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4 Lessons (1h 45m)
    • 1. WALKING BASS 1

    • 2. WALKING BASS 2

    • 3. WALKING BASS 3

    • 4. WALKING BASS 4


About This Class

Level: Beginner to Advanced

Walking Bass starts you out with outlining the chord changes. This awesome video shows you how to build professional walking bass lines over chord progressions with simple theory and instruction. This video gets you ready for serious Walking Bass lines.

This video takes you through 12 bar Blues in the key of F. In addition, Walking Bass shows you how to approach each chord change with smooth and seem less bass lines. So you don't always have play the same pattern.

Eric shows you how to approach complex bass lines over chord changes. Using standard tunes like All of me/ All the things you are/ Take the A train/ "There Will Never be another you/ Satin doll/ Take Five and more...