Visual Storytelling: Create a Short Video Vignette

Helena Price, Freelance Photographer + Startup Consultant

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About This Class

"Never again will a single story be told as though it's the only one." -- John Berger

The art of storytelling has been with us since the dawn of civilization, but the visual means through which we create and share stories is evolving faster today than at any other point in human history. 
In this class, you'll learn to tell your story by producing your very own short video. Whether you aim to produce small personal pieces, product videos, documentaries, short films, or anything in between, we'll cover the cornerstones of emotionally-driven storytelling and a variety of approaches for bringing your stories to life on screens of any shape and size. 
Your project for this class will be to write and produce a 30-second vignette around the theme of how to "learn differently". You'll conceive of a (very) short story that strikes at the emotional aspects of great learning experiences. We'll give you the resources and insight to determine the right visual execution for your idea. And then you'll produce it! 
Don't let the last part worry you. Depending on your technical background, this could be as simple as getting creative with your iPhone or webcam -- or go nuts with fancy cameras, lighting and effects. No matter what the approach, the goal will be to make something that resonates emotionally with your viewers.
The class will run 2 weeks and your class project will be broken into 3 parts:
1. A written story / script
2. A written visual treatment for your story (w/ optional storyboards)
3. The final piece
Once finished, you'll have developed some new creative skills for adapting any story idea for the screen.
There's a bit of potential extra credit on this one: we'll choose our favorite vignettes to be featured in Skillshare's new brand company video featuring great students from our community, premiering in January 2013!
This class curriclum was co-produced with Nathan Heleine, co-founder of Crush + Lovely and head of MOTION, C+L's film production studio.
Looking forward to seeing you in class!

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Helena is an amazing and inspiring teacher. I came up with amazing ideas and built up the confidence to go do projects. I would recommend everyone take a class from her. Also, she has great hair and a nice look.
DeOren Robinson

Content & Marketing Associate at Opad

Excellent teacher. She was organized, knew her stuff, was very articulate and supportive/motivating in a sincere way.
Helena has great energy and shared amazing resources. If you take the time to look at everything she shared you will be super inspired, but it's up to you (the student) to make the effort too. Great class!
Anne Ditmeyer

design + communication





Helena Price

Freelance Photographer + Startup Consultant

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