Vintage Botanicals: Create a Vintage Style Poppy Illustration with Watercolor | Kelly Johnson | Skillshare

Vintage Botanicals: Create a Vintage Style Poppy Illustration with Watercolor

Kelly Johnson, Connecting humans and nature, creatively!

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7 Videos (27m)
    • Vintage botanicals welcome

    • Vintage botanicals composition

    • Vintage botanicals transferring

    • Vintage botanicals painting the flowers

    • Vintage botanicals painting the leaves

    • Vintage botanicals Banner and ink

    • Vintage botanicals closing


About This Class

In this class we will create a vintage inspired botanical style illustration of a California Poppy using watercolor paint.

Learn to create step by step, the flower, bud, seed pod, and leaves along with a banner including the botanical name just like in the vintage botanical illustrations, but wth a bit of loosened up modern flair! 

This cheerful native North America wildflower is also know commonly as golden poppy, cup of gold, and California sunlight. It has a rich history in the American west and Mexico and was used as both medicine and cosmetically. Its 4 petal bloom's colors range from yellow to orange to red to pinky red and is contrasted by feathery blue-green foliage.

In this project we explore creating the image stylistically, rather than scientific exact rendering in the historical botanical illustration way. In the video I will paint the bright orange variety of California Poppy.

Here's the finished project from the video tutorials:


**Music in the class performed by @seanmahanart, but Daydreaming is originally written and performed by the Rouse Brothers.





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Kelly Johnson

Connecting humans and nature, creatively!

I'm your guide into nature inspired drawing and painting, Kelly Johnson!

If you drop by my world on an average day you might find me gardening, making art, snowboarding, surfing, vegan baking, traveling, or helping humans build deep relationships with nature through art and organic gardening!

I have a BFA from the Savannah College of Art and Design, an MA in environmental studies from Goddard College, an AMS 6-9 teaching credential & 10 years in the classroom, + 20 years experie...

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