Vintage Typography - Name design on recycled timber | Joe McMenamin | Skillshare

Vintage Typography - Name design on recycled timber

Joe McMenamin, Artist - Illustrator - Teacher

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9 Lessons (22m)
    • 1. Vintage typography intro

    • 2. Preparing the timber

    • 3. First colour layer

    • 4. Second colour layer

    • 5. The final sand

    • 6. Choosing your font

    • 7. Adding the typography

    • 8. Painting the letters

    • 9. Final touches


About This Class

In this class your will learn how to create a name design in a vintage style using a recycled piece of timber. We will look at how to prepare the timber, make layers of paint and sand them back to get a vintage look. We will then choose a good font to use for the name design and transfer it onto the timber. We will then paint the typography and sand it back again to get the desired finish.

The finished painting will be perfect as a personalised gift, who is that special someone you would make this for?





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Joe McMenamin

Artist - Illustrator - Teacher

Joe McMenamin is a painter and printmaker and the flowing organic patterns that ripple through his works have won him a following throughout New Zealand. Joe has a bachelor of media arts from the Waikato Institute of Technology. He teaches art part time at Naenae College in Lower Hutt, Wellington. Joe loves teaching and gets lots of the ideas for his work through interactions with his students. His students also experience first-hand the different processes involved in his prints, drawings an...

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