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8 Videos (19m)


    • Create THE WHO

    • Create THE WHAT

    • Create THE WHERE

    • The CROP

    • STORY Layout

    • Wrap up and Closing


About This Class

Do you want to write, illustrate, or write AND illustrate your own story but don't know where to start? Join this class and learn a fun and free flowing exercise that will teach you a no-pressure way of creating the basic elements of a story. Beginners can use this exercise to create their own illustrated short story, from scratch!, and more experience writers/artists can use this to work through an artists' block and learn a fresh way of approaching narrative. 

Learn an easy to follow five-part exercise that will help you come up with the basic elements of a story without needing to do any plot or character planning beforehand. You can use this class to create your own visual short story that is a story in it's own right or use it to expand on in later work. It's a very casual and easy to learn approach to a skill that is often viewed as inaccessible or hard to learn. 

All students will leave the class with their own visual (illustrated) short story and the satisfaction of learning a new, somewhat experimental approach to image and story making. 

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Very beautiful and Inspiring. Keep more coming
Interesting and fun. Never thought of writing with images. I enjoy the easy flow of the work - no pressures.... Can't wait to do this again and again. Overall it is a great exercise in creative thinking and I would highly recommend this class I'm not clear where to go with these images at the end of this class. Elizabeth invites you to submit work and stated she would give you critique. I would have liked to clearly know what I should expect to do next. All in all I liked this class.
Weird issues in videos involving moving/rearranging text and audio alignment, but alright information otherwise. Interesting brainstorming method.





Elizabeth Blue Currier

Illustrator, Comic Artist, Arts Educator

I am an Illustrator, Comic Artist and Arts Educator living and working in Eugene, Oregon.

Before moving to Oregon, I studied Illustration at the Edinburgh College of Art and then Illustration: Authorial Practice at the University College Falmouth, in England for my MA.
I love all facets of illustration, visual storytelling and the making of picture-books and am thrilled to find more avenues to both teach and learn more about my practice.

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