Visualize Your Workflow With Business Process Mapping [Flowcharts] | Krista Banuelos | Skillshare

Visualize Your Workflow With Business Process Mapping [Flowcharts]

Krista Banuelos, Process Improvement Consultant

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6 Lessons (32m)
    • 1. Introduction

    • 2. Flowchart Fundamentals

    • 3. Working in Lucidchart

    • 4. Defining Your Process

    • 5. BPMN Diagrams

    • 6. Final Considerations and Project


About This Class

Whether you’re an entrepreneur, a budding business analyst or seasoned executive/consultant -- [or just want a better way to define your processes], this class is for you! Process-mapping is a valuable way to visually present workflows and drive better decision-making in your organization.

This is more than a "how-to-use-a-tool" class, I am providing the concepts behind process-mapping so you will understand best-practice approaches. 

In this class you will:

  • Understand the key elements such as decision points, activities, & charting symbols so the reader understands who does what & when.
  • View a demo of flowchart creation & how to create a basic flowchart
  • Learn about BPMN [Business Process Model Notation]
  • Tips and things to consider when creating your process map
  • Methods to get process information for flowchart development!
  •  Process map implementation considerations. 

No prior experience required!

For the purposes of this class I will be using Lucidchart, my favorite web-based diagramming tool. I will have a bonus session on cool things you can do with Lucidchart but you can use any tool you prefer to create flowcharts. 


More benefits/examples of process mapping include (not not limited to): 

  • A guide for new process changes, workflow, or following instructions
  • Client or management proposals
  • Customer on-boarding
  • Decision-making, identify bottlenecks or trouble areas
  • Business continuity / training
  • Describe your products / services
  • Create an organizational chart
  • Develop a social media marketing strategy
  • Walk patients through procedures
  • Realtors: show the home-buying process
  • IT: Networking diagrams or Software/application logic
  • Academic presentations
  • Human Resources: Employee on-boarding
  • Eliminate information "silos" & engage staff
  • BPMN / UML

The options are endless!


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Krista Banuelos

Process Improvement Consultant

You will be learning with the best of both worlds: an experienced IT Professional & Business Analyst/Project Manager rolled into one! My specialty and passion is bridging the gap between business needs & technical requirements. I believe that a process should be easy to understand & technology easy to use. Process-mapping (use of flowcharts/diagrams) is integrated into all of my services because it's critical to be able to first fully understand what is happening in a workflo...

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