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Vintage Roses, Loose Flowers in Watercolors: learn beautiful color combinations

teacher avatar Nina Nyusikart Watercolor, Artist, Loose Watercolor classes

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Watch this class and thousands more

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Taught by industry leaders & working professionals
Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

Lessons in This Class

14 Lessons (2h 12m)
    • 1. Introduction Vintage Roses

    • 2. Supplies & Materials

    • 3. Sunny Rose. Painting Flower Shape

    • 4. Sunny Rose. Adding Leaves and Rose Buds

    • 5. Dreamy Rose. Flower Shape

    • 6. Dreamy Rose. Adding Leaves

    • 7. Romantic Rose

    • 8. Pure Tenderness Rose

    • 9. Gothic Rose. Rose in Loose Style

    • 10. Gothic Rose. Adding Rose Buds and Leaves

    • 11. Folk Rose

    • 12. Passion Rose. Flower Shapes

    • 13. Passion Rose. Leaves using Two Colors on a Brush

    • 14. Final Thoughts

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About This Class

In this class you will learn 7 beautiful color combinations for painting Vintage Roses in loose style. There 7 class projects to choose from, which Rose will be your favorite one? Dreamy Rose, Romantic one or Pure Tenderness, Gothic Rose, Folk one or Passion rose? You´ll get lots of practice painting roses and add some beautiful color schemes for your color palette.


So, are you ready to create some flower beauty? Grab your brushes and let´s get started! :)

x Nina

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1. Introduction Vintage Roses: Hello. I mean, I want to gather lower. Welcome though my weakness. Rosie's glass. In this class, you will learn seven beautiful color combinations. For there are seven class projects to choose from, which rose will be a favorite. One. Sunny rose three. Miro's remind grows your tenderness because it grows wall girls are. If you like painting roses and this class is definitely for you. You'll get lots of practice off into their office. In most all videos. I'm really time so you can bank along. If you're a beginner and painting roses, I would suggest the first Watch my Rose Basics class, where explained everything. You hear any disease? General Welcome, Principal button on the top, the German, this creative journey and let's get started. 2. Supplies & Materials: for this class, you will need what? The color paper. I'm going to use 100% cotton paper. That it's ah for Brianna are mystical on our GIs. Ah, the texture is a fine grain. What? The color pains as's for the colors. I'm going to tell in each off the class project which color. So we are going to use What? The color palette. Ah, water porter and water. I suggested to you so to water ports are wana is ah, you can use Ah. One of the waste is that it's like one port is going to be a four cleaning your brush and another one was clean water. Or you can warm colors in one foot on school colors in another port. So in such way, you can keep your pains because the color said clear what the color brushes I'm going to use Ah Blackwell. But ah, this ah mixer off squirrels hair. I was a synthetic onda. Also, that is also imitation off squirrel on. That's like all of Sam's imitation offs. Girls here also, you can use Kolinsky Sable with fine deep so that this quite important so that you will have some off your brushes always find you, and also flat brush is also find a for making flowers and and also kitchen towel. So to remove extra pain, then prepare your materials and let's get started. 3. Sunny Rose. Painting Flower Shape: So let's start there with our sunny Rosa. That's the way I call it and for this color combination. So we will need the following colors. Yellow okra, mada, Rhett uh, Olive green Andi. Probably green like we will see which combination we would like to make. So prepares these colors on. Let's start with some simple composition that is going to be a front view off the rose. Have the skim somewhere nearby so that you can practice on the composition is going to be something like one rose oasis Aral abuts, or just one rose with several, um, leaves. So this would be a quite good start for for you. If you're in the beginning, you will put in practice it on. Well, great Tom. A nice and beautiful rose composition I have here prepared yellow okra. Quite watery solution. But the water shouldn't be. The pain shouldn't be really running from the brush. And then the peoples of Russia I will boo today in the, um, at the rat. Uh, also, uh, it could be useful for you, for example, to make to mark the shape off euros so that you won't go out from it on there's any Also, it will help with the composition for his uncle. Here, we're going to be our rose, more or less its center. The size of my paper is 18 by 18 centimeters. And that is 100% cotton paper for Briana. Artistic. All on, then. Probably for here. I will make some lives. Um, for here. Some butts. Andi will see maybe for here some more leaves. So that this just generals idea of the main things that says a key object is going to be the roads there. So just have some mark. So for you, uh, so that it would be the h and another to keep the composition within the border off the sheet of paper S O. That is more like orientation for you. So let's get started. Juice of one of the way. So how you like which you prefer toe started the center of the rose like diamond shape triangle suero or the combination? Or also you can dry with fled brush. Let's start. I will start. There was diamond shape. So we're great in zero off those. And now I'm starting with those petals which are just close to there send that I will need more paint. So again, I'm through my brash with, uh, yellow okra and the deeper Whizzer Minaret. And here just be more interest will be a bit more than the Reds. The next battle is going to be from the site. One more. What? Then? Let's at, uh, bigger battles. Remember that. What we have seen in the structures at the next, um, Pento is going a small part off to as a battle from the like topper level. So, like, this one is covering a bit off resists better. And if he does this game, no. Yeah, I'm trying not to cower. I would paint it like this, but I think that I will cover the camera and you won't be able to see the moment of the brush. So it's a bit not really convenient way off making, But also it's possible. And also try, uh uh, hold your brush in other ways, it also sometimes helps. It's not some angles or which are quite complicated to get. So one more, That's all from this site. Yeah, No rose, Andi. Now we will add bigger ones, which would be already like out the battles. I will take a bigger brush on the same yoga I will remove now. Uh, traces saw off the benzel a za rice later. It's going to be quite complicated I'm using on Egan. Razor keeping mines is so when you are making a mark in the shape of the rose, uh, to remove later like that it won't be so prominent. Otherwise, it will be more complicated to remove it. Later, I will turn my painting so that it would be more convenient for me. And also you would be able to see Onda. We are making our this one more from the site One Yeah, I'm missing mother Read So be more did just on the very edge. Andi, uh, here would be the final battle. Yeah, logro people my brush who is a bit off mother And this this battle Let's make it. Why White? So let's say legs is we can see that we're missing here Contrast at the center or flower So I will small a brush I get more Margarette on were more contrast here on also, if you have too many white spaces then you're just with some stroke says that the York. Our in them breaking Ximen smaller ones. This and also some lies Course that's to make it more likes. Well, this'll lines I will make of its most er this soft their edge. So just with water and with the people off my brush, I'm just passing it. Where Where is the border? Off the color, which I just have introduced and from this side, The same by this. So here we have our rose on. Now let's at some buds on some lives where I had my marks off pencil, I'm removing them with a razor. So for Bonds again, I'm using the yellow okra busing Quite well. My brush on. Don't the deep A bit off mother read on just the, uh, prints off your brush one on, then one more from the site. I haven't got enough with the Reds and probably let's do this. Let's make it a bit more like opens. Oh, I'm just rolling. I beat my brush and let's add a bit more contrast. I'm gonna be more off mother 4. Sunny Rose. Adding Leaves and Rose Buds: Now it's time to had, uh, lives for lives I'm going to use on the green. Also, you can makes a green with orange or green with a yellow to get warm shade of green Onda on the tip of my brush. I had a bit off moderate. Well, that's that By making the line and keep in my brush Quite, uh, for seeing lines you remember? Like in warming up exercises. You keep your Russia almost perpendicular to the paper And then this way you will get releasing lights And first I make the central Iowa off My, um oh, my leave on da With a point with chansa The darker color I'm making into sources and media loves it on. Then do, uh, the brush. I'm from another side. Sissy. This So one Morley all of grade went under deep a bit of my the red but another one would be in another direction. Yeah, she's And one more central one. I think I won't. Yeah. Okay. This year will be quite safe this way. Mm. Let's figure first is a But for this, I will use the same colors are great And on the deep. A veto mother read. Andi, we're making this tiny leaves. So we check our in the box. Why this from that side? It's really complicated. The homes of brush one into center for here is the holder like this. Let's take full of great um, probably less water so that the pain would be more concentrated and bitter, more moderate on the tip on from this side. The so like this, Like this. So I haven't got sufficient. Uh, really? Let's take one more. Yeah, like this, probably from another side would be some here also that said so from the other side, which we can see on for this site. I will make it more like this that it's already like starting start has started to open. Be more moderates. No, here the why I exist. What else? We can adhere. Let's try that combination which have told your beliefs, also could be an option off olive green on don't the deeper full of green you put some green dark green which you have Andi, probably here, let's make one me this So is that is going to be colder, like you can use this for some share those but also really nice. I had a bit more green to the central already. Northerly? Yeah. Wild is what? It's really nice. Onda. Uh um probably some lives for here. Um, first green and on the deep a bit of green this'll shape from this site rises, and, uh, also we can combine and it may be tiny amount off. Moderate. Here. This on? Well, this with I don't like this. It looks much about that. So probably one more. One more live for here. That's it. On that we will finish with this composition. I will do the same. That is going to be Or let's try this way also. Then it would be more like a fresh one on from that side. Also like this fresh color. And we'll make it from with a dark green towards the center of the Yeah, Also, when you're placing, the leaves are quite close to the light border. Then, uh, this is contrast. It makes ah that other rose get more like brighter. Well, let's say so. Here we have our sandy rose. It's quite simple composition, but you can practice with the painting, Rosa. And there was this a color scheme 5. Dreamy Rose. Flower Shape: for dreamy color scheme of fainting rose. That is going to be more less this kind off color combinations. Uh, we will need the following colors. Uh, that this, uh um agenda or connected electorate on the rose or live green on blue burnt sienna. So prepares a color PSA on. We will start with our composition. I'm using a four size paper on duh. Let's ah, make us a composition that here is going to be one, like, let's mark one big flower 34 so of you on, uh, for here we will have about quite big so that it's going to be, like, close it to us for here will be the stat. Well, let the some lives from this side, Uh, several lives from this side on, uh, for here, so more or less that is going to be like this, Onda, uh, I will use ah, bigger brush that this, uh, number eight was the size of my purpose is a bit bigger on Let's start. First, I prepare a magenta really diluted solution. So it's quite wondering, I know what that and at the big if your main solution is going to be quite water and diluted I And on city people get you will take some one concentrated color. Then it will be a more beautiful contrast on the Rose General is going to be that Morton there. So that's why it's quite important that this solution would be quite, um, really light and really tender. Okay, so I think that I'm ready. I, um, remove some extra water, just like this person. Um, I brush Onda on the deep off my brush. I will get a bit of magenta directly from the pen and let's start with our row center. Then we will start already with some closest battles. We do is water I'm making It would be like that one scene, Andi again, I am. They can really deluded the, um agenda. And this time on the deep. I will, uh, at a beet off olive green jazz directly from there. Uh, from there, Ben, let's add some more, but those it's very light solution. So, um, and I have taken really tiny amount off olive green. So that's at a bit more green. Just Yeah, was there is a shadow, maybe more roses color. And on the deep a bit more off green. Yeah, One more Beddoe. Uh, the main thing that I remember that you every like, each new pedal off the next level. It's touching with its size two previous do battle. So from that previous lower a little went on the deep green, huh? That is going to be right. I'm trying to find those was angle so that well, to cover completely, uh, for use of you was that you could see what exactly is my moment? Yes. Now we can make, uh Well, let's just the small, tiny battle from this site on. Uh, what will we do with this? Is that the world change as a moment again? I'm taking quite diluted magenta and undertake a bit off green on. Now we will make believe the metal sharp. Andi with all of green on the, uh, and out their age of the off, the better. Yeah, Okay. I had a bit more off the green. So, like this and I will read a bit more off my concentrated magenta here, so that exactly was going to be a bit brighter. Next better. Let's it for here also. Let's make it a bit like outer so that that that the age of the living off the battle is going to be brighter into darker you use in the magenta was so amusing are for all petals and now magenta and on the paper a bit off olive green. The only things that what we are changing is now the shape off there, uh, like over there, but also due to the different brush strokes this. But they have taken a really small amount off olive green. So now I am adding just olive green on the very edge of the off, the better. I'm removing extra water. It's much just a with. But that will and I will let a bit more off magenta. It's so much cease to be some part and let's continue with this battle's ways. Razor. I'm removing my marks so that they won't be really noticeable on. Let's continue now I will. And one more battle on Dhere. I will, at a bit more off more concentrated imagen down the tip of my brush like this. One more battle, he huh um, again, I will use diluted magenta on terms that concentrated. It's going to be be more concentrated, probably it's too much. Then I remove the paint on just basically in water. Now, I will continue with the shape of the handle that now I don't have paint on the in my brush . So that is just water. And I was water. I'm tryingto make the shape off there. So I'm spreading this big meant which I have already here. This, um, one more metal for this site. Uh, that is magenta on. The people are beat off olive green. I will make it. And I will let a bit more off concentrated or green Just some point. We're here, for example. And now we're missing contrast in our center off the rose. So let's come back. Uh, yeah, I will change my rush for smaller size. Onda. Let's that are more concentrated. A magenta? Yeah, just in this. Anything this on, Uh uh with, uh, what then? Just was clear. What? That I'm making soft age from this side. So with this color combination so you can play boss magenta with on the deeper a bit off olive green Andi also magenta And on the tip, more concentrated magenta. Then you'll get the this trust, uh, battles. Andi Also, you can let set a one more. Better. Uh, what you can do is also make really watery olive green like this on. Then I on the deep, you get a bit of magenta, only so much money. Okay, let's fill it. Let's see what we'll get. Then it's going to be why this, um probably It's really tiny Beto. But you can see it's also really beautiful combination or, uh, very transparent, uh, on the green because it gives more like yellowish color. I was a bit of magenta, and, um, this better. I think that it's a bit like it's missing something. So let's use, uh, deluded olive green to give it a bit more like this. And for here were mission a bit off a magenta. So let's also it my making So edge. Um, more contrast here. That's it in a bit of magenta for this better. And, uh, I will use like this the brush that a bit more color on the outage off this with just was clean water. I am making soft age. It won't be noticeable. This additional collar, which I haven't Andi here is like off contrast between battles is so I will add a bit more off. Um, I would say magenta just for fear on I think that it will make really beautiful. Oh, just less right on now with plain water, I'm making soft age. 6. Dreamy Rose. Adding Leaves: And now it's time for our But I will take again Difficult brush. Onda. Let's make it, um, like, that's different. Um, color option, which I have commented you That is really deluded Olive green. That is quite important that it should be very diluted. As always. It will be quite grain, and it won't be really beautiful. Um, let me show you what could be the positive results. That then is going to be extremely green. So like this, then it's going to be otherwise A very green, uh, so olive branch. They're very diluted. And then it will give us a some kind off. Really nice light. And don't the deep off Russia my agenda Meat of magenta. So here is going to be the baht you have. I was a bit off green. Imagine a bit more color and spreading the shape. Um, meanwhile, let's add some lives. All of green. This time it should be quite concentrated already on your grand like this. On on the deep off our brush, a bit off burnt sienna. The brush should be towards the middle elderly. So we're here. That is a baseline off our live on. Yeah. Please from one side. Um, second, A bit more off olive green on the deep. A bit of burnt sienna. Um, yeah. Goes Justinian azar. Why were we gonna be more on a green? That would be more undressed. I was clean rush. I'm just of its brilliance of color. One more lever again olive green And on the tip, a veto Burnt Sienna. It's going to be right center leave. I will take a bit more off green on for here is going to be You are. Sadly, uh uh. Now let's at things kind off, like many the lives that we check our in the but with olive green So that this moment that we're placing our brush homicide? Yeah, I'm moving to place. One more. Just the words about it, or that is part we can add. There also a bit off burns you enough because it is a bottom to make it more interesting. The color Let's at the, uh, uh, stem free. And, uh, but the point off my brush is a little my genital. So as a Mormon for making stem is, uh, like this. Um, yeah. Exist. Uh, here we can make one name and let's that someone lives olive green and on the deeper bit of magenta four. Yeah, well, it said one more nicely. There is one that's on Glenn's. These weight? Yeah. Yeah. One more small parts of the name. I would like to tohave my lips a bit more while you're green. That's more on a green on the dine human off Magenta. Yeah, well, this time no, enough magenta as I was considering. Yeah, what more? And one more central live like this. Yeah, I am missing a big contrast. The central line also leaves, so I am just a bit more off agenda. We can add some more or here for here. Let's said, um, olive green on the on the deep burns una this, uh, one morning, probably we can under one more olive green leave. Or here, let's use all of grade for here on the deep. I will it a little burnt sienna. So let's have a final look at our rose where there were missing something I would say that still were missing more contrast, or these two battles courses. I think that let's add more concentrated, uh, magenta, but also have a look at euros. Euros could be different from my one and probably you don't miss anything? Yeah, just the changing the shape. Correcting the shape, removing extra white spaces. Well, you see there the money Andi generally is a contrast. Uh, yes. On now. I think I like more my girls and where it's necessary. Just you're making soft edge that color where you have introduced more. Um, yeah, this just petals member for for example. You can see that. What has happened that when I was 18 Morkel interest for disease. Um, battles. You may see that now I have This is really, really like, white circle. So it's like separating my centro center from this outer petals on the gives us a feeling that it's like a bit falling apart. What we can go is now to add more concentrated magenta. That is quite typical problem when you're looking at euros and you're thinking, what is wrong with my rose? So that is that. It's like that. It doesn't like lack of this. Contain, um, our lepine, uh, petals on does. Then it makes us that the roads, like, looks like it's falling apart. So let's fix. Is this just with some extra just stating some expressive next Ah, lines. And in this way, separating the battles, I would be more concentrated colors. Um, so just have a look. Where your roses missing? Some contrast on the at the additional color, uh, to those area sack. I hope that you, like this is color combinations that 7. Romantic Rose: Let's paint the romantic rose for Theis Rosa. We will need the following colors magenta, or can occasion rose emerald green, olive green onto mother rent. I would are for you to paint things kind off. Simple composition that is going to be just the three force view. Rose Ondo, Uh, some leaves on somebody For this rose, the basis is going to be quite deluded. Magenta on a dark accents were going toe with the mixer off, um, agenda with the emerald green. So let's prepares this, uh, diluted magenta so she so remove an extra extra water from your brush. Uh, if you need Teoh weekend also, we can make some, uh, more less For here, e upper here is going to be our rose and we start with the center. I'm using here 100% cotton papers at this artist on. I should say that it needs quite a lot of water. So I made in petals from that side list. One, One more metal, a bigger one. Well, I'm a better here on one more. I also with the water, I will soft edge this week. I will make bigger the metal on this weight is the same one of it. So that is just with clean water. I'm passing my brush. Destiny has age of that. They rose, Andi. Then let's and quite quickly is a mixture off magenta with emerald green. So the center to make it really dark Oh, yeah, Let's prepare and beat more. It's a bit darker solution that is the same magenta with emerald green. I'm glad said again their center they rose. That is a darkest area. Andi Also their shadows. I had mainly from this site that assumes that that's a side of the roses, more in delight. It is going to be this way. Here I have to much white space like this on in this battle with the plain water, I remove it and then make this age spread in the pigment so that it won't be so, um marked. Yeah, just let go Lives this shape, it also another. But those is one I also will make. So here we go. Let's at first, I will remove that Marks So and now let's at several months for this, I will use, uh, the water solution off agenda. And on the tip of my brush that mixture Which is the more dancer off magenta with emerald green. That's some and some brush strokes She on another one somewhere for you I need more What? So you gain gente and here I have I need stead darker part off the boat. So for this I'm mixing again. Magenta was a bit off emerald green. I just it they don't back off the light. And now it's time to add the lives for leaves I will be using, uh, full of grace on Don't the people off the brush a bit off Margarette. One day I will go over here. Be more from the right on the top. Yeah, on another won't go for it this way. Olive green. I want to be a mother. Rectums of people. My brush. Well, that is almost no our brains too much, mother read this time almost not enough. And work, er one you know we have. Then let's at the, uh, one more live from the site. - Yeah , this paper has a quite strong texture, so it's not always that you can get exactly what you're looking for with a brush, but it is also quite interested in effects which you don't expect so, But it needs a more practice on, UH, then finish. Let's finish our bonds that is with olive green and on the tip, a bit off Margarette. Or we can also try on the tape a bit off my agenda that will get a different color from this side. Oh, yet, huh, A bit more off your brain and on the deep I almost extra water under deep, a bit off agenda, he said. Here also this and throw you hand holder. It's, I think, one warm but oh great and owns a deep a bit of magenta and from another side here is a central. So here we have our composition off our romantic rose. Just a practice our with different proportions in the mixture off America Arena on the agenda, and you will get also different ranges off shades off Rosa on this pinkish purple color. If you would like to know how that this kind off second layer like the ground, check video off pure tenderness on will at the second layer off more roses in these really like than their style 8. Pure Tenderness Rose: Now is the time for our pew tenderness. Rose. I buy you tenderness. I mean, is this kind of roses that almost invisible? But they have really beautiful hinge of these hostile soft colors on a say compliment. Really? Well, a some bright roses on, uh, make a more harmonious OSHA on the more so softer tender our general composition, we will, um, use our Rosa from remain degross onda. We will at this pew tenderness as at the ground toe this rose for this. So we will need the following colors That is blue yellow on, uh, magenta or some mother Medeiros moderate or carmine color. So the idea that you will need three primary colors a blue yellow on threat, as you know that mixing them in different proportions so you can get a really beautiful shades off. Like why whites? No, on. Uh um we will try to get this some kind off pinkish bluish purple. Uh, shades of gray. Also you need are to have clean water for this clean uh, Bellet, I will use as a blue uh ultramarine blue. I'm diet more water just from the jar. I didn't more water. Then I will use, Uh, cadmium Yellow is my yellow that is getting already bluish gray greenish on. Then I will lead also tiny amount off magenta More, no more. So here. Now we have got this really beautiful like pinkish grey. I would say the name of this color and who will lead one more Rosa for here. Using this color, you can enter a different proportions off blue, red, pink. Um, I mean, like those colors which you have on to play with different shades which you can get. You can get the warmer once. If you will answer for example, will it be more yellow? Then it's going to be a warmer shades, so as idea that this solution should be really watery. Andi, you I didn't really, really tiny amounts off colors on. See how it's changing whether you like thes shade. If no, Then keep on adding on finding the balance until you will find that color which you're happy with. So I think that I am happy with this color. I will start to make another so force view. Um Rose we sent. I didn't more calls. I'm running out of what off my looks. Just so Yeah, well, more. Yeah. Andi. Also, I would like that more like darker shades. I will have to be more in my mixture that it's I would like it to have it more purple color than I need a bit more ultramarine blue and a bit more off magenta. So now it's more purple color on I some shades. What is the color? And be more Dorn's incentive so that it would be a more concentrated and docker this in terms arrows as well as I see some whites basis, which I have left from that first. What years? I removed them by more mines. Yeah, on Theis Outer. But also I would make them like disappearing. Let's say this was a paper that they want, that it would be really soft. Each of the rose and just was clean water. I am. This always is this age in this age, it's Yeah, I can add now, for example, also, it would be nice. Here are several two news. I'm using the same mix, Jim here on, uh, let's prepare to be more solution with their money in blue. If you will use different blues on so dependent like which combination trying to play with different colors. And you will see which one you like more. For example, this one is quite gold. Uh, being color. That was this. Also, we can make one more. But here, on dead several leaves or this side, it is really like a dust pink color. I also really like it There will let something else and this kindof really transparent colors. They look really beautiful in the ground. So for years. And let's add some news this you would be one for Yeah, one more. I will introduce also this pinkish Carla my rose. I had somebody for this site. Just one close. One three. Uh, yeah, Well, will it you sums above for balance Something really, really small and tiny here. Yes, this Robert is this leaves then. Now it's already your imagination. Andi, Uh, the way you'd like toe to do great euros Now I think it's really really butin there ness no more because it's what So here we have our romantic rose, complemented by pure tenderness Rose. I hope that you have enjoyed it. Andi also play with the proportions of different colors on for sure, you will discover even more beautiful color combinations 9. Gothic Rose. Rose in Loose Style: one more interesting combination. Off colors Goleta. Like the go sick rose color This color Paletta. Andi for Caesar. We will need the following colors that this magenta or Kinnock ridden Rose Ah HLA vendor, that is some kind off purple, uh, big mental while a pigment mixed with done in white on Because that is quite vestal color. Just check if you have something similar. Ah, while it on, uh, indigo. So from this for colors. So we will Great things kind off composition. If you're ready, then let's get started. First is the main body of the road. So we're going to paint a with magenta. Quite deluded. Magenta. Yeah. Prepare my solution off. Magenta ondas. Well, let's make some indicators where we're goingto please our um no, this So I would say that one is going to be Yeah, on another one. Looking looking, uh, that direction. Actually, I would say that Bozo's I'm looking in that direction and then we'll let some butts and some leaves try to keep your lying not very dark as isolated. It's going to be a bit more complicated to remove the pencil line. Andi, I brought my brush in my diluted solution or magenta and the peoples of Russia. I place it directly in the, um, love and the color. We will start a wizard up one. So the center rose Some small petals. Yeah, a more brittles like hostile colors on really beautiful combination. Also colors a bit more off color solution. Yeah, magenta and, uh should be a bit more. They looted and owns a deep of my brush. Brenda No, it's time for bigger. He needs to dark the solution off Magenta Stacker as it does it. It's darker than not. I expect it. Yeah, I would make it more deluded, more water, And it's going to be better and more beautiful. The contrast Uh so until we are any more and we're missing the bigger Spitaels or from this site gente, it's pains. I'm just with agenda And let's at concentrated lavender here. Justin's aboard there. So much water in my brush. Here is this site to make it more remarkable is the shadow. Yeah, well, that's it. Concentrated the vendor to the center narrows Onda a bit off concentrated violet. I will. It is a very send the to make it darker. And also if you have too much white spaces. You are now with a dark while it that you're removing Those is those extra white space, which you are. Would you have more off while it's Yeah, I'm trying to beat by beat. Otherwise it would be really dark. So this way. And now I'm making soft age just with clean water. Why is this was a deep of my brush. So you have one of our roses? Andi, Uh, I would say that I will make one of the things here is here. I will make also soft edge from this side of this battle, and I will make more interest in the shape of this battle with my agenda on. Don't the deeper beat off a vendor on it, I will place my brush. This way. We'll make more interest in the shape of the battle. And we had a bit off low vendor onstage this week. And now a second, uh, rose will be looking in the direction. So the center is going to be somewhere for here. We prepares the same solution that this magenta quite watery solution on the bit off. Um, Brenda on Let's start what else they almost don't have already. Love under again magenta Deeper. Yeah. Maybe if I have some white spaces, I'm going now. Them with some extra lines. Some? Yeah. Yeah. One more. Yeah. So my roses mason, uh, contrast. I will add a bit more, I wonder, Like in those areas where there are shadows Also where I have to much white space I'm carrying here on also is a bit off. Just, um, while it directly from the Ben. All right. And you want more darker accents. I just wish some really dynamic lines on Dhere we have on Probably I will it one more petal for us. This site on there will use that, um, way of making battles like point outside from the center. Um, I have taken quite deluded magenta on the deep, A bit of flow in there. Hands? No, I'm blazing my brush out off the lower. So here is a shape. And now I will need to correct to be the better under the bit More of contrast, Just on the very edge. I love agenda 10. Gothic Rose. Adding Rose Buds and Leaves: So here we kept our second throws and now we let them or contrast that with, uh, let's add one more. But for the site and then we will, uh, switch toe darker when you saw Dr Colors so that it's again magenta and owns a deep a veto follow. And there and probably even more a bit off while it we that is too much while it magenta. He's 11 like this. So here we come over. But now we will move. Ah, the worst really dark color So that this, uh, indigo very more in some pencil lines And, uh, in your like this quite, um, you can play. You can make quite diluted the solution on also quite sick aunt to see what you can get dependent, like or what they're impressed and we're making are their lives. Yeah, so you can see that this color is really dark hunted views. Really, I contrasted to our roses is all They started to be brighter. Um, probably. Or here I will add one more. But it's closed one and these but we're going to close now. This Yeah, and system. And now let's add more lives from's this site. Also, we can make a really deluded, uh, indigo, quite diluted solution on the water and then on 30 to take a bit of India go from the pan on, then it's going to be so. Then you can see that, uh, you can get the transparent leaves, uh, with the some really dark, including its color. So then we're missing some more leaves from this side. I will use quite watery indigo solution A on down the deeper on indigo. From there from the ban, probably one more. But for here, well, that must leave rather than the But so that's OK, then is going to be yes. So? Well, that one direction, huh? Center one business way. Yeah. Andi, Um, probably one more. But from that site? No. Yeah. One, my office. One more year. Andi, um, I'm missing something in this corner. So then probably will take really, really diluted indigo. And also, what we can do is that the beetle magenta, do this really diluted India on? We'll get a bit like different shades off color on that is going to be like, then that is going to be really dark, you know, like purple color, but it's difficult to describe it, but really beautiful. Also the shadow, this color number. And now I think that we're then it's really beautiful colors, dark but really beautiful. So depends on which purpose say you're looking for. Then you can make also sees a beautiful Wasiq roses. 11. Folk Rose: Now let's paint the full gross by folk. Rosa, I'm called some kind off monochrome Rosa. We're using one or, like, toe maximum a colors and, uh, by their Williams off the same color. You can get some really beautiful look like folk, um, flowers that I would remind us roses you can use to colors. I would suggest ultramarine blue or some other kind of blue, which you have or indeed go like this two colors or the mixture off both of them. These two colors, I can give her quite interest in shades off blues Grace on. Duh. So I would suggest you to play with these colors. What will dough that is going to be like three roses once and throw one Andi suicide once on, then I will let us some lives. So that is going to be something more or less this composition. I will prepare my ultramarine blue quite wittering solution. I have been thinking that it could be nice. Uh, exactly this rose to player with fled brush. As we have learned also to make, uh, they're center flower with flat brush. So this is could be a really good idea to the plate with my flat brush on, uh, to show you how you can make us a sock flowers and they're using lend brushstrokes. I'm taking the color director directly from Japan. They're my envelope some more was a contrast here in the center. Make more water. So here we have our flower center. And now with another brush weekend give on plane with battles, Tamarind fruit directly from the panel. Yeah, You have to give it more contrast to this petals. On day, one more Peto we will place from this more concentrated don't remind you were here. So we're done with our central rose. Now, let's ah, uh, place our side roses for this again. I will use my fled brush and, uh oh, saying it is going to be quite dark. This central part of the flower on I will continue with, uh, has a brush round brush on. Don't keep a veto. Ultra marine blue from there. - Yeah , well, it like ZX better b y that more concentrated doctor? My No. Here. Yeah, Onda also to the center of the flower. Let's add a bit more concentrated. Yeah, so here is our said controls on day one more rose. We're here Is going to be smaller. One this beat more or undermining. I'm using the only one color. Is that this water Marine blue All painting. What? Huh? Let's meet more concentrated old remind directly from the pen. More contrast tothis petals which are closed toe there. Uh, as if Rose does the center. So look hours. And now let's add some leaves Diluted. I am ultramarine blue on, uh, And on the tip, I can go to be more concentrated Ultra marine blue From that I mean more diluted ultramarine low in terms of people. More concentrated. One go brush brush strokes views. No, we can add a bit more concentrated toe remarry. Just some parts Won't be really Morning. Uh, let's say a bit more off butts, for example, for this site. So some leaves what else were missing? Probably from suicide. So lives, um, the people is on, um um one but from that side. And, um, you're one of the leaves on that site. Andi, Uh, for here one. Let's add a bit more concentrated. Sorry for the sleeps we have done with our full gross just rate. Try a different, uh, blues and ultramarine Czar Indigo. Andi Uh, See what you can get with your rose is also what we can, for example, to make it Ah, a bit darker We can use now a bit of indigo makes the with the ultramarine blue. And to make the center of our even darker because just ultra marine, it won't give you already. You are darker shade. No, no, you can get you and darker accent. And this one's the same. I don't disease flower. I have quite the concentrated paint. So in my solution almost No. What? This looks better because there is more contrast on with the same color. What we can do. He's, um, Prince for their lives. I'm using the same mixture off indigo with tamarind. Look on just some prints on their lives to make them look more folk style. Yes. So not all those am just samels him. Yulia, Our Paul Karos is ready 12. Passion Rose. Flower Shapes: for oppression Rose Color scheme. I've got inspired by this winter illustration. It's really for me. It's really inspiring, because that is a different type of roses, uh, wild rose andan other things that it's already quite open. So that disclosed toe towards autumn or when the roses already quite mature and really, uh, inspired by this illustration, we can paint the different Also different color schemes waken use more like orange yellow roses or to use um, read once in the class, we're going to pain. Uh, this kind off composition with really bright red roses for our passion, Rose, we will need the following colors. Uh, get me, um, read Mandarin Carmine red cadmium, yellow burned sienna on and olive green. So jigs Alonso, which you have Prepare your color, psa. Um, doesn't we'll start with some preliminary like markings where we're going to locate our roses. This kind off roses is they are quite big. So I would suggest toe my paper is a four size eso. I would suggest that so have some, like, central rules for yeah, is this way that also it will be looking in that direction on, uh, second rose. Uh, let's place? Uh huh. I would say that one would be here. No one would be a bit on the back. Onda. We can net later. Won the sword one. Probably for here, so it won't be visible. My what? The colors. What is so interesting about this? Rosen says that they're painted in different way compared to the one sir, which we have painted before that. For this, I will use the first, uh, big brush which keeps quite well water and quite a lot amount of whether this is a size number eight on does that. This is an imitation off squirrels here. Eso for here is the shape of the rose we will make from opposite. Is that from out like the petals would be from outside towards the center like this on. Then we will it like this icon, uh, layer off battles from outside, making the shape. And here is the same that first is going to be the central flower from outside stores a center on. Then they're out there pedals like a second layer. As for the center, we're going to use, uh, yellow cadmium yellow on a bit off burnt sienna to give it more contrast that is going to be the biggest Rosa and its center is going to be probably for here. Let's say, um, I will prepare the color makes check color makes eyes that this Uh huh. Give me a Redd's all such eggs. Elsa. Right, So which you have on, see what you can get out of it. So a bit more off Andi, I will adjust tiny amount or mother. And to make it more like this on let's start with our flower center so more or less that is going to be like 56 pedals. So see that on? Keep in mind that here is going to be the center and your petals shouldn't arrive completely. I'll make it more. Otherwise, I'm using here 100%. Um, got on paper the dis archers paper on this paper. I'm service quite well. The water. Yeah, with just with this moments, words ascend that wards ascent or one more Beto, those petals which are like looking in that direction. They're bigger on the ones which are like close it to us. They are short there. We can add a bit more concentrated color. So we're from some some videos. Andi, Now it's time to add. Yo, I was brush. I will prepare. Uh, God, you know. All right, on then. I'm continue moving these lines towards the center, joining old there that tells. So here I have this. And then also were the bit off burnt sienna from quite concentrated directly from the men and just in the center. I had a bit more off burns here. So while it's getting dry, let's at the second layer over their petals. Um, this. But also, I will leave the They are so mainly because that is what we have seen. That is more like three forced you off the road. So it's going to be a symmetrical. So this part is going to be smaller roses in this one. And then well, that's it. Second layer off battles. I will make more deluded color. Mother read. Then let's try. With some brush brings the shape of bills. They're bigger. Also, leave some white spaces between, uh l a levels over the petals. Yeah, well, so is that the just freeform off pedals on now? In order to separate the one level from another one, we need that to make shadow. Just, uh yeah, for this. I will use, um, good meme rent, and I will add a bit off olive green read. So that is like white, uh, dark color mixture on dhere. Just, uh, where's their passions of progress level? Where did this color mixture also you can make Said, Just met the red with a bit off green senate will give more, like who are shaved the same also what we can make except some battles to make them the were each more transparent. Here I have to much water. Let's remove this water just was clean brush. So here we have more first throws. Ah, Then let's at another rose. Um, this will be looking in the direction. So the center of the rose more less is going to be for here. Oh, thanks, John. That this kid male red and does this picture I will have a bit off Carmine red. So let's see a bit different racheted up rent what we can get. Same. Just how does for here from this site is going to be short Business goes on now let's said, uh, yellow cadmium yellow towards our center. Introduce it directly. Does this read? I don't move in living. Remember to leave some white spaces and then a bit more off burns you, huh? Is this end up on that? My work. And let's get some adults just with some three shapes. Reforms are off brushstrokes, creating the shape Yeah, from the site. Remember to leave white spaces between the levels off. Better off. Here we go and read more contrast. Let's and there's a mixture off. Come in. Red is a bit of a green, quite the dark. Shake it off right on. Introducing just here where this used to be is a shadow. It's and probably to some petals. I would have more concentrated cadmium red to give them also some more. Trust my this Onda, uh, one more Rosa from that site. Let me read, and it's going to be smaller. So I right then with yellow cadmium yellow towards the center, some lines and then a veto burns you NRA in the middle. That's that's, um, on the pedals. Also, we can head, uh, out about those using our technique. We're both in our brush with, um, a mixture off. Get you read on down the the point. A bit off. Far Burns. Let's see with this. No. Please. What else? A bit more off red Because it's guys got too much of burnt Sienna here. Mm. 13. Passion Rose. Leaves using Two Colors on a Brush: Well, let's remove up our pencil marks. Yeah, Aunt. Let's at somebody, uh, just bluffing my brush in this, uh, mixture Onda on the tip. I will have a bit of burns. So it's going to be for here One, but no, but he, uh, and the more burnt Sienna on the point. Or he, um Let's make some color. That is going to be cadmium red with a bit off. Uh, I'm in red. Let's place a some But, um, for the site on, um, some bigger one or year. And from there, probably I will leave. It already weighs out. It's so I would say this is enough. And let's more for, um does anything our lives were going to use Olive green, You just some light. And that aiding was to brush strokes where I didn't sound views. Sweet. To make them more interesting on the deep off the brush, I use olive green and on the deep a bit off um, Mother, it okay, I have to be more off. Mother Read. Yeah, please. The deep towards is the center so that the central line is going to be darker than the general belief. Let's add some more, Uh, some more leaves from they say on the deep. I had a bit off the red. What's in we so much? Oh, mother read. But this? No, let's add, um, the leaves the door. But it was all of green. It's also on the deeper we can add a bit off, Mother, it's That was a big one then next one green on debit off. So central. Would this more contrast with the red? I just This is one going in that direction on a still, we have these two months green on the people beat off, moderate. But this Mm, yeah, would be this. So here we have our bus on, Let's continue with. So let's said maybe more. Or, uh, on the green leaves. Let's say for here. Yeah, yeah, some buds, closed ones. It's a contrast with moderate lunch. This, um, several more butts. Uh, what's it say? Maybe around it here as and let's add stem disease one to these rules. That was this moment. Hand was a bit of mother red to make it a bit darker. Gets it, you know, direction one. Some more butts, small ones, birds. I'm using the brush? Uh um, Just the brush strokes. Great. I'm more interest his blood. We're more butts. It's the mother. Read no interest for here. Also bulleted So robots some more lives. Let's also add some leaves is a mixture off on the greens. Who was moderate gets really beautiful, uh, drone color. So let's etcetera leaves Aziz color. Probably for yeah, you're several. I would like to be more off mother rents so that you will get more like red. Yeah, he's one. This shade of friends. Yeah, we have. So what needs? It's probably site really and a bit more diluted color because, as a wise, it's already concentrated, and I doesn't allow me to move off. Really is a rush on my paper. Let's at the stem store main roses. A lot of green was a bit on the deeper or mother, right, So connecting them here and the shape is not released like, um, very straight lines. So so that justice should be more. But sometimes you have these kind off thorns or so this moment off the brush turns meats, no feeling off horns. So probably several more blips on were then on the deep Habito Margarette implicit for here - some small buds in this direction. And And I think that we need to add more contrast toe our center off the road is exam to give them more. William, I'm using burnt sienna burns una makes there with the moderate, quite concentrated color on And then for here, just in the new in the center, we had a bit more. Yeah, uh, probably lets it a bit more off. Contrasted do their this, like, central layer off, but also so I will use a cadmium rent. Just that some some battles that said this contrast. And then So, yes, I make soft age. Just that was clean brush questioning the the marriage. So a bit more going trust here. So which with this game brush one more so and our passion roses already. 14. Final Thoughts: Thank you for watching my class. I hope you have enjoyed painting the roses with me. If you like the class, please leave a review letting me know which rose was your favorite one. Please upload your Rose class project in the class Project Gallery. I am looking forward to see all that beauty which you have. If you're going to show you us worker on instagram, please take me so that I could see for ourselves. So you are in love with roses. I would like the unknowns rose you away. The price will be Blackwell with brush which is just perfect for painting the roses. It's easy to take part. Just upload two euros class project in the class Project gallery till 15 off April 2020 They give away is open internationally on the winner will be chosen randomly for extra interest. Just applaud the relevant class project to my other skill Share glasses Meanwhile good like everyone else Keep on creating