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Voice Over Professional Audio Recording, Editing & Marketing

Brian Jackson, Author/Publisher/Educator

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13 Videos (1h 41m)
    • VO: Introduction

    • VO I: Cost to Become a Voice Over ($719.14)

    • VO II: Auditioning via Voices.com

    • VO III: Your Voice

    • VO IV: Using NCH WavePad to Record, Clean Up and Edit Your Audio

    • VO V: Leave the Client Happy

    • VO VI: Where to Find Voice Over Gigs

    • VO VII: My Voice Over Statistics (6/22/2018 - 7/7/2018)

    • VO VIII: Microphones

    • VO IX: Auditioning via Voices.com II

    • Fiverr: Why Fiverr?

    • Fiverr: 10 Tips for Selling Gigs on Fiverr

    • Fiverr: Fiverr Gigs and My First Voice Over Jobs

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About This Class

Do you have a voice?

If you answered "yes", then congratulations!  You possess the first and most fundamental ingredient in voice over work.

Notice that I didn't ask "Do you have THE voice?".  There is no "THE" voice.  Truly, any voice will do.

As you'll learn in this course, little else is required (some hardware and software) to sell your voice on the Internet.

Learn to record and edit your voice to perfection then how to market your voice.

Come with me on a journey of discovery as we conquer the online voice over industry.

I'll see you in the classroom,






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Brian Jackson


Born in Los Angeles in the middle of the last century, I have always wanted to be a writer. After twenty-five some odd years spent working in the computer industry in the heart of the Silicon Valley, first for Lockheed as a Systems Programmer and later for Cisco Systems as a test tool developer, I managed to retire early and begin my next career as a self-published author.

Along with writing and publishing my own novels I also publish the works of my wife, Melanie Jackson. During the p...

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