Vision Boards: A Powerful Tool for Mental Focus on Goal Achievement | Candy Minear | Skillshare

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Vision Boards: A Powerful Tool for Mental Focus on Goal Achievement

teacher avatar Candy Minear

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Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

Watch this class and thousands more

Get unlimited access to every class
Taught by industry leaders & working professionals
Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

Lessons in This Class

6 Lessons (15m)
    • 1. Introduction

    • 2. Project

    • 3. Goal Discovery

    • 4. Curation Of Visuals

    • 5. Putting It All Together

    • 6. Final Inspiration

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About This Class


This Course Will Cover Vision Board Creation and Goal Writing:

  • What is a Vision Board and Why do You need One
  • Materials Needed
  • Media Used
  • Methods of Goal Creation and Creating Goals that Move you
  • Curation of Visual Goals for Digital and Physical Vision Boards
  • Board Creation
  • Using Your Board to Rev Up Your Goal Achieving Engine

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Candy Minear


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1. Introduction: I am so excited and honored to have you join my course on creating vision boards as a tool for mental focus and achieving your gulps. This course is designed for anyone at any level that wants to put goals into action. I even give an example of my daughter's vision board. Creating a vision board is also a fun way to creatively express yourself. First off, who am I and why vision boards. My name is Candy Muneer. I'm a consultant to amazing entrepreneur introverts. My big goal is to inspire introvert entrepreneurs to grow side there over thinker tendencies. And by the way, I should know because I am one, and I understand there are infinite ways to achieve any goal or dream. I first became an entrepreneur at age 12. I created and sold jewelry at my father's gun show booth. Here I was selling beaded earrings in the middle of guns galore. My demand outweighed my supply, and I was hooked on the idea of controlling what and how I earned my income. However, getting that control or freedom to choose your destiny requires goals. This is where vision boards come into play. See vision boards provide the visual representation of your goals and desires. They're not just a hobby or some woo only type of craft. I do think some well can help, but that's not what we're talking about today. Sarah, Katie and Ellen all used the power of visualization in achieving their desires. Sara Blakely, Spanx creator, visualized being self employed, inventing a product that she could sell to the masses and creating a business that could fund itself. Katy Perry created a vision board at the age of nine, has a class project which I think is a wonderful class project. She included pictures of Selena winning a Grammy as her visual goal, and I'm pretty sure we all know how successful Katie's becomes. Ellen wrote out her goals, which included being on the cover of Oprah's magazine. She became the first person to ever be on the cover. Besides Oprah herself, there's also scientific data backing up the power of visualization in areas such as creating muscle memory, improving athleticism, building confidence and mental rehearsal of goals you never thought possible. What's this course going to cover? Well, besides being super fun and rebelling, if you do the homework and I really, really hope you do. You will create an inspiring vision board to get the end goal. In this course, you will begin with gold discovery and how to really dig deep. Next will be wearing how to cure a items for your board as well as resource is if you want to create digital boards last, we will cover assembly where display and have a juice up your goal. Achieving abilities using your amazing board. I am so excited about this powerful tool and I can't wait to share how to craft your own. So you in the next section. 2. Project: project. First, there will be an assignment to aid in the creation of the project, a powerful exercise and gold creation. The final assignment will be the project of a partial or completed vision board, which could be focused on a single goal or several goals. A vision board can be done very quickly if you choose to create one centered around a single goal or two. Inspiring vision board is our ultimate project. All you can do this through many board a multiple gold board or a digital board. We will cover easy many assignment to get you focused on your trickles, curating your items and supplied to build your board, putting it all together and uploading a picture of your Leo partial vision board or completed board to the project gallery. Then we'll discuss how to use your completed vision board to focus on obtaining your goals and desires 3. Goal Discovery: gold discovery Ignite your gold discovery and goal setting process. This is my mini journal, which I have tabbed areas of focus for me. Abundance, business confidence, goals, health and joy. I will cover and death goal writing, scripting and journaling and a future course for time purposes of this course. Our focus is gold discovery and formatting to quickly get your brain focused on your desired outcome. Retrain yourself to never focus on what you don't want or wish you had in your life, right freely. Key ideas or goals that come to mind. Don't be afraid to be selfish right out power words that will be a part of your goal statements. Words like unlimited, authentic, self powerful, courageous. This leads us to the easy, many assignment share power words and where you plan to hang your vision board. If it's not digital, you will see my personal example in the gallery. We're gonna take a deeper dive into gold discovery and writing first research. If you're unsure on how to put your desires into words, just google it and find some inspiration. You will want to be specific in your goal writing reflect take some quiet time with yourself and first reflect on what and why you want these goals. They need to be tied to emotions to amp up your drive and focus right right out your goals in a journal or computer you want to be able to revisit for reflection and updating. Use present tense when writing goals. Review. Review your goals to check that they are your goals written in present. Tense are positive and what you want and have power words Don't forget. Submit your many assignment. Submit your quick assignment for feedback in the project gallery post any questions you have, and I will quickly respond. Please work toward completion. This is a real tool. My goal is for you to experience results from your efforts and realize all that is possible when you visualize and focus on your goals. 4. Curation Of Visuals: curation of visuals. In this section, we will cover Resource is for finding items to represent your goals. We will also discuss digital vision boards. Print resource is magazines, local publications, catalogs and adds or great re sources of inspiration. Whether you're looking for words, items or ideas, print meat is should provide lots of items you can use for your vision board. You can also use pronounce of personal photos. I included photos of my family as a reminder of what is truly important to my soul. I also used L in style, Oprah and neighborhood magazines for pictures and standalone words. Here's some curation examples from my boards. The First Vision Board sections shows examples of magazine clippings, personal photos and printed images from a search on Google. The second board example includes written phrases, catalogue clippings. There's address in that corner that you could barely see and Google images. The last board section includes phrases and picks clipped from magazines among pronounce from Google picture and quote. Resource is from online Google. Can Va and Pinterest are wonderful, resource is and tools for pictures that represent your goals and desires. My favorite tool is Google. You perform a search in the search bar for an item, place or anything. Then shoes images versus the traditional search on Web. You can then right, click on the pick and choose open image in new tab. Then go on the new tab and print the image. Another need tools. Can va. You can create your own quotes with picture backgrounds. You're then download your creation, then print. Or, if you're creating a digital board, you can download to your pad or computer and then upload your creation to your digital board. Last you can perform a search and Pinterest much like Google, except it's all images. This is a great resource for quotes is they're very, very popular on Pinterest. I know this may sound time consuming, but it is worth the initial time investment. I promise. This is the most time consuming of the steps. But so worth doing digital vision boards. Resource is and suggestions there. Lots of resource is when creating a digital vision board. You can create a board on any PC, Mac pad or mobile phone. It travels with you so you can access it online or on your mobile device, and it's easy to update because you're gonna bet, delete or add images easily. Pinterest is a great resource because you can use this website to create digital boards and it can be used on any computer and has an app for mobile devices. And a PAD curator is a great app. And iTunes. There's a free and a paid version. This allows you to create boards and exporters. Pdf 5. Putting It All Together: putting it all together. Here's my completed vision board. Notice how I have grouped goals and ideas into quadrants. Here's my daughter's completed vision board. Hers is more freestyle with written phrases and drawn images. Have fun with your board. It only needs to inspire you. What you'll need. Goals. You have to know what you're going to focus on, so goal writing is key. Two. Poster border card stock. My multi go board is a poster board cut in half, so 28 inches wide by 22 inches tall. A sheet of 8.5 by 11 card stock will work nicely for a one goal. Many board number three printouts of online inspirations, photos and magazine clippings. You'll also need scissors markers if you want to add hand written words and paper, glue or tape. Four. Create layout before actually adhering everything. I wanted to get an idea of how everything would fit, so I did a practice layout before going down. Images. If not, you can attach images in a way that speaks to you. Go for it. I arrange mine into quadrants. Health and confidence, career items and a focus on family in the center. Use it How to put your vision board to use. Display your board hanger board in a conspicuous location. This not only subconsciously and search the images and goals into your mind when it's in your field division. But it also reminds you to take out five minutes a day to study. Study your board. Simply find five minutes to review your board daily. This should be a quiet moment so you can really focus and fill the emotions that arise that would you focus on expands? A closer look at this quick five minute exercise that can and will create amazing changes in your life. Study your vision board. Look at the pictures and words surrounding each goal. Allow any feelings to surface As this amps up your drive. Visualize yourself completing the goal. This is mental rehearsal. Let the emotions build and feel how you would feel accomplishing or living your goals and desires. Reach your goals as you reach each goal. Be grateful. Also, update your vision board. Either put a check mark next to the goal on your board or a picture of your version of the accomplished goal on your board. This is visual proof for you and very important and keeping you focused also in case you want to know where to find me or connect with me to find out more on all things Introvert Entrepreneurs, please look me up on Instagram at ambition. Underscore candy or Twitter ambition Underscore candy and, of course, Facebook Candy Muneer. So you in the next section. 6. Final Inspiration: final inspiration. I have therefore, to remove knowledge in order to make room for belief. The manual can't before 1954 it was believed that running a mile in less than four minutes was humanly impossible. Then Roger Bannister broke that record. During the following two years. Over 300 people also ran under four minute mile. This proves that our barrier is our belief system. We possess all the capabilities to conquer any goal and live any life we choose. We just have to believe it. Don't forget. Submit your project. Submit your project for feedback in the project Gallery post any questions you have and I will quickly respond. Please work toward completion. This is a really tool, and my goal is for you to experience results from your efforts and realized that all is possible when you visualize and focus on your goals again in case you want to get in contact with me and connect with me to find out more on all things interviewer entrepreneurs you can find me on Instagram, Twitter and Facebook and last thank you so much for your time. Please don't forget to rate or review this course to help your fellow students