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Visual Studio 2019, Serverless and Azure Functions

teacher avatar Ahmad Mohey, Software Developer & Instructor

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Watch this class and thousands more

Get unlimited access to every class
Taught by industry leaders & working professionals
Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

Lessons in This Class

5 Lessons (40m)
    • 1. Install Visual Studio 2019 Preview for Windows

    • 2. Install Visual Studio 2019 Preview for Mac

    • 3. Walkthrough Visual Studio 2019 Preview

    • 4. Introduction To Serverless

    • 5. Azure Functions

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About This Class

Welcome to the Visual Studio 2019, Serverless and Azure Functions class, In this class we are going to install the Visual Studio 2019 for Windows and Mac and take a look at the Visual Studio 2019.

We are going to create a .NET Core App with Visual Studio 2019 and check the different  common options available for us on Visual Studio 2019.

Also we will be learn about Serverless and going through

  • Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS).
  • Platform as a Service (Paas).
  • Software as a Service (SaaS).

These are the basic cloud models, then we will understand what is Serverless and why you should care.

Azure Function applies the Serverless model and we will be create azure function to demonstrate the idea of Serverless practically. 

Meet Your Teacher

Teacher Profile Image

Ahmad Mohey

Software Developer & Instructor


Hello there! My name is Ahmad Mohey I'm a senior full stack developer. I have been developing applications for the last 10 years and I hope more years of creative developing to come. I have been developing applications for oil and gas industry and the financial and human resources departments for many companies.

I love to learn about new technologies and what’s new in the world of development as it’s growing rapidly, I love to help people learn and solve their problems. I believe, we all shall share our knowledge and pass it to each others.

The path to become a developer or a programmer is never easy but it is not that hard, You just need to keep going and do not quit and always think of any skill you have now, remember that you did not master it from the first... See full profile

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1. Install Visual Studio 2019 Preview for Windows: right before you go ahead under any saying First weaning toe unsold visual studio visual studio simply in the tool or growth tools, actually and features that we're going to use to develop other APS So we can say that visual is to you in an I d. E. You're going to hear this a lot on the E I. D. Stands for integrated development environment, the beats of software that provides comprehensive facilities and options to computer programmers for software development purpose. So let's go ahead and see how to Seoul this visual studio. Okay, and I'm recording this or the Visual Studio 2019 Breathe you. It's not yet fully released, but then go ahead and try it. That's what we're going to do right now. But I need to mention the different visual studio you additions that we can use. Typically, you would find this here visuals. Did you? I d. E. You can find the during the community professional enterprise. It's a professional and enterprise. You will have to pay for this but the community. You can get this for free. You're going to get this was all the feature that you will need to develop any type of application a Web publication, a mobile lab disk don't have any opportunity to develop. You can do it by the community edition without a problem. But if you are in a company or something you to use, what are these two options? Provisional. Oh, Enterprise during another option that we can use which individual? A studio coat but going to see this a little bit later? Not now, OK, so let's go have them try this visual city to 7 19 As you can see here. Be the first to actor the full future of visual studio gold. The way down. Read all about it. There's two virgins for winners of the For the Mac. Let's go ahead and the load. The one for the windows will make a separate lecture for the Mac OS one. So in this lecture, we're going to drive you Windows one or the Windows Addition. But to go ahead and click that will look review. Okay, Once it does the loaded, you can go ahead and find it ended. Hubble looked, so I'm going to double click on this farm. That has been no load. It's not the visual studio itself, but going toe lunch, some kind of a software that's going to allow us to choose which components that we're going to me go ahead and click Continue is going to the learned A couple of components in here. Then it's going to run the installer itself. So I'm going to boo the video in here until it's finished. Okay, the Stolar has been lunched, as you can see in here, just getting since ready, getting the components that we going to install or choose from to install. Just give it a couple of seconds on. Here it is. What you can see in here is all these things that you can do with visual studio, but we're not going to choose all of this. It's going to be huge. That's why it's telling you to choose from these different components. So as you can see in here, we have further don't not desktop development, which is going to include the WBF wins forms, console applications using seizure, visual, basic and efforts Charb. That's something that we need to check. And as you can see as I'm chicken this here, I can see that I have the installation detail held. That's what I'm going to install. When I chewed this option on Did the space required for this option? Let's go ahead and take a look. We're going to load the dark net framework for 4.6 Development tool. That's foreign bland entity framework. I know that some of you don't know what all of these are. The blend the entity framework. We're going to cover these topics, but we're going to at least mention them that you understand what all of these topics are. And here we can find that if you'd like to develop with C plus plus, and that's something we're not going to use in this course pleased and the universal Windows platform or the U. W B. That something you for a Microsoft enabling you to great this club. Perhaps we have here the weapon and the cloud based bi did from the amazing and famous A's be didn't we have also the as or development the cloud off Microsoft. We're going to discuss some of the features of the is or development in this course as well , but I'm going to miss Towler and now we have the python that no J as the data storage. There was a lot of options that you can use. Visual studio two great, different, absent different product. We can go ahead on correct mobile apps using these hammerin or games using unity. I'm going to discuss all of the auction that you can use C sharp to create different time of publications. So don't worry about this. If you have a problem understanding all off this don't have problem. I'm going to cover all of these at least just understand what's the sharp can do. As you can see, there is a couple of tabs. And here the individual components Go ahead and check which option that you would like to go ahead and check on specific framework virgins if your company or using a specific virgin Right now we have the latest one, I believe, and we can go ahead and check also the cloud databases and servers for mothers who can go ahead and check on other or, oh, the ring calls or the crowd servicers or any off Thestrals. Even go haven't checked any of these. If you understand what this and you're going to need it. But right now this is the basic. This is the things that I'm going to need you to install for this course. We have also language backs. Go ahead into the language that you're going to use. I'm going to stick with English. You can go ahead. There is a couple of options in here. Chinese friends, German. That's good options. And, of course, the installation locations. Where would you like it to be installed? We have three different types. The visual is to you filed itself to go to take 1.22 on. We have the cash on. We have the surety component hold and s the case. I'm going to leave all of these on the scene here. I'm using virtual machine. Probably I'll be grating of electrical virtual machines and how to use them to install this one's because I'm using a Mac and I'm going to use visual studio on windows on this virtual machine. I'll be discussing this later. Cancer. That's it. Let's go ahead on the head and store. So it's going to take a couple of minutes, I believe depend on your Internet speeds. So I'm going to both the video and here. Andi, see you later when it's done. As you can see, this beat is getting higher. I hope that it goes higher than this. It should be higher than this. And right, I'm going to see you in a bit. Okay, guys, the installation has been completed, and now I'm being asking to restart my PC. So I'm going to start on, Get back to you. So Okay. Now I have restarted my PC. It's time to take a look at the Visual studio 2019 preview. Go ahead on search for it on. Here it is. Which city to say was in 19 Here. Does it does look great. X, leave great guys. Here it is. One more thing we need to do is to sign it. If you don't have an account, go ahead and create an account. Do this one. Great one. It's a Microsoft account on it is free. Go ahead on great one If you don't have one, If you have already one, go ahead and sign it and you can go ahead and delay this a step by choosing this option. Not now. Maybe later. But I do recommend that you great one. So I have an account I'm going to son in. Okay, here it is. Now it's preparing my first years for this visual studio. It's going to take a couple of minutes. Okay, Here is the visual city to use. I was in 19 and sold on Ready to go. We go into both the video in here and next. We're going to see how to in a stole visual studio. And, Mac, if you have a Mac, go ahead and watch this lecture. If you don't have a back, you can go ahead and watch the next one. We're going to navigate. Walk through the visions to do 2019. See you in the next lecture. 2. Install Visual Studio 2019 Preview for Mac: okay, right now for the people who have manic and wondering how they're going to full along. In this course, you have two options. The first option. It's totally sold a visual studio for a make, and it's available for you to have, and we're going to do this in this lecture. But throughout this course, I'll be using Visual studio for Windows to solve this issue. If you have a Mac, the same is me you can use. Virtual machine can go to virtual barks. It's free tool and install windows on telephone. Probably I would be doing a lecture on how to do that as well for you. So lets go ahead first and see how Tom still videos to do normally for man. So here is the Link Visual Studio that Mark resulted. Com slash don't look. I will leave it and the resources for your or you can go ahead simply and search for it uncle. So here it's the same at the Windows ones. You have three different virgins. Community, professional, inter press, the community at the free edition, as you can see in here, free for students, open source contributors on individuals. So you can go ahead. And the below this was out of the problem. But this is Virgin or the Visual studio 2017 Adam recording this right now, Microsoft has released the visual studio to sow the 19 Grieve. You mean that this is still beater? But I'm going to go load this. If you would like to go ahead and there will load the community edition 2017 7.7 to be more accurate. Go ahead and do so without a problem. But I'm going to go loaded to south in 90. So from this page, go ahead on the click on no load review. Okay, here is the DMG Find being deluded. I will open it once it is no looted and let you know what I'm going to do. So I'm going to pose a video until it's finished. Certified has been deluded and I'm going to open it. Win it. Okay, here it is. It's got had a double click on this one. Choose open is it is getting ready for the registration process. He'd continue. I'm here. It is from here. We can go ahead and choose the component that we would like to install. So I'm going to remove the android and the IOS, and they're going to you these Amarin Zimmer and another framework that is used to develop mobile acts. It has cross platform, and it works in Post Android and I alas, I'm going to develop also Macal as abs, even them. I'm going to use only the net core. Okay, so I'm going to choose in a stolen the date that it will load size as about one gay goodbye . Okay, It was a video in here until it's finished on. Get back to you very soon. Okay, everyone, the installation has been completed successfully, and now it's time to run the visual studio. Former, that's click on this button. Okay, here in the visual studio, 19 2004. Mac, you can go ahead and over the solution or hit you. We're going to explain all of this on the next picture, but from the windows of rating system perspective. But it's all of the same. The one that will be interested in and don't net core in here. This is most of our application is going to be from the council application again. I have to notify that I've using the visual studio for Windows. Throughout this course, most of the applications are going to work without a problem on Mac. And if you're going to use visual studio for Mac and you're facing a problem, you go ahead and search for it all. Simply asked me. We can figure it out together. So that's it for now. See you in the next lecture. 3. Walkthrough Visual Studio 2019 Preview: So in this lecture regarding to take a look at the Visual Studio 2019 let's go ahead and do this. So here, the Visual Studio 2019. So I'll be choosing the create new project option had this on from here. As you can see, if you're familiar with the visual studio, this is totally new day load box. In here. You can fill their based on Lee language platform only project time. So, as you can see here we have the Consul Abdel Net core on the concert. I don't met Framework. Don't let core in the new frame. Warrick from Microsoft. The main difference that you need toe learn right now at this moment in that dot net core is almost the same as dotnet framework, only that the dark net core is cross platform. This mean that it can be run on any black form. As you can see in here, that doesn't framework running on Lee on the windows. But with dot net core, you can go ahead and run it on Lenox, Mac OS or Windows, Of course, which is a huge advantage. There is other projects forcing here a class life free Microsoft forms are the BF Onda Torretta is at the time of Arabs that we choose to install. If we chose donors told Unity or Zama and we're going to find different projects, Of course. So I'm going to choose council Abdel Net core and had next Also, this here is totally new. The project name. I'm going to name the project as Hello World on here. Where are you going? To store this on the solution Name sink of the solution of the container for all of the project. So one solution can contain multiple projects can contain Hello world Project X project. Why project any number of products and they can be of different types. So right now we're not going to do this. We go injustice Take where the solution Hello world and the project name award and I'm going to click on Great. Okay. You should be seeing something like this. I did not type any of this that's already timed and recreated the project. All of this in here. We're going to take all of this one time. One don't wear well. This using name space glasses, the static void main string all of these we're going to discuss in detail. So you're gonna have to worry about all of this, right? So here, with the solution that I told you about on and underneath sit. We can find that we have some project in here called Hell Award. So that's not a duplication. That's the name of the solution. And that's the name of the project. And if I click white, click in the solution, I am able to add new projects, not new items, so I can add WBF Project Wins Forms Project Council ab dot net Core project or a dot net Framework Project Council, Arab dot net Core Project or a consular Abdulhamid Framework Projects. I'm going to add a dot net framework project going to name it, for example, have x it okay and it will be blazed in here. As you can see now, this solution hello World has two different projects and this one is empty. As you can see, there is no deaths line here. Council don't write line. Hello world that we're going to discuss in detail. It doesn't contain this one, Dear balls The same name program dot es program that he has but These are two different maps and two different frameworks. And if you take a look also that as him navigating through this two different Alps Take a look at this bold in here Now, the ab exes. Bold because I'm working with a class or the program and the ab X. If I navigate through the other program to t s going to be bold on decided to tell you which project you're working West so that you don't get confused, which I believe is very helpful from the visual studio to run this actually and view it, you can go ahead and click on this icon, Um, you know, going to see much. Okay, I think happened. I didn't both of you anything. What just happened in that? We have just ran on displayed hello world and then closed. You can go ahead and add extra lining here. Hold council. That's not the best infusion, But many people are doing this Council don't read line. We're not learning any code. Yeah, we're just seeing walking through the visual studio. If I run this right now, I can see that I have the messaging here. Have rewarded what is happening here that this line of code is telling visual studio old the compiler to be more specific that we're expecting an MBA trolled user to read lie. So that's why it's a stopping and displaying the hell awarded. And that's not this more thing that you can do. You can simply just click on the department here, Aunt hit its start without debugging or control it fun for the Keeper around here it is Holly awarded without this extra line in here. That's how to run ended the bugging mode. Of course, if you saying that this form is a small for you, you can go ahead always and from this creed it to be 150 or 200. We'll make it smaller, like 50. That's that's very smoke, so you can go ahead. Blame this suit. What makes you feel comfortable? I'm going to leave this 150 when you start hiding your code in the application you're doing . No matter what the application is, you're going to need to build this or tell the compiler to build this court for you from here. So we will be using this probably every time I go into type and you cold. We're going to hit, build or control Shift B. If there is a problem in your city is going to tell me that there is a problem and will be trying to narrow down the option for me. So let me figure out where the problems as you can see in here won't succeeded. Zero fell. If I type something like this, I'm going to leave it as it s on. If I try to build this now, there is an error. The first thing in that we're missing a semi colon. There's no some cooler in here on the name. This name in here doesn't exist. C Sharp doesn't understand. What is this? So it's trying to give you some options, but you acted in the rate on your field. Read only failed property Local. We're going to see all of these options in here were just demonstrating the options that the visual studio is giving us, which is very good. Awful. When you start typing anything within visual studio, like, for example, council this window here, this giving you descriptions and the difference a guess chins that's telling you that you're gonna choose from its cold and telly since. And this until his hands is very powerful, very fast and very smart. What if the option that you can use is when you are having whole bunch of projects? Inside of a solution? Was many classes, many mass EDS. If you'd like to search, you can go ahead and here and search. For example. I would like to search for the main Miss it in here, which at this it's telling me now that the main message exists in the APP X program in here and in also the hell awarded program in here as well. If I choose something like the Hello going to search until me that during the project called Heller, so the search here is very barbell. Actually, when you have lots of glasses was lots of functions inside of it. Let's go ahead and take a look at the options off the visuals to you from tools, clique corruptions. You can go ahead the first thing that you see the color scheme. Many people would like this life scheming here, but many others like the dark color. If I chewed the dark now, it's going to be changing too dark for the people who work lately. Maybe the lights look very good for them, so maybe the dark is their best option. You know what happened with visual studio? It should be converted to dark without a problem. That's good. Click again dark. So here is and you can go have keep working that a problem with the dark seem color. There is also another color, which is the blue if I to the flutes going to turn into a blue. It's not very good, at least for me, I think three old fashioned. If I can say this anyway, you can go ahead and choose what suits you. I'm going to stick with the light wants or that it's visible for you. That a problem? Now we're back to the default. We can go ahead and set some options. There was a lot of options in here. You can go, for example, to the extensions and updates on Turn off the automatically check full updates. If you don't want to automatically update your visual studio of the extensions, you would go ahead and turn this off. I do recommend that you leave it all. You had also end from forms and colors and change This formed in here. If you don't find that this form is interesting enough and go ahead and change it from here . You have hole punch of phones, maybe a mass surf and go ahead, change the size. You can see it's going to look like this in here. It's going to look really ugly, This one that I have chosen. Maybe woman that's bad. Also, I don't know what to choose. Maybe myself. Town serve and I'm going to hit. Okay on. As you can see, the fund has a change it entirely for the whole program that I have on the floors of Project I go by. Let's change the color change the black, which is the default to maybe something like Great. Let's take a look at this. Here it is. It does look really heard, but going toe, leave it. But this, of course, can go ahead and change the background color. Maybe make it silver on. Here it is. It does look pretty ugly. If you must know your funds in colors, you can go ahead always and click on this. Use the folks and everything will be set on, go back to normal. Two main points I would like to mention before we end this lecture is that you say this asterisk in here? This sign. It's very small. This mean that this file is not safe? Visual studio is giving you a hand that this fun is not saved. You need to save it. So if I choose to save this, it's going to disappear. As you continue now, all my files is safe Now. The last thing is, if you accidentally close this solution Explorer, for example, or any of these in here the error list, for example, you can go ahead, always run the few menu and get it back. As you can see, here is all the different options. So I can go ahead and choose solution Explorer. It's going to be back if I go back to the air list on the output as you can see it here, go ahead. Blamed it as you want. You can go ahead and move it and where you want. As you can see, click on dragging and still I mean, where would you like to book this? If I choose this here, it's going to be a sign here without problems of visual studio is very customizable. We can go ahead on and customize it to your need, but right now I'm going to stick to the D fold sittings. If we're going to need to change this later, I'm going to let you know about this. But right now, regarding to stick with the defaults, So that's it about the visual studio 2 17 19 for now, next regard to start making some small it adapts, seeing in the next lecture. 4. Introduction To Serverless: All right, everyone, In this lecture, we're going to discuss Serverless. But before you go ahead and do this, we need to clarify some points and term knowledge is let's take a look at this dimension here and this image in here there is four different techniques. The on premises, the infrastructure at the service, the platform and the service. The software have a service. Some of you are already familiar with these topics. So go ahead. Let's give this lecture. But for you, who doesn't understand what is this? Let's go ahead and take a look and understand What is each one of these? So the 1st 1 on premises when you're working in a company or creating your own company people in the past used to do everything on their own, then it working the storage servers. Virtual is ations if they have virtual machines. Us middle where run time data applications. We have people working in most of these topics in here, being creating the servers, managing this storage, taking the pack of preparing the network, installing the operating systems, grading the virtual machines. Andi, until they reach the developer is creating the Arabs and the data and that's a lot of people working with a lot of hating that we can reduce. Then we have the infrastructure of service or the I A s o the iess. What does this mean? Infrastructure at the service is the first model off the clown models. It enables you to see these green bottoms in here or boxes that is working the story, just servers. The virtual is ations. You don't have to worry about any of this, you know, have to do the networking yourself. You don't have to. Great job rating. Great the servers. Your survival is toward the virtual machines that's done on the cloud. You have to care about the next steps, which was a huge advantage. You can scale up, scale down. You can great servers on the fly, using the infrastructure as a service. Then he offered the next generation, which was the platform at Serves, which offers more than the networking stored server and visualisation, which is the OS and the mid away and run time, which you can go ahead on Great. A sequel server server Was that doing anything in a couple of minutes, two or 35 minutes for example, you have Ah, sequel server database up on Ready or Oracle, My sequel. Crazy it is. I know that we're not talking in details when you see this is going to understand it more. But I'm just trying to explain the concept in here. Then we have the software of the service. We don't have any of this. You don't own any of this. Your just using our l'd use, for example, the Google drive. You don't have the surgeries and have the applications. You know you don't have anything. You're just full of the or El Onda work, which is saving a lot of time. Xem They came up with a serval less technique, but before God haven't discussed this, let's see an example for all of these. So the effort structure at the service you can go ahead and great virtual machines. Servers load balancers for world on more without having the actual servers. And you can configure the servers as you want. You can choose how many hard disks you want. How many gigs, How many sea views, How many grams and you can go haven't selected from anything. I haven't selected from one bages and we're going to discuss who was over in the service. Then we have the platform as a service where you can go ahead as I told you Great, an Oracle iterated sequel that it was out and stalling. Do you operating system or preparing the server doing any consideration related to the environment? You just directly having access to the data raise, which is very crazy. I believe it's it's awesome. Off course you can go ahead and great any type off server like Don't Cat, for example. Then we have the software as a service where you can go ahead and get things like Google Drive, Gmail, Google looks or Google spreadsheets stir. That's all about these basic cloud models. Then he came up with the serverless Sing Serverless is narrow it down. If I can say so, do the functions. You can go ahead and great Onley function. Gonna have too great a class and C sharp, for example, you have two great name spades. You don't have too great a server. Everything's grated for you. You're just gonna had integral function. What do you want your function to do? That's what you have to care about. Can you believe that you don't have to care about anything you don't evil create a project or name, space or glass. You can go ahead directly and start typing. What do you want your function to do? And you can go ahead and get your own for this function to run it. It's up and running from anywhere without you doing anything in a matter of seconds. If I can say this so serverless is really revolutionary. It's the next big thing if you take my venue. So who is offering the service? The infrastructure as a service platform with service stuff as a serverless, they're street gigantic companies offering old of these serves on the cloud. 1st 1 is Amazon using the AWS or the Amazon Web services on Microsoft? Do you think the Microsoft Azure and we have also the Google Cloud Rackspace. There is many others, but these are big Three or big for so on the next lecture, we're going to see how to do this on Microsoft. Those are using as our function 5. Azure Functions: Okay, everyone, let's go ahead and see how to Great Azul functions. So the first thing that you need to do is to grate on account. The account is going to be free, as you can see in here full of this link as ordered, Microsoft that Come on, I'm going to leave the link for you and the resources so that you just have to follow it. So what I'm going to do right now as do click start free, you already have an account, but I'm just showing you how to great yours. As you can see in here, it's telling you that get it started. With 12 months off free services, you're going to have some free services and going to have some amount of money to spend, which is 200 critic. This 200 credit is going to be spent on as a service for 30 days in a going to take them in cash. Spend them chopping. Now you're going to spend them on services from Mazar during 30 days, which is woman's. So go ahead. Great. Your account. If you have a problem, go ahead, contact me. I'll be gladly helping him as for myself. I have an account on. I will be looking in. Go to the portal. Okay. Here the portal off Microsoft Azure, all of the dashboard. As you can see in here, there is a lot of services that we can use can go ahead and create APP. Serves says at functions at the one that we're seeking. And this lecture will sequel databases. You can go ahead also and create a zoo. Cosmos db virtual machines, load plants. A lot of features sound that's not it. If you click on cold surfaces, you can find that there is tons and tons of feature that need to be discovered really interesting and brilliant all of this on the cloud, and you can create this very easily. You can scale up skill down your services without any problems. So let's go ahead and create hours. So I'm going to choose, create the resource. I'm going to time, and you can go ahead and Suresh from all of these categories for the service that you're searching for. Or you can go ahead and search for the service that you would like to you. So I'm going to type function, and here It is the 1st 1 formation home to this one. It great on the needs. An eight. So I'm going to give it unique. Name my name. Okay. Your subscription. You can go and leave all of this. It does not really matter. OK, so what it does matter is that we go ahead 38 of functions or hit. Great. We need to fix this. We need toe this here, choose any item. We're going to believe this letter. So I Sevilla dating right now. Give it a couple of seconds. As you can see the employment and progress, you go ahead and click on this. Just give it a couple of seconds. I'm going to create your Azul function. As you can see, it's giving you the status off the deployment. So I'm going to put the video until it's finished. Okay? My deployment is complete and ready to go. I'm going to get back to the functions up from here. Click on functions. Um well, function APS it is. Here is one that I created other who? The one that I created newly. So as you can see here with the settings for my function right now, the function is the status of the function is running. Andi can go ahead and stop it. If I want, I can restart it. I can delete it. So let's go out and create the function. So I'm going to hit this icon. Great new. Here are the different options that we can use. You can go ahead and use a visual studio. We can do this from the visual studio that a problem old from the visual studio code or from any editor, as you can see in here, plus court tools, of course. Or end portal. We're going to try these two options in here visual studio on. The important we're going to start And this nature with the importer, which is, I think is very unique to start adding a function without visual studio using Microsoft azure and using seashore. So I'm going to choose import ill. I'm going to hit continue. There is a couple of options that you can choose from. This is the template for my function. I'm going to choose the Web Hawk last FBI, you haven't to scratch. Okay, here is my function. No servers, no visual studio, no class known space no name space on Lee. A function here is my function is called Run and go ahead and run it for I want this function here just doing basic things. This is a lot of information. Just ignore it and go ahead, Move it if you want. This is a query name. I don't know if you can see this. Very good. I'm going to make it loaders. Or that you can see better about this. So I hope that you see better now. So I don't get scared with all of this. As I told you, let's run to see what this function is doing. Actual few. I can go ahead and run this from here on. I'm going to have a console. If I go down here, it is going to run. As you can see. Here it is here the C sharp, actually to be trigger function processed Request. Which is this one in here? I can go ahead and run this from a euro which is very magical and very powerful on Hear the girl going to take This is a copy. Paste it in here on, as you can see, please. Best the name on the query string or the request body. This message is coming from here. If I change this, maybe leave. Enter. You're full name. I'm going to delete the rest. Okay. Lets see this. That's refresh or you Well and here it is. Bly's into your full name. There is. Why here. Yes, I forget to remove it. Let's safe again. This is This isn't saying, guys, I can go ahead and great a function that is burning former Euro without doing anything with serverless That's crazy with Azul functions and go ahead and add any code that you would like from connected at the base Can go ahead and create a game Can do a lot of options. Really? So let's go ahead and give it a name. I would like to see this massive displayed on my name displayed Hello, my name. So let's have name query String in here. The way to add a query String is of this symbol The end The name of the query string which is name from here. As you can see this one here, Andi, find my name. For example. That sounds enter on here it iss Hello, Macquarie. That's crazy guys Let's try something different. Maybe Jack. I love the name guy Fresh. Hello, Jack. Let's go ahead and enter the message. Maybe something. Hello. Die from of your functions. Let's save this. Let's change back to, for example, Emma. Well of all time. That's it. Enter on. Hello, Emma. From a zoo functions brilliant. So I hope that you had a good understanding of how serval less on the zoo functions pork. I know that there is more and more to talk about this, but I believe a brief introduction about is or I'll be trying to cover more topics about years, your functions and again, As I told you, I think that serverless the next big thing. I have to like this and the you understand what is happening here. So if you get a problem, go ahead and send me. I'll be gladly answering you as soon as possible. And that's it. One thing, guys, if you have interviewed the course so far, leas go have induce you. I would appreciate this so much and they really home to like after that would be it for that