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5 Lessons (49m)
    • 1. Colour 01 - What is a colour

    • 2. Colour 02 - Basic colour harmonies

    • 3. Colour 03 - Advanced colour harmonies

    • 4. Colour 04 - Effects on mood and contrast

    • 5. Colour 05 - Colour scheme tools


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Concepts of Visual Theory - Colour


1. Colour 01 - What is a colour: Good morning, noon afternoon and evening students. But have you had a second lesson off color who seems to be a very family thing for all of us? Colors are everywhere, so what a day! Actually, I see. So for us, most important question is, how do you define a color? Right? What's blue? You just don't quite blue light blue, the blue green, blue, turquoise, sea blue, sky blue. Let's see, there's some honest defined colors in proper names against Younis left site, there's a different kind of colors. Take blue sapphire blue at mirror blue, cobalt blue, sleep blue and stuff. And on the right is yellow, canary, yellow, you know, go definitely yellow lemon yellow. I mean, it is quite helpful. Especially, say we're talking about marketing or even, you know, describing the room color, Brendan pains and stuff like that. But we talk about color and design. This might not be the best way to name it, because you got to know what other properties that got color. It is a color by oath. We'll just quickly show your actually, you know what? What really is blue? You know, Blue is I don't know blue with a bit more violet orbit more green. It's not so important. It is more important for painters or let's keep it for now. So the first property off a color is Hugh. So what's you Basically, Hugh is what's color? What color? Yeah, So you can see this. Ah, various color views did generally talk about the same thing. Uh, so here's Hugh is distributed around a circle, So it's like and then really that zero and then they give you a job and go so it divided into 12 sections. So it is a very typical color will that many of you might have seen before And ah, so, yeah, thought is a yellow primary colors yellow rate blue yellow. Read a book. It is a bit different. Yellow, blue, red. So what's the problem with this wheels? Why do I show you so many color wheels? Or if you notice, actually, rates are quite different. We're gonna write. This is justice rate. It is rate this rate. This rate is written in a quite different Even the blues are different, right? This brew this looks more like agree greenish blue. This is like more pr blue again. This blue is like a bit more greenish. It is people pr blue. So you might realize and then this is a bit DACA and this is it would be lighter. We realized that actually issue. It's not the only thing that describe color. What is the second thing and a saturation. So basically saturation. Describe how reached colors, a little demonstration topi attention toe despite here, just like the situation down and up and see how the color changes. Now you can see the situation going down. Everything looks more grayish, and then all the way to zero situation is a very, very neutral agree that is slighted up slowly again. Is it? A color returns to its original richness, so the second factor is saturation. Saturation means how rich is the color. Some people might say how intense is the color? The next thing is likeness. What is a took victor? Likenesses took factor Getty Slater here, but it goes to its black and they go to what's white agency out of college. In just over here, Tennessee is always going docker. Is your colors getting darker? What are we to black and then back to his neutral and they go light almost the past. Oh, and the perfect white, he thought A tough factor is lightness, holiday colors or something Keyboard. Do confuse the difference between saturation likeness. So let's see it in a bigger table. So before that, uh, so actually a color if you just mapping on the color wheel is a very to meeting. But the truth is, when we met color, it is actually a treating. So this this circular rings will be the hue right around us ago and end of vertical axis through the likenesses. We go up you for a lighter and a record down becomes darker. And then the other thing is, as you move toward the center of the circle, it becomes more agree, or we call it de saturated or more muted, more doll until disease situations we can see that s arrow, the auto. I'll tell you, move the foot out. You move, The more thatcherite that is, the issue is in a circle so you can change the color accordingly and the our arrow goes more light and dark this week. So again, the tree factors are Hugh, which is what color is saturation who reached that color is how intense, Nikolay like nurseries it is how, like how Dr Colors. So you combine a table, you can see that it is just origin or more central color and a goat lighter and is a bunch off de century colors compared him be in more detail in a while, and and he's had a darker colors. Hey, so we would like to compare the difference between lightness and D saturation. But if we agree skilled hold originally, convert Aaron, degree it. This this tone and this tone is too great. Exactly a seam look at his color. So you just colors Commodore black and white Expedia, disagree. Color and the color convert play. What is this great color? You'll see that this this color is much more reach. How much Reacher then decide A. Same for this to Blue Arrow. It isn't so much Reacher and decide me so you can see the likeness is one thing they thought. This this role it is whole roll the blue arrow and his blue arrow, the other same likeness. But this one is more de saturate. That competitive decide in the next life will show it better. That the green arrow. So So I just want to clarify a lightness that saturation a different thing again. Saturation is how how reach or how I reach the color is for this To this even likeness by the de saturated against you did a lot more agree or muted again, decidedly very light past those. And it is a very subdued like is actually very nice. And then on that is the deep moon dark colors and is the down the colors, they're de saturated And so I guess he did the same darkness de saturated it was even more doubt. So I call it down way. Talk about it repeatedly. So you start to get a hang of it. Need a tree Fact us off off color. It would be the hue saturation, lightness. So to clarify again Just 11 rich You OK? We can go toe a few different variations and we can we can just like about via fossa. This is not America representation. Here we go it lighter and then DACA Hey! And then we can de saturate you received here de saturated and decide Treat these trade the saturated mean the richness is not there so you can see actually, re tone can be converted into a range of colors. Depends on how you play with the saturation and lightness. As always, actually each you itself as two factors to slightly friend that can create a lot different tones in fuel. 2. Colour 02 - Basic colour harmonies: All right, So now Oh, yeah. Uh, the second part, The second question. We are these. How do you match colors? Opposite colors, Same colors. So this is something that we are all quite family. Or if the color will again are using the minnows only just reached color, very rich color and then this. But these are the kinds of color relations you when your street corners, primary colors that try and a try at it colors. Try a victory. Complimentary opposite colors so yellow and purple, complementary and then is supposed to be sign greenish blue turquoise and is a British orange. Complementary every Enbridge complementary. Okay and then split. Compliment trees when you choose the main color and the two colors beside the complementary . So even for yellow and purple complimentary her yellow and this more bluish purple violet eyed and is released for four split compliment trees and then a tragic just two sets off complementarities in a design square to the implement trees. Look at them in more detail in the next, though, of course, the first kind off color combination. I mean, I don't call it kind of combination. Colors down is monochromatic. One color and so difficulty photography when it's a monochrome, is just playing white. But way talk about colors. Monochrome is just one color, like the cookie monster. Okay, analogous. Angelica's colors. They're around the same area in the color will like pool Antigua already around yellow, like our range l orange, orange and redish orange. Right. So and elegance Colors are colors a Jason to each other. Hey, complementary colors will be colored opposite. So we talked about it again. Or like green apple, you know, really green in. Okay, this is forcing the issue about it if you should be more reddish purple. Not not pure purple. Eso bass Lightyear. See Green Purple is over. This is Ah, a couple of entry. So what is she? This is a kind off very, very, very, very fine Yellow. But okay, I would just ignore it for now, just to show you that purple and green trees, his feet complementary were Patrick starfish here, though, is these are noticed. Light read and then pop Oh, and green. So you can see actually you know, fully saturated color will write that split, commented, disagreeing and read on Papo. But the ability he's not at his more more pinky stories. Actually, what we did years as a member to return you it could be lightened and the saturated. And there you have squeaked woods party there squeaked with Patrick starfish body color and then eso was again remain ourself just you can light on it And nd century it's all day is how we got Patrick's body color. Okay, try addict. Tragic is just evenly apart. So the trick on us I like the snow white right yellow blue area. But it is a mental, which means not pure. It is actually one unit beside NATO or engine blew bright yellow. It's like like blue, yellow orange in, uh and, uh, being published in Quadratic Square. So you have two sets off complementary. So over here we have kind of the blue orange complementary over here and Arabian Complementary. So So this is a quadratic is a quadratic color combination. Actually, it's a lot more, but the primarily just to show this to against this to eso this is quite interesting. If you do it well, it's quite good. It's all the negatives are really very fix roofs. Well, generally for tree four colors try days. Complementary would get you quite somewhere. But we're talking to a color that you can play around with the color matching because two colors are you can match the colors more city anywhere Nittsuko. Besides that, you know. So this is not other complementary know anything. Maybe you could say it's like a true connoisseur. Tragic. But whatever is two colors you can imagine. Anyway, on again, you can see that is not pure light. Blue Peoria is a bit but Dr yellow in and, uh, lighter de saturated blue. So sometimes to get complex color harmonies, which will be talking about in a shot. Well, eyes, uh, is askew, and it's very important. Thought it. You don't just boring bright colors. Not that bright colors are boring. But if all your color combinations are bright colors, is it be boarding 3. Colour 03 - Advanced colour harmonies: so yeah. Uh, no. We always interested to just go be on the basics. If you just use the basic color wheel to create color harmonies, it's very boring. So, actually previously actual You Patrick Star fusion and previous poster that alone blue Here . There are some adjustments today. Said truth and lightness decree a more complex color scheme. What is maximizing the possibility of each color? Okay, so it took about one color. You see, you can at many different variations I like for somebody blew it. The rich blue, light blue, even lighter, blue and then more deep blue. And you can see over here yellow the bright yellow orange and in the light no one and then light and the saturated. And then this a de saturated our associate is to actually the same that nurse about disease Mahdi saturated. And in that the surgery you should be a lot more. Remember the diagram Don't know eso even just for basic color combination of this orange yellow orange in blue. Um well, we can we can many combinations. So that c Yet as off he just two colors mean this to the the same color combination, but we varying things. We decide. It's a decelerated version, a off orange. Your engine blew, so it's a bit more a lot more mute. And then this is a high contrast you see when you put it very light and inside the saturated yellow and in a very reach orange and D saturated blue. So I'm sure you have seen this is color scheme before. Obviously, I'm close assured designing here. So so here. See that a basic set of color off it can be pushed toe different kinds off limits. You know, there's a central damages design and the AutoZone just designed a different cuts off limits off its possibilities by just adjusting how vivid it is, How pill and these a trader is a Dundee centuries. And then all that is meat tone and the saturated so a dominating to play with. So this example again, same range of ah orange in and L orange and blue light in them. You can push this lighter. De saturate is too darkened is to enlighten everybody saturated a light and not so much Andy saturate de saturate, and then you play favorites. You de saturate these D securities. The securities you know on Do you light on these and duck undies? It is a very read up or in sheer, so you can't really see you would like a brown. But it has hit because the representation accurate in this photo I'm so sorry about it He had is Michael and it's a brown. Yes. So you see the dark yellow It becomes like a very deep greenish tint. And in a blue, so is it. This is basic treat color combination. Just like saturation and darkness. You can get older it I mean, they have more, but it's not just example of it. And then each create the different. So now it's year KP station, remember, is the exercise in the first week this MRT station? The question was the colors match, but also is well. They use and elegance. Colors raise scheme around his a green or blueish green. Some people like yours and eyes not not green blue well is reached green Eso do these two colors Medically, you know, you can just imagine like that it is too are very reach. These two are very rich, right? And then these two already saturated. So it actually if you put a four callous together, they do match quite well. Quite well. About Nadia Opposition Idaho decide the century That wall, at least a reach wall means a bit to contrast E and some are packed on differences. It is just went to West difference to make it your home on its way. So Ordo the color scheme theoretically they met each other didn't really work together because they are very separated and are sort of pattern changes. Okay, The second thing is so besides playing with lightness saturation in creating a larger range of color combination in a second thing that we can take no office calorie show If, for example, the story, even color and I introduce a white and then you pump up the greenish blue and then and then you know what the rate And then why? So it is written become like an excellent color compared to these dominant color off the greenish blue hit the something blue and white And then you you reduce the white, see the blue beyond our men and collect white become Jackson. So, Rachel, actually very important also to create to create complex color harmony because actually you don't use colors in the same proportion is easy over here at excellence. Freakish being about a white. So we look at it is, uh, this is Ponyo. Maybe some of you know so first things first color is actually not this. It is a stato so called a more neutral color wheel. But later color film is this is because he's fomented other colors a bit different. It is sudden team to it. Talk about it more later. So when we break down the colors off the you major report or the colors A So these are the colors in this. In this, in this particulars, screenshot or movies do off the Ponyo for Nioka cartoon and, uh, these give us a good range of colors by doesn't really describe the color is very well so more accurately right you should be describing this week. So you know, you can see rough ratio of the colors, so you see the dominant blue and very, very, very light blue the clouds and then land and in the various colors off the clothings and other accessories that they carry. So this actually describes it a color a lot better than this because it was a gift. The ratio. How did the shorter relationship between a dominant colors and the excellent color right? The dominant colors, this one and this guy? Considerably more dominant index and color, etc. There, anybody can see the play around with the green harmony blew it blew it. A base, the green Hominy being green harmony on and is discarded better. So, disk, if you're good understanding. Okay, mood. And what the mood of it is, it's not just a bad combination, but also how much off the color is being used Sort of more is very influenced by the dominant colors and then six and colors of solar. But toe toe less extent. Her next thing is its own out. Starting a touching is Tony. Hey, so so the first camp toning there we call is the warm, cool toning. Basically warm is a bit more Readies orange. How cool is people blue. So this is a very simple understanding of warm cause. Opie was okay on this half the color wheel is warm colors in this house, color wheel is a cool color. See, my answer to you is this is wrong. It is wrong. Don't think what have two colors are warmer. Have a cool head. This is the right way to see It doesn't right. We do see it if which means step How warm How cool color is is relative to each other. I see this blue This is a warm blue It is a cool blue So a coup blue is more to us The greenest that in a warm blue is moderate A religious or insight He even even if yellow wail orange get a warmer 18 A woman writer wonder content to be more reddish color What was a read competitive this year Lower Which is a letter it even a pink and written in compare warm coop here, arm or radar It K which is the last published left towards purple is warmer models orange and then the the radio is a publisher. It it is a bit like being towards It was the blue site is cooler. Hey, so it is Ah, a relative relation off warm. Cool. I'm cool. Eso uh off course like let's say you compare this. Uh okay, So this is a warm orange and it is one green is a cool. Cool yet like turquoise sea and a cool yellow so you can see a certain pattern about the relative warmness. It is a neutral photograph. Kind of neutral. Yes, we can see neutral because, like the white side, just pretty your white colored into it. So when you cool it gives it a different castes release. Feels a bit more like I know winter, right? And then, uh and that is again, back to neutral. Way back to neutral. And I warm it. A warming study, if you like. You know what a different a different sensation is being given by this photograph. Probably like, uh, okay, the slightly bright d. But we some indirect son Oh, this is how warm cool effects you usually for a few off the know whereto connecting. It's ah Thorning here. Thorning is attempting. It's giving ah overall water for color it to give a part of first. Now it's you lot movies that we watch. If a lot of turning up like that because you know it's a pleasure, Kleisterlee, you don't realize that it's a plate by uses a few often style. If I know what it is for you was it This color, it was a discolor. Does it is. Actually, it is not this color If Porter is not this color for the rich discolor a But of course, if I didn't show you debt, you wouldn't realize. Now I show you d say, Oh yeah. You know, this is the Ponyo Ah, screenshot that we saw just now It is a certain color team to it gives it is very, very characteristic View it so it's more a stylistic taken then than anything is more of a stylistic thing then. Ah, kind of, um Orting harder. This happened? Yes. All that is less true. Let me show you. What really happened is this is this is pretty neutral opinion to consider Clubs are white from neutral. Okay, so what they do is to give you a particular tone. It's always, like, actually a very, very light. I think we need to turn so they have it the actual point in time. So again addition to give you a stall on a recognizable style, connecting a speed, toning it. So just knowing where we look at a porno is kind of a singular overtone that we have, and so split, turning out it you more when we were doing a photography, and you're trying to create a look by she. You find it very, very family. Astbury Views like this Go on instagram futures. This is a new tool for 30 we saw just now, so I like it is a warm or cold horning or color tone, which is just single color or no. We effort to colors, so one color effects that lighter parts could we call it the highlights. The other color will affect the darker parts in the darker parts that we should call it a shadow. It's all split Tony's gift, giving different teams off color to highlight and shadow to create particles that again is small stylistic approach, maybe to bring us in our moods, but generally society. See your foot. Okay, so this is the neutral, the neutral tone. He and then this is where I split told us it look. Does it look? Look for Emilia by one of the few dust Instagram Office Co. Definitely gift. It's color eso now, just little clue to the fielders, basically just playing with the hue and saturation and tint and tones and lightness off. You may just you eso you can see just describe a different look and there is a mood to eat that review associate nowadays. If ah Lotto's Mahanta amazing because I did these do discover treatment to this town. And so how? Ah, association chief, a bit like the foundry when it's used frequently a particular area. All right, then. You know, it's a subject that I associate that with, like some digital editing. And so what was the difference? What what 20 d apply who? Let's compare the ordinary So you can see that the highlights of rejected like the colors idea a lot more like yellow orange because I applied and origin to highlight. And then the shadows here he did Charity. This is neutral by looks brown because off the relative contrasts, Hugh contracted it here. But what I did was I applied a bluish color to the shadows against the other doctor areas. The doctor does become more bluish, become a bridge neutral by got more bluish light has only become orange easily create a particle s down, you know, desperate toning for you 4. Colour 04 - Effects on mood and contrast: So besides just creating ah recognizable style that defines your world and stuff like that it the color scheme off the design, the poster or the place If he does Keef, you've right a sudden effects. If What interviews? So just a general general statement. I gave additional familiar? Yes, we saw it earlier. Really find here. So when we have something that very saturated in reach were very brilliant, very clear, very vibrant. So this is the Energy Day keys. So now he go to like the colors Peto colors because more dreamy three delicate little go through me like very pastel colors. Yeah. Oh, yeah. You know when you dream dreamy, dreamy Look, there is always this district of colors Kate. Any of agree colors? It's very nice in vagal Off Japanese design the use of range off color, greasy. We just call. I call this color grease, which means it's great with the teen of color and, uh, very nice to rein deer. Demotte was a neutral, neutral reserve. Quiet, peaceful. Some people call it very sophisticated. Look well, in a sense, yes, because please around we, for a long affected, have a color like saturation off it and then the doctor Attacker colors very strong, very heavy, very intense hot colors. So between that, So some people are categorized colors. Eso is one way to look at it on there for to excess. Skated light and darkness is and a warm and cool axis and then actually taught a center. It was the center is a d century that a bit like ah, like the treaty form by one slice of it. So the saturation middle and then reach color had a site and then, like colors on top and colors So you can see that initial story here. They've given names. Some decide This is this this this book day that you get from his designed by Japanese translation operations. Not very well done like this. Then the off course in the English Dendys Hot ball Finding your life leader his color. So let's ignored is about this sheik He quiet Onda more than way. Do agree. So these are very heavy and strong hot colors here I just call it here on his left side ways Brilliant, clear, energetic. You have all these colors here up to here is very energetic. And over here over here with the dreamy colors. Very, very dreamy. And then over here, more One new troll Calm, quiet Reserve colors. So their their words do it. We look at moot in relation to all this. The dust. What is the mood of the moment the next time. But you can find words to describe it. Okay, so, yeah. So what color tree goes? Feelings, colors, trigger feelings and ecological feeling? Yes. And so it is a lot more enchanting. And so I I picked this to movies Dues because there is gloating. So both are kind of enchanting here, but is there is a more saturated color. So it is something like hopefulness, a positiveness, and then this This is a lot more neutral, muted a range of colors, slightly more. Miss Jodi is a very, very mysterious is due intending, but he combat duties. It is a different view. Yeah, Again. Ah. Okay. I took this offer website. That's about how already, limbs, Uh, if you if you use neutral whites for already lambs and you lose the original street lame color in the mood for a different right. Like yours when you go home at night. Look at the ST Lambs. You take the bus one of another, you know, is that warm night did tonight. Going home to rest. That feeling asserted that feeling. About when? When? If the road becomes too new shore without that kind off orange costs that, uh, that gives the night view it comes to static. Uh, very more or less on. Uh, I don't if you solely No night going home. How few? Okay, just coming off the wood right now. We one day, I think about it. Yeah, I guess. I guess that association is perhaps we like fire fire with that one color in and nightly like fire. So it at one orangey color. So it just happened that the street lends color like the sodium vapor lens had these origin . He became in green human minds about again, a very neutral color. It takes away the mood after evening and you make you feel a bit lost. Okay, so, yeah, I use them into your designs, for example. Also So it is a very bright color again. This very heavily manipulated the colors or no. If it is new program, it becomes a bit more blue. Wish on and comfortable. But in this room, if you really stay here, this yellow really be too intense over and I unless you have rebuilt sheets forever, anything a vicious forever and the color matching will go so at every door. Recommend giving your room one particular color across all walls because you have to match your if your furniture. And if your fermenter doesn't match or you change, the nature should be yeah, so here you here's and more, uh, come, come color with the accents off orange. So again we try to recall earlier we talked about a ratio of color. So the dominant color human color it is turquoise sea decelerated doctor choice. And then and then this white ish gray. Here, he and an excellent storage. It already doesn't overwhelm you. The dominant color doesn't over. When we were going to do time in Canada. Share eso uh, you remember where you pee in your wallet or dumping all over to be one color. It's going to be to overwhelming, unless you really, really want to be overwhelmed. You try to have a share two dominant colors that don't fight each other, and they have accepted if Hagan Ah, yeah, even if you just use ah monochromatic scheme, you can play around, right? This is the light bluish green and is de saturated. Uh, you know, we call it a light olive green descend Treat that you know, the screen duck he and in neutral white angry. So again, this team is around green, but quite even in terms off. How dominantly I then again, Excellent. Excellent. This yellow here and nothing is so does make a difference. This under team is a bit more like us. Yellow, yellow toe, reddish pink, camera team again they don't see They don't overwhelm the whole place with one color. But it's always a ratio at a dominant pink We could be off like very, very muted white. And then the yellow Excellent. And then again, just the vibrance over here. So it is a bit more complex combination where there is the overall very muted few, which is very coming. And then it's very life, Lee, uh, energetic few. Adam, it s o very, very cool. Combination again. It's mostly and I like us today in orange again with a bit off the blue over here. Jackson. Oh, is a complex combination, but very pleasing. So once again, um, we're here. Eso don't know. We talked about that. This is a very rich, saturated colors and these de saturated color so way extended to the mood. So this would be a bit more intense, more vibrant. And she discuss on this is more quick, Nuestro on definitely. And on these two colors or this is just a mood off this wall is doesn't complement this war are you anyway, when you go to a place as we have seen in earlier rooms But as a general congruent our mood that is related. You know, they don't the most. Don't fight too much. Even over here that is warmth and friendliness is intensified by here you don't have a very vibrant and maybe a region intensity. Hey, that fight again, this very neutral story stand offish view. And so that's why it doesn't few to greet together. If we caught in conflicts too much in the space, Yeah, it's all I just do these quickly. The second thing that I can give you caught a reference. For example, India is very not like bright colors on. Then try any regional for a yellow and red color. So sometimes that in colors they do so state your we've particular culture. So when you go to a country, are you designed for particular audience? Party like countries? Ardent. Take note What colors their family or with your cart? A family, a wife and tryingto make variations around it back a particular team eso to become or associate chief to the bataclan culture KNX are we talk about contrast all the ducting So besides at the moon and then cultural relations and now the effect off colors contract Oh color kit. So the contrast can be hue lightness that area So you can keep seeing the truth because you have a tree Fundamental expects off a color It's the contrary He was going Contracting with desired is like a lightly saturated green No, you can really see And then the hue like the separate I think with the yellow hue contrast which is a desert green. I think this orange orange Okay, this is like this is de saturated orange. And then if I release, it s so contrast you contracted a different color palette. You different you screen and then we can darken it. You know, it is a doctor version of this is Oh, yes, you de saturate that orange light means that red orange and then all you can you can saturate it. It's all this is saturated orange again. So it's all contrasts this tree a different kind of contrast against this particular line. So for us Ah hue contrast. You can see it is morning spending. He painted a serious off this ruined cathedral. Oh, and we've different color schemes. Your should go and see if you are very right in the morning. Montt, Fantastic painter on my favourite painters. So this you use a huge contract, right? The orange and bluesy to develop Ah, particular color scheme the mood off a color scheme. So this is more for, uh, slightly warm if in English, but not really evening ish color, because this guy light blue. So it's a moot off thing and then off course, the likeness contrast actually more need athletes like the Contras against the blue and orange, etcetera. In contrast by then, we just talked about you contract. He ate a color scheme which is the blue and orange que lightness contrast say you can develop the mood. Yeah. So you have You have a great contract. You can bring up more intensity and develop the lighting scheme or red lights coming from it. So if there's actually actually assured her that you, Mitch, but never mind. It's already so on his quite. I got more like this contract, which means debt. They're very like Carlos. It was all very dark colors is all. This is a very contrast e on. Uh, you mean compact to a very muted, very moody Mitchell where very local trust. Sorry, I don't have, for example, here. Now I just be released in here. This is owned has a very low like this contrast, every vendor told contracting lightness. So, you know is is is more ingrained in a few filling cities. Saturation contrast would be the difference being saturation So you can see through It is blue. It is. This should have touched the lightness of my never mind. This is a more reacher blue and it's left reach. Okay, this is more obvious. This is a more reached yellow and its electorate yellow, so it develops more right wing use. Um, use this car move a day itself because the dobbin and colors de saturated color. So if he was more muted and then the reach of colors become excellent, it so ah, higher saturation tends to bring it to a focal point. Had a focal point here complaining right now, even if you look at this area and this yellow is getting to you because off the richness after yellow it becomes a focal point. So the right contrast extinct, readable s So this is ah, bright red and bright. I mean fully saturated in green bay Got their complementary colors off the same lightness Irian green A complementary colors off the same Lightner here This is like glaring at you. So toe make it not so glaring. No, they don't go blind reading it. You can either, Doc in the green, all light and a green So is I mean, this is better, but not great. It is this still be hard to read because it's really been that so the light let's contrast between the Reina greener the green is not done enough or to really not like enough eso if I made the green lighter is do okay. But again it's still a bit have to issue a bit hard to read because the really is not that enough and agree Not light enough to give you a proper contrast. And so now when we push it here very dark and very enlightening Green is a lot Is your tree annoy? Or you might be seeing staff Now if you're staring at all the square Hey, but is a lot easier to read And easy because the re talkin idiot Away to de saturated de saturated Okay, so I didn't penetrate the century I went from this Really saturated it It is two are the same darkness, but is the saturated so it's a bit more grayish on Then I light in the green So this okay to be so just okay to read your doctor Know what? He's actually there? It is okay to read Yeah, the other ways You can light and airy and darken agree no force I could go for darker green a be even better if I just do Okay, you can read this It doesn't burn your eyes s so if I do that green on visually even better So as you can see notice just two colors by playing with the saturation are the Dr like lightening. You can make things easier to read. You stay off killing you for the right contrast mixed things readable and many way to believe it. 5. Colour 05 - Colour scheme tools: Okay, so finally read it. Last section where if you get color inspirations here So it's not easy to come out kind of scheme yourself. He honestly, I mean millions of colors out there. And so we always use tools in the 1st 2 with the adobe color, Will it? A link is really a worksheet. And so we have it here. No, not this one. This one here is the other big color Will, uh you first. You can choose the color Rule it just now We talk about what kind of color harmonies that can be. So I met Try it here so we can see a tree triangle The give you five color the enemy you fight against you push the colors very near to the centre it so it becomes very, very gree sh s. So if I pull them out if I pulled him out if they become a lot richer I put into the center they become more grayish and then off course, you know, how do you get ducking like very remember, our color scale weighs in a treaty form. It's not reflecting good, nothing like that. So how do we started? Okay, that this extract lighter here is quite heated. It took a while before I found it. If there is a slight the darkness, you see it a color. The color would change accordingly, just like light and light. And that slider is here. The saturation slider to it, the middle and then on then pushes reach you. If you notice this particular color has had a triangle at the bottom on the air with a bottom here, this means that this is the main central colored. Everything changes around there. So you moved this? Everything changes. If you move one of it, then nothing. Only the color changes. You must always find this one with a little area where the bottom This is the key color that you are planning around. So new complementary colors. It's all a bunch of raising means disease always complimentary. And I started. I mean, collateral center. Everything gets de saturated and I can it again Here light and it A. So if you try it so the paint colors to one so complimentary will be two to dairy. Try try it. And, uh, compound be more colors. Try it. Did you know a compound would be more colors really wonder to shift them. It is very nice a combination, right? So they re player are various angles. Tito less ah, less proper angles or give you some interesting color combinations so that through the central color and light, and if you're very, very combinations, that's all. This is very good. And if you really, if you're signing okay, you're signing, you can save. You can save a color palette. You can use it in other BCC, Have you, Steve you And it's very helpful because you can hear such for colors here in online, and then you can save it to your photo shop or illustrate the way you do the design next time. In fact, Lafayette eyes on color, color, matching, color matching pellet. Our panel that you can use is always related. Illustrate. You can see in the next one that we were sold. Que is will be, uh, extracting from 4000. Sometimes it's a very, very, very good way to help you create color schemes. I to be a very good color matching, uh, technician. It's not easy, so someone who can get some help. So let's look at it well, but here. So I've uploaded at least thes screenshot this movie still from melody in movie It's audio extract for me every like this website because so basically you choose a foul. You cannot have a too bigger followed. You tell your error is always somebody risk europhile down for the shot before and then you choose to follow you while he watches Melody in and then you get get pellet his order image . Will he be here? They're very nice because they're extracted colors here. So this is the color the extract, but key colors that extract but and then then they have light virgin and in the dark version. So over here you will see Ah, the General pellet Off off almost all the colors. Okay, the generator policy. You can see that the color ratio is very red dominantly a very predominantly blue. And then the second dominance will be the end of the century and excellence will be It highlights this pinkish And then this greeny can see here. So it's a very good overview of how the general movies. So this general mood is pretty. It is quite quite quite near saturated doesn't very respiratory date. Radio very reach color here. So it's a very serious someone trying to allude to light. Yeah, and then But also there's a richness to the whole family. The whole Aladin film it is, is very reaching color in quite reaching color. So this is the intensity to it. So that was in attendance down there. Anyway, you can choose your color. So I had chosen Carolyn like blue and then, like brownish rate. Okay, And then let's go over here. I like this color. I wanted that version of it, and I want I really wonder. Excellent color. Can we get X and colors? And then let's have a bit more blues and that blew it so you can select me as many colleges . You won it so this will be a color palette that you can use and its crew down. This all something you can save us. The photos shop such foul is or who know that era here? Well, I know I costs I I forgot to re about the photo, so let's hope for the best use of color again. She was like colors and excellent colors and blue colors and reddish brown colors and everywhere for more blue. Okay. And then hit. Save it for the shops. Watchers. Well, he has saved this foul is the such as foul. You save it and then you can import in the photo shop. A sort it. So if you want toe, do some painting or what? Based on this color scheme, you can with awesome authorities that the shootings, I will show you. Okay, so this all four colors. So can issue are very pleasant. Good morning. Again, it's 4 30 Know what a coincidental timing Always have finished recording. Really? Tie it right. You got it, Wolf. Later. Which is he? Okay, so that's all the colors speech remedy to excite us. And I'll see you in class on trustee. Thank you, friend. Good day.