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16 Videos (1h 5m)
    • Introducing the Course

    • Installing a Code Editor

    • Installing Node

    • Forking the Repository

    • The Vue Instance

    • Directives and V-if

    • V-on for Clicking

    • V-model and Computed Properties

    • Components

    • V-Model and Computed Properties

    • Lifecycle Hooks

    • Previewing Notemaster

    • Setting Up Notemaster

    • Using V-models for the Note Form

    • Adding Notes

    • Looping Through and Removing Notes


About This Class

Congratulations! You finished your first single-page application in Vue, and it must feel great! Now you can use this knowledge to build simple, clean apps that solve relevant problems around you.


With that said, here’s a few ways you can choose to extend Notemaster for a Class Project. Implement one or as many of these suggestions as you’d like.


Challenge portion and Class Project:

  1. Add a categories option that allows you to sort notes by specific category: i.e. Personal, Academic, Quotes, Jokes, etc.
  2. Add a color property to each note that allows you to sort notes according to color.
  3. Add a priority number to each note, that allows you to rank the priority of notes.
  4. Use this package for cookies in order to keep a history of notes through browser cookies. This way, if a user refreshes the app, they will find notes that they previously stored.


Once again congratulations, and let’s move on to building some more awesome applications with Vue!


[“Hip”, “Hip”]


“Hip-Hip Array”. Get it?

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Awesome going to part 2!
Really nice way of teaching.
Renzo Salvador

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David Katz

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Hello! I'm David - a native San Franciscan and biracial American. I currently study CS at the University of San Francisco.

I'm a self-taught full-stack developer with hopes to become a software engineer. In my spare time, I make apps and coding tutorials.

I've used technologies like ReactJS, React Native, NodeJS, and plenty more to build my applications.

Because the programming community has given me so much, I spend a lot of time teaching.

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