Vintage Hand Lettering on Your iPad in Procreate: Layouts, Borders, Flourishes | Liz Kohler Brown | Skillshare

Vintage Hand Lettering on Your iPad in Procreate: Layouts, Borders, Flourishes

Liz Kohler Brown, artist | designer | teacher | author

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19 Lessons (2h 24m)
    • 1. Vintage Hand Lettering on Your iPad in Procreate


    • 3. Brainstorming and Resources

    • 4. Backgrounds and Text

    • 5. Tracing and Decorating

    • 6. Adding Details

    • 7. Vintage Layouts

    • 8. Sketching and Planning

    • 9. Text and Guides

    • 10. Borders and Flourishes

    • 11. Color & Detail

    • 12. Texture and Color Versions

    • 13. Border Inspiration

    • 14. Text on a Path

    • 15. Formatting Text

    • 16. Flourish Stamps

    • 17. Sketching Your Layout

    • 18. Inking

    • 19. Refining and Color Versions

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About This Class

In this class, you'll learn how to create vintage style hand lettering layouts and decoration on your iPad in Procreate.  


When you take this class, you’ll get all of the tools and inspiration I use to create my vintage lettering.  The Procreate brush set includes 5 vintage style borders, 18 flourishes, 9 vintage textures that you can use to add some grid and scuffs to your background, and 6 chain brushes to help you space your decorations.  I’ll also show you how to create your own vintage brushes using shapes that fit your personal style.


First we’ll look at some resources for finding vintage lettering layouts.  I have a ton of resources both online and in print that I want to share with you, and we’ll talk about how to use the layouts as inspiration without copying directly.  I’ll show you how to work from vintage hand lettered ads, signs, and illustrations to get started with your layout, and how to add your own hand drawn elements to make it your own.


Next we’ll use a vintage cigarette ad as inspiration for a lettering layout.  I’ll share with you my favorite vintage color palettes in a Procreate document that you can adjust to fit your personal style.  I’ll show you how I plan the layout of the quote and design elements, and how I add borders, flourishes, and textures to give the piece a vintage feel.  We'll look at ways to create vintage color palettes with a few easy color adjustments.


Next we’ll create a quote surrounded by playful vintage borders and flourishes.  I’ll show you an easy way to type text on a path, so your lettering is perfectly curved around a shape.  We’ll look at how to create detailed border and flourish stamps, so you can create your own library of vintage elements for your work.


Last we’ll create a detailed hand drawn border around a quote.  I’ll show you some tricks for overlapping flourish elements and adding a vintage print texture to your piece.


I absolutely love gathering inspiration from vintage hand lettering.  Once you start looking at the inspiration in this class you’ll see how easy it is to find vintage patterns, flourishes, color palettes, and layouts to decorate your lettering. 

All you need to take this class is your iPad and a stylus.  We’ll be using Affinity Designer for one part of the class, but I’ll show you a workaround in Procreate so you don’t have to have Affinity Designer to do the project.  I’ll be using the Apple Pencil, but you could use any stylus, or even your finger.

You can find the class downloads and resources here (the password is shown in the first lesson)