Visual and UI Design Foundations: Create Visually Appealing Content | Julia Zaytseva | Skillshare

Visual and UI Design Foundations: Create Visually Appealing Content

Julia Zaytseva, UX designer and a go-getter

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11 Lessons (60m)
    • 1. Introduction

    • 2. Why visual design and what's in this class?

    • 3. Design principles

    • 4. Grid

    • 5. Typography

    • 6. Typography. Using Fonts

    • 7. Typography. Level up!

    • 8. Color and Imagery

    • 9. Trends

    • 10. Inspiration and Tips

    • 11. Summary

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About This Class

Do you recognize the feeling that something about your design is just not quite right, but you have a vague idea how to fix it? This class will provide some tips and rules to make your designs look more neat and put together.  

You will learn the foundations of the visual and UI design that you can directly apply to your work. We will focus on the three main concepts: use of color, space and typography, and also will talk about imagery, trends, related topics and helpful resources. The concepts covered in the course are universal and will also help with creating appealing presentations and posters.

As a project, you would take some text (think an article, or your project description, or a short story), find appropriate imagery for it (photos, illustrations, icons) and create a new layout for it using the principles learned in this class.

The main tool I use to create UI is Sketch, but the focus of this course is on the principles, and not the design tools that change every now and then.

You don’t need any prior design knowledge to enter this course, however, some familiarity with design tools, such as Sketch, Photoshop, or Axure might make the project work a bit easier. This class is geared towards:

  • UX designers who struggle to make their wireframes/prototypes look good.
  • People who need to create visuals or documents (presentations, documentation, calendars, posters, etc).
  • Anyone who is interested in creating visually appealing content.