Vmware vSphere 6.5: Configure vSphere Storage | Fettah BEN | Skillshare

Vmware vSphere 6.5: Configure vSphere Storage

Fettah BEN, Apps developer, Business Expert and CPA Marketer

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12 Lessons (1h 22m)
    • 1. Introduction to External and Shared Storage

    • 2. Vmware Storage Technologies Overview

    • 3. vSphere iSCSI SAN components

    • 4. vSphere NFS storage components

    • 5. Fibre Channel (FC) SAN Components

    • 6. Create A New VMFS Local Datastore

    • 7. Freenas & StarWind Virtual SAN

    • 8. StarWind: Create A Virtual SAN

    • 9. Create Target LUNs (Logical Unit Number)

    • 10. Mapping LUN or vSAN to ESXi Host

    • 11. Deploying a Virtual Machine on Virtual SAN (vSAN)

    • 12. Creating and Mapping a Second LUN to ESXi Host


About This Class

With storage being a critical foundation for any virtual infrastructure, it's critical that you learn about vSphere storage.

In this course, Vmware vSphere 6.5: Configure vSphere Storage, you'll explore all you vSphere storage options, how they're different, and how to connect them to vSphere.

First, you'll learn about iSCSI shared storage. Next, you'll discover how to identify adapters and devices, and how to create NFS shares. Finally, you'll delve into connecting to an iSCSI share, the vSphere iSCSI initiator configuration, and iSCSI use cases. By the end of this course, you'll have a better understanding of vSphere and how it relates to the critical storage infrastructure.





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Fettah BEN

Apps developer, Business Expert and CPA Marketer

Hi there. My name is Fettah BEN and I want to get real with you for a minute.

I've always dreamed big, strived for greatness and deeply cared about people.

My dream growing up was to be a professional athlete and be an Olympian. After getting injured while playing professional football, I immediately thought about how to achieve the next dream.

Broken, broke, and clueless on how to make money or get a career, my obsession for learning about business, marketing, and adding...

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