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Vintage Watercolour Wreath for Beginners - in 2 styles

teacher avatar Manushree Mishra, Watercolour Artist

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Watch this class and thousands more

Get unlimited access to every class
Taught by industry leaders & working professionals
Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

Lessons in This Class

16 Lessons (1h 34m)
    • 1. Introduction

    • 2. Supplies

    • 3. Preparing Color Palette Part1

    • 4. Preparing Colour Palette Part2

    • 5. Basic Brush Strokes

    • 6. Flowers

    • 7. Leaves

    • 8. Filler Elements

    • 9. Inverted Wreath Part1

    • 10. Inverted Wreath Part2

    • 11. Inverted Wreath Part3

    • 12. Inverted Wreath Part4

    • 13. Simple Wreath Part1

    • 14. Simple Wreath Part2

    • 15. Simple Wreath Part3

    • 16. Final Thoughts

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About This Class

In this class, we'll be learning to create two beautiful wreaths in a vintage color palette. Think of this class as a welcome to the beautiful world of loose watercolour floral in those whimsical vintage hues.

We will begin by warming up to the basic brush strokes, from there we’ll create our very first flowers (primary and secondary flowers). We will continue the fun by exploring different types of leaves and three fun filler elements, berries, twigs with buds and pretty cone stalks.

Next, we will briefly look at mixing those vintage colours and viola we’re ready to paint our final two wreaths combining all that we learn in previous lessons !

This class is designed to be enjoyed by both beginner and intermediate artists and is in real-time so that we can paint every step together. So what are you waiting for? Grab some watercolour and a beverage of your choice and let the paint party begin :)

Please note,If you have any questions at all, you can always leave a message for me here or on Instagram @thewhimsicalcreative and I’ll be happy to answer them.
I welcome your questions, comments and feedback.

Meet Your Teacher

Teacher Profile Image

Manushree Mishra

Watercolour Artist


Hello, hello!

I am so happy that you’re here!
I am Manushree a watercolour artist from India. I create florals that bring in a sense of calm, peace and positivity. I adore vintage colours and that's what you’ll find plays a huge role in my florals. I am a cat mum to a darling tuxedo cat named Felix :)

I was always the kid who would be tucked away in a corner of their home with painting supplies and a huge creativity book, whereas that kid in me never really grew up my love for art just kept compounding over the years and even though as I was pulled towards the corporate world in lieu of adulting, the art crept in and continues to blossom every day.

I feel am a student of life, I love learning new things (have learned so much... See full profile

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1. Introduction: have we run? This is under street and you can find a signal at the obstacle. I'm a watercolor artist. I love painting. Throughout my painting journey, I have come to realize that everybody get on all it requires to create a great painting is consistently working towards a lot of spades. Practice the most important thing. So this class is something which I've been meaning to do for the longest time ever. This class is going to give you a lot of small Shane's don't basics. How stars some leads with a couple of filaments and you combine all of this together actually be creating two things. One is gonna be a simple greed at the other is going to be an important tree. So way would begin by practicing and warming up two days, births, strokes. Then we would be starting to craft lovers. After that, we would also go ahead on three. Some of these will be using in our seats. Then I'll find a project with Do reads First. Does this a very simple one. But I think still it's a pie print. Beautiful 2nd 1 isn't more to treat. This one is quite interesting because even I saw it. First time speed creating a lot of these. I'm nothing. Interesting thing is, we also know how to mix our fellows and create those beautiful women Choose which I'm sure if you have seen my weapon, Instagram, you already know that I Ah, huge, huge, huge admirer off vintage Alabama. So what are you waiting for? I'm just so excited for us to get started and start creating these beautiful daughters. See in the next lesson. 2. Supplies: So let's get started with our supplies. Eso Let's talk about the paper forced. The paper that we're using today is art essentials. Watercolor bad. It's a 300 Judaism 100 person Corton paper on. I think it comes about 6.5 to $7. It's very affordable. It's fine grain and cold best. Now you don't have to essentially use the same watercolor paper, but anything which is cool pressed find rain on is 300 GSM. 100% cotton would work absolutely fine now. I've also used I also pretax some sheets off the same people so you could use any size you like. I've got them in a five and a six second thing that we'll be talking about today is the brushes, so I have to Russia's, which are in size six. So these are from Princeton heritage on Grado, our cities from a school. Now what I love about these brushes as they maintain a very sharp point, as you can see here on, and they are just absolutely grade unaffordable for picking us. So let's keep that aside. And these are some local Russia's I have inside 02 and four, so you could use any brush which has this sort off size. It just works fine. You don't have to use any specific plan for it. These are just to add some basic details, which will be looking into later. Now let's talk about our beans, so I tend to use a lot of pains from different brands. I didn't use pains from Windsor and Newton. I didn't use from Sin, Ilir and even will be using one today, which is from Majel Omission. So just feel free. You don't need to have the exact same pains that I'm using today, But anything which is similar from any other brand also works absolutely great. Let's just look at the pains to be are using today, sir. Posters Windsor Newton Apartment More. This is the first pains that we'll be using. Second is a Windsor Newton Parkman again. Cadmium red deep. You any sort of cool? Great that you have in your palate would work absolutely fine. Then we have Daniel Smith yellow polka. Any warm yellow in your palace would work great as a substitute for that. Then we have a couple of them from center near, so we have a greenish number. It's a very beautiful color, So if you know me, I don't usually use pains right of the tubes. But then some colors like this. They're just amazing and can be used trade over the two because how beautiful their just does. This, the 2nd 1 we have from Centralia is being straight. Then we have another one from Sedalia, this blue indigo now. Oh, we have one more from entering apartment Indonesian, Gartman said Francis Pretty here. Last one is from a Majella mission. It's a Saptari. So any sort of Saprykin works. You don't need to have the exact one justice. So these are our pains now. Apart from this, what you'll be needing is your leaving a palette. So I am here using a ceramic plate, and I have laid out all my colors here. Why am I using a ceramic plate? Is because there is no chance of eating here. If you want to use a plastic pallet, sometimes there's a lot of beating that happens. So one good to avoid that beating issue could take a little bit of toothpaste and just rub it across the palate and wipe it off. And that helps a lot with beating issues. So, yeah, go ahead without your palate. Whatever feels the most, you know, welcoming to you, just use that. Then we'll be also using a masking tape or masking fluid. Apart from that, we have our clean jar off a jar of clean water, some April goals, which will be using to tap off the excess paint. You could also use a cloth track that also works fine and for creating us circles for read . We would be needing either or circular scale like this, or you could use a compass. You could even use a large bowl like this because you, you know, if you've done it upside down, that makes for a great. So creating a so called fever Woodley also using this HB pencil to market off very lightly and then, in the end, a non best syriza toe raise all the months. So that's it for our supplies. Now let's get started with creating art 3. Preparing Color Palette Part1: Let's get started with mixing our color palette for today's reads that will be creating. So I have my more here had me Android, Deep Pier, Loker, Indigo. And then this is indigo. Mixed with more, A bit. We'll talk about this. This is a greenish number. Sap green beans, straight and sepia. So the first color that will be using is going to be a mix off more and this cadmium red hue right here. So I'm gonna begin by activating the color a bit, dropping some water on it and then drying out in a pool like this. I think I need a bit more, Carlo. So the consistency that you're looking for in this picture is like how my good friend are closely says that you want a cough syrup like consistency. Okay. Or maybe honey like that's what you're going to be looking at achieving. Now this looks good to me. I'll rinse my brush and then go ahead and start pulling out some of the red into a separate file. So just drop some more color on it on. Don't go and stop the color with the tip of the brush. That way you would damage this nice think tip. Instead, try to, like, use the belly on. Just roll over it. So, yeah, this looks a nice shoot me. Now, you would need a little bit of this and just start mixing it. So, as you can see, this is the color that will be using. I also swatch it and maybe a bit more of this. Yes, this looks like it. And shiny but more of this. Yeah, I'm really loving this. So you would need to Pools of this color will be using to values one is this. Then we'll draw some more color right here at some work to do it. And this will be the diluted abortion off the same color. Come out a little different in terms of value when we switch it on. So let's get up people on. See our colors. Watches. This is a postcard which looks something like this. I'm just watching it out. It couldn't have dropped somewhat Teoh my brush and just with main order on and drag this out. So yeah, this is my postcard. Then we'll be using the same color in a very different light value. This is how doctors think to look? Yeah. So these are the dough shades we have mixed so far. You can see here. Yeah. No, um, we'll be mixing a little bit off this raid with cocoa to create a peach color. Something to do some more bread here, rinsing off my brush, Just dropping some water on, you know, and gathering north pigment once I'm done doing that will create this nice peachy. Looks lovely with more. Yeah. So this is the second color that we need in our files. Let's watch this one out. So it's gonna something like this. Beautifully Orange beach. It's Yeah. This is how this feels. Yep, no for this public alot of what I did is I just took some more than mixed it with a bit of indigo. So you can do the same to get this pope issue. Let's just watch this one out as well. It's a very nice deep sort of people that we have. Another thing is I tend to lean over the earthy spectrum off colors. That's just precisely because I love those colors. I'm drawn to those colors. This is our another. Why left that? We need to be mixing mixing bit of more than indigo should give you this color. So, yes, I love absolutely love or D colors, and that's what I enjoy being thing. If those are not the colors that speak to you, no worries. You can go ahead and makes your own colors by showing you how to make scholars. What I'm doing is just nudging you. The world's exploding your own color palette on just trying on a lot of talent, seeing what works, which colors do you like and such. 4. Preparing Colour Palette Part2: Now, let's watch out our greenish amber. I'm not gonna mix this with any color. As of now, I'll be using it in its entirety like this. Um, just watching it out. As you can see, it's a beautiful Are the green who'll agree? I love this gun. Absolutely Love this gorgeous. Now we'll create another shade off. This color will be using a bit of greenish mixing it with our okura bitch. So when you are critical composition are floral composition, so to speak. You wanna have the right your dreams in your palate just to give a lot of dimension, okay? And that to a piece that the moment I will add this beautiful oqo this amazing greenish amber and see what happens They don't into a very nice warm Morsi dream. So this is another green that we'll be using. Name is watching for you like you can see. So this is how the color looks like groups. I have too much water, so I'm just taking my brush on dry brush in Just trying to move off the water. Yes. This is the color other green that we're using this submarine now Submarine on its own is very vibrant. You can see here it's extremely vibrant again, not something that speaks to me as an artist. So what I do is I take a little bit of the sepia that we have here and mix it with the sap green again to give me a very nice and beautiful a new version of accepting, you know? You know what I mean. Here, just look at it. Office. Just absolutely perfect. Hope it's. Watch this out so that since the green, that will be meeting no for little twigs and branches. What we'll be doing is will be taking this sepia and mixing it with pain straight to create a beautiful smoky brown. Okay, so I'm just adding superior here in this by just make sure that you are a real attention to the water and paint makes you wanted to flow smoothly like this, but you don't want it to keep running all across the planet. OK, just be very mindful of that. Now I'll be dropping in some water over beings. Great. Taking some color here on Yes, this looks good. It's just too much beings. Great here. Nobody's. I just go ahead and add more off this year to get back to creating our smoky brown for our branches. Yeah, see getting I think I added too much of pain. Stress. So again, Ah, good rule of Tomba's just had a little bit of the colors and see how they are reacting on mixing If you go ahead with too much of $1 than you might end up over bothering the other color like you saw what happened here. Now I think this is a nice guy. No, this is a great color for a branches, although very think I need some water here. Let's watch this one out. So this is the color we have. It's almost like black, but not quite black. It's a very nice deep, smoky brown. So that's the color you wanna have for your branches. The stones out on paper, in black. I think I'll go ahead and are a bit more off sepia, maybe off camera, because color that we're looking at this this is a bit too dark for my liking in terms off , you know, it leans over black. I want a deep groan. So what I'm gonna do is I'm gonna add more sepia and see how this color looks. Yes, this is perfect. So nobody's just experimental bit and see how the colors are coming across. This is the perfect color. This is what I want for our branches in our deeds. Okay, so just experiment a bit. You might end up adding too much of that color. But that's OK. It's always salvageable. You can definitely go ahead on and, you know, just add it again and see how the mix turns out to be. So this is the battle that we have prepared, which will be using another thing that I'm observing right now is greenish amber and yellow polka are not quite mixing. You can see bits off Ohka right here and then agreement greenish ambo separating. So for these pigments, what you'll have to do is you have to continously encourage them to remain mixed like so again they'll separate. But once you're about to use them, just give them a nice wash and will be missed again. And it will also give you a very beautiful effect. You can see here you can see nice Oakar Hughes a bit in between the greenish number ones. So just something I thought I'd bring to your notice. All right, I think we are ready. Let's get started without basic strokes in the next lesson, let's go. 5. Basic Brush Strokes: All right, let's get started with our basic strokes. Um, I'll show you my palate. So I have just missed mixed this small with this bit of yellow polka. This is the color that I have. Any color would work. We're just practicing our strokes. Grab your number six brush. Andi, let's start with our first basics truth, which is alone toe paint, thin horizontal lines. So why they're doing this is to acquaint ourselves with this brush and the kind of strokes that can introduce. So one stroke is I am barely a chinga brush on the people and creating a straight line. So this is a very 10 line that I can get from one number six brush, right? Continue making that. Just practice it a bit by bit, You know, a number of times until you're comfortable. Sometimes they might come out this thick. That's fine, but barely touched a brush on the paper and see the kind of lines that you get. I'm going to increase how much I'm touching on the paper and see how take off the line you can get in. So this is what we get now. I am applying very, very little pressure. And yet, and it will get these lines so you could continue practicing this small until you're very confident about achieving these truths. The second stroke that will be focusing on is doing the same thing, but politically. So did you observe that for these chokes? What I did was my brush waas at maybe a 70 degree angle when I was trying to create this 10 line even when I was trying to create this now for our vertical strokes, my brushes almost at a 90 degree angle. I just gathered some more, painting it at a 90 degree angle or maybe at an 85 or 80 degree angle now will barely touch it and move it straight across. So this is a thin line that you get with this thick brush, as you can see. Keep doing this until your CDs confident her and can easily do it. It's what a couple of tries. So don't worry. Just keep doing this. So yeah, this is that. Now I'm just dipping some more paint. I will try to achieve some more. Take aligns again, observed the angle 80 to 85 degrees. Okay, touching on the paper, applying little bit of pressure to get thicker lines. The same thing tried to keep the thickness uniform on the distance between the lines. This would help you a lot with fresh control, which comes in really handy once we start painting are flowers. So, yeah, you can practice this as many times as you warned. This also works as a great warm of exercise to open up your, um, hand for creating more from my strokes. Okay, so this is done now will be moving to our thirds choke, which is going to be a 10 antic combination off strokes. So what I'm gonna do is I'm gonna lightly touch the paper. 10. This is my thing. Stroke again. Observed the angle. This is probably our 70 degrees. Then bush utilizing this belly. Then I'm again pulling up the brush, coming to a point on creating a thin line. This is my one stroke. Now, I will continue doing that for a couple of times just to acquaint myself. But this sort of stroke at this brush can create, So the beauty off this brushes you can go 10. Hey. Utilizing the belly collecting the brush again. Back pulling up, coming to a point. Drugging, lifting. Okay, let's do it a couple of times. So again, touching for shame, pulling it up, dragging it a bit. This is the stroke that we wanna practice. I'm gonna do a couple of more times. You can paint it along with me and practice. So that's another thing. We have kept these classes at a real time basis so you can come and join me and we can do this warm up to get them. So feel free to practice the stroke. This is really helpful. The stroke would come in handy when we create our flag by pills and leaves. So this was my torch took. Now, Um, let's go ahead and look at one more stroke, which is going to be our leave or metal. A stroke. So justice stroke, but a different variation off it again. My Russia's at all. I'd say 60 or 65 degree angle. Porsche. If you make it at an angle, it looks like a leaf. Okay, similarly, let's do it again. Much wash Well for poor lift up night. I'm just starting but more water and paint to my brush. I feel this trying see? And then another one like that. Okay, so we are done with our four brushstrokes. We practice this one first, then needed thes. Then we did this and finally re practice this. Okay, We're pretty good to go. We can get on to learn our flowers and leaves Now. I would advise you to practice thes strokes. Relieve until you get confident with them. Once you're done with it, we'll start painting are flowers and leaves. 6. Flowers: So now that we have looked at our basic strokes, let's go ahead and learn by creating our first lover. So I'm taking my one number six brush on dipping it in this yellow polka for my another number six. I've taken some cat named Rate and mixed it with yellow polka to create this beautiful beach. And let's look at creating our flowers and just keeping the battle of the site. So this is our first petal on, and what you notice is it's made up off two strokes, which is like this. So my fourth more for my post roll just observed how I'm keeping my brush. I touch and I utilize the belly aggregator C Shape and company, now for my second stroke, are do the same thing, utilizing the bendy, coming back to a point. OK, so when I joined these two strokes, get one petal. So let's look at that. This and then another one, like so and you can fill up the space in between. That's how you create one victim and show you once again. So what we're doing is three are going ahead on touching the brush off. Russia's probably at a 45 to 50 degree angle. I'm just utilizing the belly, calling it a bed, coming up to a point and lifting, loading it up with some more pained, again touching, utilizing the belly, coming towards the spittle and lifting and filling up this middle space. This is my first fluff Better? No. Um In order to create a five better flower, let's create our circle along which we will be creating our battles. This small guide will help us make sure the doctors are in alignment. So first batter is gonna be like this around this one mine small line that we have created . You can see that Then for another BakrHu, you can again build it around the line. In between, you cannot small strokes just to make it look more news. And then you can turn around your canvas are people like so that gives you the best range of motion for strokes. Also, trying toe manipulate the amount of pain to calorie. Sure that you have right now in this flower looks very flat. Very less dimension Is there because I'm using the same color for all the petals? Usually what we do is we will try on bring in different values to make it more. Why print and life like So I'm gonna do this again. Let's get started. Also, try to me every petal as unique as you can possibly. So that also brings lot of radiation in our battles and everything doesn't look very similar. Someone do it one more fine again making my circular markings. Keeping my brush, Gathering some pains in creating these petals. You can change the shape and size and orientation of some of them. OK, so this is my basic by federal flaw. I'm gonna take this yellow joker in this brush, and while it's still read on the nav, drop in the paint like so. This is almost dry, so I wouldn't get those leads. But it's fine. That's also a different look that you can go for, but for this one, you can see it's blending beautifully. So yeah, that's what it iss that's our five budding flower. Now let's look at our secondary flower. So now I've taken your local. There's some six brush and the same peach color here in this one. So put this aside for now for our secondary flour. It's gonna be a three better flower with the middle badly being the guest like so like our one button that we saw here. And then if you have two other petals coming from either sites So this is our secondary. I think it again. So the first battle is going to be like our five federal flowers battle again. The same thing you touch utilize the belly. Joining the dark feeling between the other battles would be coming from either side if it make sure that the tip off this flower remains Berry Nadal. So I mean one more again. So you can also paint this first patent in one stroke like so are here like this. And then you can have other two battles coming from either sides. Like so. So this is what we'll be painting for our secondary Flamel. I think one night so much I think lift again. Maybe not also touch, join, and then from either sides, you have two more clues coming. This is our second law which will be using in our rates. So let's get started with our leaves 7. Leaves: Okay, so now we'll be looking at our leaves. I have seen a shambo in my brush, So we'll be looking at a couple of different where I D's a plea. Let's look at the first simple dream leave, which will be you. Start my brushes act 45 to 50 dignity and I start and I push I lift and then again from the same place where I started, I push and come up and I can leave this middle white space just to give it a sort of highlight. So let it be there. Let's do it again So we can have you can start up here way can again dress up brush, Come to a point, Go back to the starting point, Chris, come to a point and then leave the space in between. Or you could just fill it up a bit and the as much as you want, you can also lady the thickness and then necessarily as you see here also, you can give it different directions. So again, touch. Go. Come to a point touch point and give it a nice tip if you want to. Okay, so those are one kind of leaves like the hair. Let's do one more of this. It's 21 So just fill this up joint. Okay, so we have done this. Now, let's look at second type of leave that we will be anything which is going to be a one stroke leave. I'm just mixing some color here. Inside? Yep. So for that, create a branch. I'm gonna treat Tin Branch. Remember how utilized, Tip off the black brush and our basic brushstrokes and just start stamping the brush for leaves. You're doing nothing but just stamping the brush. Get these leaves like so let's do it again. This is the color thesis. Greeny shambo mixed with cocoa. Let's do this. I'm going to predict the shape you want to all you can let it be like that. Anything box? Fine. His Just keep stamping it on either side. Off to stem. This is our second kind of leave that could be utilizing now dates now another kind of leaf . That's gonna be a hard kind of leave. It's gonna be a long, long You did so for that again. You have thin stem, and then it's very narrow and you make it like thes ones for take. This is not a leaf that you make so again them. I think so. And this one more kind of leave is just a variation of this one, which will be using which is called one stroke. See, you'll have your stem. This is gonna be your Tim. This is like So go ahead on and make sure that you practice all these elements really well because now we'll be utilizing them and learning couple of more filler elements before we start combining them in our genes. 8. Filler Elements : So let's look at some off our killer elements now for that, I'll be using for a forceful averages. Adopted flower to wash is of the same color. So I'm using the sculler, which is indigo mixed with more A beautiful or the poeple shade. Now, this is one gallo mix. I'm gonna use a diluted version of it as well. This is another one right here. Yes, I'm gonna Just actually, it had a lot of water, and I just added some more pain to it from him to create this. So I'm gonna load my disc brush up with this tell you did wash in this prince to number six with the actual take version off the sculler, more pigmented. And this I'm using a little bit of sepia to give it a brunch. Let me keep this society. Okay. So now for our first filler element, which is going to be a daughter flower, what you need to do is you need to create a branch first. Let's go ahead and do that by creating a very thing brunch. This flower looks a bit like, uh and then lavender Also make sure that you mark off the end off it, so maybe the end would be some very heal. The start would signify that Now, with the lighter color. I'm just going ahead, Andi darting in the flubber. And as I'm coming down, I'm gonna increase the a bit of this flower and it will come out to be a long conical shape . That's what we will get so just randomly for two darts for this one, and it should all converge into a nice tip. Once this is done, you can move on quickly to your darker wash of the same Carlo. And just again, go ahead. And for a lot of darts in between, this will give a lot off depth on three D effect in a lot of dimension. By using these two different colors, this is our first fill of love, which is like a lavender. Now, for the second pillar element, which is our Berries will be using the same two brushes with the same makes one with the Dr Mix of the same color and then the other with the lighter makes of the same color. So I'm just going that and pulling in some color here and then this is gonna be for the stem and keeping the society for the moment. Now for our Berries. What we'll do is we'll create circles. So with this color, create a circle, leave a bit of a gap here. Then I'll keep on creating clustered small. I create a small circle nearby only, and then another small one, maybe one more shoe dining. No, I'll go ahead with this different valued one and create circles in different shapes and sizes. You can let it allow it to touch also, and I did bleed. That also looks beautiful. Now I'm going toe, wash this brush, dab it on the issue, and then whatever is remaining, I'll create my circle with that. There's almost no paint in this brush, and that's totally fine. We want this sort of light colored as well. We'll create our Berries with this. Creating these different valued Berries would again bring in Nordoff radiation, and but I d in them. So these are our second for lead element to the biddies, so now will be moving to our told element, which is going to be tiny buds on a twig so far that again we'll be utilizing a little bit off sepia mixed stem color on well covered branch. Here, go ahead and create a brunch. It has to be ready at random. Whatever you feel like adding a bronze. Just are that everything lines to Ada's a lunch and then go ahead on deep. You're being brushed into the red color are cadmium red. You could make that cat memory with a little bit of sepia all you could use his as is I'm mixing mine with a little bit of sepia and then again, you will just stamp it. These are going to be yours. Bard's on a brunch. It's This is our third filler element, which we will be utilising in our seats. Just stamp it. If you feel that the shape is not up to your liking, you can go and not it and correct it. Nobody's with that again. Feel free to move the paper alone. Whatever gives you the best range of motion. This is our third pillar element. And yep, so now we're ready to start creating our reads 9. Inverted Wreath Part1: So now we'll be painting are for street, which is going to be an inward Adri. For that, I'm just preparing my palate quickly. Just starting a little bit of water here. And this is small, mixed with cadmium dread, some just drawing that color and creating a light wash. If it just right there, it's going to start running. Yeah, this is the later warship, the same condo. I'm just gonna add someone's gonna do it. Yep. And this is our fickle, more pigmented wash someone with your one brush with this wash and then the other with this . So the lighter wash, I'm gonna load up my this size. And before for the doctor wash, I'm gonna load of my Princeton size number six. And then for our secondary plus will be using a yellow cocoa. That's it all by itself. For our leads, we will be using the screen ish amber, an Imex of between a shambles on cocoa. So that's pretty much all the things that we would be requiring for this involved. Retreat. We will not be using any filler elements, Percy. We'll just see how it don't. That's all the colors really quieting. I just keep it aside. Now take your brushes and put them to one side. We need to create a circle first, So I'm gonna go ahead, grab my boob on my insulin, and then let's create our circle lightly. Just trains the circumference of this. We should have something like this. Perfect. How, after we're done with our circle will be needing are masking fluid right here. This one ISP I sent earlier. I'm gonna ply it with the stool. It's I don't know what the stool is. School. There's nothing written here. It's something I picked up long, long back. It has a fan brush on one end, the trouble on the other. And somebody used this to apply masking. You could also use a brush which you no longer use, and there is no fear of damaging it. So let's open this bottle. I'm gonna keep it like so my brush disappointed Doolan Saudi and start applying fluid now. One good masking fluid is you want to make sure that you apply a take coat off. Must include you don't want to apply a very think. In that case, it mean damage. The people that is it made of the people when you try to pick it off, that has happened to be multiple times. Just a world of question. Make sure that you apply off this fluid. So I will speed up this video until I finish applying this and I will see with them. I'm going in and dropping more masking fluid in the past species just to make sure that it's very thick and not at all. Then when you have applied masking food, you'd also want it to completely try before you begin painting. So what I'm asking you it does, is it makes sure that no pain goes outside the boundary. Okay, some done with applying on the masking fluid. Now I'm gonna let it sit for sometime until it tries off. And once it's dry, we can start painting cool. So I'll see you in sometime. 10. Inverted Wreath Part2: so now that are must include is dry. We can check by tapping our finger gently over it and seeing if nothing comes off. It means it's try. We can start by painting our first primary lovers, which is going to be our five petal flower with the yellow center, some just beginning to being our life better flower, just forming the bedroom the way we had learned. I'm gonna ordinate between lighter wash on the dock awards just to bring in some value difference and variety. So you can just go ahead and choose whatever direction you want to be that I'm just gonna go and randomly pained these primary flowers in some locations. Okay, another one right here and again. Feel free to move your people around just to get the maximum, um, range of motion. That's key to beat these lumbers. You could also let occasionally dark bleed on the lightly, touch each other and create bleed. I'll just show you how exciting that make. No one here kind of coming from the top off this level. I'm gonna take the darker wash one and let it gently touch here and you see how beautiful of lead that creates, like so again, Just moving my a better tone. I'm started. We might be put at home meeting these plumbers. Um, a good, truly off thumb is to create or number off flowers because always our mind is joined the words or number of things, and they're very pleasing to our eyes. So just see that you create or number of thes friendly lovers I'm gonna pound. I think I have 1234567 I create some also heal seven, Which means a lot to create. Do here and then we'll have the perfect lies. So this one, I'm gonna give it a almost only one petal will be hidden. For most part, this is gonna be a visible lover, as you can see here, one of me, although pedals almost on the pedals physical and just like it will be hidden. Sees it. Gives it a different angle. Also. Just one more Don't finish it off. So I'm gonna make this one here No fun and slow. I want to bring in some gonna be in the battles big and one small training one way one here . Okay, So I'm done with my primary flavours. If you want to get to go ahead on and three, you bit more, I feel that there was still an empty space, so I'm gonna fill this one a bit. So what I'm gonna do is no. Go ahead. Read some flood here. You wanted to have different angles. That it'll be a lot of variety in your composition. One more somewhere. Because now we have been I wouldn't make it 11. Some gonna being we should. I mean, probably being tear on top of this one. Okay. Like so cool. We're done with this. We don't without primary flowers. Now, I will go ahead and just place my second dream lovers all around. So for that, I am going in keeping all these two brushes aside going for my yellow joker and now creating those, um, crime rate blooms. So as we discussed, it will be something like this. And then something coming from the sides when and create one over here like so then coming from side another one from here, I think this one is a nice anger. So create one from here. See? And then we'll create. These are three. I'm gonna create fight again to bring in that variety. Create one more, please. Share. Yep. So we have our secondary flowers in place, and there are five off them. Now. What I'm gonna do is I'm gonna take this yellow. A very diluted yellow cocoa on. I am going to add into the centre's irregularly. Okay. You have to make sure that you need some white spaces on you. Make it very irregular. That's the key. Just roughly go ahead and add this cocoa are around between the centres off these flaws that we painted in no irregular fashion, So yep. Should 11. Inverted Wreath Part3: So now I'm gonna go ahead and fill in some leaves. So for that, we'll be using some greenish number. I'm gonna makes a little bit of more into the greenish number just to make sure that it matches and then we'll start being king are leaves with it. So far leaves I'm gonna add them in, like soul. Just the same relieves that we learned, you know, a point. And then coming out like this, one of the one so to a point again, joining you, dropping in some color in the center just to make it look a little more interesting. So whatever spaces are there between my primary flowers, I'm gonna fill it with leaves. You can decide which direction you want leads to go in. I'm meeting them randomly without any thought, just keeping this process very fluid because any valises lose floral. So you want to keep that spontaneity in between. She's going to go ahead and struggling a bit of Ghana and again feel free to change the values and play around with that part. This well, that's interesting, too. And of course, the shape and sizes of leaves. Also, you could make some bigger ones. You can make some smaller ones totally up to you. Whatever you feel like making on creating, I'm gonna make one which comes like so and then another one, which is probably here just to kill the space also and totally utilize this masking for the foot. Go ahead, fill in these empty spaces. Moore's okay, But this one So you what didn't different direction and being being one here, too. Okay. And then one mean like so, Yes, this looks good. So now that we're done with this, sometimes you may be that there are some areas where you want to use more leads. Feel free to do that. Okay. So I'm gonna go ahead and being another leaf, like so maybe one more which comes out like this. I feel happy with this composition. No, no, we will go and mix. Are greenish ambo with a little bit off? Yeah, You get that nice Masi gene should Now I'm gonna treat our second kind of leaves, which are very done in by looting color, just to bring in Lord off act wash piece, you know? So what I'm gonna do is I'm gonna go ahead like So before we begin any further, I'm gonna wipe off the Spain, which is there, and I'm asking you it, but the vice, I'm gonna bomb my hand. Forward it on. It's my job to talk her bag room. Just stamp it. Let leaves flow in the directions. Do you want to fill it even more interesting thing about thes imported REITs. Is there inspired or I first saw them in my friend Valentine's INSTAGRAM account. She also has a beautiful tutorial on these. In case you're interested on you love treats like these, make sure to check out our tutorial. Hot instagram handle is Val underscore trying. Make sure to check her out. She's amazing, Lord largest. She's the one, I think who started these beautiful and working sheets started painting these funds. So I'm just going ahead and filling of the species between these areas with this kind of leave. Make sure that you years old of water and it's a very minute did color because that's what that's what is going to give you, Lord of Dimension. Okay, so we're done with it all most now what I'm gonna do is now we will be looking at what filler elements we can use to fill a rate even for 12. Inverted Wreath Part4: looking at this. I feel Berries, which to eggs would be a great idea. So what I'm gonna do? ISS, I'm gonna get some sepia mixed with pains. Three to create this beautiful stem. I'm gonna start making stems. You want to make them? You take you low and kind of natural. So just making these stems post. I'm gonna make them some. Some of them will come outside. Some of them will remain within the leaves like that came. Some will come out like so very thin lines. You can see everything for these bites again. I would be mindful and make sure that there is a or number of them. Right now we have four. So let's create one more 51. Some there. Everything. It would look great here if it comes from this direction on. Organized this piece too. And yeah, So what I don't know is I take some cadmium red and makes it a bit with sepia That could give me a beautiful, deep, uh, dusky, smoky sort of lid. And that's what we're gonna use. Forearm buries. You can see I'm mixing the color here. I use a little bit of sepia. Yeah, I think I love scandal. This looks good and I'm gonna take some off it on my brush. Maybe a baby. You stop now. I'll go ahead and start stumping the Berries, making sure again to cover as much ground as I can. Sometimes I may not have stem some very get every go ahead and them because I just love them. They're just so tiny and delicate cute. And that's been given again. A lot of writing when you act them even when there's no understand. So yep, just adding them. They never be marked it free to Lord a color again. Huge. I know. I make sure that you're moving around your people to get the best range of motion. This one is a bit empty. I'm gonna add one here again. I mean some some here, too, and then solves them here. Just Yes. So are Berries almost done? I'm very pleased with it. Now we'll go back and add indeed aims to the centers of power plants. So what will you do is take some sepia again, fight you mix it with a little bit of focal and cleared this nice mustard sort of shape just take it on the brush on. We go ahead on irregularly again, dark on the color we had already done on. Okay, like so centers reading that, adding these I'm just going around moving the people again. And you won't leave in. Some white retailers will. Don't go ahead and cover everything, just like dab it randomly. And once that's done, this is what you'll be left with. Now what we'll do This new state said we'll take more of set here, right to you and again sing it with your longer. But im this time gonna create extremely dark, um, Brown. Almost sort of like that. So I'm gonna go ahead and add a little bit of pains. Great. Do it to make it even more grown. Yes, this looks nice. Now, I'm gonna go ahead that this towards the edges for most part, and you can see the centers are coming to life with this one step that we did, right. You can see I'm just gonna go ahead again. Bet here regularly. I am stopping in the woods, the edges, and sometimes I would go into a big hit into center. But for the most part, I'm saving it for the edges. If you feel that you're losing the color who hadn't feel free to, um, grab it back into the being fine? Some more of this? Yeah, I feel this step just acts so much. Drama, Waj, Eat on. I'm just digging it. Yes. So now I would call it done again. That's something which is which depends from, you know, an artist to artist. When you feel that it's done, that means don't know, um, you could either keep it as is, or you could write a single word here on use. It doesn intentional reminder when you look at it, but yeah, the street is pretty much done. You're done without for ST. Now that we're done with it, it's time to the movies are masking fluid, which is again I feel one of the best parts of making this thing particularly razor. Andi, just raise one side off it and then you'll be able to create a job. Once that gap is created just to get it on, it should come right off. So I'm just gonna take this out to lean Oh, center oh, so good, which is so neatly done 13. Simple Wreath Part1: Now we'll be painting our second treat on the color palettes that we have it for. It is again mixing a little bit of cadmium red and mauve to give me this beautiful, nice lucious pink color. And I've makes yellow polka with a little bit of cadmium red to get this nine speech economy again. Taking more and mixing it with indigo would give us this beautiful, warm poeple for our Berries will be using greenish amber on mixing it with yellow polka for another shade of being on a little bit of the sap green mixed with sepia as when for our stems will again be using sepia and being scream mixed together to create a deep, dark, smoky brown. So I'm gonna put my palate aside. And now let's start by walking on the street. I have my circle drawn out lightly. You could go ahead and do that as well. That would serve as a guide. So for my first plus, but I'm gonna do is I'm gonna dip into my more and cadmium right mixture and start painting my first a couple of five petaled flowers. So if you still want to go ahead and he was a SoCal to give yourself a guide. By all means. You could do that. I'm not gonna do that. I'm just directly gonna start working on my flowers whenever you're walking. Just make sure that you stay within the guidelines off this bigger SoCal just to have a very nice circular read in the end. So this is my first flower. It's almost done. I'm gonna dip my brush and create some more flavors again. Play around with the angle off the flowers, the petals. You could do a lot of that. So I'm gonna have this one a little like this. A little bit the words that side and opening. This is how it looks. Then I'm gonna have another one. Maybe on. See, It's like so one battle is like this. And then the other bettors are coming. I'm speaking in from behind. So this is one like So with that in mind, I'm going to complete it. I'm gonna make sure that I have are number of my primary Lovell's. So right now we have three will make you more still. Have that can try to play around with pickles. A large trade, some thick ones. So stubby ones and then some light ones has been It just adds so much makes into our entire you mean one. Okay, I'm going to make this one under the stubby and give this one light colored or maybe a doctor one and let it bleed with this one. See what I mean by that? So you have last from different directions coming out like this. Know what I do is give them additional flowers, additional primary flowers which are peeking from behind the main ones. So I want to do one hell now it's totally optional. You could get started with your secondary flowers if you want to do. I'm just gonna take a bit more time on, create my speaking clubbers where I feel a little bit of depth. It's just going ahead, like so are not want me here? Yes, I think this way have our primary flavours. Now, what I'm gonna do is I'm going to dip into my okay. I know. What I'm gonna do is I'm gonna dip into our second reef level mixture and start treating those sick Engy Loveless Just mixing that, giving it a nice mix. I'll be ready again. You could have a Washington it one deluded one and then another line, which is more pigmented for our secondary lovers. So we have left spaces between all these lumbers toe open the leads in between. No, I'll go ahead and fill in those spaces a little bit by adding our secondary flowers. I'm gonna start here, like so make this does make sure that all of it comes down to a single point. Just gives us Lord definition as a plot I feel and then side benefits like this. Okay, so this is our second replay vortices done as well. Now I'll go ahead and start thinking are leaves and months the leaves are done. It will be dying for our fellow elements. 14. Simple Wreath Part2: so for staying will go ahead with our bigger leaves. I'm using a greenish amble on. I'll start painting our leads. So let's give a nice stem here on Try to have leaves in all sorts of different directions That's gonna give Lord of Movement to our street, which is something you're looking at here. Like so and just mixing in some. I'm doing one more here like so. Then I'm gonna leave these secondary plants because I'll give them different leaves. Treated. See, in a moment once we have done anything, are eaves for this. So I'm trying to find the areas on building in with these. Doesn't matter if you go a little outside off the circle as long as humane pain, this entire lying on shape, it's fine. So I think so. One here, you can give a nice, small clique there. It just looks like a small leave. Okay, so these are my crime. Mary Lou's. I think I'm pretty happy with these Sipped. Probably on one hell. Okay, so this is my crime release. These are done. Now. I will go ahead on make some sap green with a little bit off sepia to make a nice soft cream, and then I'm gonna do it with a fork. And with that, I'm going to create least four these small off levels. So I'm gonna give it a nice stem and then give it a smaller like so it's too smart. What a nice, very light leaks for these lumbers. Okay, probably give it. Yes. OK, cool. So we're done with this now? What I'm gonna do is I'm gonna start adding Berries in between. So whatever spaces are left to be known to add Berries. So I'm just using are in the room. All make sure start cleaning these soap boots. This is one better. You or for wash? I'm gonna use it on it in different places, utilizing this value and a lot of places. I'm not gonna get my brush into the pain until I feel there is no color left because automatically, as I've bean, the color becomes lesser and lesser in the brush, which means I automatically start getting different values. That's what you want. I think now I go ahead and into a dark over new like some back and being some very dark babies. Even for Betty's, you would want to keep them in. You know our numbers. They will treat the spell. It's OK if you have to go above believe. Like I'm Greenshields. I think that makes it look even more. Not sure. Make sure that you really the size of the Berries as well. Because if you have different sizes, that also adds a knocked read. I no one necks men and drinks the brush on whatever is left on it. Some more bodies which are barely there. Uh, okay. I think he Yes, this is about it. I think I lived this something. Three here, okay? 15. Simple Wreath Part3: buries now we will be creating are doing wait bucks. So for that I'm just dipping into my sepia. Adding a little bit off means greater wait just to get that nice doc Branch texture. And then I'll just pick up random spots and start adding those branches. One place I feel would look great, but it is here. Just the police would be this another case, but weak. Yeah, like so. So now for the Bard's what I'm doing this I'm just They got me a red mixture and then taking a little bit of severe and mixing, but just to make a nice smoky and I just come with it on, committed the woods of branches and just stop to give those nice, smoky red Berries that Saudi parts but things getting. - Just make sure that your mindful off whenever the pain does. Brett, I'm don't accidentally smudge it with bomb off your hand. I often don't do that and hence being super cautious of remembering I had so it's not too that match. Whatever would have created a just adding some more off thes even if there were no branches because that good with it, I find that it's a bit empty here, so I'll go ahead and at another branch on some of those Berries. There's just mixing way. Probably added some She, uh sorry. Red and starts to Thanks. Okay, so now it's time to add our last set of leaves, which is our lives with Supreme on. Sorry. Now it's turned you not starting to add Finally leaves, which will be green, a shambles mixed with a bit of yellow polka. I'm just including that fell over, Lord, because those will be kind of like our shadow dudes, That's what. So go ahead and find places where there is any gots and ever tried to find them with those Shadow lease, for example, This place right here, I could feel it with these, like so another one would be here anyone like so? And you can have something here. E think Thistle is about it. He can't seem to find any other place to here. Good. I think this is about it. It looks good to me. What I'm gonna do, not iss I'm gonna the yellow centers to my flowers. So when the just tell you did extremely on start adding it a regularly to please speak lovers like, so make sure that the oaken is extremely and we're gonna prepare the next color under the trains, which will be oko mixed with a little bit off sepia to make a nice warm mustard color between will be stamping above the one You just mean so whichever ones they try, I can't have to read for you to try. IHS. Um, the effect would not snow read. Just read. No, I'm just mixing, um, sepia with a little bit off our poker on beans. Great. Just to make an extreme t d up brown. Like so a little bit of I handle. Okay. And I will take this toe pain towards the edges are far, um, lovers Just to finish it all, you could put it in the middle, but make sure that you're doing cover up the white species. You want that to be there and that sect 16. Final Thoughts: I hope you enjoyed this class And you were able to learn all those floral elements on plumbers and combine them in a beautiful composition. That victory for the next steps. What I want you to do is make sure to upload your creations in the project Country off. Discuss on do that Me on instagram After whimsical creative If you share them on instagram I love to have a look and share it with others on. If you enjoyed this class at what? Wanna continue learning more from me first? Please make sure to give me a review here and then second, you could follow me here. That way, whenever I know the new class, you'll be notified first. Thank you so much for joining me on creating art.