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Vray Next Class 8 : Atmospheric Effects

teacher avatar Filip Gorzka

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Watch this class and thousands more

Get unlimited access to every class
Taught by industry leaders & working professionals
Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

Lessons in This Class

7 Lessons (34m)
    • 1. Vray Next Class 8 : Atmospheric Effects

    • 2. 8_1.Vray Geometry

    • 3. 8_2.Vray Environment Fog

    • 4. 8_3.Vray Aerial Perspective

    • 5. 8_4.Vray Toon

    • 6. 8_5.Vray Sphere Fade

    • 7. 8_6.Vray Volume Grid

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About This Class

"V-Ray Next Scene Intelligence delivers faster ray tracing, cleaner sampling and more accurate rendering. That means you work smarter — not harder — by automating steps that used to take up valuable time."

If you ever try to create stunning visualization this Course is just for you. Vray is a standard todays and every Graphic Designer should know how to use it to automate his work process to create stunning renders.

Based on my experienced I created special course program that will help you to understand how Vray wokrs and how to set it up directly for your scene.

Every week I will release new topic. This time we will start with Atmospheric Effects in Vray.

Good luck

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Filip Gorzka


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1. Vray Next Class 8 : Atmospheric Effects: Okay, guys, welcoming the next part in the part where I will talk about the other go metrical object that also your offer and he's many. There will be also some atmospheric ethic like, for example, folk spear, ified or, for example, of v ray infinitive playing or very instance er that can be also very useful in your everyday work and of course, or off these effects. It is good to know go to understand how their work because they will make your final render , But so let's get start to work. 2. 8_1.Vray Geometry: Okay, so this time we started the other object that you write also offer. So the 1st 1 will be if you re plane. If we put it in our view port This will generate a the V right infinitive plane. Even it is small enough in our view port after render we have infinity plane. So after we heat render, you can see that right now our plan is almost infinitive on and there is no. And so if you for example, apply some texture, it will be on the Holocene. This is very good. For example, toe create the grass or, for example, toe create ocean. You must remember that if you use for example, some more discover utter plugging like forest park or modus cutter. It is not recommend to put any elements on the infinitive plane because it can karash your if released to the remarks and the next subject is here a sphere and the sphere is perfect sphere in very because in just a few months, when you create the normal sphere, you need to add to the more and more segments toe, get it smooth in very you can see that you have almost the perfect this fear. With only one peak and in modification you can increase or decrease the red use off this fear or you can change the direction off the sleeps. So, for example, if you need tohave the normals inside this fear or, for example, if you needed outside this is very good, for example, for some modification and that you apply later to your Buress fear. And the next object is very instance er so, for example, I will edit and this object replace for example, some object for other one Just given an example. For example, I will add some particle system Next, I will just rotated okay for something like this. And when I heat the render you will get the particle system generated by three D studio marks. But this time we're going to modification and particle You I just and it is a book. The shape Okay. And I will also add some standard object like, for example, sphere and I just little changed radios. Okay. Now I will select my bureau East answer. I will add source object and for the particle system. And now, if I heat the and the render you will see that right now we have and object replace by our sphere. So this is have your east answer work. And now we have another object with tree scored the rain meta borough. This is very specific object because, for example, if we add it to our particle system and we'll heat enter, you can see that right now we have something like some glue, or it can simulate some water. For example, eat depends in the option for modification. We can enable it or disable a use particle size if we them sell exception, size will be the same as for particle in particular. Rogers. We can decrease or increase the register off each metta bull with the crucial you decide how close are metal balls to each other. So, for example, the high value will give you the higher distance the next. We have the step length, which, for example, if we said it for zero, it will generate the better quality. But they're under time. We'll be very high. So, for example, in half, if we set in half, then you can see that the quality will be liter worst. But the rendering time will be much faster with their higher value. You lose the quality, but you speed up your under time, and the next one is the distance on to have a lot off preset two truths and this determine eyes the type off function that is used to produce the meta boards field around your particles, and the next option is moving field bombs. And when this option is the neighbor did so just mean that on this parameter, smoothed out the surface by cunning away smallest trade ah, party coz and the next one is move the radios eso, and this means that the red use will be more and more smooth. The smooth expansion, which is the next one. It's also allow you to control this moving in the color source. You can choose which color which we will be displayed because, for example, if you apply a different material to the meta Borden, this can be used here and about object exploits that this is set to mopping for mapping so you can decide which access would be use for your texture mapping. And then we have the party cause then we have the particle flow events and disperse if I, from the particle flow system to affect the meta bull, feasted off the computed particle system so you can have more more control on your particle system Here, the texture you can use some freely texture, for example, toe create the different shapes off your a meta board. For example, you can apply and noise the texture to get different results, and we have also the catch with the catch. This is not option fully, and I recommend right now because in stealing better thought this with this catch a neighbor, you can increase the speed time off Orender and in the top you can select how many elements will be displayed in the view ports and what will be their solution and the maximum and minimum particle on faces that you want to display. And and we have one of the last option that this new one, you're a sin and the future is still under development, and this will allow you to rot and the very scene from other platform. For example, Maya from sketch up from Reno, all off the software if they are used, the very it is possible toe export. The scene in tow the fury and Lord into another software. So, for example, if we have our scene with Davey, write them. We select right clicking for the studio Max, and we have your ace in Exporter, and then we have for the export path of your right half. Next we select, which will be exported, like dramatic review materials animation. If we have an animation and we export this toe the file and after that, if we exported from different platform them, we can lower to the scene directly. For example, toe free. Just remarks from Reno. We need to click a neighbor Brooks to search the file. We need Teoh Select. If you want to import all or only geometry, we can fleet the access. This is because many software use different access. For example, the city's up in free soda marks, but in other software and could be to the right There we can add lights. We can also use the animation from this very scene and, for example, we can overwrite on the savory scene. This is something new in your next, and this I mentioned. This is still under development, so it's mean that sometimes it could not lot correctly, everything from their platform. But it is good to know that you have such a possibility. And for example, if you work in the arena for creating architecture because we know is quite nice for this type off buildings them you can exported from, you know, from Marina to Derek VeriSign and import it into freely stomachs. Okay, so this is about the rest of the geometry. 3. 8_2.Vray Environment Fog: so here I also offer a lot off different effects. So, for example, environment effects. And when we go toe runda ring on them environments, we just goto atmosphere and we have some interesting option. So, for example, I will add your eight environment folk and we have a lot off different configuration here. So as you can see, if I add the folk, we have this effect on our render the four color you said the color for the folk, the folk distance How for the folks who will be start from your camera. So for difference seen will be the different value. You must remember which unit you actually use and have lots of the folk height of the high for the folks from the from our ground. We can also set the different maps for the FARC color for density and Folk Commission. So can also out here your own texture for for commission have self elimination. So, for example, I will switch color to white and make the render. And as you can see by changing the for commission, it we'll have the impact or our, uh over like color. So on a different you said the different safe elimination you will get for fuck the next option have scattered global illumination and scattered bounces. Disclose cattle. Globe elimination is on. It will also have, in fact, or our global elimination, and we scatter advances when we increase it. We also increased the quality off our FARC. But of course those two options also increased the render type A The next options like sub D steps a texture samples cut off to shorten like steps. All those options are set toe increase the quality off your render. So here you can control how your effect finally look. The more value of course, this means that they're under time will be off course much longer. The next we have followed radio situs. We'll give us more control on transition between the end off our folks so on that just there will be more smooth or more sharp. Ah, then we have the ray future. So way decide if our focal or so if a background reflection refraction shed those nobody illumination and camera race off course normally would like to have your deceptions, a neighbor and your environment folk notes. So we can, for example, said that the folk will only work on one object. So for example, I can at the bed and the focus only will affect our bet. Nothing more, then the same with lights. We can always only said that folk will work on Lee for our specify lights. So, as you can see, this is quite interesting solution, Quite interesting effects and off course. You must remember that this will increase surrender time. But it will also give you a nice, more natural view at the end. 4. 8_3.Vray Aerial Perspective: okay. And the next effect will be our A our perspective. So you can see I have some render here. Now we're going to render environment atmosphere at the right areas perspective. So the first thing that we need to do is to make that effect work, or so for our on environment goes, if we have some environment map, it also needs to affect. And as you can see, this will Mike difference. In contrast, So Aldo did that are more and more far away from our camera, her became more transparency or and they will be more in these. I bet this is because it's creates. And I really, uh, distortion or something like this. Okay, so the first perimeter is visibility ranch. So the standard artists 6000. So we reduce it to 1000 and now you can see that the folk start earlier and this will help us toe mask everything that is far, far away. So this effect is very useful if you don't have good background enough and you want behind it. So if you increase the value so the folk will start from longer Arria and the more objects that are far away, we'll be is able. So, for example, with 10,000 it will give you the best you also or the object that are far, far away. So, for example, will reduce it to 3000 atmosphere Hey, in meter. So this is how high our folk will start. For example, with 1000 you can see that this is our rent. So if we for example, reduce it to 10 then you can see that our folkies a in Noto high. So this is why it cannot cover everything on we've increasing on this very You can see that the folk it became higher entire. And until it will cover you as rethink that is on the high position from the ground A. The next option is in scatter light intensity. This will give you control how much light will go through off. So, for example, this is standard value. If we put the tool, damage will be brighter, as you can see and we five, it will be more and more brighter. You were very for example. You know 0.5, it will be more darker. And 20.1. You can see that the folk almost disappear, and the next one we have affect Bagram. So if we have something on our Bagram to focus, also work on it. So if you have a background to the folk, will also has the impact on your background. If you have it or not, a filter color. You can change the color off your folk, for example, like something like this, and this will also give you impact on your image. But yes, you can see there would be some more unnatural area like, for example, this morning. So this we give you information that some corner won't be good for your scene and you are also ability to set. If these arial effect we'll have embarked. For example, on your second rice, for example, we turn it off then only the primary race will be affected by the Arial perspective effects . With these options it turn on, then the effect will be also applied to the second race. So, as you can see, this effect is quite interesting, especially if you want to cover or your background or everything that is far, far, far away because you don't want to show it to. You're a viewer because it's not perfect or you don't have for examples anything interesting in the background 5. 8_4.Vray Toon: okay. And also one more run under effects, which is called the right. Oh, and this is quite interesting ghosts. When added this effect, this will make your render look like something Broadway to with the fancy. And we don't have many options to set. In this effect, I will render it so. For example, the 1st 1 is lying color. So here you just said, What will be the color for your outline the next one east, then dimension with the picks us. So the fuel said here the thickness off your line so you can see that the thickness will change and you can set with pixels. Or we've worked in what we have said two centimeter and with the world. What is the most important? That all the objects that are close to camera on the line will be very, very thick, And the object that's are far, far from camera will get higher thickness. The opacity, it said. What will be the opacity for our outline? Ah, the lower value, the more capacity you will put on your line, we've to with the high capacity one. You see the line with the lowest one. You don't see the light, and if you want to hide edges that are insights, you need to select high in the riders, and you have the only address that are outside off your objects, and the next one is normal. Three. Short. So here you the German ice. When lights will be created for parts for the same object, we've very surface normals. So, for example, the value zero if we add it. And this means that only 90 degrees or larger angers would generate internal lights. The higher value mean that the smooth transition between vices normal scan Also generator line. I want you said it is very warm. This will feel curve object completely so you can see that with one have almost field. Some of the objects, with zero 0.1 on different surfaces, have a different number off Dees Outer lies in the overlap. Three short days. It took nice when outlines will be generated for overlapping parts, for example, for one and the same object, lower value reduced internal overlapping is line when the higher value will produce more and more over lap lines. A new reflection refraction. So this means that the outer line will also appear in reflection or refraction. This will, of course, increase your under times. You can see also in my rendering progress bar a tray, be Osterman I at the right Bs when the outlines are tracing reflection refraction eso you can control this'll sometime in your reflection refraction and we have competence camera exposure. When deception is a neighborhood, the line color value will be automatically adjusted to components for an exposure correction applied by the camera s. This is also quite interesting. Hey, here you can said the different texture for example, some radiant for color with the distortion or capacity. So it depends if you need so external texture and exploded objects, you can adhere the object that we would be excluded from this effect or that will be only included for this effort. So if you don't want to apply for your whole scene, you can select each object individual testicle see quite interesting effects. If you need to create specific tone objects so you can use it were very good to results 6. 8_5.Vray Sphere Fade: Okay, So this time I will show you the last epic from the rain Next which is called the right sphere fight and so get this effect. First we need to have gizmos on our scene. So we are going to create helpers, atmospherics, and sphere gives mus and I will ads Really huge sphere Ah, right now we are going back toe gizmos. We select pick and we picked our business and right now you can see that our and rendering has change And it's not limited only to our gizmo So the value zero it's mean on there won't be anything outside our gizmo We with the one and there were also make that everything from your camera will be also hided by and this effect so we can see that there is only something that is insight empty color You can change it So this means that everything which is outside your gizmo will be set as a black We can also remove We can also affect the Alfa in general and you can set the follow type which is meaning dimension and, for example, maximum dimension are absolute. So as you can see, this effort is also quite interesting and very useful, especially if you want to hide everything that is far, far away from camera. And it's not really value to show it to other people and you want to cover it all. For example, if you want a toe on Lee, concentrate your view in some area. So it is also good toe this effort. So this everything about the atmospheric effect in the rain next. 7. 8_6.Vray Volume Grid: and there is still one object that we have any needs Fury room a tree greet and to a create for metric. Great. We need to go to a website which is called open video be the or G and we need to down on one off the example off this special object which is called open BTB. So we can doughnuts, for example explosion video me. And this is the only one side that I know. We've the free video p fires Many other websites that provide really defile our fight and those efforts are quite expensive. Okay, When you go to the input and start toe your object them you will get the first information that would like toe for example lot some presets myself. We need to know in which southward this efforts has been made before. So we can news Human Fikse, Houdini vory were no for the software to create really amazing effects, especially atmospheric. They couldn't liquid Maya fluids or no presets, for example, will set here no presets, and we have a so you can see the effects. Okay, so maybe we can try to render it. And if I on start under it. You can see that we have really nice effort. And what iss More. If I will change my animation and bar and there will be any effect when we goto modification, you can see that we have some top and the 1st 1 is framing for this will give you some information about this object that there is liquid temperature and smoke and the next one is great and boy changing the dimension. You will also change only their great off this Ah, you're a volume Greek objects. The next one is import and this is the one of the most important top. So we almost control every Frink from this money. The the next one is prevue. So the purview is only use for Vieux port. So, for example, toe increase or decrease the quality because, for example, too much details can be overall for computer. We cannot need to select show much and many other options that are connected only with the view. We can also enable job you preview, for example, to use only there in our graphic cards A and rendering. And here we have the options connected with our renders. And how are objects so we look like So the first thing we have the render presets. So, for example, you can set some presets for other programs. You can set a volumetric or war magic, for example, V rise. So this will also give us different results for our under, and the next one is for my trick options that give us some information about, for example, object that give us some elements that are committed for our object. So we can, for example, change here a different type of elements, for example, to create a difference final render. And as you can see by changing this diagram, indo you conceited, different results and difference explosion. So you can just make some test and it right with the different value to get a difference effect. And as you can see, the render time is really, really long, especially for this type off effects. Okay, so this is everything about view a next objects