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Visualisation And Law of Attraction

teacher avatar Arun Bhardwaj

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Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

Watch this class and thousands more

Get unlimited access to every class
Taught by industry leaders & working professionals
Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

Lessons in This Class

14 Lessons (59m)
    • 1. Introduction and Agenda

    • 2. Power of Subconscious Mind - I

    • 3. Goal Setting

    • 4. Visualisation Result

    • 5. Visualisation Exercise

    • 6. Vision Board

    • 7. Affirmation

    • 8. Benefit of Affirmation

    • 9. When to do Affirmation and Visualisation

    • 10. Success Stories

    • 11. Benefits of Visualisation

    • 12. Law of Attraction

    • 13. Benefits of Law of Attraction

    • 14. Benefits of Meditation

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About This Class

Think about something you’ve always wanted to do, but never felt was within your capability.

Our brains are supercomputers that are specially designed to help us to accomplish our goals and to survive in the world.

If you are new to visualization, don’t worry!

Everybody starts somewhere.

The potential for us to achieve is unlimited!

But how can YOU benefit from it?

Here’s where my e-course on visualization for you comes in.

With My e-course …

✓ You will learn how to control the results of your life.

✓ You will learn how to live the life you most want to live.

✓ You will learn why visualization can turn our goals into our realities.

✓ You will learn how to unlock your subconscious mind and tap into your own powers through visualization.

✓ You will be able to accomplish your goals and to survive in the world.

Here’s Just A Quick Preview Of What You’ll Discover Inside...

✓ What Is Visualization And How Can It Benefit Our Lives?

✓ How Does Visualization Work?

✓ Examples Of Effective Visualization Throughout History

✓ Preparing Yourself For Effective Visualization

✓ The Vision Board Technique

✓ Utilizing Affirmations To Achieve Visualization Results

✓ Writing Down Your Goals For Effective Visualization

✓ Visualize Getting The Results You Want Most

✓ Inserting Yourself Into Pictures Of The Life You Want

Plus, a whole lot more...

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1. Introduction and Agenda: The topic is visualization and law of attraction. What we are going to cover today is we will talk about what is the power of our subconscious mind. We will do a visualization exercise. I'll share with you some of the success stories of the people who have achieved great things through visualization and law of attraction. We will talk about benefits of visualization. We'll talk about the law of attraction. We will talk about benefits of law of attraction. And finally, we will talk about taking action, why it is important in our lives. Ok, so a little bit about me. I'm basically a professional who worked in corporate organisations for almost 25 years. I worked with Lawson and tomorrow, Erickson, HCl and br theater. I was the Chief Operating Officer and mark the ETL. And then in 2011, I decided to become an entrepreneur. And our being an entrepreneur now started a couple of companies. Some of them did very well and some of them did not do well. But each experience taught me a lot of things which I value even today. I'm a certified life and career coach. I have post almost a 100 plus people during my journey so far. I'm a certified trainer by Jack can feel on the success principles. In 2019, I was at an airport and I saw a book which was titled as how to get from where you are to where you want to be. And it was written by Jack Canfield. And I read that book. It really transformed my life because I was able to find my life purpose. And I was so impressed that I decided to enroll in the course by Jack Canfield to become a certified trainer. I spend couple of lags of rupees to get certified. And I'm happy to share all my knowledge as well as learnings from the past with all of you today. I wrote a book called the extraordinary entropy are in 2016, which was an Amazon bestseller in its category. I'm a motivational speaker and represented my organisations in various forums, like I've featured on some of the news channels. And I'm a spiritual person. I believe in Buddhism, I believe in law of karma. I believe if you do good things in the world, good, we'll come back to you. And I also do meditation. My mission is to empower a 100 thousand people to become successful in the next two years. As you know, in this word, only three to 5% people are truly successful, while the rest of them continue to live an ordinary life. So one of the objectives of today's webinar is to share with you some of the things with successful people do and how you can transform your life and become the best version of yourselves. Okay. These are some of the testimonials are the people who worked with me join Yogi was caused by me. He was struggling in his career. And because of the coaching I did with him, he got a breakthrough in one of the leading multi-national companies in Saudi Arabia and these in a senior position for last few years working in Saudi Arabia. Mr. Gary Martin is the CEO of Australian Institute of Management. And he wrote the foreword of my book. And we have really had close interaction on various management and coaching related articles. Again, among single was a professional who turned a social entrepreneur. Again, I caused him to start a social business. Mr. ponies Roman used to again work for corporate companies like Tata Communications. And he started his online business where he is mentoring a number of young people. 2. Power of Subconscious Mind - I: So what is visualization? Visualization is, if you can see it in your mind, you can experience it in your reality. One of the participants in my previous webinar had said it very beautifully. Everything in this world happens twice. First, it happens in our mind, and then a happens in reality. So as you know, whether it is Steve Jobs who invented iPhone or Bill Gates who invented the Windows operating system. They were all visionaries. The first visualize word which had those devices which were so powerful. Today. The whole world, you know, uses those devices. So we have two kinds of mind. One is a subconscious mind, and second is the conscious mind. The conscious mind is like when you are driving a car, the steering wheel, all the controls that you have with you. While the subconscious mind is like the engine is controlled, all the transmission, the power, the breaking, hydraulics, everything. So the thing I want to share with you is that the conscious mind constitutes only 1 fifth of our mind, while the subconscious mind is almost four-fifths of the mind. So that is why the conscious mind gives direction to the subconscious mind and the subconscious mind executes it. Let's say when you learn driving, whether you're driving a four wheeler or two-wheeler. Initially, when you are learning driving, you're very, very careful of when to press the accelerator, went to press the brakes, when to turn the staring traffic coming from other end signals, et cetera. But once you drive for maybe 45 to 60 days, all this starts happening automatically. You're not conscious. As soon as you are approaching a signal, you will slow down. You put the breaks. You will give indicators when you're turning. So all that is program in your subconscious mind. Anything to be programmed in your subconscious mind, it needs to happen for a minimum of 45 to 60 days before it can. Rarely we program there. And during the childhood itself, our subconscious mind is programmed 85 to 90%. So that is why your early childhood matters. If you are told that don't take risks, you have to become a doctor or engineer. You have to study hard. You should not play sports. So that is what gets programmed in your mind and it impacts your future prospects, whether you are in profession or you are in business. So I hope you all understand. It's very, very important to utilize our subconscious mind because that is what is almost a million times more powerful than our conscious mind. So without even realizing so many things happen in our subconscious mind. The second thing I want to share with you is text versus images. The subconscious mind understands images more than the words or the text. Let's say I say aeroplane. What happens in a mine? You picture an aeroplane. If I say a television, you will not spell the word television, but you will imagine a televisions screens in front of you. So that is how the subconscious mind understands more than the words. And it is important for you to feeds pictures of whatever you're trying to achieve so that the subconscious mind can program that more easily. The third thing I want to share with you is let's say you have to travel from Delhi to Mumbai. In your car. You may not know entire route. You may not know kind of traffic you will encounter. You may not know how many tolls will come. But as long as you program it in your GPS that I'm travelling from Delhi to Mumbai, the GPS will take you to the destination. Similarly, if I program something in my mind that this is what I'd like to achieve in one year's time. Let's say I would like to have when balanced of 40 lac rupees. Then that is what you program in your mind. If you do it daily, if you repeat it often, and the mind will start finding how to achieve that 40 lag rupees goal that you've decided. But obviously you have to take action as well. It's not that you just things get in your mind and it will happen. You have to analyze what are the ways you can achieve this kind of saving in your bank account? And what all action we need to take. And last but not the least, I want to tell you that human beings have huge amount of power in their body. You know, we have 50 trillion cells in our body. And each cell has a potential to carry 70 millivolts. So that means we are sitting on 3.5 trillion words of energies. And whether it's a living organism or non-living, all of us have certain vibrations. So it's like a vibration. If you have a certain vibration, anything which has a similar vibrations, you will attract that person or that object. And last but not the least, we also operate in different frequencies. The lower frequencies that we have are when we are hateful, when we are greedy, when we are jealous. Those other lower frequencies. On the other hand, if you are in a state of joy, peace, happiness, gratitude, giving, those are the states where you have higher frequency. In which frequency you think will help you. 3. Goal Setting: We actually need to have goals in seven different areas to have a balanced life. The first area where we need to have goals is financial. So this means how much bank balance you need to have, how much network you want to have, what kind of house you would like to have, how much the household costs? What kind of car would you like to have? All of these are related to financial goals. And obviously, money is very important to lead a good quality of life. The second area where we need to have goals is your career or work or business. So if you're a professional, What is the promotion that you're looking for? What is the excellence award that you're going after? What kind of revenue achievement would you like to do? Or if you're an businessmen or business moment, then what kind of turnover would your company like to go for? What kind of profitability it like to have. All these come under our work or career-related goals. The third area is health and fitness. If you do not have good health, then whatever you might achieve in your life, all that will go waste. You will not be able to enjoy your success in your work or career or in your financial areas. So that is why it's very important to take care of your health and have goals in the area of health and fitness. The next area is Hobbes and recreation. So as you might have heard, all work and no play makes Jack a dull boy. So we need to have time for our hobbies and recreation. Helps us unwind. It helps in reducing the stress, and it also helps us in spending quality time with our loved one, whether they are from family or friends. So make sure you have sufficient time for hobbies and recreation. The next area is personal growth. This is so very important. If you want to achieve anything great in your life, you have to invest in your personal growth. Unfortunately, most of the Indians do not give importance to personal growth. They spend money, clothes, mobile phones, cars, gadgets. But when it comes to spending even few 1000 rupees on the personal growth, they then many times. But I can assure you this is the best investment one can make for their life. If you invest in gold or property or any other asset versus personal growth investment, the personal growth investment will pay you back almost 1000 to one lag times multiplied compared to any other investment. So you can read books, you can go for seminars, you can do E courses. You can do, listen to podcasts. There's so many things that you can do to upgrade your knowledge and skills. The next area is relationships. This is so very important. You must have good relations with your family, with your friends, with your colleagues, in your office, with your business partners. So that is why it's very important to have good relationship and have goals for the critical relationships in your life. And last but not the least, contribution to the society. We are remembered by what we get back to the society. For example, I've set a target of contributing 2% of my income towards charities and the causes that I am passionate about. So I'm very passionate about helping people below the poverty line, educating students who are from poor backgrounds. And that is why I continue to contribute even more than 2% at times towards such causes. 4. Visualisation Result: There was an experiment conducted in 1996 in Chicago on basketball players. There were three sets of basketball players. And the first set of basketball players was told that you have to go on the court and practice every day. The second set of players was told that you don't have to do anything. And the third set of players was told that you have to visualize taking your shorts without going on before you just stay where you are and visualize that you are taking the shots. And the results were the first group which was taking or practicing shots in the court every day. They saw an improvement of almost 24% during a 20 to 30 day periods. The group, which was not doing anything, obviously saw a decline in their success ratio. And the last group, which was only visualising short taking. Can you imagine what their success rate, their success rate improved by 23%, almost the same as the ones who are on the core every day. So I'm not saying you sit at your home and start visualizing everything. But if, let's say, along with practice, you'll also visualize the results are going to be amazing. 5. Visualisation Exercise: Polarized, please. And I wanted to take three deep breaths. Now feel yourself sitting on the chair or whatever object you are saving on. Feel the feet on the ground. Imagine you're in a safe place and you start to go out of the place where you're sitting. And when you come out, you saw a beautiful place. You see lush green grass. You see beautiful trees, lovely flowers or the smell of the flowers you can feel in your nostrils. There's a cool breeze going across your face. You see butterflies flying around you. Birds chirping. When you move ahead, you see bear grazing and the grass without any fear. You move ahead and see a beautiful stream of water making a lovely musical sound. The water is crystal clear. You put your hand in the water and you can feel its coal less. You can see the fish floating in the water. It's so crystal clear. You keep moving ahead. And suddenly you see a hill in a short distance. Or the top of the hill, there is a place of worship. You're thinking to yourself. I like to go on top of this mountain, but I don't know how to go there. And suddenly out of nowhere, a magical carpet comes flying towards us. The magical carpet stops just before you and sits on the ground. Since you are in a very peaceful state, you decide to sit on the carpet. The carpet starts flying towards the mountain. You can see things growing smaller. Below you. You can feel the coolness of the air. The cockpit gradually flies to the top of the hill and it lands just before the place of the version. You take off your shoes and enter this place of worship. Inside. The atmosphere is totally calm and peaceful. You see a beam of light coming through one of the windows. And this beam of light is really attracting you towards it. You can feel complete peace in this beam of light. You can see small dust particles flying in this clear white beam of light. Suddenly you see an annual flying in this place of version. And that angle lands just in front of you. The annual says, hello, I've been waiting for you. Do you need to know the purpose of your life? If you don't know the purpose of your life. I have a gift for you. The angle gives you a golden color box. And he says, when you go down, then you can open this box. And inside is a gift which will tell you the life purpose. If you have any questions, any queries at any point of time, you can always ask me. The Angelo says, now it's time for you to go back to it. But before you go, I like to give you a hug. And the angela hugs you. You feel so blessed. You feel the warmth and embrace. It will totally in a Zen like state. The angel finally says, my friend, it's time for you to leave. And he flies and you come out. The place of worship, pooling the golden box in your hands. You really your shoes and sit on the carpet. The carpet gently takes off and starts flying. Below the mountain. Again, you can see things getting bigger. You can feel the warmth of the sun on your face. You can see the clouds rolling by. In the cockpit, gradually lands at the place where you had boarded. The carpet, leaves you there and flies away. You start walking back from the place where you had started. Now, take a few deep breaths and feel yourself back in the chair. Feel your feet on the ground, and slowly start opening your eyes. So this is how visualization has actually done. Then you totally immerse yourself in whatever you are trying to visualize. And you add feelings, senses, touch. All of those things add to the power of visualization. And if you do the visualization in a correct fashion, it can really help you manifest your dreams. 6. Vision Board: What is a vision board? Well, vision board is actually pictures of whatever goals you would like to achieve on a chart paper, or on a cardboard or any pin-up board that you might have. So if you want to achieve your dream holiday, then you can put the picture of that place, whether it is go, whether it is marshes or Mardis, whatever place you'd like to go, you can put a picture of that. If you want to manifest your dream car, you can put a picture of that. If you'd like to have a library in your house, you could put a picture of that. If you would like to buy stylish clothes, you could put pictures of those kind of things. If you want to buy some gadgets, you could put pictures of that. So whatever you would like to achieve, you can all put it on vision board. I'd like to share a success story of a person called John Esref. He's a Success Coach and very famous person in America. And he was also featured in the movie The Secret. So John Asherah, as you can see him standing in front of his house and moved into this new house. And as you know, when people are moving, they are a lot of boxes which they have to carry from one place to another. And in his home office, when he was sitting, there were certain boxes lying there. So his son came by and said that what is in these boxes? And John said, in these boxes, I have vision boards. So a son was very curious and wanted to know what a vision board is. So Jon the open those boxes in front of his son. And to his surprise, the exact house that he had bought was in one of those vision boards. So even though while purchasing the house, he did not remember what kind of picture he had put on the vision board, but he manifested the very same thing. He also found that the car, which was on the vision board here, already bought that car. He had bought a Rolex watch which was there. So he had already manifested most of the things which were there on the vision board. 7. Affirmation: The next is affirmations. Affirmations are positive statements which are written as if you have already achieved or realized your goal. So I'll give you some tips how to write affirmation statements. The first one is B, Personal. Start with words, I am. The second thing is use present tense. Describe what you want as though you already have it or it is already accomplished. So even if you have a goal which is one year later or three years later, what do you have to write it down as if you've already achieved it? For example, if you want to buy your dream car after one year, you could write down, i have already bought Toyota ANOVA. It is blue color, it is automatic gears, and it has fantastic music system inside and I'm enjoying driving it. So that means you already feel as if you own it. The third thing is described it in positive terms. So if you say I'm getting free of my fear of flying. So it is advised not to use negative words in your affirmations. Fear, greed, lust. Those kind of words are not positive terms and we should try and avoid using them in our affirmation statements. Instead, you could say, I am enjoying the thrill of flying or am excited to go on my first flight. So whatever it is, use positive terms. The next is it should be brief so that you can easily read it. Then be specific. Vague affirmations produce vague results like we already discussed. If I want to manifest a fourth sooner or an NOR, I need to specify the name of the vehicle, the color of the vehicle, whether it has a manual transmission or it has an automatic transmission. All those things you need to be specific about. The next is include an action word ending with ING. I'm driving, I'm going, I'm smiling. So whatever it is, you have to put action verbs. The next is include at least one dynamic feeling word, such as enjoying, adoring. Third, excited. Change yourself, not the other person. As Mahatma Gandhi said, be the change that you would like to see in the world. So you do not have powers, change the other person, but you do have power who change ourselves. So modelling your behavior, modeller actions so that the other people get influenced by it and they chains accordingly. An affirmation is on target when it is easy to say and makes you smile with excitement. I'll give you an example. I want to reduce my weight from current 78 KG, 273 KG. And that is the kind of affirmation statement I made for myself. I'm grateful and excited that I am weighing 73 cages on 31st March 2021 at seven AM. So I have clearly specified what I would like to achieve by when I would like to achieve. And I've also said, I'm grateful and excited. So all put together this kind of affirmation statement. You need to make for different goals or different areas of your life. 8. Benefit of Affirmation: What are the benefits of visualization and affirmations? The first benefit is it makes your dreams clear and also invokes positive intentions. So, like I said, if you have clearly defined your goal or your dream, then all your intentions and actions start moving in that direction. It enhances your creativity. Like we said, if you visualize something, you know, you also use your imagination. Like if you are on a dream holiday, then you can feel the beach, the waves of the ocean, the sun shining, the wind flowing through your hair. So all those things are part of the creativity process which will help in manifestation. The third thing is it keeps you motivated. It's very easy to get distracted, to be despondent, to feel low at times and lose the track of your goals. But if you have affirmations and visualization every day, then it always keeps you motivated to achieve your goals. It improves your focus. So if your goals are clearly defined, then you do not get distracted. For example, if someone has a habit of watching PV for six to seven hours, watching movies, going out with friends in pubs or bars. You know, at the end of the day, you will yourself realize that this is not a good, productive use of your time and it is not helping you achieve your goals. It is good to do things in moderation. You may watch TV for an hour. You might go out with your friends once in a while. But at the end of the day, you will devote more time towards the things which will help you achieve the goals. It improves your chances of success. So there was a survey which was conducted, and it was found people who had set goals and who used affirmations and visualizations. Their chances of achieving goals were almost 66% more than the people who are not set goals. The second thing the survey found was that people who had goals and affirmation when visualization had already achieved almost 50% of the goals that they had set in their minds are written down. It makes you positive and happy. Obviously, when you visualize things, when you feel that you've already achieved something, you will feel positive and happy. Imagine if you have a million dollars in your bank account. Won't you be excited? Won't you be, your walk, be different. You are talk with different, your manners. Be more positive, more assured. You will be really raring to go every day. So that is the kind of emotion it has. It makes you more determined. So like I said, if one of the goals in your health area and you decide that you will walk for one hour every day to be fit and to reduce the chances of any heart issues. No one has to wake you up on your own. You will get up in the morning. Whether it is core ordered a summer, you will go out for your morning walks. Come what me. And that is what the determination is because you want to keep yourself fit and healthy. The next is it boosts your self-confidence. So if you have to go out in front of a 100 people and give a speech. Since you're doing visualization and affirmations, you are confident you can easily do it without hesitation. It also boosts your self image. It is said that a human being talks to himself or herself almost 50 thousand times during the day. And out of those 50 thousand times, 60 to 70% of the times, there are negative thoughts which one is going through? So if you have your goals in front of you, if you're doing affirmations and visualizations, you will see that most of the time you are sending positive thoughts to your brain. And that will help in even boosting self remix and make you feel good. And last, but not the least, it grows your desire. It grows your passion or a hunger to achieve certain things in your life. Because you know, these things are important to you for your family, for your loved ones. And that is why you will go with much more conviction and persuasion to make things happen. 9. When to do Affirmation and Visualisation: Now coming to when and where to practice affirmations and visualizations. You need to practice affirmation and visualization at least twice a day. Once in the morning, and once at night. Like I said, before you go to sleep, if you can practice your affirmations and visualizations at that time, that is the most ideal time for things to get Program and manifested and your brain. The second thing is, like we discussed, when you meditate your mind, the most receptive states to absorb things. So if you do affirmation and visualization after meditation, it is going to be very beneficial. And obviously you should try and meditate in a place where you're not easily distracted or disturb, that there's not too much disturbance around you where there's no loud music playing. Where are the known dogs barking or any such thing, you know? So this will help you to get the best out of this activity. And you need to be in a peaceful environment. You know, you would have seen when people meditate the light of candles. The candles have very nice soothing sent, which helps you relax. So that is the kind of environment you need to create when you are meditating and doing your affirmations and visualizations. And like I said earlier, Ryan ad feelings, emotions, touch, feel, and sense into your visualization. This is like going to a 3D movie. So there you can clearly hear things. You can see the things. And when the objects are coming towards you, you can even feel that they're touching you, they are doing something to you. So try and do a 3D visualization experience with feelings and emotions. 10. Success Stories: Jim Carey is a famous Hollywood comedian. And he had a very tough childhood. Was a dyslexic child. As you all know, dyslexic children have difficulty in reading and remembering. He and his parents were living in a very poor states of life, they would hardly make their ends meet. And Jim, because of the problems here was having at home, would not even socialize with other children. He would spend his time in front of a mirror making faces. And when he used to make those faces, his sick mother would laugh at it. And that is how he thought he was good in comedy. When he did his first stage show, he was literally mood of the states. But Jim did not lose heart. He wanted to become a Hollywood actor and he moved to Hollywood or Los Angeles. And there again, he had a lot of struggle. Initially. He would go on top of a hill, sit down, look at the Hollywood sign, and imagine that one day we would be successful. You would have a beautiful home in Beverly Hills. You would have luxury cars and everything. And one day he wrote himself a check of $10 million for the Acting services renders. And this check was dated for a few years later, that is 1995. And he would keep this check always intersperse pocket. And can you believe it? In 1995, he got signed for a movie for which he got signing amount of $10 million. Isn't that vow that he was able to manifest exactly the same amount in the same year. What he thought of. The second success story I wanna share with you is of Jack Nicklaus. He's one of the most famous golfers the world has ever seen. He's won more than a 100 titles. And Jack's secret of success was very simple. He would visualize whatever short he would be taking on the golf course. And he would visualize which club or iron he would hit the ball with. How far the ball would travel, how it will land on the ground, and how it will roll towards the hole which he was targeting. So that was his secret of success. And the biggest thing Jack did was not only did that in the tournaments, he did that even during practice. So it's like a movie scene one. You take out the iron or the club through which you are going to hit the ball. Seem to, you hit the ball is flying in the air. S3, the ball lands on the grass and seen four. You see the ball rolling towards the hole. So that is how he was so successful during the visualization. And the final story I want to share with you is off a gentleman called Morris Goodman. He was a very successful insurance salesperson. He was a star performer. And then before the age of 25, he decided to start his own insurance company. And as luck would have it, he was very successful in his company as well. And at the age of 25, he took a pilot's license and bought his own aeroplane. And on his first flight, when he was flying that aeroplane, one of the engines of that plane died. And his plane came crashing on the ground. Virtually every bone in his body was in pieces. The spinal cord was totally crushed. The only thing he could move his eyes. The doctors who operated on him felt that he was lucky to be alive. And if he could even move around in a wheelchair, that would be a great thing. But morris decided he's not going to be fed through pipes. All his life, is not going to be on a bed, is not going to be on a wheelchair. He decided in his mind and visualize that he will be walking on his feet before Christmas, which was nine months away. And again, you may not believe it. Within eight months, Morris was back on his feet. He was eating from his own mouth. Who's doing all the functions? That friends is the power of visualization and law of attraction. So I hope you liked the story. It is also available on my YouTube channel. I've given the name of the channel as well. And I've shared a number of success stories so far. So are you ready for more action? 11. Benefits of Visualisation: Now let's talk about benefits of visualization. The first benefit you have is it helps you in achieving the goals. We have already talked about that. It helps you to live the life of your dreams. So apart from your goals, you might have a dream that the word is very peaceful. It is in a better place for people in Delhi, NCR. It could be a word which is free of pollution, three of traffic jams. So whatever it is, you know, you can make a difference by doing your contribution to those things. It helps you control the results. So whether you are a professional or an end up, no. Imagine if you can achieve the results through visualization and law of attraction techniques. How amazing it would be. Like a told you, Morris became so successful in his insurance sales business by doing some of these techniques. So that is what you can do. If you visualize a goal being achieved, you may becoming one of the star performers in your organization. That's what you will be able to do if you practice this and the right way. And last but not the least, visualization activates the hidden powers in your mind. We already talked about how our mind works like an inner GPS. It starts finding the resources, things that you had not even imagined to help you manifest your goals and dreams. 12. Law of Attraction: Now let's come to law of attraction. Again. Visualization and law of attraction are both related. If you visualize, you're also activating the law of attraction. So let's understand what is law of attraction. We've already talked about the frequencies that we emit in this verb. The higher frequencies you operate on, the better chances of your manifesting your goals and dreams. The second thing is, it works like a magnet. Then you are practicing law of attraction. You will start attracts, attracting the resources who will help you to achieve your dreams. Suddenly, you will find a person or an object or something that will help you to take closer to your goals. For example, if you want to start a business, you will find somebody who will be able to mentor you, guide you for starting a business. If you are a professional, you want to become vice president or president and your company, you might find a coach who helps you achieve that kind of growth. This is very, very powerful. People who have positive state of mind, who have positive thoughts are the ones who will be able to manifest their dreams. On the other hand, if you have negative thoughts, you will find there will be thousands of reasons your mind will give to you for not being able to achieve something. Let's say if in your company you want to get to the next level and your mind starts telling you that you do not have the skills. You do not have the capabilities to reach the next level. Your mind will give you 1000 reasons and we will never be able to achieve the next level. On the other hand, if you tell your mind that I'm going to be able to achieve to the next level, the mind will tell you ten or a 100 reasons why you can achieve the next level. So it's all a difference in the mindset. Similarly, if you are in business, if you think that I will be able to grow my business three times in the next two years, your mind will tell you a 100 reasons how you can do it. If you want to achieve maximum profitability, the mind will tell you how to achieve that profitability. So it's all in the mind. What you saw today is what you will read tomorrow TO positive thoughts, you will leave positive results. That is, again, the power of law of attraction. And last but not least, is attitude of gratitude. We have to be thankful of what we have, rather than cribbing about what we don't have. If you start comparing yourselves to Mukesh Ambani or Sunil Barth in Bethel. You may feel miserable, but that is not what you are expected to do. Everyone has a unique positioning and this word, that is why you are a unique piece. You will not broaden this word. In a mass production unit. You are not produced from a cookie-cutter machine. Each human being is unique. They have their own capabilities, they have their own potential. And most importantly, you have to look at what you have, your family, your loved ones, the support system, your job, your organization. So as long as you are grateful for the things you have, you will have much more things to be grateful for in the future as well. 13. Benefits of Law of Attraction: So what are the benefits of law of attraction? You can attract more wealth and more financial security. So, like we discussed, if in your childhood programming, if somebody told you too much wealth is bad, you start having bad habits, bad company, you get into drugs, you get into gambling, then your mind subconsciously thinking, I should not have too much well. But you need money to live a good quality of life to achieve your dreams. And that is why you should think positively about wealth. Then you can start accumulating it. This is something most of the people struggled with, how to have a work-life balance. And again, the Law of Attraction will help you to find a balance between your personal and work-life. Because once you start manifesting your dreams, it can be in the area of relationships. It can be in the area of your health. It can be in the area of your work or business. You will start manifesting those which will help you to lead a good quality of life. The next benefit is relationships. You can have a happy and healthy relationships with your loved ones. By practicing this. And imagine even in your workplace, instead of treating your colleagues as your rivals, you see them as your supporters. You see them as your co-workers who are here to help you. We're there to help the organization grow. And once you give positive feelings towards them, they will also give back those positive things that to you. And last but not the least, is the improvement and self-confidence. Anything we want to achieve in our lives, unless we have that confidence that we'll be able to do it, we cannot achieve the positive results. So again, coming back to the example of driving, lets say, if you put your hand brake on and press the accelerator, what will happen? Will your vehicle moves at the speed you want? Obviously not. So you have to release the handbag. Similarly, we have to release those thoughts, the fears, the innovations, the roadblocks which we have created in our mind from the beginning. Once you overcome those, you can achieve great things in your life. 14. Benefits of Meditation: The first benefit is it helps you relax. When you meditate. There are certain hormones and chemicals which are released from our brain, which help in bringing down the stress and helps us to relax. So this is a very powerful benefit which you will appreciate. The second is it helps to improve self-awareness. Then you do deep breathing. You are trying to visualize your towards your inner things in your body. And that helps in improving your self-awareness. It helps you to improve focus. So whenever you get distracted, people say, take couple of deep breaths and try and come back to the normal state. And you'll certainly see those distractions more with. It helps you find balance. You will find that you don't get excited very easily. You don't get angry very easily. You don't get into a low state of mind very easily. That is the kind of balance which is required to achieve great things in life. And meditation helps you in doing that. And last but not the least, it helps you to become more mindful. When I say mindful, obviously, you are more equally concerned about the impact and the effect that we will have on other people. See you are very careful with their words, how you say things to others, how you deal with your colleagues, how you deal with your family, how you deal with your loved ones. So that mindfulness is also very, very important.