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7 Videos (46m)
    • Introduction

    • Project Assignment

    • Choosing a Model and Location

    • Shooting

    • Editing Color

    • Editing Monochrome

    • Conclusion


About This Class

Create a set of photos that intimately showcases a model with multiple settings. Join me on a photo shoot outside of Los Angeles as I provide lessons in scouting a subject and location, setting up the shot, interacting with the model, and post-processing the images. You will then conduct a photo shoot of your own and upload the results to the student project gallery. I hope this behind the scenes look at my process will inspire everyone from beginners to professionals to create awesome model photography. 

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Great class Van. A lot of tips that resonated perfectly with my style and learned a few things along the way. All the best.
Not for beginner students who are not familiar with editing software tools.
Straight to the point of how you should treat your models as well as some knowledge on how to frame a photoshoot.





Stephen Vanasco Aka Van Styles

Photographer & Founder of V/SUAL Apparel

Stephen Vanasco is a NY-born, LA-raised photographer heavily influenced by the '90s skate scene. Never one to sit and wait for people to give him an opportunity, he took a chance and followed his passion for photography. Now he professionally travels the world for photography and for his brand V/SUAL.

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