Vision Board // Envision and Achieve Your Goals | Lisa Olson | Skillshare

Vision Board // Envision and Achieve Your Goals

Lisa Olson, creative energy nerd

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5 Lessons (11m)
    • 1. Introduction to Vision Boards

    • 2. Supplies You'll Need

    • 3. Demo on How To Create a Vision Board

    • 4. Vision Board Examples

    • 5. Wrap Uo

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About This Class


About Me
Hello Everyone! I'm Lisa and excited to share about Vision Boards.  They are fun to create and powerful tools to help visualize and achieve your goals.  I've consistently had a Vision Board (making a new one about once a year) for about 4 years now and really believe in the importance of images and visuals.  What do you want for life?  How do you see life, love, work, family, travel, fun, etc?  It's pretty wild, each time I endeavor to a new Vision Board I reflect on my past one.  It's amazing how much I've 'accomplished' towards my goals captured on my Board!

About This Class
This class will demonstrate how to create a Vision Board including everything needed to get started and some tips and tricks.

This class will cover:

  • Introduction to the idea of a Vision Board
  • Supplies needed
  • Ideas on how to layout images to create a vision board
  • Vision Board assembly 
  • Tips on where to put your Vision Board to keep your goals and dreams in front of you

It's important to keep goals in front of you, and the visuals of a vision board provide stellar motivation! 

The class project will be creating your own vision board and sharing with the class!