W-Loss Made Easy - Where SLIM Begins 9 Modules! | Lynn Thier | Skillshare

W-Loss Made Easy - Where SLIM Begins 9 Modules!

Lynn Thier, Mental & Physical Fitness Coach

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9 Videos (4h 14m)
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About This Class

Do you ever eat too much? Do you eat when you're not hungry? Does your weight make you feel uncomfortable? Do you get stressed because of your weight?

FACT: Scientific research shows that you have specific thoughts in your unconscious mind that controls how much you eat and affects your ability to lose-weight and keep it off. Do you feel that your mindset plays a role in how much you eat?

FACT: There are over 29 reasons that people eat other than hunger. Studies have proven that the most effective way to change your eating habits and lose-weight permanently is to change the way you think & get to the unconscious mind! Where all learning, behavior and change occurs.

Do you want to know how to lose weight using a completely different approach - without traditional dieting? Hypnosis & Mindset Techniques that work!

 "Where Slim Begins" is a program like no other!

It includes:  Several meal plan options to choose from Easy to follow "what to eat and when chart" Carb Cycling 4 best results Nutrition Education and Articles Healthy & Easy Healthy Recipes Beginner Exercise Program Cleansing Program included Hypnosis 4 weight loss, eating healthy, increasing metabolism, balancing hormones and motivation to exercise! 

There are 9 modules in total - start today!





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Lynn Thier

Mental & Physical Fitness Coach

Lynn is a Certified Personal Trainer & Registered Holistic Nutritionist with 20 years of experience in the health and fitness industry. She was formerly 60 pounds' overweight after having her son and since then, has passionately dedicated her career toward helping others transform themselves. Lynn not only lost the baby weight, she has competed in women's physique bodybuilding and is also known as the "Mental Fitness Expert", using the power of the mind that help to get fast results.


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