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Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

Watch this class and thousands more

Get unlimited access to every class
Taught by industry leaders & working professionals
Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

Lessons in This Class

6 Lessons (53m)
    • 1. Introduction

    • 2. Lesson

    • 3. Materials

    • 4. Project 1

    • 5. Background design

    • 6. Project 2

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About This Class

Welcome to Design Vintage Door Signage, where I’ll take you through the entire process of creating your own vintage art design, from scratch and show you how to get your design skills level up.  My name is Jestoni Esteban and I’m a freelance graphic designer.

Throughout the class, we will cover not only how to design a vintage looking signage but also the important things you need to know about this design style and I will walk you through a step-by-step process for designing your first vintage  design from scratch. And even show you how I work and share some tips and tricks in Adobe Illustrator

This course is designed for people who want to learn new things or level up their design skills in adobe illustrator.

Thanks for your interest in this class. I hope you’re as excited as I am!  If you’re ready to learn more and sign up for the class, go ahead and click that Enroll button. See you in the class!

Meet Your Teacher

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Jestoni Esteban

Graphic Designer • Online Instructor


Hi. My name is Jestoni. I'm a graphic designer and online instructor. I've been in the designing industry for seven years.

I make a living by doing graphic designs on the internet and love to communicate with different clients around the globe. I also love to teach and share my knowledge and experience to everybody. Here in Skillshare, I make project-based design classes, meaning you will learn a lot in a single class and able to create your own design after taking it.

With great knowledge and a wide range of experience, I am now equipped with talent and unique style in design that I love to share with my students and aspiring designers.

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1. Introduction: welcome to design vintage door sign age or I'll take you through the entire process of creating your own vintage are designed from scratch and show you how to get your senseless level up. My name is the Stone is Debon, and I'm a freelance graphic designer. Throughout the class, we'll cover not only how toe design a vintage looking sign itch, but also the important things you need to know about this. Designs time and I will walk you through a step by step process for designing your first vintage to design from scratch and even show you how you work and share some tips and tricks at the straighter. This course is designed for people or want to learn in your things or 11 up their skills. In Adobe Illustrator, Thanks for your interest in this class. I hope you're excited as I am. If you're ready to learn more and sign up on the class, go ahead and click that and rock bottom. See you in the class 2. Lesson: Hello and welcome to our first video of Discuss. Thank you for signing up. That's always before we start designing our class project. Let me give you some lessons to help you more in designing a vintage or retro design in your future projects. In designing a vintage looking design, there are a few things that we need to know it's not. Let's just say it's a guide for us to come up with the better looking vintage design. When you look at all the vintage or all designs, you would notice something that keeps appearing on the common things that make them look vintage. For all. The 1st 1 is texture of words. Let me open it. Thank Stuart. When your design off course it's understand it will be aged. And that means that's a pretty obvious takes your adds drama. Your design and your design may be simple, but with text your Sony it that's depth and feel to it see important drench or arrest will do. Or sometimes you can add grain fixture if you want, and mostly some of the signs you will see that kind of green and it looked it looked old. Are vintage and next we have a corner. Color is the next important piece in creating a vintage design color can touch or our feelings or emotions. There are colors that when we see them, we feel something that old or like we remember something from the past, So a choosing a right color palette is ascension in, or design colors can convey the emotions that you want your audience to feel. I'm sure you would see some things that all but don't have that or texture, but still feel like old. It's because of the color and for our third, he had they photography. For sure, you can create an old looking design with a different type of glass off typefaces or front a slow us. There are two key factors in plain the textures and colors, but sometimes having an off my pieces chosen would really ruin your design. If they don't fit along or don't go well with point combination, So do a little research about vintage or retro phones, right? My face will give a strong impact in your in your old vintage design. Some I see some retro points here. Photography. I would see some hear something like that. It is like looking at old design, you know, because of the topography and the color, and find any we have the ornament descendants. I think this is just an option. It's really up to you. If you would like toa in your design, If you have less elements or design, then you may want to add it. Justo on. Just remember not to overdo it. Having a B C D thing. It's not a good idea. Let's see some ornament designs here. I'm I'm using a dressing in my account. Interest down some ornaments and see if you can see here. I think it's it's gets an option. Don't have toe If you have a very, very busy design look here and something inspiration for you to create the vintage are all , uh, the same. So argument here. So the man tear here. All right, so here are the, uh, simple things that we need to remember in making a vintage design. Or I say, your recipes in making a vintage design, something that way put into it. So make it look a vintage or old Oldfield design. So I hope you'll find this useful. And in the next video, we'll start designing our first class project 3. Materials: Hi. And welcome back in this video, I'm going to show you the files that you need in creating our first class project. The British door Signings. These are all free and you can download it without any sign up. Open a folder? Yes. Zip file that I uploaded where you can see a color palette. A note. But where you see all the things for the high places that I used in this class. And also there's a texture so and for the ornaments also, you can see the link here. They are all free for personal use, I think. But please read the license first. Engage. You want toe save your designer or something? Something that got so OK. Hope in your adobe in straight. Or I will be using Adobe illustrator Assisi if you're using CS five, it's OK. Are six. Okay, so up in the text, your file. And, uh, for our first class project, When do we set off door signage? The open sign in the closed door saying Okay, so this these are the science that you were going to do. And I hope you in store the type basis and downloaded ornaments here from free pick. So another one from here Free big. I'm gonna going to use all of it. Maybe just this one here. Yeah, And here. Okay, so in me, it's my define and foresee colder Pollock. You confound. You can find it from the sources folder color palette. And but if you want to create your own color palette, you can goto. That doesn't mean that it's ah cooler before No, it's ordered that I don't get that here. You can click on explorer and type in the search bar. Your key word. Your word that you want to play because I found it that you want to find cured vintage. All right, you can corner palette in case you want something here. Just Greek on detail. And then when you over your mouse each other, you can see the X code off different colors. Are you getting down Same toe? Very your administrator and also the color lovers. You can, you know, get some corners here. Like I said, yes. Search in the search on the search bar. Maybe it's a and many show here are the that trending colors. You can be fish modern thing and click on it. And you can see the text code here, then copy. 10 base in your honor, Peter. But in case you want Oh, yes, You start now. I already have. Here. Yes. Open the shortest downloaded zip file and open the corner Planet just drug here. That administrator. Okay, In the next video, we will start designing this vintage door signage. 4. Project 1: Hi and welcome in this video. We're going toe design This set off door signage the open in the close one. And if you look at them, this are pretty simple, okay? And we're going toe apply everything that we have learned in the lesson video of this class . So I assume that you installed everything and don't know that everything that we need to design this vintage door signage. OK, so it's greatly new. Fine. No document. Good. Thank you. On we can name it open. And I mean, just the letter size click on the, uh here. And currently I am using the INGE's, but you can knew Steve Points. And for the lead just the point. And if you are planning toe, uh, this Check the mic for restaurant pics. Click on high 300 b p. I Okay, Nicolle. Okay. Instead, off switching tubs, I will create another art. Bloodier. So it's easy for me, toe, you know, use this reference so just click. In case you are already of a canvas. Just click on the heartburn and click on new. Our new art burned here and we can create another one. Okay, The first thing is this great in background for our design? That's the purse. The first thing I always do the background. Get a rectangle. It's grating. Discover up this Connor and it's another one. It's doping in this control. See, like that. Now you can see there, say to done that's here. I will look disperse the 1st 1 that we did. You know, I can create a new layer here and then, but everything this layer right now, now on the top rectangle with a day horizontal background. So it's up in the mercurial selected first gonna feel. And now you can say I already have loaded some results here, or some links you can click on so much like the recent click on patterns, basic graphics and cynically basic crappy plans. And you'll find in here again today which one you like here say this one six and B I 30% that you will see that in your, uh, color swatches. Okay, that's, uh, double. Click that, and there's a pattern. Options will show up, show up. That's when Agnes and select the color gray. I think that and click done. And now that's changed in the capacity toe never done me 16 99%. Now I'm gonna like this. This clip on this assigned here it's great, e uh, this part border line here. So in order to do that, it's great. A McDonough start from this leapt up corner and then this summer make it a stroke. That's a day seven points. Let's make it seven points. Next, let's get in the story from here. I'm going toe hold my alky and then shifty to constrain the perfect circle. Anything like that. Also, seven points. Now I want to duplicate it from here, then hero on all the three sides. So what I'm going to do is get may reflect. Well, then controlled by to see the center of this outward. Concede this point here. Now what I'm going to do Hold my alky like that. You can see duplicates here, my gp one toe. Go here. Just click on the vertical like that and then copy. Now you get your selection tool on your shift key and then click on it. Get your reflect will again find the center of the art board holder alky and then click. Click on a horizontal and take on Capitol now be a four circles controlled by again toe. Go back to normal view. And now let's Ah, Celik. All of this it's expand, including the rectangle about the object. Expend make sure you're sending the feeling stroke. OK, I think that find everything. Is everything selected off in your Pathfinder Nikolay Corn divide? I think that right click and then on group and no way can delete this excess part will be only one something that lease disk Herb lying here so we can believe this. So in this one, that's cynic everything again in your Pathfinder. Click on Unite No, I swapped the screen in this talk. Make it seven points. All right. Now it's when no one should. Okay, now it's at the Syrah Guns. Second scene. That's a pretty simple one. Get your story. Put it here. Do the same thing. The same step that I did get. I reflect will and probably why you and then find the center up. There aren't board. Find the center line. CenterPoint. Ignore Zandl Copy. Think that Okay. And throw it away. You know, we have a nice border metrology, and then lock in your layer. It's better if you look when you're done designing one element so you won't mess up when you're trying to sending something OK, so let's add the techs. They come in Thanks that Tony Stylus Regular. Select that and, uh, changing that white collar. So now it's duplicated control. See control. Be basing about now. You can see it's selected. It's changed the corner degree. Okay. And then let's move it to the right for your shifty and then press You're right Arrow in your given 123 three, and then don't word or go shifty again. Press the dough not over. So many are just release your ship and then we'll beat up okay? And no hope in your appearance. Panin Legal capacity. Click on reply. I think that so it will look like a nice drop shadow. Okay, so just, um, position it nicely. According Teoh based Oh, you look at it. Were I used proto frontier. It's I dropped this orange color. It's duplicated control. See control be And then it's moving to the right side again. Up in the appearance panel changed me. Blankman to want to play. I think that you are in sub do it we want to change the opacity saying 67 or picked a name . And now the ornaments you can see here. Actually, just down noting that Don't worry about the ornaments. I'm sure I'm going toe eat another class about ornaments. How we design is simple ornaments, But for now, let's on Brooke Cliff so we can get this fired this drug to our canvas here on the ground. All right. Oh, no. Like like this. I don't know why you're lucky going vertical, do you copy? Okay, so right now, I would say, uh, not center. And so many Sander lying toe word that also the other one, It's cleaner here. It's not select fun. Moto a line. I mean, it's tender. So let's get the back door that be open quarter Apapa Let's make it bigger. And of course, in any and it needs basing. So in your kind of the panel, I mean, I'm some tracking here. It's a mark 700. Really mean Yeah. Nice. Right. Colder. Here. People will notice that color goto appearance span in its no sign stroke. Actually, that calories Samos, our background so we can give that if it get this corner that mean copy? It's called her copy. And then, cynic, our fix Topping the corner, Pekar. And based it. I think that three points and now next duplicate the stakes I don't see would be It's more me Twice on the right side, on the machine. No, let's change. It's going upto violent like that. Okay, let's see. I'm here and yes. Meaning toe add more weight to our stroke corner. I'm Yeah. On a day other one small town I'm embracing my cable Darrow down. It seems OK. Now let's add does ornaments. So I'm gonna sending this. This one Now here. This under this, it's a likeness. Diamond shape and this change in the bowler Dwight. Okay, so this one changing the warrior brown make these throat three points? No, she Okay, so it's single piece again. I told you, we'll get Don't No, necessarily. Blake, get your reflect. Oh, and maybe somewhere here I said it. The owners on the copy. I think that's so this business make it bigger. So I guess I'm gonna grow this and yes, or don't deal capacity of this color. Okay? No, this is the best part off our designed So let me find that here. I need a little bigger, and then this. Duplicate this. Get her reflected again and click here. Click on vertical and access a copy. Okay, so now let's add a texture on our design. So first, let's cover up here. Over here, our canvas. Get your McDonnell tool drama cure your you'll be on top. Okay, Top of the stock off the layers. So it's cover the whole thing. And then often the takes your document Select this one control, See? And then we're going toe. Place it here. So up in the transparency panel, likely going make mask and click on this block area here, then control V base the texture. Now, you see why we way great a redundant instead of just dropping take store. You see, that in a bit has changed the color toe me that today. Here. Okay, when you're done, uh, based in your text, you or just click on it here. So get out of the editing mode. And here being just applied our texture. So I mean, you don't mean you can see there's no excess takes your here, even though we you know, we make a, uh, made a big tech store. So again, if you want to eat that, just make sure you're on the right layer. Right element. Glicken here in black area. And you can see this hour takes your Oh, you connected that. Let's say you don't want too much here. Make sure you select this. Then you see her that excellent. Shinto. Don't delete some areas. Say, for this here, I'm gonna delete that. I got it. You see, Mark, that's how you delete some parts of the thanks. You're someone here? I'm gonna delete that. Like that. Yet of all some part here. No word on your capacity. Yes, Also in that transparency. Previ, 65 minutes. See? Okay, 65 would be fine Now we can, of course, duplicate this texture so we can feel the other areas control based in front. And then just here wanting my sheep g. Okay, so it's up to you if you want to add more. Yes. Hoping he takes your document. And if I click on it here, So you get out of the anything more off transparency. OK, so that's our first design. And in case you want Oh, you know. Great. Another one here. And just just don't forget this. That's what I did hear. This one just changed the Golar. So let me show you. Uh here. Yes, on your and then duplicated. Make sure. I guess I look some layers here. So in that Happy? I guess so. Yeah. I love the background. Get that again. Do it, then broke down just like that. Okay. And now you can situation. Golder, it's up to you how you dish the border Here. Just be your assignment. So I just leave it to your guys. This will be our assignment. Just create the another version of this. Yes, I know. Ben, make a closed sign. Endorse signed signage. Uh, stuff Dopp went toe Copy the same thing like this one. But thanks to your son, you know, and just attention to go over the bathroom, the takes and that's it. So that's it for this video in the next video and show you how to create another background for your vintage design. So this Saad see you next time 5. Background design: Hello and welcome back in this video, we're going toe design your results online for our vintage background. So let me put it here also. We'll do another one. The sunburst. After this person, let me create a new art blood. I haven't gets Put it here. So this bathrooms are play the common in the ventilation designer are retro designs. The first thing that we need to do It's great a get your next on the tour. First, let me go over this so many of e g can see I were about thrown Are the pattern aiming? So in this our background color And no, it's not that Get another rectangle total dry, very thin nine here McDaniel being the pattern for our background. So at least for 2.5 points for me are Yeah, I think that would be fine. And now I'm going to rotate it something like this, and then make sure that it's longer done on my canvas. So I mean cover cover up everything here something like this, at least on longer than your canvas. Maybe it's OK we can personal attention to gold yourself begins here, and I'm the violent. I'm gonna come out so we can see the whole canvas. Let's put it here. I need that left. And then it's duplicated. Hold your alky and then drug something like this. Now get your blend told. Okay, just double click it and a new option will come up. Click on the specified steps. I mean, put mine on 30 and click. OK, and now I'm gonna flick on here Another one here. It's like that. It will make, uh, ephemeral lines. Okay, so it's, uh, picks it properly. Make sure everything the canvas discovered. I mean, it's OK. We can no object. Expend. Click on. OK, now this will be a on the individual lines. So let me show you. Let's and group this now I can cynic issue wannabe. So that's how you make a pretty faster lines. We don't capping several times. Nobody. So now let's get the genital mean cover up our gun bus again. Even Yes, uh, cut out the remaining the rim off the excess part up here. So it's cynic on of this. Make sure you select that and then click on Threw up like this on finder thing. That and that's it. That's how I created my They're gonna pattern background from here, but just design another one will do a sunburst. This song is pretty simple to do. Just a few seconds or minutes would be done. So make a new artwork here. Just put it here and then get your stools. It's drawing a circle from the center under and shifty. Make sure you cover your canvas. It's all for, uh, make sure you cover the canvas in the block. Okay, so my knees, 450 points and then click on a stroke. Play Conn dash line like that, That's our sunburst. But the person that is not the not finished yet. So, Misskelley, you gonna aided the spacing year? Just, uh, let me go back here. Click on a stroke and you can edit your just press your up or down arrows as you can see the spacing making bigger or smaller if you want. Okay, I'll go to object. Expand! Do it again. Object. Expand Going. Okay, this will be an individual lines and, uh, no, no, It's, uh first, let's get the natural. We're going to close the circle. So just over here, dear. Too cynical. Those points defender and then goto path. Click on average between both and pick. OK, and then we close up close The sent there are these sunburst again. We're going toe the Sandberg's first. Let's change the color. Yes, I did have these. This one. Then get your rectangle tool. We're going toe over the canvas. It's tension going on here. Then get your selection Tool Said this to open your pathfinder Really going up just like that? That's how I created my sunburst design on the reference. So it's really up to you how you entities or our If you want to make this Satel just change the color. And, uh, let me put this in my background. Yes, like that. So that's it. I hope you see your background designs in the gallery of this class. So see you in the last video of this class 6. Project 2: Hello. And welcome back in this last video of this class, we're going toe design our second last project here. And that's great. A new document. You can put any name on it just the same stating that click on portrait setting your intention seem like a and click. OK, And I'm gonna close this because I'm going toe a great mine here. The same in the same document so easy for me to doing. See the reference on creating new art board. And now it's great. A background, Always the first thing that I do ground. All right, this one. Okay, you can follow along with me are forced post a video. I'm gonna put it on the, uh, player. My third layer. I'm gonna love this color palette. So the background. Now get the, uh, rounded of Tunggal tool. We do a burger for our techs. Just enjoy, Like, dungan here on most in the median of our canvas. Yes, like that. And then this swap, the color palette, the field, toe stroke, and it's at some stroke points. Maybe they see 15 right, 15 points and we're going to duplicate it into another one. So So thank you control seeing your keyboard and control F place in the park in the front. And then let's make these smaller order Alky something like that. And then I mean, the eight points like that. Okay. And then next, let's get our Thank you. Thank the word. Open the piece that I use here. He's Jerian. It's a free one. Make this bigger. Put it inside the power border and strange the golden violent. Okay, now this we're going to add a points here using our mentor and were fined. So select that getting the down four point and then just click somewhere here in the finger and also the other one Get your selection total syndicate first so you can do it on your layers, right? That and using your index. And I can't old sickness too. Make sure you don't like the word like I did there. Yes, I'm sitting that now using my cable arrow up are using the Derrick second tower. You can move this points something like that. Okay. And next it's a day. The erotic tangle link up for our word. Come in there. I just throw a rectangle here. Make sure it's the same. I stroke points that you have. It's 15 points are mine, and it's let's see, it's a line. Seems not so. I need some tweaking here. I'm using my keyboard arrows. Okay, now, this idea circle on top of this rectangle. Yes. What? You're shift. I keep he started. Then ship. That's what The field toe stroke, toe stroke the field. I mean, this made me think this anger. No, I'm gonna coming. Where? So the phone that I You see her? See? Napster, Napster toe split it here. It seems a little big, so we can and that. See you 43 or 49 exchanged the going or a door Lang green. Now we consider defend making this center s clicking this. I got no results on the line center, and everything will be in the center of our can best Get down the needle. Something like that. I think I'm going toe the rectangular bigger. So first I'll do the jungle. Then at the three go that, uh, take something so big your defied big sense. It's a line. Okay, so that's basically how I did the text there from our reference. No, the ornaments. This often the file that you don't know that from a free kick. And what did here, precision it nicely. Okay, so let's start off like this. Duplicate one from the right side. Make sure you select your ornament. Click on the circle your alky click. So, like the vertical and click on copy. Okay. And let's do a D. This bean icon against a year. It's a very simple Just follow my steps. Here, let me zoom out. Okay, so get your stool. Are blowing here something like this. Don't hold your shift key and then get your mental throwing something like a letter s something. This Indian drug flicking dandruff. Another one year here. And then we can remove the field. Just live the stroke on there. No, don't get expanding. And some And some points here. Mi 5 to 6 points. Not object and expanded. Okay, Now stand at this door. Click on minus front. Okay, this is pretty easy. Now it's lubricated toward your alky. And then on the other one, this madness smaller on your shift key once during the perfect shape. And then you can just play along with this sub two hour. You position the bean. Just make sure you hold your shift key on your keyboard. Make it make Desai smaller. Okay? No, we can, uh, this small owner and unit nicely here in the center. Okay, Now, let's do the techs Fresh bread and hot coffee. Get your daughter. And then it's like fresh bread, the typeface, the dice. Here, you see Sonus sort son Cipro. You can use the regular, I think that. And then this you see smaller or your ship bigs on this smarter and position it some more data. You seem a keyboard, arrows up and down. So I'm gonna duplicate this. Hold me, alky and then shift key with drug into the right side. Now, using the text tool, I'm gonna change that. Eggs. I had coffee. It's like that. And where I was done, let me put it somewhere up here to be upset. I was speaking, you know, it's okay. So the next would be the next door. Of course. You know how toe at the thinks you're like on our first design. So coming. I'm gonna do the same thing again. I will. Just a a copy. B takes your on this reference. Cappy takes your and, uh but first, let's do the cover up our canvas. Yes, we're going to mask. Just remember that the same color we'll apply and your next you're so this one is the violet. So I'm gonna copy these truancy, and then I mean, see, like, this one, make a mask, please. Just stop and then thrown V based, You know, be so Make its anything bigger and capacity. We can play with the capacity 60%. Both. And it's a bit that again in a changing scholar. And so you can see changing the gold. Or now we can play with the blend modes. Okay? I used to be normal. Now I'm gonna duplicate it so I could put me under one right side. It's been liking some rest when my design, when then just click on the left side of the transparency. So you mean, get out of the editing mode and no, another texture. I'm just happy these I don't see. I didn't go to my canvas. I'm not going to make another. Um I'm not going toe over up having just basic here like this one. So another way off creating a text or can change the corner of this too. Great. It's not that we need visible, but it's there. Okay, so your assignment would be great. Another one here, The closed design mean the parsonage do the close sign. OK, so that's one for this video in this class. I hope you learned something and that's you in the next class.