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Vintage Loose Flowers in Watercolors: Painting Roses an Ultimate Guide

teacher avatar Nina Nyusikart Watercolor, Artist, Loose Watercolor classes

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Watch this class and thousands more

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Taught by industry leaders & working professionals
Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

Lessons in This Class

18 Lessons (1h 39m)
    • 1. Introduction

    • 2. My Experience

    • 3. Supplies & Materials

    • 4. Warm up Exercises. Brush Strokes

    • 5. Warm up Exercises. Flat Brush

    • 6. 5 Ways to Paint Rose Flower Centre

    • 7. Fixing Possible Mistakes

    • 8. Front View Rose. The Shape

    • 9. Front View Rose. Painting

    • 10. Three forth View Rose. The Shape

    • 11. Three forth View Rose. Painting

    • 12. Side View Rose. The Shape

    • 13. Side View Rose. Painting

    • 14. Side View Closed Rose. The Shape

    • 15. Side View Closed Rose. Painting

    • 16. Rose Buds

    • 17. Rose Leaves

    • 18. Final Thoughts

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About This Class

In this class I share my experience of painting roses in loose style. We begin from very basics - you will learn 5 ways of painting Rose centre and we will look in detail how to paint Rose from front view, 3/4 view, side view, as well buds and leaves! Also I pay your attention of possible mistakes and how to avoid them or to fix them.


This class is perfect for beginners, all videos are in real time and contain very detailed explanations. You´ll get lots of practise painting roses.

In the videos are used the pictures from Pinterest for educational purposes. You can check my inspiration board here 

So, are you ready to dive into this class? Grab your brushes and let´s paint roses! :)

x Nina

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1. Introduction: Hello, I'm Nina. I'm a watercolor. Lower welcome to my new winter flowers class. This time I will share with you my experience off painting roses in low style. You will learn five ways off painting Rose Flower Center on. You'll get skills off painting roses from different views. Front view, side view. Three first few rows bata on leaves. Also, I will show you possible mistakes, which you can face when painting roses and how to wear them all or to fix them this class. Expect off useful tips and you'll get lots of practice off painting roses in lose style. This class is perfect for beginners as all videos in real time, so you can paint along with me under my step by step instructions if you're new. Jesus General welcome Press a follow button on Ceta. The gen means this creative journey and let's get started 2. My Experience: when recording this class, I have waster with several problems that sometimes my roses as they appeared to be beautiful on the other times. Uh, it has got to some kind off really ugly on duh, like freeform flower, which I really didn't like. So as this force made to work harder on to experiment and toe analyzer, what waas when run with my roses on why at some point, they appear to be really beautiful on that, Others as a just where, like, that's you think that you completely have no skills are Andi, Is this like you feel really bad when you're trying to make 1000 trying to make it many times and it didn't work. So after my investigations, I have found, uh, one of the main, I think so. What was their only with my roses is the shape that quite often know what was failing a on that it turned out to be not rose about any kind off other. Let's not very beautiful flower, but not the rose. So it's not it wasa za gear the the shape off the rose Ondo. Um, I decided to share these, uh, my discoveries with you in this class are on Duh. What we will do in this class, I will share with you three, um, important key points which you need to consider while you're painting your roses. That is our first, uh, Isabella NSA off white. Which means is that when you have paint in Rosa Center, you needed to leave sufficient white spaces between the petals. Another to give this arisen on. Um, the contrast which will give also the William onto the rose. Uh, another problem is when you have too much white spaces on that is also quite easy, toe. Um, solve this problem is just a year I didn't some additional, uh lines. Onda uh, for me, what waas is the most complicated issue to find out how to solve It is a shape how to paint as the roses so that it will be a beautiful shape on it will be recognizable. That is Rose Onda. And also what I have found, um, more complicated is a when you're painting the Rosa, the front view this way is the easiest one. But when you're trying to paint Rocha with the three force view, then Aziz, it's much more complicated on there were. Mostly you fail to transmit as a shape off the rose. Um, so if you have recognized in the samosas paintings, uh, those problems which your face end up painting roses. I think that is a class A will be helpful for you. Andi. Also, you will know some new deep PSA on that will give your ideas on how you can improve your rose painting in lieu style on day. One more bonus or just like, uh, for so so who are already advanced? Um, um have already advanced the level off painting roses. I will give you interest in, um, different color schemes which you can apply paint in roses on, uh, also this will give, like, different ah, point off you toe color solutions on, uh which you can apply wild painting roses. So I hope that this class will be interesting now for both for beginner sta on a more experienced units. Let's prepare our art materials on. Let's get started 3. Supplies & Materials: for this class, you will need what? The color paper sellers. One is fine for practicing brushstrokes. Also, you can use the 100% cotton paper here. I'm using a fine grain for Britain. Artistic are Ah that then? So once you have practiced enough for with brush Rosa on duh then you would like to get some. But the result also will need several shoots off Just a normal office paper. What their color pains in this class I will use to color so that this yellow okra on DMA Guerette What? The color palette. What support water? Ah, kitchen towels Onda brushes aside for the brushes just to take the ones that which you have a with fine deep It could be ah synthetic one So or the mixture off squirrels, A hair with synthetic. It could be Ah, Kalinsky several, uh, squirrels here. So grab the ones which have a fine tip and also the ones which are bigger. One says that would be size 78 s so that they have quite enough like body so that they hold quite well water also take a fled brush. If you have one, I will show some interesting, Um, brushstrokes, which also you can use our for painting roses if you have some brushes. Cell like this is that they don't have a really fine tip. Also take on day. We will see what kind of brush strokes where we can make with them and was as a recruiter for using in Rose painting. So that's all. Prepare your materials and let's get started. 4. Warm up Exercises. Brush Strokes: and we will start with Sam a warming up exercises on getting to know our brushes. Um, read those brushes in which you have and probably separate them. Abi is the ones which have ah appointed steep on. The ones are which are probably It's not so pointed, but, uh, they get quite a lot off water. Onda Uh, probably some bigger brushes. Just grab the ones which you have. And also, if you have, ah, fled brush also take it and we will experiment a bitter visit as well. First, that we will have to know to try the deeper off our brush. Um, I will use a mother read forces exercises. Andi, I just passed my Russia in color solution. I'm holding like this. The brush. You can hold it this way. But also I have here a bit off some drops off water. I'm removing it with a paper towel. Onda, Uh, if you got used to tow, keep your brushes this way for, um getting ah, thin lines. Also try to keep it. Hold it like this with four fingers from one side on the bigger finger from a NASA side, as this will allow you to keep your brush perpendicular to the paper. Andi also will let you or more like will allow your more movement. So just try it on and see. Maybe this is a way of holding. Russia also will work for you on first, we're making just Osama seen lines to see what kind off lions are we can get aways this dip , so just lines on different directions. Lizzie's like more circle of ones. So just to see which housing lines are, does it allow you your brush to make our next brush movement? Brushstroke is going to be, uh, to know how wide your, um how wide, Uh, your brush stroke could be on a swell, Um, how you can differentiate or along as a whole. Let me show you that will be here like this. Then you get wider one on. Then when you're lifting the brush, it gets again on there. So just practice a bitter with this ones that is more complicated by this with. So just to know, what kind off brush drugs does it allow you your brush and also here it's important to know how wide it could be. Our next eyes going to be, um that my brushes was quite a lot off water on the tip of the brush. I, um, and a beautiful from other rent. Just a from the pen so you can see Andi. Now, what we're going to do is to try other, uh, like, better little brush stroke to the paper. So first we have tried the perpendicular one. This one's on. Now we are trying out the barrel ones. So you place a your Russia to paper on. Then you're just more with, like, this Try again. So I get quite a lot of water because here you can see that some places if it's got with, uh um, it has got dry paper on the deep. I had a bit off mother read on the game. I place my brush on school it. So, for example, in this case, you also can try another brush because, uh, are there things that if you can get religion lines as it was, this there will be really useful for making a center off the rose. Andi, Uh, for example, this kindof brushstrokes are really useful for the first Are those battles which are just around the row center, but for bigger battles. You see that this brush doesn't get a quite or this size off the brush, as this is number six, that it doesn't get quite sufficient A lot amount off water on before painting bigger. But also, it won't be enough. So let's die, for example, with another brush. Um, like the 1st 1 it was, ah, the checks and deep. So what kind of lines? So this one gives me quite why their lines. Okay, next one, Let's check how wide it could be the pedals considerably. Why that? And now let's make as the same whizzes brush and see what could be was it will be the different ethic. So again, it's a car, quite uh, uh filled with water and on the deep. I had, uh, Margarette on, uh so here this Russia gets a ah, much more water and you can see that dates makes more, and that had to allow me to make a bet also off bigger shape. So says we have tried another thing. I wanted to show you that I have here one brush which doesn't have ah pointed deep. So because sometimes when you you're when you're struggling with Rosa. Center on. Uh uh. Something go like you doesn't, um, get that release in line. It could be also because off your brush that it has really around it. A deep on, uh, it just doesn't allow you to make releasing lines. So let's start with this one. So you see that the lines are pretty sick on if you have little space for thinness and depends for for sure you like, if you will take a three size paper than this would be fine. But for a smaller size, on the line is quite sick so that you won't get really beautiful flower center. And what it can happen that you will like this white spaces on Does that could be the problem. Ah, let's chick, uh, how it makes disease strokes. So also, it doesn't keep really well that now I have got with more water so likes on. Now let's check what kind off for this White Strokes. We can get within brush again. It's filled with the water aunt on the defied A veto from Margarette laced like disease way . No, really nice effort at all. I think that this I don't use this brush for painting roses on. I think that for sure. I wouldn't use it in the future. Neither. Okay, so I don't know, but this brush, I won't use it for painting roses, for example. So I will put it aside. I have this brush, which is has its a number eight about it has really bigger brush body. So let's check what kind off this white stroke so we can get with this brush again, Loaded to his water on it is a deep with a bit off her mother read, um, like this. So this is better, but I think that this brush being so big it hasn't got a loaded completely with water. So let's hear a bit like this. Yeah, this one is already much better. So for this brush is it would be really nice. Er off painting big battles. The ones which are like outside over there, the outer. But also rose on one more thing. I wanted to show you this brush is a small one. Is that this, uh, Kalinsky Several. So it means that it has a quite nice ah find deep on for example, this you can use. Like for these strokes, for sure. This size off brush is not suitable but for painting the thing lines which we need usually for flower center that you can see that it gives quite nice seeing lines. So my idea is Is that your willingness t investigator What kind off brushes you have and how you can combine them for which battles which brush you can use for example, where you need to some really, um, Lassen lines. You can use a smaller size or or Kolinsky sable, for example, Brush Andi for wider brushstrokes are for outer petals. You can use a bigger brasher or that brush which keeps quite well water on it Doesn't matter was it gives so, well the point. Eso Let's keep on the practicing. 5. Warm up Exercises. Flat Brush: Now, let's try, uh, to make metals out of these brush strokes. I'm loading this. I'm back with this brush, which gives me are nice thin lines on, uh, this white brushstrokes and, well, I am a little loaded into with water and the deeper, uh in mother Rhett. Okay, Onda, our next exercise is going to be to curve this brush stroke, so to play with, ah, movements off your hand so that to get it Kirk, like, exists or from another side. So that is more already were practicing. Uh, how are the rose petals up? Tried toe? Uh, play a whizzer, Um, with the body over. Ah, off the brush. So that so Trying to play that when you're placing it completely parallel toe or more parallel ato the paper. Then you get wider brushstroke on. Then the ones you're lifting the brush. Then you can get Sener lines like this. So then, with one brush stroke, you can do for in shade, you can start it the white on, Then by lifting the brush, you can make it sooner on. Uh, you need to know that feeling to practice a bitter with your brush and to know that feeling which movement you need to make in order to get. So I'm already need to recharge my brush with water and pain. So, you know, you know, uh, which, um, movement. You need to make a teach moment in order to get Ah, is that better? Which you're looking for? So one of the basic ideas is that when it is ah Barlow, the hair, some of the brush parallel. Um, so the paper. Then you get white strokes Onda while lifting it. Then it's a little like, deep off the brush is touching the paper and you get a sinner strokes just practice and play with your brushes. That is really exciting on its Like I don't know. It's like gymnastics cell for your finger. Send for your hand and it's really nice. Are warming up exercise? One more thing goes up. What? They have fun that I found out when I was preparing for a six glasses that, uh A for making some like thes bigger size of petals. It's really important to control your brush onto this moment so that you can get exactly that as bigger as the pedal as you want. But for painting as a center off the, um, as a center off the flower. It is really important to move first on without, so that to make it more dynamic and without thinking too much, the only thing that you need like to give the comment to your hand is to leave the white spaces. And it's better to leave more white space is that you can fix this problem rather than tow . Have lack of my spaces, however, is this. You can also solve who is wide gosh, but it won't be as I say. So, um, play as well with this another to get this dynamic moments. I also play with some brush strokes are for warming up. Uh, I'm loading my brush with water and on the deeper mother read on Duh. Just if, like this, like this, try to make different, uh, movements so that you can get, um, you can make your hand are to move freely so that it won't be no. Just play with, um, brushstrokes, how you can get them also. And as a way off, um, painting outer petals that the same your loaded in your brush with water and on the deep red Andi instead off. Ah, going, uh, from, like from this way you are placing your hand, uh, completely like, um, 188 degrees Or was it, uh, direction on your create in the shape like this off the battle. So that is also quite interesting. Moment on later, you can add a bit off water to make it more transparent. Or but you can see that in some roses, as they have exactly is age of the battle darker. Not that area, which is just the ah, below there a very respectable, um, How are them out their age on the to get this out? Agia um, more like darker and more concentrated. So that is the moment off the brush like this. So practice also was this brush strokes on? Uh, meanwhile, let's move on to different ways. On also, one more thing. I wanted to tow commentaries about flat brush. This one is is a scientific one, Onda. Um, I also find it quite interesting. Onda gives another way off great and created Naza Flower center is to use a flat brush. So also practices with ah, some brush strokes was fled brush that I am loading it with paint and the moments are going to be the same. I will need to get, um, are thin lines. But on day I will have to make my ideas to make us a center off the flower. Uh, I'm not sure that was a, you know, a way will to see it properly. So my moments are going to be like this. So I'm making the prince off the brush and then like this, trying to make the circle. But with some like, quite dynamic, uh, moments. I have tried many times to record the video with, uh, in slow, slow way How to make this a brush strokes. But it's really difficult because I know it should be something dynamic that you're, you know, that the center off roses really likes well off petals and transmits. It is a dynamic off this swear ill. I think that you need to also painted quite dynamically. So let's die how we'll get itself. That is just We start with these different shapes, lines and bit by bit, we start to make it around it. Later. You can get a bit more off more concentrated paint to get it Dark, William. And also that somewhere in the center, some strokes more, the darker ones. So here you have, uh, one of the oceans you can get. Let's say like this off. So the center of the flower you also can make with flesh brush just practice with this kind off free strokes and trying to make it in circle away. 6. 5 Ways to Paint Rose Flower Centre: while investigating, I have found, um, let's say like, five ways how you can paint their center the flower center off the rose. Let's check each of them on. Then you can decide Ah, to practice. You can practice and decide which ones you to your, uh, the best, Andi or you can find may be your only wait. Ah, so let's start that as the first, um, the first of a way off painting on the row center that ihsaa starting it there. Wizard Diamond shape that this like you're just pressing your that this I'm showing you in bit bigger size Know that it's more like that. You're pressing your brush and you get like this and then you're left in it. So said this session, That's how you started more or less some something similar because every time that is those time, every time was that you will get it different. Andi, Also, as I have suggested that for flower center, I find it that that is, um where you need toe boots like all your energy on dynamic. And you I find it that is the best way to paint. It is when you bend it quite quickly. So then it gives gets that dynamic off. Swear law battles. Uh, let me show you how it will look like so more less like this. Uh, if you have gotta at then quite many off this white, uh, areas, Um one of the important things is to keep enough off this wife spaces s so that it will be like shadows and highlights off the petals you can see on another point is also not to leave too much of this white spaces than it was going to be like the gap hunter like it will give the feeling that battles are falling apart. Let's say like this, but it's quite easy to fix in case you get too much over this wide spaces. Uh, once you have painted this part, you can enter with, um, more concentrated paying to just take it from the pen. You can add Ah, so that the center more like more lines of these darker color. Ondas Well, to add some additional lines are just breaking this white, uh, spaces in tow. Several whiles like this also it improves their center off euros. So that is one of the ways another way you can paint. Uh, you can start a flower center with some kind off triangular shape. Like this or so or like this. Let's eight more less is This one is the one. The right shape. So, Mr Younger, just a let's try. Uh, was this one how it will work so more or less laces? Ah, the same that make it Probably have left too many white spaces or something a bit. I know this center off the rose is different from this one as well as the trolls is different from one another. On there, you can find really lots of interesting, uh, father and so flowers, more medals. So just a bit more concentrated bait to the center. And it will make also really friends. So here we have our second way off painting that flower center that is a triangle. One more way off. Being didn't start in the rows of center. I also you can see that sometimes, uh, that is, like, really clear swirl off, but also on the they start like this ID like this, and then you'll start to add more so you can practice with this moment. Um, on Let's try to paint with was this weight. So that is like when there starts, like, really this were off battles. So then I just for May I find this way more complicated because then it's easier to get really many of these white spaces. Um, here you can see that I have got really like, for example, this is too much like it's not natural this way, and it gives us a feeling that's like they are like that the petals instead of keeping one another like, um, quite closely keeping the one keeping each other in this way that it seems that that's too much space and they're like falling apart. In case you get this problem with your roses, you can fix it thereby Adrian, uh, like second layer. It was more off more concentrated painter on, uh, just you're and more lines remove wins is extra white spaces. Some lines could be wider. Probably be more. He owns a center, so now it looks much better because it has the first, ah less of this white spaces there, more interrupted Onda. Also the petals. Some of them are wider, some of them sooner, so that is a way how you can fix up, uh, your flower center, in case you experience is this problem. While painting roses on, uh, one more way that this actually is there, um, combination off this one. Was this one that you start with, uh, line on, um, and then half half circle. So just disease. So on. Let's bean flower center is this way that also you move mazes. Half circles are just in different directions, so that's clockwise. Anti clockwise. So here we have sound kind off center on the same Ah, from my point of yours, Too much white spaces. We need to fix this on DUI. More concentrated paint. We just add some more lies seeing lies. Said Garang's trying to remove this extra white spaces. So here we have on the one more way, I find it the most dynamic one for paint in rows of center. That is always, uh, flat brush just with a quite concentrated paint. So from both sides on, then our moments are going to be like this different prince, like a brush. Yeah, And another thing is going to be that to try to make like this like to make a bit longer. These brush strokes in different directions. So on then. So first is just prince like this? No, the next one is You're making the longer lines on. The next one is where you already holding your brush more per barrel to the paper and you start to make them like this. So and you're trying to make them around it, and then they're going to get also wider. So, like this just play with your flag brushes. But it's really great way. I know that is really that you get quite a lot of dynamic while you're painting the Rosa Center on. Uh, let me show you. How is this would look like? So I'm starting with this like I'm making more or less triangular the same. But with this brush strokes and every time I am like this and now I'm tryingto around it. Yeah, some more brush strokes. So probably slope making a slowly it will look like this. And here we have the flower center on in this case is then with fled brush. We make their flower center on Then for making Biggers. It's out of battles which needs more water. You take some bigger brush like this or he's going to rush. But and also, if you need that, are to make darker or to remove summer white areas that you get the more concentrated painter from the pen on you reading this next airlines Dr Once. But I find it really no really dynamic way off paint in a row centers that was flat brush that it gives its own, especially. It's also interesting that when you are painting, uh, some roses, which have not surrounded better. So how are they are more like, uh, liner, um, nature on then. Also, you can get like, this kind of really nice strokes, making that Adelson just practice flat brushes also gives different. Um, then I make center euros is 7. Fixing Possible Mistakes: one more thing. I wanted to to commend you that, uh, for example, like here. I don't have it so that in case what can happen, one of the whizzer your row center is that, uh, have commanded before that you have quite a lot off this wide spaces. That is quite easy to fix. You take a more concentrated paint, and you had more lines. Break ins, this white one say, in smaller lines, this white spaces. Uh, but it could happen. Um, another thing like me tried toe make its Andi. I hope I will manage. I'm sure that what else can happen? What kind of problem With flour with Rose. The center is that when you are painting the center, these are small lies. You can see that it gets really watering. Okay, I'm controlling into much. Uh, let's try to make it so that you can Well, let me try again. Because this one is not so, but, uh, this one. Let's make it now. I got it. Miss it. That what has happened? That center, which is supposed that it should be like this on then. A bit of white space or history. Angular shape that is also leaves a bit off white space. But here, just no white spaces left. So that is really involved. Which, uh, what has happened to is this my rose center? Ah, why is this happens if you can see, um I will show you a little closer. Eyes. The paper. Ah, that. Have a look at this one. Can you see how much water is that? The result? One drop here is ah, like you can see that it's too much water on your paper on. That's why. Yeah, you get the same kind off our, uh, really like Lacko for center. It's because your brush is overloaded with the paint. Um, how you can fix it. It's quite easy. Once you have detected that your row center s appear to be like this, Uh, what you need to do every time before starting now with row center that you're just removing this extra water like this. You see, that is goes out. This is all this water which has been ah ah, like in my brush. And it was too much water. So here it was too much water in my brush. What else you can do is, uh, to ah that also, while painting as, ah very center off the rose additionally uses their painter from the pen, which is, uh, doesn't have so much water, so then it's more concentrated on it will allow you also to make small thing lines. So too much water. It doesn't allow us to make release in lines so that what happens with your row center when , uh, your brush is overloaded with water on duh. It doesn't allow you to make this really seen lines. So that is a way how you can improve from the beginning on Avoid making these uh um, like most on how you can fix. So once you have, you have them already that Okay, let me show you one of the things you can remove with the wizard paper towel that you can see. It has absorbed that all that extra water as rice. Also, it will take centuries to get tied. So you just remove that extra water on. Then again taking out the painter from the pen, you are created already with less water. Yeah, you know that you don't need to take so much water on then You're just creating and you are making this center, so probably not the best solution. But that's how you can also fix it. Sometimes when, like you just touch and you see like proof that it's running like wonderful. So just a ways up and in a darker will use. So it's not the best solution, but that's the way it's better to avoid. The kind off water centers on also depends on case about sometimes you can solve it. Adjust with removing this extra water with a paper towel. 8. Front View Rose. The Shape: Now, let's have a look at, uh, another problem which I have found while painting the roses. Um, which her face way say, Is there something wrong with the shape of my rose? Why? It looks so me. So if sometimes the roses reminds, like that one that that my one, um that this part off the class would be quite useful for your toe. Try to understand what's going on with my rose. So that is a shape. Sometimes it fails on duh. Then everything goes wrong. Let's Ah, uh, check. Um what exactly? Which solution I have found to improve this part off. The, uh uh, improves this part off my rose painting. It's to have a look at the shape. What we can see here is that the, um, center that is more like, three, angular or probably So that is which it starts a wister angular on. Then there are, like, this lines, different battles. Uh, that is a center. Then what else? We can see some of their petals. Ah, they are really thing that like this one this better Then one more is a bit wider. More lessons as a C. So second battle Onda. Then we have this one which is already a big wider than the rest ones, and then goes bigger ones from here. One from here. Another one is there. Although Waas is he's one. And this one's one of the things you have. Ah, to keep to see from the petals off their pattern how they are that first. That is more like three angular shape. No, like disease on another thing, this is that house there. Um, one was another. So that, for example, this outer ones that is quite important. That one goes here, then, uh, it's like another one. The next one is, uh, touching Evita. Andi goes almost in the opposite way On that. This one's as well they are. Ah, uh, that action do previous like to bet also from the previous layer. Like this tomb. They have the same level on this too. They are off. They're, like, lowest level on. Uh uh, uh uh. The lower one is touching both off the previous, like from the upper level. What I have learned is that if I, uh, paint if I drove with a pencil this shape before painting with, uh um brush then my hand reminds better. Aunt has clear idea how to make this kind of brush strokes. So let's try Just check how it works for you and let me know whether it has worked for us. The same as for me. For me it was really interesting. And to see that whether I'm on the right way, finding the solution for the loose painting. So we're starting now with three Angula and then that this more like quite Kotick the center. So here we have is a center more or less Here, some strokes are wider, like this smaller, so like this and it's more. It's very angular shape. Yeah, Next is is this battle what I am doing? How I would paint it with a brush first Sina starting from here that it's going to be like top as a point of my brush on, then holding it lower, lower on to finish opera, So I will try to make date. This was my mental that first I'm starting high and then I'm going lower on. That is more like it should look more like three angular shape. That is too much. They're making it a week now then this way Aunt finished, then next. Ah, Beto starts here. So somewhere for here on goes there. So in this case, also for brash talks, I would start with it was a sin line going going down on almost like putting down the whole brush, um, towards the paper. So the same I'm trying here. Start in my metal on then like this on finishing with was a previous better. So here, in this next better is going to be this one. It's also more or less like a triangle shape on. Uh, probably I will start it from this site so that up on the lower on, then again up my brush will go like this. So it's, uh then the down to make it wider on the game, uh, up so that it would be the moment off my off my brush. Next, the better. This this one so it doesn't matter? Foresees? Probably I will take already or bigger brush or we load it with more water to make it bigger on. It doesn't. I am taking a bit over this previously, Professor level petal on like this, it's also more or less triangle shape here it comes, next would be easy speco again. So I'm taking a veto for us. A previous a layer petal on And that this by these and it's finishing here in the middle, off the pre rails layer off there was a battle of the brew s layer on Dwell after this to outer petals. It's going to start for here. I'm finishing here and one more here. I don't have space going, but But you you get the idea on then here on Well, yeah, so that this is a way to show my hand what kind off brush strokes I will need. And also, for my mind to make his idea which kind of brush strokes, I will need to make another to paint this rules. Uh, let's check whether it's true on, uh, how it will work for us. So I have this scheme in front of me. Andi, I take 9. Front View Rose. Painting: So then let's start. I'm using. Um for this arose, I will use Ah, yellow okra. Quite what the resolution, remember? And not to have your rash overloaded with water. So it should be okay like this. And on the deep I will add a bit off moderate from zip in and let's start as we have seen, um so always down three Angula And now I will make some chaotic lines half off circles to make a center on the flower. Remember living enough white spaces, but not too much, more or less. I think that I will need Did a bit more off concentrated Mother read. So here we have the center And let's make it more like, as we have seen, that more, more triangular shape. So here this part we have done next. We need to make this battle for this. I'm loading my brush with yellow okra. Check that. It won't be too much water on Duh. Um the people with moderate on we're making this petal, so I will start from the top, Then move in, exist my brush here. It's going to be completely parallel to the paper in this wide the area on, then up. So that is going to be the moment on my brush. Let's try. And now I'm away. So here I have one battle. Mm. Another one. So probably now I will need more water. So this solution is more watery on the next one. Uh, next better is is this one. So I will start from, uh, here. It starts with the same line. They're starting from here up. And then I'm going more parallel like lying my brush and then again moving my brush up. Andi finishing. They're so let's start here. We have another bet, though. Next bagel is statues Abrir s layer. I like this. It's like thatching. Both of them. This one the same. It's going to be first vertigo. I'm then going more horizontal brush and then up. So let's make this Beto, Uh, I'm loading my brush always, uh, yellow grass and on the deep a bit off medal threat Onda We will start for here so that it will touch a meat off previous Beto on it will go deals and next like this. So we have, uh, more or less It fester in the meat. Yeah, I had for more to make it wider from this site. All right, let's have a look. That was it. We can? Yes. So we help me to be Onda. Also, we can add probably wild is with here. Maybe darker. I was a little good Morgan Trust so that this world we are like while painting the graphics in some, uh, giving more interest. Andi yet, like, you can see that it's too much white space. So I will close this lights like this much better. Next. Um so we have done this one. We left as almost like out. There are battles for Aziz. Is this one? Probably. I will take being a brush. Let's try that is going to be the same field with, uh, yellow okra and owns a deeper mother. Right. Andi, I will start from here on this one. It's almost all the time Is going to be a parallel to the paper. Onda. Let's start So it has changed the shape already. But anyway, I think that still we have our rose. The next petal is going to be the small one. Let's try to make it yellow. Grab hunt on the deep. A bit off mother read Onda, Uh, so it will be touching. Also, I had just been to the skin because, in reality, my petals, as I look at the different from this was those ones. Um, So I will, uh, here we see that usually they attaching one on, like, two petals from the previous layer. So in this case, my new petal is going toe touch this pedal on this battle. So it's check what we can get here. We have one more metal on now where, uh, we will have to do this outer better. And these So let's try again. I'm loading my brush. I always, uh, yellow grew up. It was a bit off Margarette on, uh, for here. I'm starting. Is this and I will let a bit more off. Um, at the red. More concentrated one? Yeah. On. And we're left. Only one more out. Uh, battle, we'll load a bit more water in my brush. On the deeper Ah, bit off, mother. Read on. My final battle is going to touch this, Beto and this battle from there, um I think that I will turn it because sometimes it's easier. So it will touches this two petals from the, uh, upper right here. We are starting my this. In this area, we are placing the body of the brush like parallel toes. A paper to get the widest was about battle under lifting it up on like this. So here we have our rose once it will get dry. Also, it would be possible to add a bit more off contrast to the petals. Probably now, I won't touch about these parts of which are, um Well, let's try like these parts which are like, the lower where there is a shadow that we can add a bit more all interest who is darker color. So that is just was dynamic moments where I didn't more. So yeah, we have our rose was there. Front of you was wet. Brush was a deep. I'm just I make it smooth with these Introduction off Another color help as this additional lines off darker. Well, you is better to introduce a once in a zoo. Profess layer has got to try. Otherwise it could be like Macy else. I'm making it. So here we are done that with our Rosa from you 10. Three forth View Rose. The Shape: Now, let's have a look at the Arosa, which we can see three force off the view. So here we see the darkest center Another. I think what we can see is that this cup shape over there, uh, like main central body of the flower on the petals, like going legs. Ease some for here. Bigger petals we can see in front. That is for here on, then. Uh, next level would be these big battles on the worst one. Uh, what is, uh, what we have to keep in mind is that, for example, here goes to the central line off the flower. So it's a symmetrical Is that this site? He's going to be smaller compared to this side. So let's try to make First, there's a shaper with pencil on the Then we will move. Ah, with practice. Our with brush strokes. Um, here it's like a triangular shape. So that is a triangular shape on that. It's, like, chaotic, the darkest center of the flower. Uh, then we can see some brush stroke here. Is this part on another one? This big brush stroke. So the idea is to transmit is this shape Ah. Then we will have toe some like these battles. So that is probably is going to be like this from another site is going to be here and as a better the same, we're starting. It's smaller. It's been six in there like this Andi for here. So that how will bow battles on, uh, a bit more off? But also, we can see from this site from Yeah on, then, um, like looking at something for Seaside. But I would say that we can I'll leave this this battle out, our important battle is won. So here is going to be this. Is this better touching this one on experience And this one from the previous layer level on Then goes this. But though catching Z's on this one here on guns the lowest once that uses on this one touching this don't from the previous. So here we have our skin. It looks quite ugly. But I mean, the idea of this pencil drawing is, uh, for your hand and for your mind to get the idea in which order which brushstrokes I need to take on in such a way, it's I think I find it quite easy that once you find the the roads, which you would like to paint that you can make it yourself. It doesn't matter which view on which shape would be the rose, but, uh, making this schematic drawing that you will be able to paint any kind of froze Or I hope so . Let's ah wouldn't practice. 11. Three forth View Rose. Painting: I will start with the center. So I am getting, uh, just water on. Do with a bit off mother read on the deep so my brother doesn't have much water on. Then we start to make a thesis. So to keep in paper, this part would be the smaller part of the rose. On this would be a bigger part. So the center of the roads assume is going to be somewhere for here and make so, um, more or less like this. And then we make a small petal. So, uh, exists. And now I will get, um I will get the, uh, yellow okra on my brush and the people with a bit off mother rent. And the one next batter is going to be the base one. This one. Let's see how we can with this moments. We got it on. Then let's move to another. Does the next part that is, this one starting for here, and like this, next is a special Yes, we have, um, now goes is this pedal that is quite being that it will have to cower? It's touching this toe, but also from the apple. Ever so it's going to be for here touches this to battle like this on. Then let's end. Um, probably easy speckle. It's going to be quite saying it's more. Ah, the Saudi capital. I'm trying to make this triangle shape more or less, I would say like this, Andi. Then I will need a bigger brush for making that other out. The stool or worst ones which are the biggest are petals. I'm diggin sized number eight. Yeah, More so that I force this out there, but also will need quite a lot off water andan on the chip a bit off moderate on first. Is this one that it would be dajun up? Uh, toe Okay, that's too, but also from the previous layer he's and our final one is going to touch this two battles on Also here we will need are to take a more moderate another to get to make more contrast between this light part of the battle from the upper layer on their really dark shadow over the lower petal. My thought off water yellow graham that deep. I bought it quite well in mother Rhett, I'm Then we start painting this battles that you're making them slowly compared to the flower center. Because here you need more precision. And here you need to think a bit more What should be the shape. So here we have our rose and you see resists. Kim is much easier. And you have clear idea which battle goes on. Uh, where on duh. Um, I mean that it's less up what you need todo get something which you don't like. I will have a bit more off. Um, at the reds concentrated color, he had to the center. So to make it darker this and probably is this part I will make it darker to be more will you? So once it gets going dry, you can add a second layer, uh, with, uh, more, um, more concentrated paint to make more shadows with the petals. So here we have our three force view Rose 12. Side View Rose. The Shape: And now let's have a look at the side view. Um, off the rose. What? We can see that here. It could be two types of the one which is already opened on another one, which is like half open. That is mainly when we see the roses saying like, side view. So here would be the main idea. You can see these shape, uh, and then So first I'll explains those These shape off petals were almost we can see only this is the darkest area off the center, but we hardly concede. So it's more like some petals we have. Uh we see some battles from this site. Several petals, this site, this side and then mainly the lower worst petals. That is more like the shape, the general shape, which in fact, like here, you don't see like all these pedals separately. Let's make a skim. I was pencil. Um, no, This cop shape on this part is going to be more like with Spitaels here is going to be a bit a small area. Oh, just darker on. Then we'll go. Here's a petal. Some better for here. They're really saying Onda, um, with me this to side battles on. Then it goes like I would call it like a skirt. That here on for you. So here is our side, uh, bureaus. Ah, the most, uh, like, complicated part is going to be this cop. We have to make it up from petals. And it's going to be, like one petal here. Another pedal. Yeah, and one more for here. So, like this, that is going to be our brushstrokes. That with with, um, brush to go, um, up then from another side, up, up. Then we make a concentrated center. Sounds seeing lines from the sites. Why the brush strokes this side petals on then, uh, the brush almost towards a barrel to the paper. This photo And this too. But us. So let's try how it works. Our scheme in, uh, practice 13. Side View Rose. Painting: here. We're starting now with bigger petals. I will use uh oh. Yellow cra on dawn. The deeper Margarette on first will be in this battle. Andi here is interesting that you can No, I haven't paid your attention on the picture. That thesis part is ah darker rather than, uh, this one, Um so more or less is going to be for here my rose eso That's why in this case, as I have darker well, you are paint on the tip of my brush. My brush stroke is going to be this way then another brush stroke that I need to add more water. So for here on, like, this is this part should be around it. So next one is going to be here. Some as a Peto, I am moving from the talk towards center trying to leave this white space and for here is going to be in just a really tiny area or dark center, just something similar. Several battles, really thing once from the other side, uh, and I will have more brained you'll okra and deep in the red assisting layers off petals to make the contrast that with this cup really really seen one need more concentrated cover. So this one, it wasn't really okay. Lets start to fix it. Um, who is, uh, yellow gra on Mormon Guerette. And we'll make it not like this This shape then. Ah, when it to make this too. Uh, you look girl first I will make this one because it's more complicated, Aunt to make the outer part. Uh um darker I place Ah, my brush examples it. Wait So that goes this way. And missing a bit more off mother read. So for here and other brush stroke is going to be another Peto. So it better the same. So I am just rotating my brush on. Then go and then we're missing with this folder. Let's make it It's going to be the same that our brushstroke probably let's turn our painting. Sorry about that, but it's more convenient for rash strokes. Andi, uh, again, yellow okra Quite watery And on the top. Quite concentrated. Mother rent. Andi. Uh so I am placing out, uh, this way. My brush. That's right. I'm just trying to imitate with this kind of se, you know, on this, too. Side battles. It's the same I will start for here They are catching And another one my brush quite loaded his water with, Like, this solution is quite what they what they want to say. Um, I'm also making just the shape. Is it better? Let's start in game. And here we have our side view of Rose. We can add a bit more off contrast that, um Who is there? Mother read for examples. This part. It has lost completely and they go on trust. So it's just with some. Yeah. Yeah. This on this probably. So here we have our side heroes. 14. Side View Closed Rose. The Shape: side view of the rose also could be the one which is 1/2 open. So in this way, we can see on Lizzie's cop she on just several battles from from sites. Uh, so in this case, what we need to transmit with our scheme is this cup shape? Yeah. Another one for here. So that's how we can be. Why did then this battle? I wouldn't paint it like separately. Probably places this some small one. Well, yeah. On one more medal Central one year. And what else we can see here is disease. Uh, small lives such weight. Slowly, we will move also towards the painting leaves. So that is quite a simple side view. Off open, rose. Let's paint it. 15. Side View Closed Rose. Painting: I will paint it. White smoke. Ah, that, uh, the same, uh, yellow okra on on the deep beat off Margarette. And we start, uh, with, uh, uh, this Peto makings of shape. Yeah. Then, uh, is this half over the cup? Yes, we're here. We will add one more. Um, I'm run out off color. Yeah, we'll paint some, but those that is, you can see that it's too watery solution what we can how we can fix it. Ah, I clean my brush and then, uh, remove water from my brush with a paper towel and then removing this extra water. Yeah. Go on, then I eat more. Several pedals. He's one concentrated car. Yeah, on another battle would be Is this weight? I will make it, like, lighter from outside like this. And this part is off. This battle is darker, so I am just aging. A bit more color. Probably. We can fix more spark here. We have our side bureaus. Andi, with, uh, some olive green. We can add some, uh, just with this brush strokes, we can at some some leaves and, uh, stem 16. Rose Buds: So for this kind off butts that this idea is transmitted this shape was this part is, uh, darker Onda. Also, once it will get Dr Will at some lives. Yeah, on from the site. So that is going to be our But on Dhere, it has quite white this Ah stem that is one way off painting of painting butts andan other way. It could be that the bots are more like this closed ones. So then it's easier. Well exists. It would be the brilliant. Or you can make it just that with the brush strokes One brush stroke central one inside one . So here it's the idea how to paint up the But let's have a look how it would be with rush for painting eyes this a bit open, but I will use the yellow okra and Tom's a deep, quite concentrated mother read and you are going to make just, uh, prince like this. Hi, this And here here we have a war, but meanwhile, first we'll have to wait until it will get dry in other toe and second layer lives. And meanwhile, we can practice just with a completely close brunt. I will use olive green and on the tip of my brush, a bit off mother read. So it's going to be because the green and red complementary colors. Uh, so serious. Where's that mix? And it's going to be more like they will give natural shadow off the color. And here s O, as we have been talking, that is going to be either Oh, on site and your lift in the brush to get this so that this actually like we were, I'm making the battles here. We're keeping the brush pearl toe the paper on. Then we are to make to get seen a line we are left in. The brush is then from another side. Oh, so sorry that it's not really beautiful because another that so that you could see it properly. I need to place to make my hand in quite unusual position. Unusually. Don't paint like this on here is a central one. Why? Let's correct to the shape that should be more grounded. One on then. Here is going to be system this Ah, but also has to go dry already. So let's finish it. I am using olive green on Don't the deep a bit off Margarette on the same here. That could be probably too much. Um, it's really inconvenient. Another site and I take a bit more off grid here. I guess I got dry completely. So it will get really bank the released I style on your system. So for paintings a stem, it just I'm placing this way. Um, the brush and just going it now. 17. Rose Leaves: And now let's have a look at the leaves off roses. They could be like this here. We can see first they could be one says about this Open eso these small lives which have cowards about that they go down. So, for example, for this one, we can being here like some off this small lives which has got oh, like this from the butts. When they go down, they get like this. Then we can see you can find this kind off, Uh, leaves single ones Or it could be more complex ones that stem central live on. Then those side lives. Uh, also about this them or like this one. What? I have been talking this small one. Sometimes you can see under stammer when you are painting with what? The colors. Um, it's not just straight like this. So it's bending. And for brushstrokes, his idea is that you are making that you're holding the brush more or less like this known so that more Parlow Andi, you're making more like this kind off movements that so I mean to show it with pencil that is going to be like, more this kind of Mormons so it's not straight line raza. Like some like these kind off our brush. Stokes Onda Uh, also Ah, the combination off leaves. It could be of this complex ones. It could be like this, like two side once and one. You're once until one like disease Or it could be like he's so is that this just does idea so which you can, which you can use for painting leaves So it could be like this or it could be. And here is going to be one live like this. So this way, or just a simple like this watch we have drained it. Let's put in practice our lives I will use olive green for painting lives simple This'll live. It could be like simple or one stroke leave as we have practiced like this. So just your oppressing your so it could be just ah present the whole body of your brush and lifting. And then the point you get more pointed on uh, these kind off lives they're going to be toe brush strokes lives for this I will use. For example, Olive Green aunt owns a tip. You can add just ordinary green on. It's going to be. Let's a central life bonds from one side. Your place is a brush, then your home in it and then from another side, the same you're placing your brush on going up just with, uh, depending on the position off the hairs off the brush. A za shape well, different. Just, uh, plate and see which shape while you like or like how you need to have your brush. Another to get that shape, which you're looking for. Let's die with this one's, um, on the tip I have got Now I'm using olive green and on the tip a bit off mother read. So this one, uh, let's paint it. Yeah, at this rate that this similar for disease And let's make, for example, this one the same live grill on, uh, mother Rhett. So 1st 1 site and this one it could be just like this lives and we have already our lives. Just practice always lives under with the brush strokes 18. Final Thoughts: Thank you for watching my class. I hope you have enjoyed it. Police leave a review if you liked it and share Your experience was in My approach has helped you to improve euros painting. I will be happy to get your feedback. Police upload a your roses in the class project gallery. I would love to see them. If you are going to show your artwork out on Instagram on, please take me so that I could see it. Andi, I have good news so far is also you are in love with roses that next week will be published the second half off this class where I share with you seven color combinations for painting the win touch roses So stay tuned on. Keep on creating So you're my next class. Bye.