Vinaigrette: Russian Vegetable Salad with Fermented Cabbage (Sauerkraut)

Eléna Leprêtre, Crochet Designer&Teacher& Food Lover

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6 Videos (17m)
    • Vinaigrette: Intro

    • Vinaigrette: Cooking the Vegetables

    • Vinaigrette: Peeling the Vegetables

    • Vinaigrette: Cutting the Vegetables

    • Dressing: Step 1

    • Dressing; Step 2


About This Class


Want to have something exceptionnal on your Christmas and New Year Celebrations tables? Why won't you use your sauerkraut?

As I promised in my previous class where I explained how to make it, I've created this new class where I'll show you how to prepare Vinaigrette - a delicious Russian vegetable salad with fermented cabbage as main ingredient.

It's perfect to be served in winter.

If you followed my previous class, your fermented cabbage is probably ready to use, if not, hurry up to enroll in it to make some. If you don't have time, simply buy some sauerkraut. Enroll and let's start!

Follow all my culinary classes to prepare an original Russian Cuisine Festive Menu!





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Recommend but with the addition of a recipe, listing the amounts of the different ingredients and olive oil or vegetable oil, things like that.
I'll try your yummy recipe, Elena! Thanks for sharing!
Aleksandra Shupletsova

· in handmade we trust ·

I'm starving; I wish I had some beets in the refrigerator, because I would be making this right now. Great Class, thank youl
Pam Phelps

Creative Homemaker, Foodie, Artist, & Crafter





Eléna Leprêtre

Crochet Designer&Teacher& Food Lover

Bonjour from France!

I'm a foreign languages teacher in real life.

DIY and crafts addict, I felt the desire to create Nature inspired crochet jewelry and accessories a few years ago. And it's especially the beauty of the flowers that fascinates me.

I'm developing my own techniques which permit me to obtain what I want in the easiest way.

I'm looking for a creative reuse in everything I see, that's why upcycling is just natural for me.


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