Visionary Branding: A Comprehensive Branding Guide for Creatives

Nadia Payan, Conscious Brand Strategist

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22 Lessons (4h 15m)
    • 1. Trailer

    • 2. Introductions & Mindset

    • 3. Clarifying Your Vision

    • 4. Your Unique Vibration

    • 5. What Is Branding?

    • 6. Your Brand Pillars

    • 7. Finding Purpose In Your Brand

    • 8. Your Mission Statement

    • 9. Getting Clear On Who You Serve

    • 10. Defining Your Target Market

    • 11. Your Tone and Voice

    • 12. Getting Yourself Out There

    • 13. What Is A Visual Identity?

    • 14. Color Psychology

    • 15. Creating Your Moodboard

    • 16. Moodboard Tutorial

    • 17. Choosing Your Fonts

    • 18. Choosing Your Graphic Elements

    • 19. Designing A Logo

    • 20. Choosing Your Photography

    • 21. Creating Your Brand Board

    • 22. Brand Board Tutorial

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About This Class

Welcome to Visionary Branding Course with Nadia Payan!

This course is perfect for those of you interested in learning a branding process that creates a brand that is truly aligned to who you are. With my guidance, you will create a brand that stems from the inside out, starting from a self-reflection and inner knowing foundation and allowing that to be your north star as you create a visual identity for your brand.

I’ve used this process for companies, people and organizations with amazing results. The class is complete with downloadable worksheets to support your brand building.

By the end of this class, you’ll have clarity about the creative business you want to build and how you can do it in an authentic way, how to create a consistent visual story that aligns with your brand, and make your very own brand board that ties it all together.

It’s time to create a brand that is unmistakably you!


Your final class project is creating a brand board that lays out your visual identity for your brand.


Class Worksheets


Class Outline

  • Introductions & Mindset. Get to know Nadia and the frame yourself for success throughout the branding process.

  • Clarifying Your Vision. Nadia will walk you through a guided meditation to get in touch with your business vision.

  • Your Unique Vibration. Nadia’s process involves really understanding all that you bring to the table. You’ll open up to so many possibilities for your business and brand to create new offerings, infuse more of your personality, all while really sharing who you are at your core

  • What Is Branding? Nadia will take you through strategic process for branding. You will create a strong foundation and understanding of what branding actually is before moving into creating your visual identity.

  • Your Brand Pillars. Nadia will explain how to use your core values as a person and infuse them into your brand. You’ll be able to connect deeply with all aspects of your brand as a result of this coming from within.

  • Finding Purpose In Your Brand. In this lesson, Nadia will take you through understanding how the importance of knowing your Why and how it can be applied to your brand strategy.

  • Your Mission Statement. In this short and sweet lesson, Nadia will walk you through a process to create a mission statement for your brand. You’ll be able to use some of the lines you come up with on your site, your packaging, the possibilities are endless.

  • Getting Clear On Who You Serve. Once you’ve established what you’re about, it’s important to get a strong understanding of who you desire to serve. These are the people you’re selling to. Nadia will walk you through a fresh perspective on how to approach getting clear on who you serve.

  • Defining Your Target Market. You will apply what you’ve learned in the past lesson to create and define a target market for your creative business.

  • Your Tone and Voice. Nadia shows you how to create a consistent way of writing and presenting your brand. You’ll develop your brand glossary and anti-glossary, which will save you time creating all types of brand collateral.

  • Getting Yourself Out There. A key component of having any type of business or organization is to communicate easily and quickly what you do when you meet someone. Nadia will walk you through a simple introduction sequence that you can use when networking.

  • What Is A Visual Identity? Now, we go into the visual portion of the course. You will learn about the foundational elements of creating the visuals of your brand.

  • Color Psychology. Nadia will share a simple and unique process of thinking about color for your brand. This will influence all the other parts of your visual identity!

  • Creating Your Moodboard. In this lesson, Nadia walks you through the process of creating a moodboard for your brand. She share key tips and resources for finding moodboard inspiration.

  • Moodboard Tutorial. Dive into a very hands-on lesson as Nadia walks you through creating a moodboard using one of her templates provided as part of the class.

  • Choosing Your Fonts. Nadia will walk you through one her of favorite design subjects: fonts! You’ll learn about the different types of fonts and how to apply picking the ones for your brand from what you’ve learned in the Color Psychology lesson.

  • Choosing Your Graphic Elements. There are so many types of graphic elements you can use for your brand. Nadia walks you through the core types of graphic elements in this lesson and gives tips and resources on how to choose yours wisely.

  • Designing A Logo. Nadia shares with you the different types of logos and which type she recommends for creative businesses and artists the most. Learn some special resources you can use to create your own logo.

  • Choosing Your Photography. Photography can make a big impact when you pick the right images for your brand. Nadia will share with you her process on picking stock photos, along with her favorite resources for stock photography on the web.

  • Creating Your Brand Board. Nadia explains what a brand board is and how to use it to best support your brand.

  • Brand Board Tutorial. For a final class project, Nadia will show you how to work through her Brand Board template and bring all the pieces of your brand’s visual identity together into one place.