. We definitely do not need that. So make sure the work a bit faster before the paper dries. And after trail Eos off black paint, I finally cord toe the level, which I like. If you're not satisfied, even with three layers, you can go back again with the fourth and fifth clear until you get the stock background, the doctor, the background, the brighter the moon will look. So I have completed the background on once the background completely trace just a more them asking floor. I'm using an eraser to remote a masking fluid from the paper. Make sure you don't ruin the paper while removing the masking fluid. You can also use your hands to remove the masking fluid and no, the white space of the Mourners preserved. Now clean the paper, and now it's time to start painting the more for painting the moon. I'm just giving a clear coat off water to the white space. Be careful and do not touch the black other ways. The moral bitter wind and Gloria brush with bright Opara on. Start dropping and randomly here and there. Make sure to leave some white spaces in between. On again. I'm stressing. Do not touch the black paint. Otherwise you'll activate. The black color on it will mix with the bank, and the whole more will be doing. So be careful while your daughters on. Now Renzi brush completely and we're going to lift some paint off from the moon in your brush and just common and lift some being color here and there, just to give a natural and a smooth finish to the more Take your time on. Be patient. Wait can also go in with another layer off operating just to make the move look brighter. It is up to you if you're not satisfied with the brightness, just going with another layer. And now I'm loading my brush with a white wash by Vince turned neutral. Andi, I'm just lightening up the edges, Afternoon asked. They just are not quite shot. So when you're using masking fluid, sometimes you win or get sharp and crisp edges. So to correct this, I'm just using, like wash on our training, the booth dark. You can also use white water color paint for this. The reason I used wash start it is a bit brighter and take on white water glamping. I know I'm using the gold paint. Splatter some stars around the paper. Korcula is just my preference. You can also use white color and split two stars using a toothbrush or a paintbrush splattered it till you're satisfied. But do not overdo it. Otherwise, it will not look so good. And now to brighten up some stars. I'm just going in with Gandhi, telling brush and making some stars a little bit bigger than the others. Right now, it's time to paint the pine trees. For this load up the brush with black color on follow the same steps that we did in the techniques session. Off the class, there is no need for any detaining. Just going. Make something lines and make a chart. Make sure you make lines off different sizes so that it looks natural. I'm just painting it very loosely without any details on without any pressure. Just outlined the trees first, and then you can fill in the black alone. Once you're done on finding the trees, just take the black alone and start filling up the space from the enviros face with black alone. I'm going in and adjusting the size of the trees again. Make sure the size of the trees are different so that it looks natural. I have changed the position off camera just to show a close up of how the trees look. You can always go in again and make some changes for a little more if you're not happy with how the trees look. I didn't like certain trees form just going in on painting them again. No, using a bigger flat brush, I'm just painting black kind of make sure the blackness so stock, so that move it's brighter. The doctor, your background, the brighter moon looks. That's the only tip. Your so make sure your background the stalker using watercolors you cannot achieve. Pack a background with one or two warships because watercolor tries a little bit, so make sure you at least give three washes off to make it look bright on. We're done with a project and time to remove the masking tape. The most satisfying part slowly and steadily removed the masking tape without running the paper. Once you remove the masking tape, the painting looks even more brighter with the white edges. And I hope you enjoyed this project and I'm sure you're painting would have done more beautiful. Don't lose heart if you didn't get it right the first time. Keep practicing. 6. Pink and purple bliss : Let's start with the second project off the class for this tape. The article A people the same way as we did for the first painting, pressed on the masking tape firmly to the surface. For this, I'm making the moon a bit smaller and compared to the first painting. Now, time to preserve the moon using the masking fluid. Use an old brush for this because the masking fluid withdrew in the brush for make sure you use any kind off old brush for this purpose. Wait for the masking fluid toe completely. Try before proceeding. I told your paper so that the pain flows down. For that. I have kept a ruler under the surface using a hate brush but the entire background Make sure the papers spent even lead. People should look like this. No particles should be formed. The paper should be evenly coated with water and no lord a brush with opera pink and start making some swirly nines on the paper. What on? I have mixed the flu on the pink on a I have got this beautiful rich purple. You can also use any kind of purple on dioxin. Violet, any kind off pilot will do from time to time piped just using a tissue paper to avoid the pain seeping under the masking tape. Now I have taken a lighter purple aunt. Fill up the empty white spaces using that want a pure start? The top part off the painting should be dark, and the bottom should be later, So paint accordingly. I'm just frightening a few spaces using the opera pink on. You could have noticed that I haven't touched the space around the moon. This is mainly because I wanted the moon to look brighter, so if you leave the spaces around the moon without painting it, it automatically brightens up the moon. So this is one simple tip. Again, I'm cleaning the engine after painting on, um, adjusting the areas around the moon. In case if you have dropped a paint accidentally around the moon, just clean your brush and lift the pain. And now my first layer has trade. Wait for the first layer to completely dry and then go on with another layer off water on again. I'm darkening the pink alot, and now I'm lowering the brush with a purple color, which is a mix of operating and similar blue on. I'm just going in in the middle section, off the painting on the top, Artis again. Darkened, but or DACA? Violet. You can lay out the painting asked many times as you want. Make sure the layer tries before you're going with another layer of paint. I'm still working on the second layer asked me. Babe remains wet for a longer period of time. Since we're not painting silhouettes, I'm just randomly dropping the paint. Make sure the pain does not look flat. Making some swirly lines makes the sky look natural, and it brings contrast to the painting. As you can notice, I'm just bringing the darker while it a little bit down, and I'm just cleaning the areas around the moon to preserve the brightness off. The more can lift a paint who live in the layer respect. If your paper astray, you cannot lift the paint off the paper, so make sure your paper spent time. Just glad to some stars. For that, I'm activating the gold paint on loading mito, brush with and splatter stars a spare preference. Want to split of the stars? Wait for her to dry completely. I have given two layers off pains here. If you're not satisfied with two layers, you can go with another layer. Time to remove them. Asking floor. I'm using the razor to remove the masking fluid, nor gently aren't right. The moon already looks so bright without any pains. Now time to paint the moon. I'm giving a clean cut off water way. No. Load your brush with operating on. Drop it randomly on the moon. I'm also taking some purple and dropping it just to give some contrast. Make the pink a little bit brighter now. Wash average completely and soft and ages. I'm using a smaller brush asked. The size of the moon is a bit more love and comfort to the first painting. Do not paint the engines off the moon. Otherwise, the more will not look so bright. If you have dropped a paint in the INGE's just lift off the pain. When the pain despair, I'm again dropping Opara Ping in the little concentrated farm that this without diluting with any water. I'm also dropping in some public paint. INGE's Before the New Year drinks and now Lord a brush with whitewash on It's Time to brighten up the moon, Apply the white wash the engines off the moon. This'll makes the moon even know Prater Asi can already see the Mourners getting brighter once we apply the white quash. The moon is already looking so beautiful without much efforts, the moon is still bit so. I'm just going in with operating on the purple. Just making some final touch if wait understand little dry completely. And now it's time to paint the trees, Lord and detailing brush with a black color Andi, follow the same steps as faded in the technique session The common dope a start the bottle off the tree that is the trunk off the trees Ticker onder top off the trees did not I have changed the position off the camera just so you could get a better view off the tree. Just follow along and paint her fun and not stress on half the trees. Look, you can also adjust the speed off this class by changing the settings but the whole brush far away from the head so that you get a better control. I have speeded up. The process has distributed to in case if you have any doubts refer to the technique session How to paint this trees now using the same technique I'm painting the rest of the trees Beat last minute trees as you want. I like it a bit dancer. So I'm painting, treated for more trees. - I have speeded up the process. Finally, my painting looks like this and I'm happy at this point now. Time to them with a masking tape. Be gentle, mentor. Winning the game. Once you remove the tape, your painting will have a new different look on. Everything will look brighter and I'm reading to see a beautiful class projects. I'm sure your projects would have turned so beautiful. So upload them in the project session and I will be very happy to see a beautiful class projects Aunt, Here is the close up Off the painting You can see the gold's plateaus on the brightness off cold colas. I hope you enjoyed this class 7. Thank you for joining !: we have come to the end off the first session of the glass, and I hope this class was helpful and I'm waiting to see all the gorgeous glass projects. Kindly upload them in the project session off the class on if you have any queries or doubts, cried it in the discussion session on, I'll get back to you. Take care, and I'll see you in the next class.